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12/1/08 - 1/23/09

Saturday  1/31/2009

Erase my grandfather's name at Yad Vashem  1/31/2009 Bil'in: "Mr. President of the State of Israel, I am writing to you to intervene with the appropriate authorities to withdraw, from the Yad Vashem memorial dedicated to the memory of Jewish victims of Nazism, the name of my grandfather, Moshe Brajtberg, gassed at Treblinka in 1943, and those of other members of my who family died during deportation to various Nazi camps during World War II. I ask you to honor my request, Mr. Chairman, because what took place in Gaza, and more generally, the injustices to the Arab people of Palestine for sixty years, disqualifies Israel to be the center of the memory of the harm done to Jews, and thus to all humanity."

Governments across Europe tremble as angry people take to the streets  1/31/2009 Guardian 

Thursday  1/29/2009

Ex-Mossad agent said among suspects in 420m pound fraud  1/29/2009 Haaretz 

For first time, U.S. professors call for academic and cultural boycott of Israel  1/29/2009 Haaretz 

Gaza: The Lies of War by Rabbi Henry Siegman  1/29/2009 London Review of Books: "Western governments and most of the Western media have accepted a number of Israeli claims justifying the military assault on Gaza: that Hamas consistently violated the six-month truce that Israel observed and then refused to extend it; that Israel therefore had no choice but to destroy Hamas’s capacity to launch missiles into Israeli towns; that Hamas is a terrorist organisation, part of a global jihadi network; and that Israel has acted not only in its own defence but on behalf of an international struggle by Western democracies against this network. I am not aware of a single major American newspaper, radio station or TV channel whose coverage of the assault on Gaza questions this version of events. Criticism of Israel’s actions, if any (and there has been none from the Bush administration), has focused instead on whether the IDF’s carnage is proportional to the threat it sought to counter, and whether it is taking adequate measures to prevent civilian casualties. Middle East peacemaking has been smothered in deceptive euphemisms, so let me state bluntly that each of these claims is a lie. Israel, not Hamas, violated the truce: Hamas undertook to stop firing rockets into Israel; in return, Israel was to ease its throttlehold on Gaza. In fact, during the truce, it tightened it further."

Wednesday  1/28/2009

topControversial Bestseller Shakes the Foundation of the Israeli State  1/28/2009 Alternet: "What if the Palestinian Arabs who have lived for decades under the heel of the modern Israeli state are in fact descended from the very same "children of Israel" described in the Old Testament?"

FBI saw mortgage fraud early  1/28/2009 Seattle PI 

Tuesday  1/27/2009

topWhat Cooked the World's Economy?  1/27/2009 Village Voice: "It wasn't your overdue mortgage."

Monday  1/26/2009

topGaza Horror: Updated Large Photo Gallery of Gaza Massacre by Israel  1/26/2009 Global Research 

Sunday  1/25/2009

topNorman Finkelstein: Israel is committing a holocaust in Gaza  1/25/2009 Todays Zaman: "Why do you think US media is so one-sided and so pro-Israeli? Finkelstein: I think it has two components. First of all, Israel serves American interests in the region and American media always give a free pass to those states that serve American interests. That is the overall picture and not much different from other parts of the world. The horrendous governments like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, they also get free passes in the American media. This is the larger context. And there is, of course, the secondary factor, which is the ethnic element. In many of these newspapers and the media in general, there is a large Jewish presence, and there is a sense of Jewish ethnic solidarity, which plays a role. But I think we have to qualify the secondary factor in two ways. We should not lose sight of the primary factor, which is Israel is the client state of US. No. 2: In this past war, the liberal Jewish population mostly under the age of 40 completely defected from the war, the massacre. They have been opposed to the massacres from the first day."

Saturday  1/24/2009

topThe Male Sibel Edmonds  1/24/2009 Pottersville: "By the time Tice had appeared on Olbermann's Countdown on January 21 and 22, he had made some troubling but hardly shocking revelations: That the NSA, for purely political motivations and contrary to what Bush had told the nation when the NY Times story had broken, every American in the country was being spied on regardless of any credible suspicion of terrorist activity or lack thereof. In fact, Tice was being lied to. While collecting data with the vaguest of parameters (since terrorists make one to two minute phone calls, then all 60-120 second phone calls made by Americans were fair game), Tice was told the information he'd been collecting were for purely exclusionary purposes. In fact, everything Tice was collecting, all the raw data he'd been told would be thrown out, was actually an all-inclusive "save" pile."

How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas  1/24/2009 Wall Street Journal 

Friday  1/23/2009

topEvidence Begins To Indicate Gary Webb Was Murdered  1/23/2009 Prison Planet: published 12/04 - "Credible sources who were close to Gary Webb have stated that he was receiving death threats, being regularly followed, and that he was concerned about strange individuals who were seen on multiple occasions breaking into and leaving his house before his apparent 'suicide' on Friday morning. Webb, a Pullitzer prize winning journalist, exposed CIA drug trafficking operations in a series of books and reports for the San Jose Mercury News. He was found dead on Friday morning in what the police said was an apparent suicide. Webb's 1996 series in the Mercury News alleged that Nicaraguan drug traffickers had sold tons of crack cocaine in Los Angeles and funneled millions of dollars in profits to the CIA-supported Nicaraguan Contras during the 1980s."

Wednesday  1/21/2009

topIsraeli human rights activists: Arrest Olmert, Livni, and Barak for war crimes  1/21/2009 Haaretz 

Tuesday  1/20/2009

topNew Israel phosphorus accusation  1/20/2009 BBC 

US gets tough on Venezuelan arrivals  1/20/2009 Port World: "Based on the findings of the Coast Guard boarding or examination, vessels may be required to ensure that each access point to the ship is guarded by armed private security guards and that they have total visibility of the exterior (both land-side and waterside) of the vessel while in US ports. The number and position of the guards has to be acceptable to the cognizant Coast Guard Captain of the Port prior to the vessel's arrival."

Monday  1/19/2009

topUS Jewish Peace Lobby Isolated on Gaza  1/19/2009 AntiWar: "Perhaps the most important aspect of this split, however, has been the reaction of organizations commonly viewed as representative of "moderate" and "liberal" Jewish public opinion. These groups have overwhelmingly lined up in support of Israeli military action. In the process, participants and observers say, they may have driven a firmer wedge between the so-called "peace lobby" and the remainder of the constellation of Jewish groups."

