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  Mala Lengua
Instructors include:

Yacelis Sanchez

Teresita Perez

José Francisco Barroso

Sandy Perez

Michael Spiro

Carlos Aldama

Scott Wardzinski

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4th Annual Exploration in AfroCuban Dance & Drum
July 10-22, 1999

"We are pleased to present the 4th annual Afro-Cuban Dance & Drum workshop celebrating the folkloric music, songs, and dances of the Afro-Cuban people. Set amongst the towering redwoods and breathtaking coastline of Northern California, this workshop promises to be the most comprehensive collection of Afro-Cuban masters ever in the United States! Eight internationally - recognized instructors will join local faculty to teach students of all skill levels July 10-22, 1999. The schedule enables students of drumming to learn dance and dancers to learn the drums. In addition, Afro-Cuban song instruction will also be available.

Both Havana and Matanzas styles of Afro-Cuban dance and drum techniques will be represented. Drum students will be encouraged to go beyond just learning parts, with special classes on Batá, shekere, lead playing, technique, and basic rhythmic skills. Dance students should expect to be challenged to the outer limits of their skill levels. All dance classes will be accompanied with live drumming by the masters.

Whether you're new to the program or returning, joining for a week or a weekend, we are confident that you will have a rich cultural and educational experience in the 1999 Afro-Cuban Dance & Drum workshop at Humboldt State University." -


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