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"What's New" on AfroCubaWeb: 1997 - 1999

12/23/99 Lisa Brock article goes to the heart of the issues around race and Cuba, a must for anyone interested in solidarity work:  Reflections on Cuba: History, Memory, Race, and Solidarity
12/22/99 Reynaldo Peñalver, a journalist who played an important role in the movement of black social organizations to combat racial discrimination in pre-revolutionary Cuba, died November 29th, 1999.
12/20/99 Call for proposals on African Religious Influences in our Americas at the XXth Festival del Caribe, 7/2000
12/19/99 Robert F. Williams' book "Negroes with Guns" reprinted and new book out on Radio Free Dixie, which he ran from Havana in the 60's.  Cybermemorial debutes soon.
12/15/99 Sierra Maestra releases film in Feb '00
12/10/99 A black gay site with controversial articles on Cuba: BlackLightonline.  This site has sparked a discussion on the theme of racism in Cuba which includes a thoughtful response by Lisa Brock.
12/5/99 Reynaldo Peñalver, a journalist who played an important role in the movement of black social organizations to combat racial discrimination in pre-revolutionary Cuba, died November 30.
11/20/99 Coloquio Internacional Mitos en el Caribe, Casa de las Americas, Centro de Estudios del Caribe, 8/00
11/20/99 Changing History: Afro-Cuban Cabildos and Societies of Color in the Nineteenth Century, Louisiana State University Press, a book by Phillip Howard on our precious Cabildos
11/20/99 Insurgent Cuba: Race, Nation, And Revolution, 1868-1898, 352 pgs, 9/29/99, University of North Carolina Press out by NYU's Ada Ferrer, gets good grapevine reviews.  So does Nationalizing Blackness by Robin D. Moore at Temple University.
11/18/99 Caribbean American Children's Foundation in appeal for West Indians in Guantanamo and elsewhere in Oriente   
11/17/99 Many new dates in the US for Manolin, el Medico de la Salsa, for Afro-Cuban All Stars, and for Bamboleo
11/16/99 Washington DC meeting of Sister Cities sponsored by the All-African People's Revolutionary Party and the Howard University Students Association seeks to widen their base Nov 20.
11/10/99 Percussionist Miguel Anga Diaz on tour with Afro-Cuban All Stars in Europe, has new instructional video out.
11/1/99 International Rumba Festival, January 20th-23rd, 2000, Santiago de Cuba: honoring the founder of the Conjunto Folklórico de Oriente, "Moso" Roberto Salazar Perez.
10/31/99 Palo Monte 2000: studying percussion in Matanzas 1/9/2000 - 1/15/2000.
Film maker Gloria Rolando US schedule update.
Ritmos Afro-Cubanos, study trip in Santiago with Cutumba, UNEAC and the Center for Creative Education, Stone Ridge, NY
10/2/99 Eleven artists at the Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales de La Habana exhibit works on "racismo".   See Curator Ariel Ribeaux's "Ni Musicos Ni Deportistas" for the thinking behind the exhibit.  Also see new pics.
9/27/99 Victory in Miami: Van Van to play on Oct 11!  The supremacists couldn't keep a good band down.
US Cuba Sister Cities Association meets in Mobile, AL,  Oct 8-10.
9/20/99 Festival de la Rumba in Matanzas, Oct 8, 9 & 10, 1999
8/29/99 Indigenous Knowledge of the Caribbean: Music, Plants and Healing 12/13/99 - 12/20/99, Santiago, Guantanamo, Baracoa, Cuba.
8/28/99 Eleggua Project, Interdisciplinary Conference and Field research, 1/00 and History, Culture And Society In The African Diaspora, 7/00 (co-sponsored by the Association of Black Anthropologists)
8/25/99 Rumbero night at la Esquina Habanera in Union, NJ: rumberos from Cuba, including some members of Los Muñequitos, 8/27
8/21/99 We reprint an important review article by Lisa Brock and Otis Cunningham: "Race and the Cuban Revolution: A Critique of Carlos Moore's "Castro, the Blacks, and Africa"
8/19/99 New listings: Cutumba, a folkloric group in Santiago.  Updated schedule for Omar Sosa, hip-hop artist and Amelia Pedroso, roots singer and percussionist.
8/18/99 Chismes: our columnist Pablo reveals the ins and outs of how a roots group director got fined in Matanzas for having house guests...