Dr King's Prediction  1/19/2009 BBC: Interview from 1964, with MLK predicting a black president in less than 40 years.

Sunday  1/18/2009

topIsrael accused of war crimes over 12-hour assault on Gaza village  1/18/2009 Guardian: "In testimony collected from residents of the village of Khuza'a by the Observer, it is claimed that Israeli soldiers entering the village: • attempted to bulldoze houses with civilians inside; • killed civilians trying to escape under the protection of white flags; • opened fire on an ambulance attempting to reach the wounded; • used indiscriminate force in a civilian area and fired white phosphorus shells. If the allegations are upheld, all the incidents would constitute breaches of the Geneva conventions."

'Tungsten bombs' leave Israel's victims with mystery wounds  1/18/2009 Independent 

Photo of Israel's use of White Phosphorous chemical weapons  1/18/2009 World Press Network 

Saturday  1/17/2009

topStatement in the British House of Commons of Sir Gerald Kaufmann  1/17/2009 Global Research: "I was brought up as an orthodox Jew and a Zionist. On a shelf in our kitchen, there was a tin box for the Jewish National Fund, into which we put coins to help the pioneers building a Jewish presence in Palestine. I first went to Israel in 1961 and I have been there since more times than I can count. I had family in Israel and have friends in Israel. One of them fought in the wars of 1956, 1967 and 1973 and was wounded in two of them. The tie clip that I am wearing is made from a campaign decoration awarded to him, which he presented to me… My parents came to Britain as refugees from Poland. Most of their families were subsequently murdered by the Nazis in the holocaust. My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town of Staszow. A German soldier shot her dead in her bed. My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza. The current Israeli Government ruthlessly and cynically exploit the continuing guilt among gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the holocaust as justification for their murder of Palestinians. The implication is that Jewish lives are precious, but the lives of Palestinians do not count."

Venezuela's Chavez says Obama has "stench" of Bush  1/17/2009 Reuters: "But Chavez said frayed ties with Washington were unlikely to improve despite the departure of Bush, who the Venezuelan leader has often called the "devil." "I hope I am wrong, but I believe Obama brings the same stench, to not say another word," Chavez said at a political rally on a historic Venezuelan battlefield. "If Obama as president of the United States does not obey the orders of the empire, they will kill him, like they killed Kennedy, like they killed Martin Luther King, or Lincoln, who freed the blacks and paid with his life."

Friday  1/16/2009

topAvanza el frente de boicot mundial contra Israel: Varios gobiernos siguen el ejemplo de Venezuela y Bolivia  1/16/2009 Aporrea 

Noam Chomsky On Gaza  1/16/2009 Information Clearinghouse: "There's a theme that goes way back to the origins of Zionism. And it's a very rational theme: "Let's delay negotiations and diplomacy as long as possible, and meanwhile we'll 'build facts on the ground.'" So Israel will create the basis for what some eventual agreement will ratify, but the more they create, the more they construct, the better the agreement will be for their purposes. Those purposes are essentially to take over everything of value in the former Palestine and to undermine what's left of the indigenous population. I think one of the reasons for popular support for this in the United States is that it resonates very well with American history. How did the United States get established? The themes are similar." [Observers have commented in the past how it is impossible to understand US foreign policy without looking at the history of the US relationship with Native Americans.]

Chavez Warns that Obama "Repeats Bush's Discourse Against Venezuela"  1/16/2009 NarcoNews 

Chavez: “Obama Is Confusing Me with Bush”  1/16/2009 Venezuela Analysis: “There is still time for [Obama] to correct these views though,” Chavez added. “We will wait and see, we will know him by his actions. He is really an unknown.” “If he wants to respectfully talk with Venezuela, we are at his service, but the Venezuelan people must be respected,” Chavez insisted."

Thursday  1/15/2009

topVenezuela breaks off Israel ties  1/15/2009 Al Jazeera 

The IDF has no mercy for the children in Gaza nursery schools  1/15/2009 Haaretz, Israel: "The fighting in Gaza is "war deluxe." Compared with previous wars, it is child's play - pilots bombing unimpeded as if on practice runs, tank and artillery soldiers shelling houses and civilians from their armored vehicles, combat engineering troops destroying entire streets in their ominous protected vehicles without facing serious opposition. A large, broad army is fighting against a helpless population and a weak, ragged organization that has fled the conflict zones and is barely putting up a fight. All this must be said openly, before we begin exulting in our heroism and victory. This war is also child's play because of its victims. About a third of those killed in Gaza have been children - 311, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry, 270 according to the B'Tselem human rights group - out of the 1,000 total killed as of Wednesday. Around 1,550 of the 4,500 wounded have also been children according to figures from the UN, which says the number of children killed has tripled since the ground operation began. This is too large a proportion by any humanitarian or ethical standard."

Wednesday  1/14/2009

topIsraeli Sightseers Flock to Border to Watch Gaza Killings  1/14/2009 Effedieffe: "They come with binoculars. They bring their families and take pictures. They rationalize away the deaths of hundreds of children by reasoning that “when they grow up they’ll also probably be terrorists.” Its like the fourth of July, only instead of watching fireworks and listening to crappy instrumental music on the radio they watch with barely restrained jubilation as their neighbors are killed under a heavy military bombardment and ground forces continue to pour deeper into the Gaza Strip. The obsession with watching the violence unfold in the Gaza Strip is creeping-out even some of their fellow Israelis, who have dubbed the site “The Hill of Shame” and watch disapprovingly as others participate in Israel’s newest spectator sport."

U.S. rabbis urge Obama to push for immediate Gaza truce  1/14/2009 Haaretz: "Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun magazine, who convened the group, said the group had to buy the advertising space because the national newspapers would not make room for their perspective. "They feel that AIPAC's choice is overwhelming, and there's no space left for empathy or objective coverage - the media, according to the group, simply ignored the voice of the Jewish opposition to war in Gaza," Rabbi Lerner said."

