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Rangel calls for an investigation into the CANF - 7/13/98

Call for easing of embargo 3/31/98

Congressman Rangel's Web Site

Email Charles Rangel:

1994 election: CANF funded Rangel's opponent

1994 Campaign: IFCO Press Release on Miami funding

United States House of Representatives
15th Congressional District of New York State

Charles Rangel, the Democratic Representative from Harlem, the Upper West Side, and Washington Heights in New York City,  is a strong friend of Cuba and has consistently been pushing for an end to the blockade.  He is a founding member and former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus and is their point person on Cuba and Haiti.

Representative Rangel has been outspoken on Cuba and on the racism found in certain quarters in Miami, to the point of writing an editorial on the subject for the Miami Herald when the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) shot down the nomination of an AfroCuban,  Mario Baez, to the State Department top Latin American post during the formation of the Clinton Cabinet in 1992.

Major Miami figures, including the CANF, contributed a total of $500,000 to Rangel's opponent in the 1994 election, Adam Clayton Powell, son of the late Adam Clayton Powell Jr. 

The material just below is taken from his web site,

From Rangel's web site:

Congressman Charles B. Rangel is serving his fourteenth term as the Representative from the 15th Congressional District, comprising East and Central Harlem, the Upper West Side, and Washington Heights/Inwood. Congressman Rangel is the Ranking Member of the Committee on Ways and Means, Deputy Democratic Whip of the House of Representatives, and Dean of the New York State Congressional Delegation.

Congressman Rangel is a member of the Trade Subcommittee of the Committee on Ways and Means which has jurisdiction over all international trade agreements. The Congressman pays particular attention to trade with the Caribbean and Africa, and the development of international trade in Upper Manhattan.

As the senior Democratic Member of the Committee on Ways and Means, Congressman Rangel is also a member of the Joint Committee on Taxation for the 105th Congress. This panel is responsible for advising Congress on the Internal Revenue Code and the implications of proposed tax legislation. As a Congressional advisor to the U.S. Trade Representative, he is also involved in international conferences and negotiating sessions on trade issues. Congressman Rangel is also a member of the President's Export Council, working to build consensus on international trade matters among its membership of business, agriculture, labor, Congressional leaders, and Cabinet officials.

Congressman Rangel is the principal author of the five billion dollar Federal Empowerment Zone demonstration project to revitalize urban neighborhoods throughout America. He is also the author of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit which is responsible for financing ninety percent of the affordable housing built in the U.S. in the last ten years. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which Congressman Rangel also championed, has provided thousands of jobs for underprivileged young people, veterans, and ex-offenders.

As the former chairman of the Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control, Congressman Rangel led the nation's fight against drug abuse and trafficking. In his efforts to reduce the flow of drugs into the United States and to solve the nation's continuing drug abuse crisis, Congressman Rangel serves as chairman of the Congressional Narcotics Abuse and Control Caucus.

Congressman Rangel is a founding member and former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus; he was also chairman of the New York State Council of Black Elected Democrats and was a member of the House Judiciary Committee during the hearings on the articles of impeachment of President Richard Nixon.

Congressman Rangel served in the U.S. Army in Korea, 1948-52, and was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. Congressman Rangel has authored several pieces of legislation to benefit minority and women veterans, including a successful bill that established the Office of Minority Affairs within the Department of Veterans Affairs. In the area of foreign affairs, he played a vital role in ending the apartheid regime in South Africa and restoring the democratic government in Haiti.

Congressman Rangel is a graduate of New York University and St. John's University School of Law. He has spent his entire career in public service, first as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and later in the New York State Assembly. He was elected to the 92nd Congress on November 3, 1970, and has been re-elected to each succeeding Congress.

Congressman Rangel lives in Harlem with his wife Alma, who is a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus Spouses and participates in many civic and community organizations. Congressman and Mrs. Rangel have two children.

Call to Investigate the CANF

Congressman Rangel is calling for an investigation of the Miami based Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) and its terrorist and criminal ties. Details on how to support this below.

Congressman Charles B. Rangel                                                                                  13 July 1998
U.S. House of Representatives                                                                              News Release
Washington, DC 20515                                                                                        

Contact: Emile Milne

"Congressman Rangel Calls for Investigations of Cuban-American Foundation Links to Bombings In Havana"

Washington, July 13 -- Cong. Charles Rangel (D-NY) today called for federal investigations into allegations of connections between a powerful, Miami-based foundation and a spate of hotel bombings in Cuba.