8/8/99 The Alberto Jones Column - commentary.  Dr. Jones answers the CANF's paternalist drivel on the recent sports defections, comparing them to a slave revolt. Also: Biowar against Cuba.
8/6/99 Idalberto Bandera: dancer, percussionist. Lead dancer in Cutumba, Oriente
8/5/99 Conference on Afro-Cubans in Cuban Society: Past, Present and Future,  September 16-17, 1999. John Hopkins University, TransAfrica, Black Caucus, Havana's Fundacion Ortiz.  A number of Cuba's leading AfroCuban cultural figures will attend.
7/27/99 The Sixth World Congress of Orisa Tradition & Culture will be hosted in Port of Spain, the capital city of Trinidad during August 15-22 1999up.gif (925 bytes)
New dates for Amelia Pedroso, famed traditional percussionist and singer, in NY and Portland
7/26/99 Black August Hip-Hop Festival: all-star jam to raise funds for the creation of a hip-hop library and studio in Havana, Cuba, and an emergency fund for political prisoners in the United States.  8/8/99 in NY & Havana  See also the 5th Annual Festival of Cuban   Rap in Havana.
7/14/99 El poeta y periodista Pedro Pérez Sarduy nos da una critica del Cuba-Presente! Festival en Londre el mes pasado, asi que de dos actividades: Orquesta Aragón and Pablo Milanes. En español!
7/9/99 "Why black cuba is suffering," in Essence, 7/99, an article by TransAfrica's Randall Robinson. This piece introduces the much awaited TransAfrica Report on Cuba, detailing the impact of the US embargo on AfroCubans.
7/7/99 The International Association of Black Yoga Teachers is sponsoring the Cuba Yoga Fest in Havana 11/99
7/6/99 All music tours have been updated with many new dates and new groups.
7/1/99 Beautiful new poster on Assata Shakur
5/30/99 Elvira Cervera, grand dame of Cuban actresses, announces her autobiography, seeks publisher
5/29/99 Ever more music: Pancho Quinto, Lekumi, and Spirit of Havana: US and Europe, 6/99 to 9/99, La Timbala: UK, 6/99-7/99, Cubanismo!:  US, new dates, to 4/00, Chucho Valdés: new dates, US, Europe, to 3/00, Los Van Van: US, 9/99-10/99.
5/20/99 5th National Cuban Rap Festival "Swing" with Instincto, Cuarta Imagen, Anonimo Consejo, Hermanos de Causa, many others: Havana, 6/20-6/24
5/28/99 Fernando Ortiz Exhibition Opening with Master Folklore Artists Lázaro Galarraga, Francisco Aguabella, and Felipe Garcia. Los Angeles.
Check out CBS's program on Los Munequitos, which links to our site.
5/4/99 Detailed site statistics now available for AfroCubaWeb
5/1/99 New page: Reviews of AfroCubaWeb -- see what folks are saying about us from Lycos to MSN France.
4/30/99 Eleggua Project, Interdisciplinary Conference and Field research, 6/99 and 1/00: All over Cuba, many sites of intense cultural and religious interest.
5/14-6/27 CUBA-PRESENTE!, Barbican Centre, London, UK: A spectacular festival on Cuban art, literature, and music, including Orquesta Aragón, Cuarteto Patria, Rubén González y su Grupo, Orquesta Ibrahim Ferrer, Pablo Milanes, author Pedro Perez Sarduy, Clave y Guaguanco (playing w/ Manu Dibongo!), Changui de Guantanamo and many others.
More music: Orquesta Aragón: UK, US, Canada 5/99 - 7/99. Amelia Pedroso, famous traditional percussionist / singer, in CA, OR, NY: 5/99 - 7/99, concerts & workshops.
4/16/99 Raices Profunda's José Francisco Barroso & Obákoso: performance, demo and lecture - 5/9 & 6/13, Berkeley, CA.  Maraca in Aspen in June. Afro Cuban All Star veterans Ibrahim Ferrer and Rubén González each have their own group touring this summer and fall.
Humboldt University: 4th Annual Exploration in AfroCuban Dance & Drum July 10-22, 1999
Afrocuban All Stars: 6/99 - 7/99, new dates for Cubanismo! and Chucho Valdez.