Did Venezuela's Opposition Meet with US Officials in Puerto Rico?  1/14/2009 NACLA: [video of airport interview included] "Even by Venezuelan standards, the story seemed implausible. On January 9, a young reporter Pedro Carvajalino, from community television station Ávila TV, filmed four leading figures of Venezuela's right-wing opposition returning from Puerto Rico. They had just arrived by private jet from the U.S. territory, where they had purportedly met with representatives of the U.S. Department of State. According to emails obtained by the reporter, officials held the meeting to plan strategy and secure funding aimed at defeating a proposed amendment to the Venezuelan constitution that would allow elected officials, including President Hugo Chávez, to seek reelection."

Clinton Confirmation Hearings and Obama-Calderon Meeting Reveal Big Changes About to Come in US-Latin America Policy  1/14/2009 NarcoNews: "The questionnaire reveals that Clinton now advocates the Obama platform for easing the US embargo of Cuba and for “direct diplomacy with Bolivia and Venezuela,” – positions that she opposed in her own presidential campaign – as well as reiterating shared public positions on rewriting the proposed US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement."

Obama’s Partisan, Profane Confidant Reins It In  1/14/2009 NYT: "Early this month, Barack Obama was meeting with the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and other lawmakers when Rahm Emanuel, his chief of staff, began nervously cracking a knuckle. The latest on President Obama, the new administration and other news from Washington and around the nation. Join the discussion. Mr. Obama then turned to complain to Mr. Emanuel about his noisy habit. At which point, Mr. Emanuel held the offending knuckle up to Mr. Obama’s left ear and, like an annoying little brother, snapped off a few special cracks." [More like a man secure in his blackmail.]

Tuesday  1/13/2009

topNotification of the Imposition of Conditions of Entry for Certain Vessels Arriving to the United States; Venezuela  1/13/2009 Cryptome: "Section 70110 of the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 (Pub. L. 107-295, Nov. 25, 2002) (46 U.S.C. 70110) provides that the Secretary of Homeland Security may impose conditions of entry on vessels requesting entry into the United States arriving from ports that are not maintaining effective anti-terrorism measures. The Coast Guard has been delegated the authority by the Secretary to carry out the provisions of this section. Previous notices have imposed or removed conditions of entry on vessels arriving from certain countries and those conditions of entry and the countries they pertain to remain in effect unless modified by this notice. The Coast Guard has determined that ports in Venezuela are not maintaining effective anti-terrorism measures. Accordingly, effective January 23, 2009 the Coast Guard will impose the following conditions of entry on vessels that visited ports in Venezuela during their last five port calls."

U.S. military report warns 'sudden collapse' of Mexico is possible  1/13/2009 El Paso Times: "The Mexican possibility may seem less likely, but the government, its politicians, police and judicial infrastructure are all under sustained assault and press by criminal gangs and drug cartels. How that internal conflict turns out over the next several years will have a major impact on the stability of the Mexican state. Any descent by Mexico into chaos would demand an American response based on the serious implications for homeland security alone."

Monday  1/12/2009

topPalestinians and American Indians - Russell Means Breaks the Silence on Obama  1/12/2009 Counterpunch 

The Blood-Stained Monster Enters Gaza  1/12/2009 Counterpunch: by Uri Avnery - "Nearly seventy ago, in the course of World War II, a heinous crime was committed in the city of Leningrad. For more than a thousand days, a gang of extremists called “the Red Army” held the millions of the town’s inhabitants hostage and provoked retaliation from the German Wehrmacht from inside the population centers. The Germans had no alternative but to bomb and shell the population and to impose a total blockade, which caused the death of hundreds of thousands. Some time before that, a similar crime was committed in England. The Churchill gang hid among the population of London, misusing the millions of citizens as a human shield. The Germans were compelled to send their Luftwaffe and reluctantly reduce the city to ruins. They called it the Blitz."

Sunday  1/11/2009

topDOJ orders the AZC to Register as a Foreign Agent  1/11/2009 Institute for Research, Middle East Policy:  Documents from the period 1963-64, the change from the Kennedys who wanted the American Zionist Council listed, to Johnson, with implications for assassination research.

Cocaine plane trail is open challenge for Obama administration  1/11/2009 NarcoNews: "Attorney Mark Conrad, a former high-level supervisory U.S. Customs agent who has an extensive background in the intelligence world, offered the following insight into the cocaine planes saga in a prior interview with Narco News: Even though it looks as if you are unraveling odd connections you may be only seeing a small part of what is going on — or you may be seeing what you are expected to see, missing something else. My guess — and that is all that it is — is that this has something to do with operations in Venezuela — either to finance ops, or to divert attention from Agency ops in Venezuela to destabilize Chávez. … It is not in the U.S. interests for Chávez to create another Cuba on some of the largest oil field reserves in the world."

Jews Against Zionism - The American Council for Judaism, 1942-1948  1/11/2009 Questia 

Ramattan News Gaza Web Cam  1/11/2009 Ramattan, Al Aqsa News 

Saturday  1/10/2009

topJuarez Femicides Lawyer Murdered  1/10/2009 NarcoNews: "All lawyers involved in the defense of two Juarez bus drivers falsely accused of femicide have been executed; state police shot one in the head Two unidentified gunmen executed Mario Escobedo Salazar and his son Edgar Escobedo Anaya, also a lawyer, in their Juarez office on Tuesday, January 6. The double homicide comes nearly seven years after Chihuahua State Judicial Police killed Escobedo Salazar's other son, Mario Escobedo Anaya, during a chase. The police originally stated that Mario Escobedo Anaya died when his vehicle crashed during the chase. It was later revealed that he died of a gunshot wound to the head fired by state police."

In U.S., war of words over Gaza  1/10/2009 SF Chronicle: "Hugely popular comedian Jon Stewart, who is Jewish - birth name, Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz - was lauded by the Muslim Public Affairs Council this week for a scathing "Daily Show" segment entitled, "Israel Invades Gaza ... Missile Tov!" The Comedy Central host, noting that rockets lobbed from Hamas into Israel are not new, posed the question, "Why does Israel feel that they have to react so strongly right now?" Answer: the Obama inauguration. "I get it. ... Israel gets their bombing in before the Jan. 20 'hope and change' deadline ... it's like a civilian carnage Toyota-thon!" he said to roars of approval from his audience."

