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2/1/09 - 4/30/2009

Thursday  4/30/2009

Veneuzla asks Interpol to go after 2nd Chavez foe  4/30/2009 AP: "Venezuela has sought Interpol's help in seeking the arrest of Alfredo Pena, a political opponent of President Hugo Chavez who is facing corruption allegations, the Attorney General's Office said Thursday. It was the second such request in eight days. At Venezuela's request, Intepol issued a "red notice" last week for the arrest of an opposition leader who has received political asylum in Peru. Suspects with red-notice status appear on Interpol's equivalent of a most-wanted list. Prosecutors say they are investigating allegations that Pena pocketed public money during his 2001-04 term as mayor of Caracas."

Swine flu scare puts spotlight on factory farms  4/30/2009 Capital Times: "Yet cheap labor, abundant space, and less community resistance have been luring livestock operators from Wisconsin and other states to places like Mexico, where there is much less regulatory oversight ndsh and, where, a 5-year-old boy named Edgar Hernandez, who lives in the village of La Gloria near a factory hog farm owned in part by the American giant Smithfield, became the first known case of an influenza world health officials now predict will become a pandemic."

Climate Ground Zero - We all have a stake in the future, we all live at climate ground zero.  4/30/2009 "They have moved to find 11 activists in contempt of court for violating the TRO, even though 9 of us were not listed on the order. The other two defendants are Antrim Caskey, a photojournalist covering the action campaign, and Mike Roselle, who has not engaged in direct actions since the TRO was issued. They are alleging he violated the order by “recruiting” others for actions. They are requesting that we be ordered to pay them “compensatory damages” or $5,000 per person whichever is greater as well as their court costs and that we be jailed until we swear in open court that we will never violate any such court order again. They are also demanding we turn over all photographs and videos of the actions, prevent their publication as best we can, and give them any money made from their sale or distribution!"

‘New Scientist’: Swine flu stems from virus that evolved in U.S.  4/30/2009 "[T]he people making these statements know perfectly well that the Mexican flu virus is the very recent descendant of one of the triple reassortants that have been circulating in the U.S. for a decade. It has changed its coat—but all these viruses do that regularly. It has swapped one of its six internal genetic segments, originally from pigs, for a slightly different pig segment. But the rest of the internal genes, including the all-important human-avian polymerase, are exactly the same."

Israel to EU: Criticism of Netanyahu government unacceptable  4/30/2009 Haaretz 

"Patient Zero" Identified in Mexican Flu Outbreak?  4/30/2009 Huffington Post: "And according to El Universal newspaper, officials at Granjas Carroll México are now claiming that "the virus is of Eurasian origin -- and the first cases were found in the United States, making Mexico the receptor nation, more than the generator, of this influenza." No evidence was published to back up that claim. Also reported in the Mexican press today, Smithfield and Granjas Carroll have agreed to adopt government recommendations to "begin reinforcing its biosecurity measures to prevent workers and animals from being infected, the newspaper Reforma said. Reforma also reported that Villagers in La Gloria are being threatened, harassed and even jailed for speaking out against the hog giant. "

Professor's comparison of Israelis to Nazis stirs furor  4/30/2009 LA Times 

Iranians and Others Outwit Net Censors  4/30/2009 NYT: "Hoping to step up its circumvention efforts, the Falun Gong last year organized extensive lobbying in Congress, which approved $15 million for circumvention services. But the money was awarded not to the Falun Gong consortium but to Internews, an international organization that supports local media groups. This year, a broader coalition is organizing to push for more Congressional financing of anti-filtering efforts. Negotiations are under way to bring together dissidents of Vietnam, Iran, the Uighur minority of China, Tibet, Myanmar, Cuba, Cambodia, Laos, as well as the Falun Gong, to lobby Congress for the financing. Mr. Horowitz argues that $25 million could expand peak usage to as many as 45 million daily Internet users, allowing the systems to reach as many as 10 percent of the Web users in both China and Iran. Mr. Zhou says his group’s financing is money well spent. “The entire battle over the Internet has boiled down to a battle over resources,” he said. “For every dollar we spend, China has to spend a hundred, maybe hundreds of dollars.”

Iran, Venezuela enter into military alliance  4/30/2009 Press TV, Iran: "The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on military cooperation which encompassed "training and mutual exchange of military experiences".

Wednesday  4/29/2009

topMexico’s Swine Flu and the Globalization of Disease  4/29/2009 Americas Mexico Blog: "Silvia Ribeiro of the ETC Group told the Americas Program that Mexican officials “act like this is something that fell from the sky, but we’ve known for a long time that industrial livestock operations, especially hogs, are a breeding ground for recombinant viruses. Carroll Farms is just one example, an important one in this case, but it’s also true of industrial chicken farms.” Anybody who has seen an industrial hog farm knows the risk of disease. The unimaginable concentrations of filth, corrals filled with sick and suffering animals pumped full of antibiotics, and buzzing with flies that then carry disease to the human population create a disease paradise."

Black Colleges Profiled as Suspected Havens for “Extremists”  4/29/2009 Black Agenda Report 

Obama's America Joins White Walkout From UN Conference on Racism  4/29/2009 Black Agenda Report: "What a spectacle it was! Diplomats from the colonizing countries of Europe and the white settler regimes they founded rose in indignation in Geneva, Switzerland, last week, to denounce a Persian leader for racism. Envoys from France, Britain, Spain and Denmark, whose nations are responsible for orgies of rape and pillage that killed untold millions in the centuries-long European war against the darker regions of the planet, pretended that their sensibilities had been assaulted by a speech from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The irate Europeans joined with their brothers and sisters in historical genocide and mass murder, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden – kidnappers of nations, invaders, enslavers of whole peoples – who had boycotted the Geneva conference on racism, commonly known as Durban II. The world is stained with oceans of blood because of these Europeans, yet they have the nerve, the gall, to attempt to demonize the Iranian president for the words he spoke about Israel. Leading the sabotage of the conference was the United States, along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and, of course, Israel – the European settler colonies that became nations on the bones and stolen land of previous inhabitants."

Specter's JFK Specter By Lisa Pease  4/29/2009 Consortium News: "While Specter is perhaps most famous for coming up with the "single bullet theory" which purports that one bullet entered and exited two people (President Kennedy and Governor Connally) seven times, only to emerge nearly intact, his legislative efforts of late also give cause for concern."

An Interview with William Robinson - Zionist Lobby Targets Another Tenured Professor  4/29/2009 Counterpunch: "I included some material which was highly critical of the Israeli invasion of Gaza as part of the reading material for a course on globalization and global affairs, and this was in January. And I am now facing charges, here at the university, of anti-semitism and violating the faculty code of conduct because two students in the course - there were eighty students - these two submitted a formal letter of complaint that they found offensive the material condemning the invasion of Gaza. The students immediately withdrew from the course, I don't even know them personally. And what is particularly egregious about this case is not that the students submitted a complaint - any student is allowed to do that - but rather that the university took the complaint seriously and is actually prosecuting me…"

How “The NAFTA Flu” Exploded  4/29/2009 Narco News: "US and Mexico authorities claim that neither knew about the “swine flu” outbreak until April 24. But after hundreds of residents of a town in Veracruz, Mexico, came down with its symptoms, the story had already hit the Mexican national press by April 5. The daily La Jornada reported: Clouds of flies emanate from the rusty lagoons where the Carroll Ranches business tosses the fecal wastes of its pig farms, and the open-air contamination is already generating an epidemic of respiratory infections in the town of La Gloria, in the Perote Valley, according to Town Administrator Bertha Crisóstomo López. The town has 3,000 inhabitants, hundreds of whom reported severe flu symptoms in March."

