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Ferrer wins Latin  Grammy for best new singer, 9/14/00

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Ibrahim Ferrer
Orquesta Ibrahim Ferrer
Afro-Cuban All Stars

Septuagenarian Ibrahim Ferrer who was born at a social club dance in Santiago, 1927. He began singing professionally in 1941 with local Santiago groups, working wherever he could make a living by day and singing by night. By the 1950s he was established as the singer with Pacho Alonso's group and was able to concentrate on music full time. Ferrer began guesting with Orquesta de Chepin and Benny Moré, two of the legendary names of Cuban music. Alonso's band moved to Havana in 1959, and Ferrer stayed with the group for more than twenty years. By the 1970s, the group had become known as Los Bocucos and pioneered the polón rhythm, which was reputedly based on the sound of pounding the coffee beans.

Musicians in Cuba have never been paid much and Ferrer is one of the remarkable number of vintage musicians who has been supported on a small state pension which he supplemented by the hard earned money he received by shining shoes. Ferrer lives in Old Havana in a tiny apartment within a crowded and moldering nineteenth-century house with his wife and assorted junior relatives. As money is tight (the average monthly salary is $15), the older generations tend to conserve their small pensions by hanging out not far from their open doors. This is exactly where Ferrer was when destiny came knocking and is best explained in Ibrahim's own words, "An angel came and picked me up and said, 'Chico, come and do this record.' I didn't want to do it because I had given up on music. But now I have my own record, my first one ever, so I'm very happy. I don't have to shine shoes anymore."  That angel took him to make the Afro-Cuban All Stars CD, A Toda Cuba Le Gusta.

1999 Tour

Following the success of Rubén González sell-out tours across Europe in 1998, stars of the Buena Vista Social Club return to the stage for a seven week tour of Europe in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Scandinavia.

Featuring his own Orquestra Ibrahim Ferrer, Ibrahim Ferrer is joined by Omara Portuondo and Manuel Galbán (former los Zafiros guitarist) an expanded line-up including a horn section with four saxes and full percussion section.

Ferrer wins Latin Grammy for "Best New Artist", 9/14/00

Cubans celebrate Grammy awarded to Buena Vista Social Club member

HAVANA, September 14.- The Latin Grammy for "best new artist" awarded Wednesday to 72-year-old son singer Ibrahim Ferrer, one of the leading voices of Buena Vista Social Club, was hailed in Cuba as "a victory for Cuban traditional music."

"The prize has been awarded at the best possible time, when we are celebrating a second son festival here and when Ibrahim has just given one of his unforgettable performances," Adalberto Alvarez, president of the organizing committee of the festival, told AFP in Santiago de Cuba.

"Ibrahim is a son singer par excellence and this award is a recognition of all Cuban performers of that genre. It is a victory for each and every one of us," stressed Alvarez, who will travel to Mexico City next week with his band Adalberto y su Son, to perform at the Hard Rock Café.

The news about the Grammy spread like wildfire in Santiago, other sources commented to AFP in the second largest city in Cuba, the home of top groups of traditional Cuban music such as Elio Revé y su Charangón, La Original de Manzanillo and Son 14 were on stage.

Ferrer sang the day before in the Heredia Theater in Santiago de Cuba, which was filled to capacity. However, the following morning he traveled to Las Tunas, more than 1,000 kilometers east of Havana, "to a place with which we have no telephone link," Alvarez stated.

Ferrer’s victory has occurred at a time of some rivalry between the older generation of Cuban musicians, steadfast promoters of traditional son, and groups that have incorporated a new sound into this type of music, without betraying its son roots.

Ibrahim Ferrer, one of Buena Vista Social Club’s senior citizens, has just returned to Cuba after a tour of Japan with the 70-year-old diva of Cuban song, Omara Portuondo, and is scheduled to travel to the United States in the near future.

U.S. musician Ry Cooder, produced the Buena Vista Social Club album which won a Grammy in 1998 and brought to international popularity the best of ’40s and ’50s Cuban music, performed by the artists of the period, who are now in their 70s and 80s.

Ferrer and Los Van Van, the band directed by Juan Formell, were nominated in different categories for the Latin Grammy. Formell attended the awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Los Van Van, one of the outstanding Cuban groups who have incorporated new sounds into traditional Cuban music, won their first Grammy in 1999 with their album Llegó Van Van / Van Van is Here.

The same CD was nominated in the salsa category, which was won by Celia Cruz, a Cuban living in the United States.

Other Latin Grammy award winners were Juan Luis Guerra, from the Dominican Republic, for the CD Ni es lo mismo ni es igual (It’s Not the Same) and the song "El niágra en bicicleta" (Niagara by Bicycle) and Tito Puente for Mambo Birdland.


Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer

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1. Bruca ManiguaMusic
2. Herido De SombrasMusic
3. MarietaMusic
4. Guateque CampesinoMusic
5. Mami Me GustoMusic
6. Nuestra Ultima Cita
7. Cienfuegos Tiene Su Guaguanco
8. Silencio
9. Aquellos Ojos Verdes
10. Que Bueno Baila Usted
11. Como Fue

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"A Toda Cuba Le Gusta"  Afro-Cuban All Stars
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Audio CD (September 16, 1997)
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1. Amor Verdadero
2. Alto Songo - (with Ry Cooder)
3. Habana Del Este
4. A Toda Cuba Le Gusta
5. Fiesta De La Rumba

6. Los Sitio' Asere
7. Pio Mentiroso
8. Maria Caracoles
9. Clasiqueando Con Ruben
10. Elube Chango

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6. Silencio [IMPORT]
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7. Tiempos Con Chepin Y Su Orquesta [IMPORT]
~ Ibrahim Ferrer (Audio CD)

~ Ibrahim Ferrer (Audio CD)
Avg. Customer Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars

9. Mis Tiempos Con Chepin [IMPORT]
~ Ibrahim Ferrer (Audio CD)

10. La Colleccion Cubana [IMPORT]
~ Ibrahim Ferrer (Audio CD)

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6/?? - Brazil: Sao Paulo, Río de Janeiro,  Belo Horizonte


"Having recently completed a tour of Eastern Europe, Ferrer is all practiced up and has put together a crackerjack band. The band, which includes several of Ferrer’s fellow Buena Vista Social Club participants, features Manuel Galbon, Orlando "Cachato" Lopez, "Guajiro Mirabal, Jesus "Aguaje" Ramos and Roberto Fonseca."

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08/27/00 Kochi, Japan Museum Of Art
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05/26/99 Glasgow England Kings Theatre
05/27/99 Warwick England Arts Centre
05/28/99 Liverpool England Philharmonic Hall
05/30/99 London England Barbican Centre

Contacting Ibrahim Ferrer's North American Agent

International Music Network
These folks represent Chucho Valdes world-wide and Buena Vista Social CLub Presents, Ibrahim Ferrer, Rubén González, and the AfroCuban Allstars in North America.

2 Main Street., 4th Floor.
Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-283-2883
Fax: 978-283-2330


Contacting Ibrahim Ferrer's UK/Europe Agent

David Flower
309, Aberdeen House
22-24 Highbury Grove
London N5 2EA

fax:(00-44)-0207 359 9233

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