Cross-dressing kingpin arrested  1/10/2009 Sun: A police spokesman in Naples said: "We have been on Kitty’s trail for several months and it is the first time that we have ever arrested a transsexual Mob boss. "We think it is also probably the first case of its kind in the world. "He was born Ugo Gabriele but told everyone to call him Kitty - he is very burly but at the same time you can tell he is trying to be a woman. "He was a key figure in the Camorra and ran a drugs and prostitution racket out by the airport." …Luigi Romolo Carrino, a top Mafia author, based in Italy, said: "There is a lot more homosexual activity in the Mob than you think but it is very discreet."

Google's censors: The cat is out of the bag  1/10/2009 Uruknet: "Anyhow, we needed a proof, and we achieved it easily: we arranged two new websites, one in Italian and the other in English, respectively Notizie dal Medio Oriente and News from Middle East, that are in fact perfect mirrorings of uruknet, with a few graphic changes, and we put them directly on the same server where uruknet is located. After that we requested to index them and after they analysed both websites, we obtained it without the least problem. Of course when the guys will read this article, they will stop indexing Notizie dal Medio Oriente and News from Middle East, but we have saved a copy of google news pages: News from Middle East on and Notizie dal Medio Oriente on . So, it was so clear since the very first moment, all the despicable excuses pleaded by for having removed uruknet were lies google came up with in order to account for the censorship obviously pressed for by someone who didn't like our website. All we needed was to change the name of the website leaving untouched form and substance and every problem was gone."

Friday  1/9/2009

topPopular Fury at Yet Another Police Murder - Oakland's Not for Burning?  1/9/2009 Counterpunch 

What You'd Know About Israel If You Watched Al Jazeera TV  1/9/2009 New American Media: "Take Israel's claim that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. After showing an Israeli politician writing off the assertion of the existence of a humanitarian disaster, Al Jazeera cut to the Al Shifa hospital, the largest in all of Gaza. There, we saw that there were not enough medical supplies and civilians lying on bloody hospital beds told us that their lives were not only being crippled by bombs falling on their houses, but by the extreme lack of water and food for the people cowering inside them."

Israeli strike on civilian house may be 'war crime' says UN  1/9/2009 Telegraph, UK 

Want to End the Violence in Gaza? Boycott Israel.  1/9/2009 The Nation 

The Gaza Bombshell  1/9/2009 Vanity Fair: "Vanity Fair has obtained confidential documents, since corroborated by sources in the U.S. and Palestine, which lay bare a covert initiative, approved by Bush and implemented by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams, to provoke a Palestinian civil war. The plan was for forces led by Dahlan, and armed with new weapons supplied at America’s behest, to give Fatah the muscle it needed to remove the democratically elected Hamas-led government from power. (The State Department declined to comment.) But the secret plan backfired, resulting in a further setback for American foreign policy under Bush. Instead of driving its enemies out of power, the U.S.-backed Fatah fighters inadvertently provoked Hamas to seize total control of Gaza."

Thursday  1/8/2009

topImmanuel Wallerstein interviewed by Jae-Jung Suh  1/8/2009 Asia Pacific Journal: "Wallerstein: I don’t think he can attack any of those because I don’t think he has much power on the world scene. It isn’t that the U.S. is a non-entity, but it’s in a situation in which there are eight or ten foci of power and the U.S. options are limited. Look at the meeting of the Rio Group in Brazil. Here we have the first meeting in 200 years, 200 years, of all the Latin American and Caribbean countries, in which the U.S., Canada and the European powers were not invited. Every single head of state came, with two exceptions. Who were the two exceptions? Columbia and Peru -- two, currently, mostly pro-American countries. But also, they didn’t boycott it. They sent a number two or number three. Even Mexico came. Of course, Raul Castro was there, who was the hero of this meeting. They took very strong positions and the U.S. was absolutely out in the cold."

Vatican deplores Gaza situation  1/8/2009 BBC: "The Pope's justice minister, Cardinal Renato Martino, has sharply criticised Israel's actions and likened the Gaza Strip to a "big concentration camp".

Wednesday  1/7/2009

topVenezuela Expels Israeli Ambassador in Solidarity with Palestinian People  1/7/2009 Venezuela Analysis: "To express solidarity with the Palestinian people, Venezuela expelled Israel’s ambassador, is organizing humanitarian aid, and has called on the international community to protest. In response, the Israeli government called Venezuela a terrorist state."

Tuesday  1/6/2009

topVisit to Caracas & Barlovento: Instituto Universitario de Barlovento  1/6/2009 Africana Studies: "Images and report of a visit to Caracas and Barlovento region of Venezuela. Contains information about study programs, lodging and sites near Venezuela's first Historically Black College or University: Instituto Universitario de Barlovento."

Unconventional Weapons against The People of Gaza  1/6/2009 Global Research: Interview of Dr. Mads Gilbert, Norway - "The Israelis are using a new type of very high explosive weapons which are called Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) and are made out of a tungsten alloy. These weapons have an enormous power to explode… these weapons will have a cancer effect on those who survive. They will develop cancer we suspect."

Broom the CIA  1/6/2009 NarcoNews: "The violent reaction by US Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and Kit Bond (R-MO) to the news about Leon Panetta being Obama's choice to head the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) speaks volumes about just how badly The Company needs a thorough brooming. As three of the few members of Congress with committee positions that give them access to classified information about The Agency's doings, each of them - Feinstein, Rockefeller and Bond - are complicit in enabling (and keeping from public view) the CIA's activities around the world (and, illegally, at home)."

Oscar Grant, young father and peacemaker, executed by BART police  1/6/2009 SF Bay View 

Monday  1/5/2009

topCNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First  1/5/2009 CNN 

Sunday  1/4/2009

topIsrael's Looming Catastrophe  1/4/2009 Consortium News: "If Israel continues to engender hatred across the Muslim world – and thus feeds the growth of Islamic extremism – eventually some radical government or group will get hold of a missile or some other means of delivering a payload against Tel Aviv that would wreak mass devastation. In that event, Israel would almost surely turn to its sophisticated nuclear arsenal and launch a massive retaliatory strike. But to what end? Whatever counter-devastation could be delivered, it would not solve the strategic dilemma facing Israel."