4/13/99 Chappotín y sus Estrellas to tour the US.  Eugene Godfried, Director of Radio Havana's Caribbean section, is their manager and writes about son vs salsa.
4/12/99 Rogelio Scull, founding member of Afrocuba de Matanzas, in Texas jail after a Kangaroo court sentenced him to life.
4/1/99 Afrocuba de Matanzas visits Puerto Rico, gives workshops & concerts as guests of los Hermanos Cepedas, April 11-19th
Mar 31, '99 Nancy Morejón, famed AfroCuban poet, on US tour, April '99
Mar 30, '99 Second Kiba Kreyol Festival, 7/31-8/3, Havana.  See also Haiti in Cubaup.gif (925 bytes)
Mar 20, '99 "Celebrating the Role of Blacks in Politics and Culture in Cuba", Friday March 26th: Blacksmith House, 56 Brattle Street, Cambridge. Special Guest Speaker: Felix Wilson, Cuban Interests Section, Washington DC
Mar 19, '99 Update on Pedro Pérez Sarduy US tour.
New conferences in Cuba, including annual meeting of Association of Caribbean Historians, 4/11 - 4/17
Mar 15, '99 InfoMed  USA has access to 1800 Pentiums which it can't get down to Cuba because they are only allowed to send dinky 486s.  These will help in Cuba's internal health care network and in Cuba's medical missions abroad in the Caribbean, Africa, and elsewhere. Call for action, more to come.
Mar 12, '99 Updated schedule for Amelia Pedroso in England: her workshops and concerts in London and Manchester start 3/19.  Also new info on a killer CD, Santisimo, where she sings with Puntilla and Emilio Barreto.
Mar 5, '99 Organizers seek African American participation.Update on US Cuba Sister City Association meeting in Pittsburgh, 3/19-21: AfroCubans in attendance,
Feb 25, '99 Continuing the recent trend on having more discussions of race & identity: Second CRI Conference on Cuban and Cuban American Studies, CRI Florida International University, Miami, March 18-20, '99
Conference in Tampa: Africans in the Americas, with emphasis on AfroCubans, March 24 and 25, '99
Feb 20, '99 Painter Mendive in Miami and Washington with all-star crew:  Kennedy Center, Apr/May '99.  Includes members of Matanzas All Stars, Afrocuba, Conjunto Folklorico
Feb 18, '99 Black Caucus members arrive in Havana.  On the heels of TransAfrica's visit.
Feb 10, '99 Los Muñequitos de Matanzas come to Western Mass 8/99 and return for a full tour in Spring 2000.  Dates available on both tours. Desandann, a Haitian roots group, to come up in the fall.
Feb 9, '99 National formation meeting of US-CUBA Sister Cities Association, 3/19 - 3/2121  This is a follow on to the success of the Matanzas - Pittsburgh sister city relationship.
Feb 2, 99 Talking Race in the Revolution by James Early, Smithsonian Institution
Jan 31, 99 Updated listing of Solidarity Organizations and some of their involvment in AfroCuban topics.
Jan 28, 99 InfoMed is delivering hundreds of PCs to Cuba's medical computing sector.  Strong letter detailing Cuba's recent medical efforts and featuring an appeal on Mumia.
Jan 27, 99 Ingathering: The Literary Journal of Arts & Letters from the Black Diaspora in the Americas invites submissions for its fall 1999 premiere issue.
Jan 27, 99 Felix Wilson, Jamaican Cuban, second in command at the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, will speak Feb. 5th, 1999, at Loyola Law School in LA.
Jan 26, 99 TransAfrica opens its media campaign on Cuba with Randall Robinson's appearance on Black Entertainment Television's "BET Tonight" TV talk show with host Tavis Smiley, who was also on the TransAfrica delegation to Cuba.
Jan 25, 99 Iroko Dance Center, Miami: Feb 13 - performance of the Iroko Afro-Cuban Dance Theatre
Jan 17, 99 AfroCubaWeb Discussion Group open for posting.  Had problems for first few days, these have been fixed.
Jan 11, 99 Pedro Perez Sarduy: "What do Blacks have in Cuba?" great article published here in English.