In letters to Attorney General Janet Reno, IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti, and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer, Cong, Rangel requested investigations of the Cuban American National Foundation, based on allegations reported in the New York Times that the organization provided financial support to the self-described leader of a 1997 bombing campaign against targets in Cuba that resulted in the death of an Italian tourist.

"In light of the serious allegations contained in the New York Times article, I am writing to request an investigation of the Cuban American National Foundation and its officers to determine whether its activities are consistent with U.S. and international law," Cong. Rangel said in his letter to the Attorney General.

In requesting a probe of the Foundation by the IRS, the Congressman said he felt it was "appropriate to determine whether
its activities are consistent with its tax-exempt status."

The newspaper article reported admissions by a Cuban exile leader, Luis Posada Carriles, that he had organized the 1997 campaign of bombings of hotels, restaurants, and discotheques in Havana. He further alleged that the hotel bombing campaign and other anti-Castro operations were supported by leaders of the Cuban-American National Foundation, a tax-exempt organization.

Cong. Rangel requested that Cong. Archer expand an ongoing Joint Committee on Taxation investigation of non-profit organizations to include the Cuban-American Foundation.

If you would like to show your support for Cong. Rangel's request for an investigation:

House Ways and Means Committee
Cong. Bill Archer, Chair
Pete Singleton, Majority Chief of Staff
P: 202-225-3625
F: 202-225-4381

Attorney General Janet Reno
Department of Justice
F: 202-307-6777

IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti
P: 202-566-5000
F: 202-622-5756

For more information on the ties between the CANF, Posada Carriles, and what this is all about see "Luis Posada Carilles and the Cuban American National Foundation: Coca Contra lives on"


NEWS RELEASE                                                                                              CONTACT: Emile Milne
CONGRESSMAN CHARLES B. RANGEL                                                                   (202) 225-4365
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

New York Lawmaker, Seeking End to All Sanctions, Praises Support by Cuban Americans for Removal of Sanctions on Food and Medicines

WASHINGTON, March 31--Congressman Charles Rangel (D--NY) today praised President Clinton’s decision to ease restrictions on humanitarian assistance to Cuba, but urged the President to go further.

"The President should be commended for adopting the spirit of the Papal visit to Cuba and making it easier for Cuban-Americans to assist their families in Cuba and for humanitarian organizations to get supplies to the island," Congressman
Rangel. "This is the time for the President to seize the initiative and to put the full weight of his presidency behind a change in policy toward Cuba."

Congressman Rangel, who was traveling in Africa with President Clinton, welcomed the delegation of Cuban Americans who were in Washington to lobby in support of HR 1951, the bi-partisan legislation to remove restrictions on the donation and sale of food, medicines and medical equipment. Congressman Rangel is a cosponsor of that bill and the author of HR 3173, his bill to lift the embargo entirely.

The Congressman traveled to Cuba last January during the historic visit by Pope John Paul. "I spent many hours talking with the people of Cuba and the one thing they were all opposed to was the embargo. Whatever their feelings politically, they agreed that the embargo was not helping them or making their lives any easier," Congressman Rangel said.

As the Ranking Member of the Ways and Means Committee, which shares jurisdiction over HR 1951, Congressman Rangel has requested a hearing on the bill in the Committee’s Subcommittee on Trade. In 1995, at the Congressman request, the Subcommittee convened a hearing on the potential for trade with Cuba.

"There’s no argument that the embargo on Cuba has failed, and indeed, has worked against the interests of the Cuban people and the U.S. Just as President Clinton is opening a new era of relations with Africa, one of respect and mutual interest, we should be doing the same thing with Cuba."

The 1994 election: Miami funds Rangel opponent Adam Clayton Powell

Mon, 15 Aug 1994 21:42:55 -0700
Subject: Cubans and Rangel

Source: Comite Tarantella, Boston August 12, 1994
Please circulate

Congressional Black Caucus member Charlie Rangel targeted by right-wing Cubans in re-election campaign.
Information on their activities being sought.
Spanish speaking volunteers needed.

