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Gloria Rolando

1998 Oct Schedule

1998 Feb - Mar Schedule

New film: "Eyes of the Rainbow" - Assata Shakur and Oya

Testimonials from 1997 US Tour

Interview in "Women," Havana

Biography, list of films

Contacting Gloria Rolando

Obtaining Gloria's videos


New Gloria Rolando US Tours: '98

Feb - Mar '98

AfroCuban film maker Gloria Rolando has been invited to the Los Angeles PanAfrican Film Festival, organized by Ayuko Babu and starting February 5th, 1998.

She expects to arrive February 5th and will be in Southern California for about 10 days, when she will be available for other engagements besides the festival. She will then be on tour as described below in the rest of the US through April. She will have with her the 3 films produced by her independent video group, Imágenes del Caribe: Oggun, My Footsteps in Baragua, and Eyes of the Rainbow.

Crowds have proved very receptive to her films. In the case of Eyes of the Rainbow, time and again the reaction from US viewers has been "Thank you, thank you!".

Watch this space for further news of her tour.

Feb - Mar '98 Tour Schedule

Three videos from Images of the Caribbean

Gloria Rolando will be showing the following films:

1) Eyes of the Rainbow - with Assata Shakur, former Panther & NY BLA leader
2) My Footsteps in Baragua - on West Indians in Cuba
3) Oggun: an Eternal Presence - on the life of Lazaro Ros and Yoruba culture in Cuba


Arrives Feb 4, in the evening
Los Angeles, CA: Feb 5 - 15/16th
Ayuko Babu
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Showing "Eyes of the Rainbow"
Pan African Film Festival ~~~~ Feb 5 Evening reception ~ Feb 11 5:10PM
Magic Johnson Theatre ~~~~~ Feb 13 3:30PM ~~~~~~~ Feb 14 Noon [Oggun]

Akilah Murphy
Feb 12th
Occidental College4

Itibari M. Zulu
Feb 10th
Amen-Ra Theological Seminary

David Sandoval
California State University at LA

Santa Cruz
Feb 17,18th
Nicolette Czarrunchick
Univerity of California at Santa Cruz
Women's Studies Department

San Francisco, CA: Feb 19 – 25th

Feb 19 12 - 3PM
JR Alrey
Pan African Student Union
San Francisco State University

Feb 19 5PM
Donald Foster
Office of African American Student Development
Pan African Student Union
UC Berkeley Campus, 5:00PM
Reception at the nearby African American Theme House (2347 Prospect St)

Feb 22: in Oakland, venue: Alice Arts Theatre, 3PM, presented by Dimensions Dance Theatre and produced by the National Plebiscite Education Campaign. Admission $10-$25

Sarasota, FL
Feb 25-27
Che Barnett
Sarasota Africana Film Festival
Project Black Cinema

Houston, TX
Feb 27, 28,29
Victoria M Pasley
Dept of History/Center for the Americas
University of Houston

Alan Hunsicker
La Brigada Venceremos
Houston-Cuba Coalition

Murfreesboro, near Nashville, TN
Mar 3: 7 - 9 PM
Mar 4: 4 - 6 PM
Elyce Rae Helford
Women's Studies
Middle Tennessee State University

Phoenix, Arizona
Mar 5-8th
Robert Taylor
Interdisciplinary Arts and
Tressa Berman
Anthropology Department
Arizona State University West

New Orleans, LA
March 9-12th
Joseph Jordan
Xavier University

Boulder, CO
March 13 – 15th
Joy James
Department of Ethnic Studies
Colorado University
Conference on Prisonners
Manning Marable, Angela Davis

Bowling Green, OH
Mar 17th
Rachel Buff
Bowling Green State University
Department of History

Toledo, Ohio
Mar 17th
Imelda Hunt
New Works Writers Series
University of Toledo

Milwaukee, WI

Mar 19-23rd
Portia Cobb
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Grand Valley, MI
Mar 24,25,26
Cliff Welch
Latin American Studies
Grand Valley State University

Chicago, IL
March 27 - 28
Alice Stephens
African Film Festival
Columbia College

Syracuse, NY
Mar 30
Carol Awasu
Amy Sonnie
Syracuse University

New York, NY
April 1, 7:30PM
Casa de las Americas
104 West 14th Street, west of 6th Ave

Boston, MA

April 2
Boston College, Law School
Anthony Paul Farley

April 3,4 Ogunnaike Galleria, 2 shows each day at 7:30 and 9:30 PM
39 Thayer Street, off of Harrison Ave
Tony VanderMeer

Ann Kim
Harvard Project for International Health & Development
Harvard University

Northampton, MA
April 7,8
Eyda M. Merediz
Dept. of Spanish
Smith College

Dartmouth College
April 9

Tampa, FL
Apr 11
Maura Barrios
University of South Florida

She returns to Cuba in April, '98. Anyone desiring to schedule Gloria and her films, please contact [replace _AT_ with @]

More information:

  1. A write up of "My Footsteps in Baragua." This video on the West Indians in Cuba is available in English (the original production language) and Spanish.
  2. An interview with Gloria in "Mujeres" ("Women"), 1996, published in Havana. This describes the Oggun video, available with English subtitles, and a proposed film on Sara Gomez, noted AfroCuban movie maker.
  3. An introduction to the West Indian Welfare Center and its programs. This independent institution is located in the city of Guantanamo (not the US base!) and is charted to provide social and medical services among other activities. The Center recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and today includes many professional members.
  4. Gloria's write up on Eyes of the Rainbow, with Assata Shakur
  5. A Biographical Notice of Gloria Rolando with an extensive portfolio listing and a statement of purpose.