Jan 11, 99 Gloria Rolando is back in Havana after a successful US tour.  She and her group are hard at work on Searching in my dreams [renamed Roots of my Heart], a mix of documentary and fiction which deals with the 1912 massacre of upwards of 6,000 members of the first Black political party in the hemisphere, Los Independientes de Color.  New photos available.up.gif (925 bytes)
Jan 11, 99 Pablo Herrera: hip-hop & rap producer/DJ/keyboardist/poet
Jan 9, 99 Tomas Fernandez Robaina of the Biblioteca Nacional visits the US; he is the author of el Negro en Cuba 1902 - 1958, (The Blacks in Cuba 1902-1958: Notes on the history of the struggle against racial discimination) and an authority on 1912 and on AfroCuban culture.  His extensive bibliography is posted on his page.
Jan 8, 99 TransAfrica, an influential African American policy group, visits Cuba 1/99. Asked on his return plans, president Randall Robinson replied: "We will appear on a range of television and radio programs to recommend and to urge that the embargo be lifted as soon as possible."
Jan 7, 99 Pedro Pérez Sarduy to tour US in April. He is a journalist, poet, and co-editor of AfroCuba: An Anthology, which is coming out in a Spanish edition.
Percussionist Amelia Pedroso has workshops in Manchester, England - 3/99.
Jan 6, 99 1999 Workshops in Santiago: ethnography, oral history: Centro Cultural Africano Fernando Ortiz, Catedra de Estudios Afrocaribenos Romulo Lachatanere
Jan 5, 99 New sections: AfroCuban History and Race & Identity in Cuba.  Works in progress... additions welcome.
Jan 4, 99 Miguel Barnet: English translation of Biography of a Runaway Slave
Dec 20, 98 Coverage of the Havana Jazz Festival '98
Nov 18, 98 Kwame Ture (Stokely Charmichael) passed on to the ancestors on Nov 16th.  He was under the protection of Cuban forces throughout the world as discussed in his last letter.
Oct 29, 98 Salvador Gonzalez unveils new mural in Spanish Harlem on Nov 1: a gift to the rumba de Harlem from the rumba de Havana!  Accompanied by All Star Rumba!
Oct 26, 98 New Gloria Rolando Schedule for her fall US tour in progress.  Synopsis of work in progress, "Searching in My Dreams" [renamed Roots of my Heart], dealing with the 1912 genocide of AfroCubans by the Cuban Army. 
Oct 24, 98

Racial Identity, State Formation, and Nationalism: Cuba in a Comparative Perspective, November 5-6, 1998, University of Texas at Austin.  Organized by Aline Helg, whose book, "Our Rightful Share", on the 1912 genocide, just won a third award.

Oct 19, 98 Manolin, "El Medico de la Salsa" got visa, arrives in NY to start Oct Tour.
Oc 14, '99 Two "son" tours with schedule: Sierra Maestra, a venerably classic group, and Las Perlas del Son, a hot new all women son band.  
Oct 6, 98 Afropop Worldwide has an upcoming study tour in Cuba with Ned Sublette, founder of Qbadisc, and former Co-Producer of Afropop.  Terrific intro to Cuban music.
Oct 5, 98 TransAfrica makes one of its periodic forays into Cuban issues: "Historical and Contemporary African-American/Afro-Cuban Relations"
Sep 30, 98 Cong. Maxine Water changes her vote on Assata.  Demos scheduled for Oct 5.  Petitions.  Email your Congressperson re: extradition for Assata.
Sep 23, 98 Top rated bata player and percussionist Carlos Aldama in residence in San Francisco.
Sep 17, 98 Renowned AfroCuban painter and muralist Salvador González in the US until Jan '99. Available for shows and murals as he brings a piece of Afrocubania to the US. Community building, as described in interview by Pedro Perez-Sarduy. Also: check out our musical groups -- many now have a discography where you can buy CDs.up.gif (925 bytes)
Sep 16, 98 Assata Shakur is the subject of a Congressional resolution asking that she be extradited from Cuba.
Sep 11, 98 Afrocuban Drums, Ritual, and Culture, Workshops and Field Research in Matanzas, Cuba next January
Bata Ketu plays la Peña tomorrow
Sep 10, 98 Juan Garcia Fernández, noted ethnographer, choreographer, and artist.