Companies Utilize ‘Cyber-Chatter’ To Predict Global Epidemics  4/29/2009 Red Orbit 

Supreme Court conservatives criticize voting rights law  4/29/2009 Reuters 

Committee to Defend Academic Freedom at UCSB  4/29/2009 WordPress 

Tuesday  4/28/2009

topThe Venezuelan Opposition and Democracy  4/28/2009 Cuba Now 

Peru Grants Political Asylum to Venezuelan Opposition Leader Wanted for Corruption  4/28/2009 Venezuela Analysis 

Monday  4/27/2009

topIran arms ship bound for Gaza downed near Sudan  4/27/2009 Haaretz 

Saturday  4/25/2009

topWhat They Craved - Torture Used to Try to Link Saddam with 9/11  4/25/2009 Counterpunch: "Why, then, the relentless waterboarding of these two men? It turns out that high Bush officials put heavy pressure on Pentagon interrogators to get Mohammed and Zubaydah to reveal a link between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 hijackers, in order to justify Bush’s illegal and unnecessary invasion of Iraq in 2003. That link was never established."

Merkel and Sarkozy in search of revenge for Rasmussen  4/25/2009 Today's Zaman, Turkey: "NATO officials point to the need for US intervention if the dispute continues to grow. Turkey opposed the appointment of former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen as the next secretary-general, saying he is not the best choice for the job at a time when the alliance plans to expand its involvement in Afghanistan because of the way he handled the infamous cartoon crisis that broke out in 2005 when Danish newspapers printed caricatures insulting the Prophet Muhammad. Rasmussen defended the publication of the caricatures on the basis of freedom of speech and dismissed calls from the Muslim world to apologize. Turkey was under strong pressure from Germany and France to approve Rasmussen at a NATO summit on April 3-4, but Ankara agreed to give the go-ahead only after US President Barack Obama brokered a deal, under which Rasmussen would have a Turkish deputy."

Friday  4/24/2009

topAnnie Machon, Ex-MI5, Interview  4/24/2009 Montreal 9/11 Truth 

Thursday  4/23/2009

topThousands pour into Georgian capital to protest  4/23/2009 AP: "Thousands of opposition supporters from Georgia's provinces poured into the capital late Wednesday to join the protests aimed at forcing President Mikhail Saakashvili to step down. A convoy of some 600 cars, minibuses and buses loaded with opposition backers from western Georgia drove into Tbilisi in the evening, adding to 30,000 people already in front of parliament and along the city's main thoroughfare. A spokesman for the government estimated the crowd at 5,000 or fewer. Opposition leaders have vowed to keep the daily protests that began April 9 going until Saakashvili resigns. Some demonstrations have swelled to as many as 60,000 people. "Saakashvili reminds me of an obstinate child who thinks that this country is his plaything. But he forgets that obstinate children are punished — and this will happen very soon," Levan Gachechiladze, one of the top opposition figures, told the crowd."

Rivers Coming Together  4/23/2009 Hullabaloo: Ron Suskind on Maddow: "And what‘s fascinating here, if you run the timeline side by side, you see, really, for the first time from that report that the key thing being sent down in terms of the request by the policymakers, by the White House, is find a link between Saddam and al Qaeda so that we essentially can link Saddam to the 9/11 attacks and then march into Iraq with the anger of 9/11 behind us. That was the goal and that was being passed down as the directive."

Bolivia police raid Jewish center  4/23/2009 JTA: "The reason for the raid was not clear. Users of the outreach center, which claims to be affiliated with Chabad but whose director is not recognized by the Chabad-Lubavitch organization, have been at odds with the proprietor of a local restaurant and neighbors, some of whom have complained of noise. However, Freiman told JTA he could not rule out the possibility of nationalist motives… In recent days, two Israelis have been arrested in Bolivia on drug charges, Freiman said. The rabbi did not identify the outreach worker who was arrested, but said police confiscated his passport during the raid in Rurrenabaque and arrested him when he tried to retrieve his passport in the capital city of La Paz."

Wednesday  4/22/2009

top"Who Do You Think You Are?" - White Privilege in the Americas  4/22/2009 Counterpunch: "On March 31, 2009, Grupo Afro Descendiente sponsored a discussion entitled White Privilege in Latin America: Myths and Realities as part of White Privilege Awareness Week. The panel featured indigenous persons from Peru and Guatemala, an afro descendant from Cuba, a mestiza from Mexico, and an African immigrant from Cote d'Ivoire. Each panelist shared personal accounts, reflections on their experience with white privilege in Latin America."

Grupo Afro Descendiente  4/22/2009 WordPress 

Monday  4/20/2009

topBolivia “Assassins” ‘Fought in Balkan Wars’  4/20/2009 Balkan Insight: "Tadik Astorga, 58, a Bolivian-Croatian who apparently fought in the Balkans, and Toazo, a Hungarian computer science expert, were being transferred to a jail in La Paz. Bolivia launched an investigation on Friday into a suspected militant group that police say was plotting to kill President Evo Morales, but the opposition slammed the probe as an "international show." Three suspected mercenaries were killed in a shootout on Thursday in the anti-Morales stronghold of Santa Cruz after police moved to arrest a gang that officials say traveled from Ireland or Croatia to kill leading public figures in the Andean nation."

The Dawn of Robot Wars  4/20/2009 Common Dreams: "Today, according to P.W. Singer, author of Wired for War and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, the U.S. military has some 7,000 UAVs in operation - more than double the number of manned aircraft in its arsenal - and more than 12,000 robots on the ground in Iraq alone. Predator drones armed with laser-guided Hellfire missiles have regularly bombed Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years, and their use is skyrocketing. In 2008, 71 Predators flew 138,404 combat hours - a 94 percent increase over the year before, according to a recent presentation by U.S. Air Force Col. Eric Mathewson. And over the last year, drones flown largely by the CIA have launched missile attacks inside Pakistan more than 40 times. Rather than reconsider this deadly policy, President Obama has become an enthusiastic backer. Since his inauguration, he has authorized 11 such attacks that have collectively killed over 145 people, many of them civilians, and sparked large protests within Pakistan."

What's With This "Enemies" BS? - The Meeting in Trinidad  4/20/2009 Counterpunch 

Croats in Bolivia face accusations of extremism  4/20/2009 Earth Times 

Chávez's Perfect Gift to Obama  4/20/2009 Guardian: "Some surprise has been expressed in the Anglo-Saxon world that Hugo Chávez should have presented a book to Barack Obama by Eduardo Galeano. Ignorance can be the only defence, the very fault that the Venezuelan president had earlier accused his US counterpart of suffering from. For Galeano is one of the most well-known and celebrated writers in Latin America, up there with Gabriel García Márquez, and his huge output of fact and fiction, as well as his journalism, has been published all over the continent. His books have been continuously in print since the 1960s, read voraciously by successive generations. It was a brilliant idea of Chávez's to give Galeano's Open Veins of Latin America to Obama, since this book, first published in 1971, encapsulates a radical version of the history of Latin America with which most Latin Americans are familiar. Its subtitle, Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent, gives a flavour of its contents, which discuss the way in which Latin America has been dominated and exploited by its European invaders (and later by US corporations) for hundreds of years."

