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Contacting the conference organizerst

A Conference on Afro-Cubans in Cuban Society:
Past, Present and Future
Center for International Policy, September 16-17, 1999

See the summary on the CIP site:

Tremendo conference with a VIP cast in Washington, DC.  A number of   leading Cuban specialists on issues of race & identity will attend.  Open to the public - we look forward to this.

See also Conference debates 'Afro-Cubans in Cuban society: past, present, and future'  10/25/1999 The Militant: "A conference entitled "Afro-Cubans in Cuban Society: Past, Present, and Future" took place here September 16-17 at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. The two-day event presented a range of views on the question of racism and racist prejudices in Cuba. It included participation by a number of Cuban writers and artists from both within Cuba and outside the country."

Schedule and Participants

A Conference on Afro-Cubans in Cuban Society: Past, Present and Future  
September 16-17, 1999

Organized by:

the Center for International Policy,
the Cuba Exchange Program of the Johns Hopkins University,
the Latin American Studies Program of the Johns Hopkins
the School of Advanced International Studies
the Fundacion Fernando Ortiz, Havana

With the cooperation of
the TransAfrica Forum
and the participation of
the Congressional Black Caucus

At the auditorium of the School of Advanced International Studies
Johns Hopkins University
1740 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

September 16, 1999
8:30-9:00 a.m Coffee and registration
9:00-9:05 a.m Welcome, Wayne S. Smith, Center for International Policy and Johns Hopkins, conference organizer
9:05-9:20 a.m. Introductory remarks, Congressman Charles B. Rangel (D-NY)
9:20-10:50 a.m Session I- The Past: From the Ten Years War to 1959
Moderator: Jean Stubbs, University of North London, co-editor (with Pedro Perez Sarduy) of AfroCuba: An Anthology of Cuban Writing on Race, Politics, and Culture
Aline Helg, University of Texas, author of Our Rightful Share: The AfroCuban Struggle for Equality, 1886-1912
Robin Moore, Temple University, author of Nationalizing Blackness: Afrocubanismo and Artistic Revolution in Cuba, 1920-1940
Pedro Pablo Rodriguez, Centro de Estudios Martianos, editor of Las Obras Completas de Jose Marti
11:00-12:30 p.m Session II- The Present: 1959 Until Today, on the Island
Moderator: Selena Mendy Singleton, TransAfrica
Rogelio Martinez Fure, Conjunto Folklorico Nacional, author of Poesia Yoruba [unable to attend]
Rigoberto Lopez, filmmaker, ICAIC    (Cuban Film Institute, "From Son to Salsa")
Tomas Fernandez Robaina, Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba, author of El Negro en Cuba [unable to attend]
12:30-2:30 p.m Luncheon Speaker, Randall Robinson, TransAfrica
2:45-4:15 p.m. Session III - The Present, in the Diaspora
Moderator: Robert Steinback, The Miami Herald
Eduardo Barada, businessman, Washington, DC
Alberto Jones, The Caribbean Children's Fund, Palm Coast, FL
Perdo Perez Sarduy, Marti-Maceo Cultural Society, London, author of Cumbite
and Other Poems
September 17, 1999
9-10:30a.m. Session IV- The Importance of Santeria
Moderator: Serafin (Tato) Quinyones, Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC), author of A Pie de Obra and also of a chapter in AfroCuba, edited by Pedro Pérez Sarduy and Jean Stubbs.
Miguel Barnet, Fundacion Fernando Ortiz, author of Akeke y la Jutia
Lazara Menendez, University of Havana, author of Estudios Afrocubanos
Natalia Bolivar Arostegui, Cuban National Museum of Fine Arts, author of Los Orishas en Cuba
Eugenio Matibag, Iowa State University
10:30a.m. -12:00p.m. Session V- The Future
Moderator: Enrique Sosa, University of Havana
Graciela Chailloux, Casa de Altos Estudios Don Fernando Ortiz
Gisela Arandia, Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC)
Carlos Moore, University of the West Indies at St. Augustine, Trinidad
Ana Cairo, University of Havana
12:00p.m. Final Remarks: Pablo Armando Fernandez

The conference is being held in a small space (seats 150) and it is open to the public, so you must make arrangements ahead of time to attend. Admission is free and there is a charge for lunch.

Contacting the Conference Coordinator

Kimberly Waldner
Center for International Policy

Phone: 202-232-3317

    Register by email, fax, or  phone. In order to register, send in full name, organization, title, mailing address, phone, fax and e-mail address (if you have one). While the conference itself is free, there is a 25$ charge for the luncheon (if you wish to hear Mr. Randall Robinson speak). If you are interested in attending the luncheon, please say so in an e-mail and then send a check.
for 25$ made out to the Center for International Policy to:

Attn: Kimberly Waldner
Center for International Policy
1755 massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC; 20036

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