Sep 9, 98 III Seminar Of The Euroafrican And Eurolatinamerican Comparative Studies Group: "The Decolonization Of Present-Day Relations Among Europe, Africa And Latin America" - La Havana and Matanzas, November 20-26, 98
Sep 3, 98 Master Percussionists from Matanzas.  Check out this April '99 tour from some of the heavies of Cuban percussion, including the legendary Chachá, Daniel Alfonso, Pello, and Sandy, accompanied by Juan Garcia, an expert on the history and sociology of their music and culture, and two experienced dancers, Lilian Oviedo and Danilito Perez.
Sign up for our newsletter and get periodic announcements about events, tours, conferences, books, etc.  This is not an excuse to deluge your mailbox: it will only go out occasionally!
Sep 1, 98 Updates in the Conference & Exhibits section.  Tremendous Art & Music show on African Spirituality in Cuba at the Center for Cuban Studies and the Metropolitan Pavillion Gallery in NY (Sep 15-27, 98).  Contemporary Art show with many AfroCuban artists in Tempe Arizona (Sep 27 - Dec 13, 98).
Jul 20, 98 Congressman Charles Rangel calls for an investigation into the Cuban American National Foundation's support for mad bomber and narcoterrorist Luis Posada Carriles.
Jul 1, 98 Schedule and new page for Chucho Valdez, Cuba's premiere jazz musician and recent Grammy winner
Jun 29, 98 New Festival Section, with upcoming festivals and carnivals in Cuba..
The Center for Cuban Studies in New York has a new web site. Check out their ample collection of Cuban art, books, music, and much more.
A national Wall of Lawyers is being formed to counter growing threats to US citizens' freedom to travel, as Treasury clamps down on unlicensed travel and makes it harder to get a license.up.gif (925 bytes)
June 20, 98 Lots of new links on our links page: Cuban solidarity sites, Computer Networks in Cuba, and a number of   interesting new sites in Cuba, including the one for the Ministry of Culture.
Jun 7, 98 Great new book by Lisa Brock and Digna Castañeda: "Between Race and Empire : African-Americans and Cubans Before the Cuban Revolution"
Jun 5, 98 Orlando "MARACA" Valle, top Cuban flautist and Irakere veteran, will be touring the United States in August/September 98.
Jun 5, 98 Virtuoso percussionist Francisco Aguabella deploys his Latin Jazz Ensemble out of LA
Pancho Quinto completes American tour and heads for British Columbia
Check out the new conferences announced in the conference section.
May 9, 98 Dr. Keith Ellis of the University of Toronto receives honorary doctorate from the University of Havana
Mar 8, 98 UNEAC author and researcher on race & society, Gisela Anrandia, visits US March 19th for several weeks.
Mar 3, 98 Updated Afrocuba de Matanzas and Muñequitos Tour Schedules
New Schedule for Casa de la Americas 98 AfroCuban Seminars
Feb 18, 98 Felipe Garcia Villamil, master Matanzas percussionist and teacher, now living in New York
Feb 16, 98 Georgina Herrera Cardenas, AfroCuban poet, author, script writer, radio personality
Pedro Pérez Sarduy tour schedule available
Gloria Rolando tour schedule availableup.gif (925 bytes)
Dec 26, 97 Lilian Oviedo Aldama, dancer, singer, and percussionist arrives from Matanzas to give workshops in the US, starting in Cambridge, MA.
Dec 14, 97 Sandy Perez, talented Matanzas percussionist in Afrocuba de Matanzas
Wande Abimbola and his new book, "Ifa will mend our broklen world," with much material on Cuba from the point of view of this spokesman for the Ifa priests of Nigeria.
Dec 8, 97 In Memoriam: Luis Calle, holder of the Brikamo fundamento
Nov 11, 97 Join the West Indian Welfare Center, Guantanamo City, Cuba!
Nov 10, 97 Festival de la Rumba. Nov 28-30, 97. In Matanzas. To be repeated in '99. Stay tuned.
Nov 9, 97 Report on the Columbia University conference: The Cuban Revolution in Transition: Black Reflections on Race, Politics, and Culture in Cuba Today sponsored by The Institute for Research in African-American Studies
Los Muñequitos Discography and QbaDisk's record listing
Oct 30, 97 Discussion Groups: post your own messages, reply to existing posts.
Oct 26, 97 A Panorama of AfroCuban Culture and History: One Way to Strengthen Nationality, by Gisela Arandia Covarrubia
Oct 26, 97 Danilito Perez: dancer, choreographer, preserver of AfroCuban culture in Matanzas

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