Obama defends greeting Hugo Chavez  4/20/2009 LA Times: "Obama said it would be a mistake to measure the Summit of the Americas by the specific agreements reached. By listening to his counterparts and eschewing heavy-handed diplomacy, he said, he was creating an atmosphere in which, "at the margins," foreign leaders are "more likely to want to cooperate than not cooperate." A running theme of the summit was Obama's cordial dealings with Chavez, who once called former President George W. Bush the "devil" and who last month dismissed Obama as an "ignoramus." The two were photographed smiling and clasping hands. At one meeting, Chavez made a show of walking around the table as the cameras rolled and handing Obama a copy of "Open Veins of Latin America," a 1971 book by Eduardo Galeano chronicling U.S. and European imperialism in the region. Republican Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, appearing on CNN on Sunday, said it was "irresponsible" for Obama to be seen "laughing and joking" with the Venezuelan president. Obama dismissed such concerns. He said the 2008 presidential campaign proved that American voters want the president to engage with his counterparts, whether or not they are avowed friends of the U.S. He said it "was a nice gesture to give me a book. I'm a reader." The president added that the election was a referendum of sorts on the argument that U.S. solicitude toward foreign leaders could be seen as "weakness.""

Obama’s adviser in Trinidad: the real face of “change”  4/20/2009 Obamboozled: "A career foreign service officer, Davidow was assigned in 1971 to the US embassy in Chile as a political officer, a post often occupied by covert CIA agents. He remained in the country until 1974. This covered the period of the preparation of the US-backed military coup against the elected government of President Salvador Allende in September 1973 and the consolidation of General Augusto Pinochet’s junta through bloody political repression. US documents declassified when Pinochet faced the threat of a trial in Spain beginning in 1998, included memos from Davidow to the military regime warning against a “conspiracy on the part of the enemies of Chile to paint the junta in the worst possible terms.” The memo preceded a campaign by the junta to murder such “enemies,” including the 1976 Washington DC car-bombing that claimed the life of Orlando Letelier, a former senior minister in the Allende government."

Janet Tavakoli  4/20/2009 Q & A: "Janet Tavakoli is founder and president of Tavakoli Structured Finance, a Chicago-based firm that provides consulting to financial institutions and institutional investors. . Her new book is called "Dear Mr. Buffett: What an Investor Learns 1,269 Miles from Wall Street." Its the story of her meetings with Warren Buffet prior to the economic downturn and how that impacted the way she views investing. She is a former adjunct professor of derivatives at the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business. She has also worked for Westdeutsche Landesbank in London, Bank One in Chicago, Merrill Lynch, PaineWebber, and Bear Stearns."

Dear Mr. Buffett: What an Investor Learns 1,269 Miles from Wall Street  4/20/2009 Tavakoli Structured Finance: "Janet Tavakoli warned the world this disaster was coming well in advance. Now she explains it again for those who did not listen before as well as why it is not over yet. You need to read this book to understand the biggest credit bubble in world history."

Chavez-Obama Meeting at Summit Relaunches US-Venezuela Relations  4/20/2009 Venezuela Analysis: "Obama and Chavez met for the first time after Obama approached and greeted the South American leader before the first plenary of Summit on Friday, April 17. "I want to be your friend," Chavez told Obama as both presidents shook hands. Chavez thanked Obama's gesture. "It was a good moment," Chavez told reporters afterwards. "He is a very intelligent man, young, and he is black. He is an experienced politician in spite of his young age," he added."

Sunday  4/19/2009

topAnalysis: Obama gores foreign policy ox  4/19/2009 AP: "While historic analogies are never perfect, Obama's stark efforts to change the U.S. image abroad are reminiscent of the stunning realignments sought by former Soviet leader Michael Gorbachev. During his short—by Soviet standards—tenure, he scrambled incessantly to shed the ideological entanglements that were leading the communist empire toward ruin."

NED Board Bios: Representative Gregory W. Meeks  4/19/2009 NED: "Representative Meeks serves on the International Relations Committee and its Subcommittee on Africa, and the Subcommittee on East Asia and the Pacific. An active member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Representative Meeks was voted the CBC Whip in 2001. Representative Meeks is a member of several civic and professional organizations, including the National Bar Association, the Coalition of 100 Black Men, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the National Black Caucus of State Legislators, Inc. He founded the Jesse L. Jackson Independent Democratic Club (renamed the Thurgood Marshall Regular Democratic Club) and remains active in grassroots community organizing. Prior to being elected to congress, Representative Meeks served as Assistant District Attorney to the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York and on the State Investigations Commission and was appointed Judge of the New York State Workers' Compensation Board."

Imágenes del último encuentro entre Chávez y Obama (+Video)  4/19/2009 Noticias 24: "El canal del Estado, Venezolana de Televisión, transmitió en exclusivo las imágenes del último encuentro del presidente Hugo Chávez con el presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, luego de finalizar la Ceremonia de Clausura de la V Cumbre de las Américas. El presidente Obama se le acercó al presidente Chávez y se despidió exclamando “Adiós, mi amigo”."

Gregory Meeks  4/19/2009 Source Watch 

Saturday  4/18/2009

topChavez gives Obama book on Latin America  4/18/2009 AP: "One emblematic passage describes how Latin America "continues to work as a servant. It continues to exist to serve the needs of others as a fountain and reserve of petroleum and gold, copper and meat, fruits and coffee, raw materials and food destined for rich countries that benefit more from consuming them than Latin America does from producing them." Novelist Isabel Allende describes the book's enduring appeal as politically charged history with an intimate touch: "Galeano denounces exploitation with uncompromising ferocity, yet this book is almost poetic in its description of solidarity and human capacity for survival in the midst of the worst kind of despoliation.""

Friday  4/17/2009

topUS Threatens to Invade Eritrea  4/17/2009 AntiWar: "Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki remains defiant, saying he will continue to oppose the Western-backed TNG’s attempt to assert control over the nation. “There is no government, there is not even a naiton of Somalia existing,” the president insisted, calling for a peace conference in which all parties, including those branded by the US and Ethiopia as “extremists” would have a voice. “Peace is not guaranteed without a government agreed by all Somalis.”"

Additional Murder Charges Expected in Killing of Oakland Journalist Chauncey Bailey  4/17/2009 Democracy Now: "We take a look at the latest developments in the case of Chauncey Bailey, the Oakland Post editor who was shot to death in downtown Oakland in August 2007. He had been investigating possible links between a local bakery and several killings in the area when he was gunned down in broad daylight. After his death, a group of reporters banded together to form the Chauncey Bailey Project to continue his investigation and look into any role the bakery may have played in Bailey’s murder and at the role of the police in its investigation. We speak with the executive editor of the Chauncey Bailey Project."