Friday  1/2/2009

topThe Paradox of Israel: Regional Super Power and the Largest Jewish Ghetto Ever Created  1/2/2009 Alternet: "Fortunately there are plenty of Jews who understand this. Their numbers are growing. And they hold the key to peace and security for Israel. People who are trapped in the great disconnect are not likely to listen to anyone on the other side of the wall. Only when voices within their own community offer a new, more realistic view can they have a chance to hear it."

We Lived to Tell the Story: Lebanon Rescued Us  1/2/2009 Cynthia McKinney: "One of those Al Jazeera reporters with us was Sami El-Haj, who was detained in Guantanamo by the United States for six incredibly long years. What an honor to even exchange glances with such a humble man who had endured so much pain at the hands of the U.S. government. I apologized to him that my tax dollars were being used in such a despicable way. And Sami's crime according to the U.S.? Born in Sudan, and reporting for Al Jazeera in Afghanistan, Sami was the wrong color, the wrong nationality, the wrong religion, reporting for the wrong news outfit, telling us the truth about a wrong war. And for that he survived incarceration for six long years. Sami El-Haj, Guantanamo prisoner number 345."

Thursday  1/1/2009

topTVA Coal is Killing Tennessee  1/1/2009 DirtyCoalTVA: Covers the coal ash spill that is 40 times the size of the Exxon Valdez spill.

RAW (Graphic): Scene After IDF Attack In Gaza 1/1/09  1/1/2009 LiveLeak: Gruesome realities

No Such Thing As Clean Coal  1/1/2009 United Mountain Defense: News of the coal ash spill 40 times the size of Exxon Valdez with arsenic, mercury, and other heavy metals

Wednesday  12/31/2008

topStarhawk on Gaza: “I Just Don’t Get It…Or Rather, I Do.”  12/31/2008 Feminist Peace Network 

Our pilots did not return safely  12/31/2008 Haaretz: "They set out to bomb the graduation ceremony for young police officers who had found that rare Gaza commodity, a job, massacring them by the dozen. They bombed a mosque, killing five sisters of the Balousha family, the youngest of whom was 4. They bombed a police station, hitting a doctor nearby; she lies in a vegetative state in Shifa Hospital, which is bursting with wounded and dead. They bombed a university that we in Israel call the Palestinian Rafael, the equivalent of Israel's weapons developer, and destroyed student dormitories. They dropped hundreds of bombs out of blue skies free of all resistance."

Tuesday  12/30/2008

topMcKinney Calls On Obama To Speak Out About Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza  12/30/2008 Black Agenda Report 

Gaza relief boat damaged in encounter with Israeli vessel  12/30/2008 CNN: video version

Gaza relief boat damaged in encounter with Israeli vessel  12/30/2008 CNN: "CNN correspondent Karl Penhaul was aboard the 60-foot pleasure boat Dignity when the contact occurred. When the boat later docked in the Lebanese port city of Tyre, severe damage was visible to the forward port side of the boat, and the front left window and part of the roof had collapsed. It was flying the flag of Gibraltar. The Dignity was carrying crew and 16 passengers -- physicians from Britain, Germany and Cyprus and human rights activists from the Free Gaza Solidarity Movement -- who were trying to reach Gaza through an Israeli blockade of the territory. Also on board was former U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney… One patrol boat "very severely rammed" the Dignity, Penhaul said. The captain of the Dignity told Penhaul he received no warning. Only after the collision did the Israelis come on the radio to say they struck the boat because they believed it was involved in terrorist activities, the captain said."

'I didn't see any of my girls, just a pile of bricks'  12/30/2008 Guardian: "An Israeli bomb struck the refugee camp's Imad Aqil mosque around midnight, destroying the building and collapsing several shops and a pharmacy nearby. The force of the blast was so massive it also brought down the Balousha family's house, which yesterday lay in ruins. The seven eldest girls were asleep together on mattresses in one bedroom and they bore the brunt of the explosion. Five were killed where they lay: Tahrir, 17, Ikram 15, Samer, 13, Dina, eight and Jawahar, four."

Monday  12/29/2008

topFive Gaza Sisters Killed in Their Beds in Israeli Attack  12/29/2008 AntiWar: "The Israeli military defended the attack, saying the mosque was a “known gathering place” for Hamas supporters. The uncle of the slain girls insisted that his family has had nothing to do with the rocket attacks coming from the strip."

EPA: Rivers high in arsenic, heavy metals after sludge spill  12/29/2008 CNN 

5 sisters killed in IAF strike  12/29/2008 Jerusalem Post: "They said the five sisters were from the Ba'lousheh family. They were identified as Jawaher, four; Dina, eight; Samar, two; Ikram, 14; and Tahrir, 17. Their mother, Samira Abu Bakr, was lightly wounded during the raid."

Mossad link to 9/11 hijackers established  12/29/2008 Muslim Media 

Friday  12/26/2008

topMercenaries Playing Increasingly Prominent Role in Latin America  12/26/2008 Alternet: "Assistance provided by a commando made up of former Israeli military intelligence experts has also helped the Colombian government deal heavy blows to the left-wing guerrillas, said Amada Benavídes de Pérez from Colombia, one of the five members of the U.N. Working Group on the use of mercenaries as a means of violating human rights and impeding the exercise of the right of peoples to self-determination."

Did Bush Sr. Kill Kennedy and Frame Nixon? Review of Russ Baker's new book  12/26/2008 Global Research: "New research and newly highlighted information assembled by Baker presents at least the strong possibility that Bush was involved in assassinating President Kennedy, and that Bush was involved in staging the Watergate break-in (and the break-in at Dan Ellsberg's psychiatrist's) with the purpose of having these break-ins exposed and the blame placed on President Nixon. In this account, those in on the get-Nixon plot included John Dean and Bob Woodward. While this retelling of history would make a certain Robert Redford movie look really, really silly, it would -- on the other hand -- make Woodward's performance during Watergate fit more coherently with everything he's known to have done before and since. It would also give new meaning to Dean's recent book title "Conservatives Without a Conscience." I would love to see either of these men's response to Baker's book."