Charlie Rangel, whose Congressional district includes Harlem and Spanish Harlem, is in a re-election fight with Adam Clayton Powell the 4th, who is being funded by right wing elements of the Cuban exile community in Miami.

Mas Canosa and the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) have
publicly given Clayton-Powell an initial $5,000 from their PAC and have taken him around to radio stations in Miami for fund raisers, hoping to strike back at Rangel for sponsoring a bill to end the Cuba blockade. Estimates of the aid the CANF and its allies are providing to Clayton-Powell run up to $250,000.

These extreme right-wing exile groups are well known in the Miami African American community for their virulent and primitive brand of racism. They were the reason Miami was the only city in America that was disrespectful to Nelson Mandela during his tour here. They also support Jonas Savimbi, an ally of the old South Africa, in his on-going genocidal war against the Angolan government.

That this Klan-like element in Miami can attempt to have influence on Rangel's multicultural district in New York is testimony as to how invisible the ethnic dimension of the Cuban conflict still is. Most Americans think Cubans are largely of European descent because most Cubans in Miami are white. In fact, Afrocubans in Cuba make up over 60% of the population. Yet few of the boat people coming over from Cuba to Miami are Afrocubans.

Opinions in Miami's Cuban exile community are divided. It is the older exiles who are embittered and determined to see the blockade continue. Younger exiles and the more recent arrivals from Cuba tend to be against the blockade but are intimidated from speaking out by the minority right wing's terrorist tactics.

How to convey these realities to voters in Rangel's district
constitutes an interesting challenge. One approach is to get the
best documented information available and spread it around. The
media is beginning to take an interest so there is a demand.
There is a particular need for the following:

1. Solidly documented, background material (media clippings,
video segments, radio transcripts, etc.) on the CANF and its
allies, showing:

A. their insulting treatment of South African president Nelson
Mandela when he visited Miami.

B. their terrorist tactics, including CANF's willingness to
hire known terrorists -- they hired the assassins of Chile's
Washington ambassador Orlando Letelier after they got out of

C. their support of Jonas Savimbi, leader of the old South
Africa's proxy forces in their war against Angola. The
Cubans and the Angolans defeated the powerful South African
army in open warfare at the battle of Cuito Cuanavale, March
1988, much to CANF's dismay. This was a major turning point
in Southern African history.

C. their intolerant and anti-democratic attitudes

D. any material bringing out their racist attitudes

2. Specifics on fundraising done in Miami for Clayton-Powell:
what radio stations he was taken to, transcripts of what was
said, how much he may have received, etc. Clayton-Powell will
eventually have to disclose how much he got, but only after the
primary on September 15th, a primary which essentially
determines the outcome of the election.

Spanish speaking volunteers are needed to call into the district
and raise awareness about the campaign.

If you have any materials, please send them to:

Mares Consultants
PO Box 222
Edgewater, NJ 07020

If you are interested in volunteering for phone reach-outs,
please call Angel Linares at the Rangel Campaign, 212 864-3848.

IFCO Press Release on 1994 campaign

Date: Mon Aug 15 08:03:03 1994
From: IFCO

Subject: harlem residents denounce powell

the interreligious foundation for community organization
402 west 145th street * new york, ny 10031 * 212/926-5757




Amsterdam and Broadway)

On Monday August 15 religious and community activists of Harlem's
African-American and Latino communities will hold a press conference to
denounce Harlem Congressional candidate Adam Clayton Powell's relationship with the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) and his support of the Cuban Blockade.

A delegation of church and community activists met with City Councilman
Powell on August 8 to voice their concern about his support of the Cuban
blockade and his acceptance of a $5,000 contribution from the CANF, an
extremist anti-Cuban government organization that has used racist tactics
to attack any person opposed to current US policy toward Cuba. Powell has yet to keep his promise to respond to the group's concerns this week.

CANF used racist rhetoric in its successful campaign to undermine the
appointment of Mario Baeza, a black Cuban-American for the State
Department's top Latin American post in 1992.

"Harlem constituents cannot sit by and accept a candidate who professes
to want to serve the people of this community while associating with an
organization that embraces racism," said Rev. Walker, Jr., Executive Director of the Harlem-based Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO).

"A blanket attack on the Cuban people, who are more than 50% black, is
an attack on the very community which Mr. Powell claims he wants to
represent and simply unacceptable," said Walker.


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