Over 10,000 Dead: Is Mexican Drug War Violence Ebbing?  4/17/2009 NarcoNews: "Statistical Slights-of-Hand and Temporary Lulls Have Obscured the Drug War's Rising Costs"

Thursday  4/16/2009

topZionism in Boston  4/16/2009 Dissident Voice: "A final example is Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner. In October 2005, speaking at a rally for the renewal of the Voting Rights Act, Turner pointed out the irony of people supporting voting rights in the US while the US provides generous funding to Israel, which openly deprives Palestinians of voting rights. Turner was immediately called on the carpet for this by a local newspaper, The Jewish Advocate, and by the New England Anti-Defamation League (ADL). In a letter responding to the ADL, Turner said, "a great injustice is being perpetrated against the Palestinians. I believe that all human beings of conscience have a responsibility to speak out and demand an end of our federal government's support of its perpetuation." He included a postscript to his letter, stating flatly: "you have no right to label someone as prejudiced or Anti Semitic because you disagree with their views on Israel's treatment of the Palestinians." This sentiment expresses the feelings of many, many people concerned about the oppression of Palestine who are fed up with being intimidated by this one cheap argument over and over again when they express this concern."

Wednesday  4/15/2009

topLate Guinean leader's son charged with drug trafficking  4/15/2009 AFP: "The eldest son of late Guinean president Lansana Conte was put in jail Tuesday pending a trial on charges of cocaine trafficking, police sources told AFP. Ousmane Conte, whose father died in December after leading the west African nation with an iron fist for 24 years, was transferred from a military hospital to the Conakry prison, said the source, speaking on condition of anonymity."

Monday  4/13/2009

topEU firms should stop toxic dumping off Somalia  4/13/2009 SF Bay View: [scroll down] "In 1996, when I was in the northern autonomous region, Puntland, in Somalia, there was already a widespread fear that foreign ships were taking advantage of the collapse of the Somalian state by using the nation’s waters as a refuse dump. When the tsunami of 2004 hit the country, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) reported that many waste containers washed up on the coast of Puntland. It is now widely understood that European companies are systematically dumping toxic waste in these waters. U.N. special envoy for Somalia Ahmedou Ould Abdallah has in the past few months repeatedly sounded the alarm about illegal fishing and toxic dumping off Somalia by European firms."

K’naan talks with Davey D about Somali pirates  4/13/2009 SF Bay View: "Somalian-born rapper K’naan tells the real story about Somalia’s pirates. Watch Parts 1 and 2 and read K’naan’s story here in the Bay View, along with perspectives from other Somalis."

Thursday  4/9/2009

topWard Churchill Victory Update  4/9/2009 Buzzflash: "A Colorado TV station is reporting that interviews with some of the six jurors in the unfair dismissal court case filed by University of Colorado Professor and Native American activist Ward Churchill against the university reveal that five of the six wanted to award him $150,000 in damages after establishing unanimously that he had been improperly dismissed by the school. Reportedly one lone juror held out for a minimal $1 symbolic award and ultimately, because they "wanted to go home," the rest of the jurors conceded the point."

Obama team readying for confrontation with Netanyahu  4/9/2009 Haaretz: "In recent weeks, American officials have briefed senior Democratic congressmen and prepared the ground for the possibility of disagreements with Israel over the peace process, according to information recently received. The administration's efforts are focused on President Barack Obama's Democratic Party, which now holds a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Advertisement The preemptive briefing is meant to foil the possibility that Netanyahu may try to bypass the administration by rallying support in Congress."

Wednesday  4/8/2009

topMoldova: Romania to blame for Twitter riots  4/8/2009 CNN: "Moldova's president Wednesday accused Romania of involvement in a huge anti-communist protest, much of it coordinated on Facebook and Twitter, which saw government buildings ransacked and police arrest scores of demonstrators."

Berezovsky financed terrorists by paying ransoms – Chechen prez  4/8/2009 Russia Today: "He couldn’t just give money to the militants, so he invented this mechanism. In my presence, Berezovsky suggested to Raduyev and Basayev: ‘Capture people and I’ll ransom them. I’ll get good publicity and you’ll get money.’ He paid millions of dollars to Basayev,” Ramzan Kadyrov said."

Tuesday  4/7/2009

topInforme del Movimiento Nacional Afrocolombiano CIMARRON sobre la situación de derechos humanos de la población afrocolombiana (1994-2004)  4/7/2009 EIP: publicado en 2004

Elecciones regionales de Colombia de 2007  4/7/2009 Wikipedia: tiene lista de miembros ganadores del partido Movimiento Nacional Afrocolombiano

Sunday  4/5/2009

topBernanke's Financial Rescue Plan: The growing prospect of a U.S. default  4/5/2009 Global Research 

Bush and Obama Administrations Broke the Law By Refusing to Close Insolvent Banks  4/5/2009 Global Research 

Massive Cover-Up of Economic Crisis - “The Entire Strategy Is to Keep People from Getting the Facts”  4/5/2009 Global Research 

Shell in court over alleged role in Nigeria executions  4/5/2009 Observer: "Ken Saro-Wiwa swore that one day Shell, the oil giant, would answer for his death in a court of law. Next month, 14 years after his execution, the Nigerian environmental activist's dying wish is to be fulfilled. In a New York federal court, Shell and one of its senior executives are to face charges that in the early 1990s in Nigeria they were complicit in human rights abuses, including summary execution and torture."

Shooting at OPD officers’ funeral goes unreported  4/5/2009 SF Bay View: "The Oakland Police Department suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the foot when it further racialized the March 21 shootings by rescinding Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums’ invitation to speak at the public funeral of the four officers who were gunned down. Initial reports indicated that at least two of the families of the slain officers requested that Dellums not be allowed to speak at the March 28 public event… This is hardly surprising, especially to those who remember Dellums’ close relationship with the Black Panther Party decades ago."

Thursday  4/2/2009

topUS Congressman Meeks launches the OAS Caucus with support of OAS Secretary General Insulza  4/2/2009 South Florida Caribbean News: "Congressman Meeks took the initiative to launch the Caucus stating that “the time is ripe to shape a more productive relationship between the United States and our neighbors in the Americas. As we prepare for the Fifth Summit of the Americas in April this year, it is important to recall that these nations are our largest trading partners and their peoples share historical, cultural and family connections with the United States.” "

Wednesday  4/1/2009

topThe Quiet Coup  4/1/2009 The Atlantic: "The crash has laid bare many unpleasant truths about the United States. One of the most alarming, says a former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, is that the finance industry has effectively captured our government—a state of affairs that more typically describes emerging markets, and is at the center of many emerging-market crises. If the IMF’s staff could speak freely about the U.S., it would tell us what it tells all countries in this situation: recovery will fail unless we break the financial oligarchy that is blocking essential reform. And if we are to prevent a true depression, we’re running out of time."

Tuesday  3/31/2009

topChavez to seek Arab backing for `petro-currency'  3/31/2009 AP: "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez sought Arab support Tuesday for his idea of a new oil-backed currency to challenge the U.S. dollar at a twin-region summit whose agenda focuses on trade issue but also touches on Arab worries about rival Iran's growing influence in Latin America. It's highly unlikely Chavez will gain any serious momentum for his "petro-currency" proposals from key oil-producing members of the Arab League such as Saudi Arabia and Gulf states, which have close ties to Washington. But the summit between Arab and South American leaders kicks off another high-profile foreign trip for Chavez that includes stops in Iran and China in his efforts to build economic and diplomatic links to confront the United States."