Testimonial from 1997 US Tour

"As you may know I was very impressed with Gloria Rolando as an Afro-Cuban female filmmaker. I feel fortunate to have been able to interview her on my radio program, "In Unison," while she was in Boston, Massachusetts. The quality and technical level of her films is excellent, I have seen "The Eyes of the Rainbow and "Oggun" and when it is considered how difficult conditions are in Cuba due to the economic embargo imposed by this country, the United States of America, one cannot help but give her and her production crew a standing ovation for persevering under such duress.

Ms. Rolando has taken a compelling subject, Assata Shakur and presented her in a very human light that incorporates her spirit to live in an inter-generational fashion. She has blended past, present, and future to give us an unique view into the present day circumstances of controversial figure. Gloria Rolando's expertise can be felt in the way she blended images of nature and culture into her description of Assata Shakur.

As Ms. Rolando tours the United States with her film I hope that anyone that reads these comments and is not yet convinced that they need to change their schedules, bring their friends and see this new work of Ms. Rolando and her production crew realizes that they are wrong....and yes they do need to see..."The Eyes of the Rainbow," not once but again, again, and again. Thank you Gloria and Assata Shakur." -- Nina LaNegra, host, In Unison, WILD radio, Boston


Filmmaker Gloria Rolando received the 1998 ARTS African World Community Service Award at a screening of her films Oggun: An Eternal Presence, and Eyes of the Rainbow at the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, February
10, 1998.

The award was given in honor of her outstanding contribution to the growth and development of African Cuban centered history, film and culture in Cuba, and throughout the world.

This award comes via the Amen-Ra Theological Seminary.

Gloria visits the US in Oct/Nov '98

Gloria Rolando got her visa and will be visiting the US in October and November of 1998 to show her films and also to work on her new film, Searching in My Dreams [renamed Roots of my Heart], which has to do with the events surrounding the 1912 massacre of the first black political party in the hemisphere: Los Independientes de Color.  Between 3,000 to 6,000 AfroCubans - veterans, professional people, leaders - were killed by the Cuban army and many more jailed, while even their culture was attacked and folks had to bury their drums.  For more on this dimly remembered event, see Gloria's synopsis of Searching in My Dreams [renamed Roots of my Heart].

Schedule - updated 11/9

Oct 23 Arrives Gainsville
Oct 24 4:30 pm Thomas Center, 320 NE Sixth Ave, Gainsville
The Florida Media Arts Center (FMAC), a community based group, is
presenting Gloria to the community. Co-sponsors of the screening include
the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida, the
Center for African Studies at the University of Florida, C.O.P.C. at the
University of Florida, and the Civic Media Center.
Oct 25 Talahassee, FL: Florida A & M University
Oct 26 Arrives NYC
Oct 27 12-1:30 pm CUNY Law School, Flushing/Queens, NY
Nov 1 5-7 pm Brecht Forum (co-sponsored by Friends of Gloria Rolando, NCBL, and IFCO), NY.  22 West 27th Street, 10th Floor,
between 6th and 7th Avenues in NYC. Trains: 2, 3, 1 to 34th Street or 1 train
to 28th Street.
Nov 3 Monumental Baptist Church, 2240 Wylie Ave, Pittsburgh, PA  7PM.
Nov 4 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA   8:30 P.M. in 104 David Lawrence, on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Sponsors include Film Studies, Women's Studies, Cultural Studies, Latin American Studies, and the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature. For more information, call (412) 648-7477.
Nov 8 San Francisco, LA.   Reception 1 to 7PM @ CAAAC, meet the film maker.   Organized by the Wajumbe Institute, 415 563-3519. 762 Fulton Street.
Nov 10 Mt. Eden High School, 200 Panama St, Hayward, Ca. 9:30 to 3PM.  All 3 films.
Nov 15 Buriel Clay Theater, 762 Fulton Street: Eyes of the Rainbow, reception to follow.  Surprise guest artist. Wajumbe Institute. 2-6 PM
Nov 22 Buriel Clay Theater, 762 Fulton Street: Oggun. Wajumbe Institute. 2-4 PM
Nov 29-Dec 2 University of Kansas, Lawrence Kansas,
Dec 2 Howard University, Washington, DC.
Dec 3 Medgar Evers College, 1650 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Dec 4
and 5
Boston: Oggunaike Galeria, 617 422-6087, 39 Thayer St, off of 450 Harrison: 7:30 and 9:30 each night
Dec 8 6 p.m. City College, Harlem
Dec 11 Returns to Havana from NY

Anyone interested in having her give a presentation of her films, contact the web site at

Contacting Gloria Rolando

Gloria Rolando can be reached when in Cuba by phone at tel: 011 53 7 62.79.04 and by mail at:

Obispo #356, 3ra piso, apto 3
Entre Habana y Compostela
Habana, Cuba 10100

Contacting AfroCubaWeb

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