Wednesday  12/24/2008

topJudeopedia redux  12/24/2008 Robert Lindsay 

Wikipedia, Ziopedia, or Judeopedia  12/24/2008 Robert Lindsay: [updated 2/08]

Tuesday  12/23/2008

topCourt extends NIS 55m seizure order on tycoon Gaydamak's assets  12/23/2008 Haaretz: "The court, however, rejected Troim's request to place a seizure order on Gaydamak's foreign assets. These include an investment firm and an egg company in Russia, the English soccer team Portsmouth, three apartments in Moscow and a luxurious estate in Russia, two private jets, a fleet of cars, the newspaper and Web site Business, rights to Siberian oil fields, an apartment in Toronto, and two apartments and an estate in Paris."

GREECE: PANIC IN SHIPPING INDUSTRY  12/23/2008 Vlogging the Apocalypse: "Greece braces for shipping storm - The bottom has fallen out of the global shipping industry. In just a few months, dry cargo rates have fallen by more than 90 percent as demand for transport of commodities to fast-growing nations, like China and India, has slumped. On top of that, the credit crunch has made banks reluctant to lend money to shipowners and to provide financial guarantees to allow their vessels to sail, leaving some stuck in harbour."

Monday  12/22/2008

topWhy the CIA does not want Dawood in Indian hands  12/22/2008 Foreign Policy Journal: "At the same time Ibrahim's role is being downplayed, Lakhvi's known role is being exaggerated. Initial reports described him as the training specialist for LeT, but the major media outlets like the New York Times and the London [Images] Times, citing government sources, have since promoted his status to that of commander of operations for the group. The only terrorist from the Mumbai attacks to be captured alive, Ajmal Amir Kasab [Images], characterised Ibrahim, not Lakhvi, as the mastermind of those attacks, according to earlier press accounts."

Abutbul's son faces indictment as move to stymie mob continues  12/22/2008 Jerusalem Post: "In recent months, as part of an economic war they're waging on Netanya mobsters, police have raided businesses alleged to have been used for laundering money or other criminal activities. They have also focused on casinos, prostitution rings and other activities traditionally run by organized crime, and have even targeted alleged criminals who illegally place tables and chairs on city sidewalks to relax."

Watergate and the Future: News for 2009  12/22/2008 Raw Story: "In sum, I found that the very people who created Nixon and used him to advance their own political interests ended up destroying him. Nixon's famous paranoia, in other words, had a basis in reality."

The Homicides You Didn't Hear About in Hurricane Katrina  12/22/2008 Tom Dispatch 

Sunday  12/21/2008

topRed Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America  12/21/2008 Robert Friedman: [An entire book on-line, the author had 4 Russian Jewish grandparents. This book is considered the foundation of investigative work on the Russian Israeli Mafia.]

General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book  12/21/2008 Telegraph: "But after a decade-long investigation, military historian Robert Wilcox claims that OSS head General "Wild Bill" Donovan ordered a highly decorated marksman called Douglas Bazata to silence Patton, who gloried in the nickname "Old Blood and Guts". His book, "Target Patton", contains interviews with Mr Bazata, who died in 1999, and extracts from his diaries, detailing how he staged the car crash by getting a troop truck to plough into Patton's Cadillac and then shot the general with a low-velocity projectile, which broke his neck while his fellow passengers escaped without a scratch. Mr Bazata also suggested that when Patton began to recover from his injuries, US officials turned a blind eye as agents of the NKVD, the forerunner of the KGB, poisoned the general."

Saturday  12/20/2008

topNo Justice for the African-Americans Targeted by White Vigilantes After the Katrina Flooding  12/20/2008 Alternet: "The family of Henry Glover has been incredibly damaged by his death. Can you imagine what its like to have your loved one die like that: abandoned by the cops who could've helped him and then set ablaze like a pile of rubbish? I'd call his sister, and she'd just start bawling on the phone. For a long time, his mother wouldn't talk to me because it was just too hard."

One of my sources died in a plane crash last night…  12/20/2008 AtLargely: "Mike Connell set-up the alternate email and communications system for the White House. He was responsible for creating the system that hosted the infamous accounts that Karl Rove and others used. When asked by Congress to provide these emails, the White House said that they were destroyed. But in reality, what Connell is alleged to have done is move these files to other servers after having allegedly scrubbed the files from all "known" Karl Rove accounts. In addition, I have reason to believe that the alternate accounts were used to communicate with US Attorneys involved in political prosecutions, like that of Don Siegelman. This is what I have been working on to prove for over a year. In fact, it was through following the Siegelman-Rove trail that I found evidence leading to Connell. That is how I became aware of him. Mike was getting ready to talk. He was frightened. He has flown his private plane for years without incident."

Friday  12/19/2008

topObama and the new Latin America  12/19/2008 Asia Times: "For his part, Lula did send a clear message to Obama, saying his US presidential victory would truly become historic only when he lifted the US blockade on Cuba: "This has no economic explanation, no political explanation, it is meaningless." Lula definitely has his eyes set on the big picture. The Foreign Ministry considers Brazil to be one of the very few countries in the world capable of establishing a simultaneous dialogue with Cuba, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez and any US administration, be it Bush or Obama."

My expulsion from Israel  12/19/2008 Guardian: "When I arrived in Israel as a UN representative I knew there might be problems at the airport. And there were."

Colombia and Venezuela: Testing the Propaganda Model  12/19/2008 NACLA: "U.S. news coverage of parallel political events in Colombia and Venezuela offers an opportunity to test the usefulness of Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky’s “propaganda model,” developed in their 1988 book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media (Pantheon, reissued 2002). The model predicts that the news media will look favorably upon the Colombian government of Álvaro Uribe, a close U.S. ally, while consistently vilifying the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chávez, whom the U.S. government frequently identifies as an antagonist. If the model holds, U.S. media outlets will be found to portray the Uribe government as relatively democratic, progressive, and peaceful, while casting the Chávez government as authoritarian, regressive, and militaristic."