Remembering the Assassination of Dulcie September, Chairlady of the ANC France Bureau  3/31/2009 Cameroun Link: "On March 29, 1988 Dulcie September, a 52 years old colored female activist and community organizer, representative of the African National Congress (ANC) in France, Switzerland and Luxemburg was assassinated in Paris. The incident took place between 9.45 and 10am local time when she was about to open the office of the antiapartheid group. Having relocated to the vicinity of the Seine River in 1984, September had been an active representative of the ANC, which was struggling to assert rights of the black majority of South Africa. Since France provided a substantial proportion of South Africa’s military and naval arsenal, September’s major role was to rally support from the area and lobby for disinvestment and full economic sanctions against the racist regime. The assassination of Dulcie September generated much speculation and confusion over the identity and the motives of its perpetrators. Its ccircumstances are still unclear, as the identity of the killers was never disclosed. In the course of the hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), former security police officer Eugene de Kock designated Jean-Paul Guerrier, a French mercenary, as the ringleader of the murder. It remains that no one has so far been officially identified and persecuted per se. Some independent sources have argued that the coup took place with the complicity of the French secret service. France officially closed the prosecution and investigation on July 1992 for lack of evidence. One fact, which can be fully debated today, however, and which may have considerably greater influence on our understanding of the circumstances surrounding the sudden loss of Dulcie September, is that the connection to French authorities has never been formally/diplomatically established. "

Monday  3/30/2009

topChavez: No plan to restore ties with Israel  3/30/2009 AP: "Venezuelan president tells Al-Jazeera would consider matter if Israel's leaders 'stop being a genocidal elite subordinated to US' "

Sunday  3/29/2009

topIsrael planned to kill Erdogan: Report  3/29/2009 Press TV, Iran: "Turkish media sources detail information implicating the Israeli Mossad in a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan."

Saturday  3/28/2009

topBrazil builds walls around Rio de Janeiro slums  3/28/2009 Reuters 

Friday  3/27/2009

topHelp Force Congress To Observe the Law on National Emergencies!!!  3/27/2009 911 Truth: "On 9/11 the Bush administration declared a State of Emergency (SOE), which was formally proclaimed on September 14, 2001, and extended by Bush repeatedly thereafter, most recently on August 28, 2008.1 Under cover of this SOE, Bush secretly enacted many extreme measures, ranging from suspension of habeas corpus to preparations for martial law in America; all these were undertaken as part of secret so-called "Continuity of Government" (COG) procedures associated with the SOE, and first instituted on 9/11.2 and 3 The National Emergencies Act, one of the post-Watergate reforms so detested by Vice-President Cheney, requires specifically that Not later than six months after a national emergency is declared, and not later than the end of each six-month period thereafter that such emergency continues, each House of Congress shall meet to consider a vote on a joint resolution to determine whether that emergency shall be terminated. (50 U.S.C. 1622 (2002)4"

Iran, Venezuela revise ties ahead of Chavez visit  3/27/2009 Breitbart 

Thursday  3/26/2009

topStrike reportedly obliterates Iranian ship at sea  3/26/2009 Jerusalem Post: "Following unconfirmed reports that the US or Israel attacked a convoy of trucks carrying weapons headed for the Gaza Strip in Sudan, a new report by Sudanese sources cited an additional strike on a ship possibly making its way to Sudan from Iran."

Top Constitutional Scholar: Secret Bush Memos Reveal Plan For “Massive Military Takeover Of US”  3/26/2009 Prison Planet: "In an interview with author Naomi Wolf, legal expert Michael Ratner explains how the move toward total elimination of First, Fourth and Fifth amendment rights, as outlined in the memos, cannot be taken in isolated relation to terrorism related prosecutions and instead represents a smoking gun of a larger intention toward the general population."

Wednesday  3/25/2009

topDo the Secret Bush Memos Amount to Treason? Top Constitutional Scholar Says Yes  3/25/2009 Alternet: "I call it "Fuhrer's law." What those memos lay out means the end of the system of checks and balances in this country. It means the end of the system in which the courts, legislature and executive each had a function and they could check each other. What the memos set out is a system in which the president's word is law, and Yoo is very clear about that: the president's word is not only law according to these memos, but no law or constitutional right or treaty can restrict the president's authority."

Monday  3/23/2009

topThis Crisis Is Way Bigger Than Dead Banks and Wall Street Bailouts  3/23/2009 Alternet: By James Galbraith

Sunday  3/22/2009

topSoutherners looking to share their Confederate holiday  3/22/2009 Chicago Tribune: "With the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States in 2011, efforts are under way in statehouses, small towns and counties across the South to push for proclamations or legislation promoting Confederate history. Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana and Florida traditionally observe Confederate History Month in April. Georgia, which has recognized it by proclamation since 1995, recently passed a bill in the state Senate making it official. Most Southern states recognize Confederate Memorial Day as a legal holiday. Some celebrate it on the June birthday of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, but Texas and Arkansas observe it on Jan. 19, the federal holiday for slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. More than 1,000 municipalities celebrate the holiday with parades and festivals, said Charles McMichael, commander in chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and efforts are under way to spread it nationwide, state by state."

IDF soldiers ordered to shoot at Gaza rescuers, note says  3/22/2009 Haaretz 

Has a ‘Katrina Moment’ Arrived?  3/22/2009 NYT: "The "dirty little secret," Obama told Leno on Thursday, is that "most of the stuff that got us into trouble was perfectly legal." An even dirtier secret is that a prime mover in keeping that stuff legal was Summers, who helped torpedo the regulation of derivatives while in the Clinton administration. His mentor Robert Rubin, no less, wrote in his 2003 memoir that Summers underestimated how the risk of derivatives might multiply "under extraordinary circumstances." Given that Summers worked for a secretive hedge fund, D. E. Shaw, after he was pushed out of Harvard's presidency at the bubble's height, you have to wonder how he can now sell the administration's plan for buying up toxic assets with the help of hedge funds. It will look like another giveaway to his own insiders' club. As for Geithner, people might take him more seriously if he gave a credible account of why, while at the New York Fed, he and the Goldman alumnus Hank Paulson let Lehman Brothers fail but saved the Goldman-trading ally A.I.G."

The Big Takeover: How Wall Street Insiders are Using the Bailout to Stage a Revolution  3/22/2009 Rolling Stone: "The global economic crisis isn't about money - it's about power."

Saturday  3/21/2009

topThousands march against mafia in Naples  3/21/2009 AFP: "Thousands of people, including the acclaimed author of mafia expose "Gomorrah," marched in southern Italy's Naples Saturday against decades of mafia violence that has killed some 900 people. "The mafia and the Camorra (the Naples-area mafia) are not eternal. They can be beaten," Antonio Bassolino, president of the Compania region that includes the city, told the crowd marking a remembrance day for victims of organised crime."

Mottaki: Iran evaluating Obama message  3/21/2009 Press TV, Iran 

Friday  3/20/2009

topWill Our Economic Collapse Cause the Death of Millions Abroad?  3/20/2009 Alternet: "But now, as the wealthier nations cease investing in the developing world or acquiring its exports, the crisis is hitting them with a vengeance. On top of this, conditions are deteriorating at a time when severe drought is affecting many key food-producing regions and poor farmers lack the wherewithal to buy seeds, fertilizers, and fuel. The likely result: A looming food crisis in many areas hit hardest by the global economic meltdown."

Tensions rise between Chavez, foes in Venezuela  3/20/2009 AP 

Israel's dirty secrets in Gaza  3/20/2009 Independent, UK: "Israel was last night confronting a major challenge over the conduct of its 22-day military offensive in Gaza after testimonies by its own soldiers revealed that troops were allowed and, in some cases, even ordered to shoot unarmed Palestinian civilians. The testimonies – the first of their kind to emerge from inside the military – are at marked variance with official claims that the military made strenuous efforts to avoid civilian casualties and tend to corroborate Palestinian accusations that troops used indiscriminate and disproportionate firepower in civilian areas during the operation. In one of the testimonies shedding harsh new light on what the soldiers say were the permissive rules of engagement for Operation Cast Lead, one soldier describes how an officer ordered the shooting of an elderly woman 100 metres from a house commandeered by troops."

Thursday  3/19/2009

topWas Eliot Spitzer Taken Out Because He Was Going to Bust AIG?  3/19/2009 Alternet: "Coincidentally, right after the WSJ editorial appeared on Valentine's Day 2008, Spitzer was caught up in what was an extremely unusual sting. So unusual is an investigation like this that it seems almost like it was a set-up; and considering where it all came from and how it all came down, it might well have been. It seems that Spitzer's bank was investigating expenses under the auspices of the newer Homeland Security laws of the Bush administration. Greg Palast wrote about this compellingly, and in light of how the whole thing is shaking out now, and what Spitzer said back then about this financial mess and what he tried to DO about it, Palast had a pretty good early grasp on what had gone down. So now, with Spitzer poking his head up from the underground of "healing his family," at this most compelling of moments, its probably worthwhile for Americans to screw their heads on straight and forget the details of the hooker, and look at what Spitzer was working on when he was taken down. We might all find ourselves wanting to thank the egotistical crime fighter who cant keep it in his pants."

Israel troops admit Gaza abuses  3/19/2009 BBC: "An Israeli military college has printed damning soldiers' accounts of the killing of civilians and vandalism during recent operations in Gaza. One account tells of a sniper killing a mother and children at close range whom troops had told to leave their home. Another speaker at the seminar described what he saw as the "cold blooded murder" of a Palestinian woman."

France braced for huge street protests over economic crisis  3/19/2009 Guardian 

Venezuela Chavez to nationalize Santander bank unit  3/19/2009 Reuters: "Venezuela will go ahead with the nationalization of the local unit of Spanish bank Grupo Santander, President Hugo Chavez said on Thursday, weeks after officials said the purchase was on hold. Since first winning office a decade ago, Chavez has nationalized large swathes of the OPEC nation's economy and this year has moved to increase state control of farms and food production despite a sharp drop in oil income."

Wednesday  3/18/2009

topGroup says files show US knew of Guatemala abuses  3/18/2009 Miami Herald 

Tuesday  3/17/2009

topThe Most Pervasive Combat Injury Among U.S. Soldiers is Invisible -- and the Pentagon Has Tried to Keep it That Way  3/17/2009 Alternet: "In a news conference on March 4th, Brig. Gen. Loree Sutton estimated that as many as 360,000 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan may have suffered service-related brain injuries. Until now the Pentagon estimated that some 10,000 veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq war had suffered brain traumas."

The Real AIG Scandal by Eliot Spitzer  3/17/2009 Slate: "Everybody is rushing to condemn AIG's bonuses, but this simple scandal is obscuring the real disgrace at the insurance giant: Why are AIG's counterparties getting paid back in full, to the tune of tens of billions of taxpayer dollars?"

Monday  3/16/2009

topChavez offers Russia use of base  3/16/2009 BBC: "Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, says he has offered Moscow the use of an airfield off its Caribbean coast for Russian strategic long-range bombers."

Sunday  3/15/2009

topSpy Minister’s Wife and the Drug Bust  3/15/2009 The Times, South Africa: "Intelligence boss’s spouse linked to international cocaine ring. The wife of South Africa’s newly appointed intelligence boss is under investigation for international drug trafficking."

Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) against Venezuela  3/15/2009 Venezuela Analysis 

Saturday  3/14/2009

topBolivia's Morales: Army, police have CIA contacts  3/14/2009 AP: "This time, Morales says a midlevel military official and Bolivian police officers are in contact with the U.S. spy agency."

Report: Cuba, Venezuela could host Russian bombers  3/14/2009 AP 

UN tells Aristide party to fight in Haiti election  3/14/2009 AP: "A U.N. Security Council delegation praised the party of ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide on Saturday for fighting to overturn the disqualification of its Senate candidates, saying it could help avert a potentially dangerous crisis. Haiti's provisional electoral council has barred Aristide's Fanmi Lavalas party from participating in next month's Senate elections for largely technical reasons, angering supporters who have threatened to sabotage the vote. Observers fear the council's decision could lead to violence."

Friday  3/13/2009

topCIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years  3/13/2009 Press TV, Iran 

Thursday  3/12/2009

topNationalist Rising Fast in Israeli Politics  3/12/2009 AP: "Lieberman, a 50-year-old immigrant from the former Soviet Union, has said Palestinian prisoners should be drowned in the Dead Sea, that Israeli-Arab lawmakers who meet Palestinian militants should be executed and that the president of Egypt could "go to hell.""

Chas Freeman Walks the Plank - Obama Caves to the Lobby  3/12/2009 Counterpunch 

Israeli Spying in the United States  3/12/2009 Counterpunch 

Obama Intelligence Nominee Withdraws  3/12/2009 Daily Beast: "Steven Rosen, a former director of the American Israel Political Affairs Committee due to stand trial this April for espionage for Israel, is the leader of the campaign against Freeman’s appointment."

Questions autour du voyage privé du couple Sarkozy au Mexique  3/12/2009 Le Monde: "Le site Rue89 cite un article du journaliste américain Al Giordano, qui citait lui-même l'enquête d'un journal local mexicain, accusant Hernandez d'avoir participé activement au trafic de cocaïne au Mexique dans les années 1980 et 1990. Giordano, dont le site Narco News couvre exhaustivement la question de la drogue en Amérique latine et aux Etats-Unis, a été poursuivi à plusieurs reprises par Roberto Hernandez Ramirez pour ces accusations, sans jamais être condamné."

Questions Surround the the Sarkozys’ Private Visit to Mexico  3/12/2009 Le Monde 

Intelligence Pick Blames 'Israel Lobby' For Withdrawal  3/12/2009 WaPo 

Wednesday  3/11/2009

topFive Alarmer: Seymour Hersh Says Assassination Squad Reported Directly to Dick Cheney  3/11/2009 Buzzflash 

Venezuela Dismantles Seven Drug Labs Near Colombia Border  3/11/2009 EFE 

Washington Post: Drop AIPAC staffers’ case  3/11/2009 JTA 

Freeman hits 'Israel lobby' on way out  3/11/2009 Politico 

Mexique : Sarkozy a-t-il séjourné chez un narco présumé ?  3/11/2009 Rue89: "Ce qui est certain à en croire nos confrères, c'est que le couple Sarkozy a séjourné dans un hôtel appartenant au milliardaire en question, Roberto Hernandez Ramirez, une des plus grosses fortunes du Mexique. L'hôtel, El Tamarindo Beach and Golf Resort, abrite une suite présidentielle à 3500 dollars la nuit, où aurait dormi le couple, selon Mediapart (sur abonnement). Interrogé par RTL, un conseiller de l'Elysée n'a pas démenti, mais n'a pas confirmé non plus. Dans un autre genre, le site l'affirmait aussi, dès dimanche soir. Mais personne n'a relevé que le banquier Roberto Hernandez Ramirez, ancien PDG de la banque Banamex et membre du conseil d'administration de Citigroup (une des plus grandes institutions financières de la planète), souffre d'une réputation pour le moins sulfureuse. Dans les années 1990, il a été soupçonné au Mexique de faire transiter par ses propriétés de la cocaïne sud-américaine et de participer au blanchiment de l'argent de la drogue."