Thursday  12/18/2008

topPostcard from Venezuela By SAUL LANDAU  12/18/2008 Counterpunch 

Wednesday  12/17/2008

topDemand justice in post-Katrina shootings  12/17/2008 Color of Change:

More Than 100 Experts Question Human Rights Watch's Venezuela Report  12/17/2008 NACLA: "In an open letter to the Board of Directors of Human Rights Watch, over 100 experts on Latin America criticized the organization's recent report on Venezuela, A Decade Under Chávez: Political Intolerance and Lost Opportunities for Advancing Human Rights in Venezuela, saying that it "does not meet even the most minimal standards of scholarship, impartiality, accuracy, or credibility." The signers include leading academic specialists from universities in the United States, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and a number of state universities, and academic institutions in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, México, the U.K., Venezuela and other countries. The letter cites Jose Miguel Vivanco, lead author of the report, saying "We did the report because we wanted to demonstrate to the world that Venezuela is not a model for anyone…"[1], as evidence of its political agenda. The letter also criticizes the report for making unsubstantiated allegations, and that some of the sources that Human Rights Watch relied on in the report are not credible."

Body of Evidence  12/17/2008 The Nation: "They put guns in our faces," says Tanner. He suspects the police "assumed [Glover] was looting and that's why he got shot. They assumed we were looters, too." King tells me he frantically tried to get the officers to help Glover: "I was hollering, saying, 'My brother's shot!' They handcuffed us. I said, 'You're not worrying about my brother.' They said some bad words to us and started beating us. They were beating us for twenty minutes." Tanner and King say that they, along with Calloway, were seated on a bench and cuffed while a swarm of officers punched, slapped and berated them. One of the officers bludgeoned Tanner in the face with the butt of an assault rifle, they say. "Every time I'd look up or sit up, they'd beat me," King tells me, noting that about five officers, all of them white, participated in the beating."

Katrina's Hidden Race War  12/17/2008 The Nation: "The existence of this little army isn't a secret--in 2005 a few newspaper reporters wrote up the group's activities in glowing terms in articles that showed up on an array of pro-gun blogs; one Cox News story called it "the ultimate neighborhood watch." Herrington, for his part, recounted his ordeal in Spike Lee's documentary When the Levees Broke. But until now no one has ever seriously scrutinized what happened in Algiers Point during those days, and nobody has asked the obvious questions. Were the gunmen, as they claim, just trying to fend off looters? Or does Herrington's experience point to a different, far uglier truth? Over the course of an eighteen-month investigation, I tracked down figures on all sides of the gunfire, speaking with the shooters of Algiers Point, gunshot survivors and those who witnessed the bloodshed. I interviewed police officers, forensic pathologists, firefighters, historians, medical doctors and private citizens, and studied more than 800 autopsies and piles of state death records. What emerged was a disturbing picture of New Orleans in the days after the storm, when the city fractured along racial fault lines as its government collapsed. Herrington, Collins and Alexander's experience fits into a broader pattern of violence in which, evidence indicates, at least eleven people were shot. In each case the targets were African-American men, while the shooters, it appears, were all white."

Monday  12/15/2008

topRacial Extremists Are Infiltrating the Military for the Chance to 'Kill a Brown'  12/15/2008 Alternet 

Bush Excluded by Latin Summit as China, Russia Loom  12/15/2008 Bloomberg 

Israel’s ‘Crime Against Humanity’  12/15/2008 Common Dreams: "The Israelis in Gaza, like the American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, are foolishly breeding the next generation of militants and Islamic radicals. Jihadists, enraged by the injustices done by Israel and the United States, seek to carry out reciprocal acts of savagery, even at the cost of their own lives. The violence unleashed on Palestinian children will, one day, be the violence unleashed on Israeli children. This is the tragedy of Gaza. This is the tragedy of Israel."

Organized Crime, Intelligence and Terror: The D-Company's Role in the Mumbai Attacks  12/15/2008 Global Research: "Karachi-based reporter Ghulam Hasnain described to Murthy why Ibrahim was amongst ISI's most valued assets: "Dawood is Pakistan's number one espionage operative. His men in Mumbai help him get whatever information he needs for Pakistan. Rumor has it that sometimes his men in Karachi accompany Pakistani intelligence agents to the airports to scan arriving passengers and identify RAW [Indian Research and Analysis Wing] agents."

Sunday  12/14/2008

topMumbai attackers more tech savvy than the police  12/14/2008 AP 

Saturday  12/13/2008

topAustralia target of Israeli ecstasy  12/13/2008 The Age, Australia: "Israeli crime syndicates control a significant share of the global ecstasy trade and have a long history of supplying the Australian market."

Friday  12/12/2008

topVenezuelan Government to Investigate Coup Plot  12/12/2008 Venezuela Analysis 

Thursday  12/11/2008

topJamaica gangs force dozens from homes  12/11/2008 AP 

The Black President Colombia Won’t Acknowledge  12/11/2008 Tlaxcala: "Alvaro Uribe is not the 84th president of Colombia but the 85th as, for circumstances that the historians attribute to racism, a black president that this country had had in the middle of the nineteenth century, Juan José Nieto Gil, was literally erased from history."

Wednesday  12/10/2008

topPatrick Fitzgerald and Bin Laden’s Agent  12/10/2008 Never Yet Melted: "In Triple Cross, the third volume of his investigative trilogy on federal mishandling of the World Trade Center bombing investigation, Peter Lance identifies none other than Plame Game prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald as the FBI official most responsible for allowing a senior Al Qaeda operative closely tied to Bin Laden himself to remain operational and at-large under the protection of the US Government."

Tuesday  12/9/2008

topIndia wants its 'Osama' back  12/9/2008 Asia Times 

Monday  12/8/2008

topThe End of the Affair? The BND, CIA and Kosovo's Deep State  12/8/2008 Uruknet 

Saturday  12/6/2008

topJuarez murders shine light on an emerging 'Military Cartel'  12/6/2008 NarcoNews: "Castillo’s charge that “Iraq veterans” are on the payroll of the DTOs, acting as enforcers and helping to fuel the violence in Juarez by moving weapons — including U.S.-issued munitions — from the U.S. into Mexico (which has very restrictive gun laws) might seem over the top at first glance. But as Narco News checked into the allegation, federal agents directed us to another law-enforcement-sensitive report that apparently was not well received by the U.S. Department of Defense. The law enforcers indicate that the report sheds some light on Castillo’s allegations concerning the Mexican DTOs’ reach into the U.S. military itself. The report [link here] was issued last year by the National Gang Intelligence Center, which serves as an intelligence bank for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in the U.S."