The Israeli Lobby Knocks Down Charles Freeman  3/11/2009 The Public Record 

Tuesday  3/10/2009

topIsrael's Ugly Face - Pure and Unadulterated Racism  3/10/2009 Counterpunch: "It should be clear to any objective observer that Lieberman’s program is a declaration of war against Israel’s Palestinian minority which comprises a fifth of the population. In our society, which lives on from one war to the next, in a sickening atmosphere of seething hatred and hostility one can, it has been proven, win many votes by calling for the disenfranchisement of 1.5 million Israeli Palestinians. It should be clear that what comes after disenfranchisement is ethnic cleansing… "

Thirty-seven Colombians deported for alleged complot against Chávez  3/10/2009 El Universal, Caracas 

Hurdles to Voting Persisted in 2008  3/10/2009 NYT 

Monday  3/9/2009

topAIG has insured $1.6 trillion in derivatives  3/9/2009 BoingBoing: "And you thought AIG's $62 billion quarterly loss last month was bad -- turns out that the company has a further $1.6 trillion in outstanding derivatives exposure, according to this leaked memo that AIG sent to the US Treasury in order to beg for another $30 billion."

Mossad linked to 9/11 attacks: Report  3/9/2009 Press TV, Iran: "Israeli connections to 9/11, according to the New York Times, can be traced back to the five 'dancing Israelis' who were witnessed jumping and high-fiving with shouts of 'joy and mockery' as Flight 11 and Flight 175 slammed into the World Trade Center in New York. The Israelis were reportedly held in custody for 71 days before being quietly released after they were suspected of being Mossad agents. Citing two former CIA operatives, the Forward weekly then reported that at least two of the detained Israelis were found to be members of a Mossad surveillance team. "There was no question but that [the order to close down the investigation] came from the White House. It was immediately assumed at CIA headquarters that this basically was going to be a cover-up so that the Israelis would not be implicated in any way in 9/11," the weekly stated."

Tuesday  3/3/2009

topGobierno calumnia al movimiento raizal, AMEN-SD responde  3/3/2009 Actualidad Etnica: "El 22 de Diciembre de 2007, el periódico El Espectador publicó un polémico articulo titulado ‘Rastreo a protestas raizales' donde se acusa al movimiento Archipiélago Movement for Ethnic Native Self-Determination (AMEN-SD) de recibir dineros del narcotráfico. En el polémico artículo se hacen acusaciones directas al movimiento de tener relaciones financieras con ‘Los Mellos', una familia que ejerce el trafico de estupefacientes en la Isla. De igual forma el artículo hace referencia a un informe que confirma la información y a diferentes pruebas que constatan la relación que se afirma: AMEN-SD tiene con el narcotráfico…"

Monday  3/2/2009

topGuinea-Bissau president killed  3/2/2009 Al Jazeera: "Analysts say instability has been worsened by the presence of international drug trafficking organisations which use the country as a staging post for smuggling cocaine into Europe."

Twin assassinations leave Guinea-Bissau in turmoil  3/2/2009 AP: "Although numerous country experts stressed that the twin assassinations were not linked to drugs, Mazzitelli also points out that the method used to kill Waie — a bomb — is highly unusual. Coup d'etats and assassinations are common throughout the region, but they are typically carried out with kalashnikovs — not explosives. The sophistication of the bomb, which most likely was detonated from afar, raises the question of whether the killers of the army chief received expert help. Colombian cartels, for example, are known for using car bombs in their own turf wars."

Sunday  3/1/2009

topChange and Regime Change - What the 2008 Democratic Landslide Means for the National Endowment for Democracy  3/1/2009 Narco News: "... the biggest reason that it makes sense to close the NED is that, even under the best of circumstances, details about and the true nature of NED activities remain hidden. Its very structure is anti-democratic, no matter what the name says."

Friday  2/27/2009

topNatan Sharansky THE LIAR  2/27/2009 [Bibi is considering Natan Sharansky for Foreign Minister of Israel] - "In 1999 he released a book in Hebrew and Russian called, Natan Sharansky Unmasked. Within, he claimed that Natan Sharansky, then Housing Minister, was a longtime KGB agent with deep ties to the worldwide Russian mafia. Soon after its release, Natan Sharansky sued Dr. Nudelman for libel and the Jerusalem district court ruled that he had to pay Natan Sharansky the unheard of compensation of nearly $200,000. This was widely acknowledged as a precedent aimed at restricting the most basic rights of freedom of expression. Dr. Nudelman's brother Boris was also his partner in the Natan Sharansky research project and he died, overcome by the injustice of the trial. On Jan. 20, Dr. Nudelman met me at my home for an intense interview. He also gave me his book on Natan Sharansky and a thick stack of evidence which left me convinced of the veracity of his claims."

Tuesday  2/24/2009

topThe Most Influential (and Self-Promotional) Christian Zionist You've Never Heard Of  2/24/2009 IPS News 

Monday  2/23/2009

topThe Revolution will not be televised -- But you can watch the coup here  2/23/2009 BrassCheck TV: "Irish documentary film makers get behind the lines of a coup in progress. Venezuela is the fourth largest exporter of crude oil in the world. 80% of its population lives in poverty. The oil of Venezuela is state owned and was so before Chavez was elected. When Chavez announced a plan to distribute the state's oil revenue more equitably, all hell broke loose. "

ZIONIST DOG ATTACKS 100 YEAR OLD PALESTINIAN  2/23/2009 Desert Peace: on an Israeli peace blog

Reports from Israeli Human Rights Groups  2/23/2009 Human Rights in Gaza and Israel 

Sunday  2/22/2009

topIDF confirms army dog bit Palestinian during West Bank raid  2/22/2009 AP 

Paris marchers support Guadeloupe strikers  2/22/2009 AP 

"Israeli Apartheid Week": Carleton University Administration violates free expression - bans and confiscates posters  2/22/2009 Global Research: "On February 8, Students Against Israeli Apartheid at Carleton University put up 100 posters for "Israeli Apartheid Week", a series of lectures and public events that will occur on campuses in over 40 cities around the world. On February 9, these posters were taken down at the request of Carleton's Equity Services, under the rationale that the posters "could be seen to incite others to infringe rights protected in the Ontario Human Rights code" and are "insensitive to the norms of civil discourse in a free and democratic society" The poster was created by noted cartoonist Carlos Latuff and depicts a situation - a child being killed by aerial bombardment ? that occurred over 430 times in Israel's latest attack on Gaza according to United Nations reports. We encourage everyone to view the poster. Since it depicts a situation that has a factual basis and its intention is clearly to invite people to a lecture series, the notion that it is an incitement or a violation to norms of civil discourse is preposterous."

Prosecutor claims Iran/Contra whistleblower is a "danger" to society  2/22/2009 Narco News: "Iran/Contra whistleblower Celerino “Cele” Castillo III was scheduled to report to prison on March 5, but the power of justice has intervened on his behalf. A federal judge in San Antonio, at a hearing held late last week, ruled that Castillo's report date to prison should be extended until July 20. The judge, W. Royal Furgeson Jr., issued his ruling over the objections of a federal prosecutor, who argued that Castillo should be sent to prison because he was a “danger to the community.” The hearing was called by the judge to consider a motion to allow Castillo to remain free on bail through his appeal. The motion was filed by Castillo's current attorney, public defender Judy Fulmer Madewell."