Gang-Related Activity in the US Armed Forces Increasing  12/6/2008 National Gang Intelligence Center 

Friday  12/5/2008

top‘It’s gotta be Dawood’  12/5/2008 DNA India: "The police suspect that the gangsters in-charge of the fugitive don’s Mumbai operations, including those languishing in jails, knew in advance about the unprecedented terror attacks. The cops have fanned out in the city, searching for Dawood aides. They are also interrogating the jailed D-Company men. Sleuths from Mumbai crime branch visited Arthur Road jail on Wednesday to question gangsters like Mustafa Dossa and Salim Fruit, and former Dawood aide Abu Salem. On Thursday, the police went to Thane central prison where quite a few aides of Dawood’s arch-rival, Chhota Rajan, are lodged."

India has ‘proof of ISI involvement’  12/5/2008 The Hindu: "The Pakistani Army would very much like a military crisis on the border with India because that would relieve the pressures it was facing on the Afghan front. “Our dilemma is that we don’t want to play their game — we want them to continue being engaged in the fight against terrorism in the west because that’s also our war. But we can’t give them a pass either. The perpetrators have to be fixed.”"

Thursday  12/4/2008

topPutin: no need for Cuban, Venezuelan bases  12/4/2008 AP: "Today there is no need to build permanent bases" in Cuba and Venezuela, Putin said in response to a question. He said Russia has an agreement allowing its warships to use Venezuelan ports for refueling and resupply, "and I think the Cuban leadership would not refuse this."

The Mumbai Attacks: More Than Meets The Eye  12/4/2008 Countercurrents: "As noted, Ibrahim is among Interpol’s most wanted. The U.S. designated him as a global terrorist in 2003, stating that he had ties to al Qaeda and that he funded attacks by militant groups, including LeT, aimed at destabilizing the Indian government. Ibrahim’s organization is known as the D-Company and is known to be heavily involved in drug trafficking. According to the U.S. government, D-Company is involved in large-scale shipment of narcotics into the U.K. and Western Europe. He is also alleged to have ties to the CIA through casino operations in Nepal."

Israeli mineral water company closes site due to Scottish boycott  12/4/2008 Haaretz 

Deep Suitcase - "A portable rectangular problem"  12/4/2008 Madcow: "Instead, testimony showed that Chavez's Venezuelan cronies are anything but wild-eyed radicals. The vanguard of the working class drives Ferraris and lives in McMansions in Miami, and is too busy making money, in oil, real estate, and weapons and narcotics to wear masks over their faces, or raspberry-red berets Both Carlos Kauffmann and the just-convicted Franklin Duran got rich in a major Venezuelan bank scandal during the mid-90's, when South Florida was a pirate’s refuge for some 200 fugitive bankers who fled Caracas after diverting $7 billion in public funds to their own accounts."

Settlers to Ethiopian troops: Niggers don't expel Jews  12/4/2008 Ynet: "Niggers don't expel Jews! This isn't what we brought you to Israel for!" are just some of the degrading slurs Border Guard officers reported hearing from masked settlers.

Wednesday  12/3/2008

topReputed mobster: 'Usual suspect' or supporter of the Mumbai attacks?  12/3/2008 NBC: "Ibrahim's international crime ring has been dubbed the "D-Gang" by the Indian press. In Mumbai, police have said for years that political and religious terrorism have been interwoven with crimes such as drugs, prostitution, gambling and contract hits. Indian newspapers ascribe legendary feats of criminality to the group. Marie-Lou Fernandes was a Mumbai Deputy Police Commissioner until 2005, and tells NBC News that Dawood Ibrahim may not have been the instigator, but must have helped. Although there's no evidence he was involved, Fernandes said," It appears to me there is only one person who could orchestrate that: Dawood Ibrahim. Everything is pointing to Dawood Ibrahim. He has the expertise and the resources."

Tuesday  12/2/2008

topThe Case Against Alan Dershowitz  12/2/2008 Counterpunch 

Roland Carnaby & Alan Premel  12/2/2008 News Followup: Multi page site devoted to Carnaby topic.

More evidence of CIA-backed syndicate involvement in Mumbai attacks  12/2/2008 Wayne Madsen: "Under pressure from Washington, this past May Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani cut a secret deal with the United States and India to turn over to Delhi a number of residents of Pakistan wanted by India for terrorism. One of those included in the deal was the CIA’s erstwhile asset, Mumbai-born Dawood Ibrahim, a veteran of CIA operations in Afghanistan during the mujahedin war against the Soviets. Ibrahim, according to our sources, has been under the protection of Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) intelligence agency since June. He is being protected in Quetta, near the Waziristan tribal region. The CIA is fearful that if Ibrahim is deported to India, RAW and Russia’s Vladimir Putin will obtain the entire dossier on the CIA’s sponsorship of criminal activities and terrorist attacks. ISI would prefer Ibrahim to move to the United Arab Emirates, perhaps Dubai, where he has extensive financial interests. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is a business rival of Ibrahim and the ISI would like Ibrahim to be at a distance from Pakistan’s president and “settle scores” with his old “allies” and new enemies in Langley from outside Pakistani territory."

Monday  12/1/2008

topThe Democracy Alliance Does America: The Soros-Founded Plutocrats’ Club Forms State Chapters  12/1/2008 CRC 

Mossad role in Turkey coup plot revealed  12/1/2008 PressTV, Iran: "A document uncovered this week by the Sabah daily shows how Guney purposefully infiltrated Ergenekon and another organization known as JITEM, an illegal intelligence unit in the gendarmerie suspected of hundreds of murders and kidnappings . The rabbi was taken out of Turkey and sent to the US for protection after his identity was exposed in an investigation by Turkish police, according to Sabah. Guney is also reported to have links with Israeli espionage activities in Egypt. According to Egyptian security forces, at least one of three suspects currently being pursued by the Egyptian government for spying was in contact with Tuncay Guney."

Barack Obama's security team delights the hawks  12/1/2008 Times, London 

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes


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