After squalls in the Caribbean, Sarkozy faces a storm at home  2/22/2009 Observer: "The country's worst violence since the riots of 2005 saw youths burning cars and charging police night after night. This time the riots were not in the rundown estates that surround many French cities but in the poverty-stricken alleys of Pointe-à-Pitre, on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, where per capita income is half that of mainland France and the unemployment rate three times higher. The violence resonated with a tense and angry public in France itself. The 430,000 people of Guadeloupe are theoretically citizens of the republic like those of Lille, Lyon or Paris and, though many of the roots of the protests lie deep in the colonial past, the slogans and demands of the rioters were very contemporary, focusing on pouvoir d'achat, the famous lack of buying power in the face of high prices and stagnant wages that is the main grievance of all the French."

Les Guadeloupéens saluent la mémoire de Jacques Bino  2/22/2009 RF1: "Les hommages au défunt ont alterné avec les appels à poursuivre la grève générale. Le leader guadeloupéen du Collectif contre l’exploitation (LKP), Elie Domota, a pris la parole, rappelant que « l’heure est toujours à la mobilisation ». Jacques Bino est en quelque sorte devenu le martyr de la lutte syndicale, même si les circonstances de sa mort restent encore à éclaircir. Le moment le plus émouvant de la cérémonie a été celui de la fermeture du cercueil, quand la foule a entonné le chant des grévistes : « La Guadeloupe, c’est à nous, La Guadeloupe c’est pas à eux ». Ce fut un moment de communion pour les deux à trois mille personnes réunies qui ont gardé le poing levé jusqu’à la fin de leur chant."

Guadeloupe : Paris dit "statut", le LKP crie "faux débat"  2/22/2009 Rue 89: "Békés et "métro" ont en commun la couleur de la peau -blanche. Mais Elie Domota, leader du LKP, affirme qu'on "cherche à le discréditer en le taxant de racisme" alors que les békés concentrent près d'un quart des richesses pour 1% de la population: "Parler de société esclavagiste n'a rien à voir avec parler de couleur de peau." Sur place, pourtant, la question est loin d'être absente. C'est ce que montre le tollé suscité par un documentaire diffusé par Canal + le 30 janvier où l'on voit un béké octogénaire présenté comme "l'industriel le plus puissant de l'île" revendiquer "la pureté de la race". Mais c'est aussi ce que montrent les accusations contre les renforts policiers qui viendraient "casser du nègre"."

Saturday  2/21/2009

topAmerica unmasked: The KKK is alive and kicking in 2009, but shhh... don't talk about it  2/21/2009 Political Carnival 

Friday  2/20/2009

topBrooklyn Co-Op May Boycott Israeli Products  2/20/2009 CBS 

France pledges $730M to head off Caribbean riots  2/20/2009 CNN 

Remove Our Grandmother's Name from the Wall at Yad Vashem  2/20/2009 Countepunch: "Following the example of Jean-Moise Braitberg, we ask that our grandmother's name be removed from the wall at Yad Vashem. Her name is Gertrud Neumann. Your records state that she was born in Kattowitz on June 6, 1875 and died in Theresienstadt. M. Braitberg delivers his request with excellent reasons and eloquent personal testimony. His words are inspiring, but they give you – and those who stand with you - too much credit. I will instead be brief. Please take this as an expression of my disgust and contempt for your state and all it represents. Our grandmother was a victim of that very ideal of ethnic sovereignty in whose cause Israel has shed so much blood for so long. I was among the many Jews who thought nothing of embracing that ideal, despite the sufferings it had inflicted on our own race. It took thousands of Palestinian lives before, finally, I realized how foolish we had been."

More violence on third night of protests  2/20/2009 Jamaica Gleaner: "Rioters fired at police, stormed a city hall and burned several stores in a third night of violence on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, officials said yesterday, as France proposed to boost salaries to end the monthlong strike. More than 500 police were deployed overnight across the island, with dozens arriving by helicopter in the southern coastal town of Sainte-Anne, where youths had forced their way into the city hall. The building was not vandalised, although several businesses in the area were looted and set on fire, Mayor Richard Yacou said."

Tourists flee Guadeloupe as civil war looms  2/20/2009 Private post on "Protests have spread to a number of France’s other overseas territories, including neighbouring Martinique, where protesters have also taken to the streets with demands that are similar to those expressed in Guadeloupe. Demonstrations have been mounted in French Guyana, in South America and La Réunion, in the Indian Ocean, as well."

Thursday  2/19/2009

topGuadeloupe strikes: Shots fired at French security forces  2/19/2009 Telegraph: "The focus of the riots, which began on January 20, has shifted away from the immediate demands for better wages. Demonstrators are now demanding an end to domination of the economy by "Bekes," the local name for white families that trace their roots to the colonial landlords and sugar plantation slave owners of the 17th and 18th centuries. Racial strains have been aggravated by the strong position of traditional land owning families that possess as much as 90 per cent of its estimated wealth. Landowners also control the island's shops and food distribution networks, which are popularly believed to overcharge for imported goods, a situation that undercuts the value of state subsidies to the island. As the strike started, one prominent member of a Beke family, Alain Huyghues-Despointes fuelled public anger by criticising mixed-race marriages and stating a personal preference to "preserve his race." "

Wednesday  2/18/2009

topFrance sends police to quell Guadeloupe riots  2/18/2009 AFP: "Union representative Jacques Bino, aged in his 50s, was shot dead overnight when he drove up to a roadblock manned by armed youths in Pointe-a-Pitre, the island's main city."

Hundreds swarm Stanford's Antigua bank  2/18/2009 Reuters: "Hundreds of people lined up at Texas billionaire Allen Stanford's Antiguan bank on Wednesday seeking to withdraw funds, a day after the tycoon was charged with an $8 billion fraud. Two police officers stood watch at the Bank of Antigua at midmorning as at least 600 people stood in a line stretching around a street corner, despite assurances from regional monetary authorities that the bank had sufficient reserves."

Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Attorney General Eric Holder at the Department of Justice African American History Month Program  2/18/2009 US DOJ 

Tuesday  2/17/2009

topU.S. Intel Chief's Shocking Warning: Wall Street's Disaster Has Spawned Our Greatest Terrorist Threat  2/17/2009 Truthdig: ""Under the most extreme circumstances, this might include use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States. Further, DoD [the Department of Defense] would be, by necessity, an essential enabling hub for the continuity of political authority in a multi-state or nationwide civil conflict or disturbance," the document read."

Monday  2/16/2009

topIcy reception for repairmen  2/16/2009 Arkansas Leader: "Some 100 workers from Pennsylvania, about a third of them African Americans, came down to help the local electric cooperative restore power after the devastating ice storm last month took down just about every power pole in the county. They worked tirelessly clearing trees and putting up poles and lines in the ice and freezing rain to try to speed power to people. For their trouble, they were harassed and threatened by roving groups of young men shouting racial epithets and pointing guns at them. The county sheriff said the young men would drive around the work teams waving Rebel flags and cursing the blacks. The workers were frightened enough to contact the sheriff’s office in nearby Washington County."

Jacksons star in Nigeria resort row  2/16/2009 BBC: "One of pop superstar Michael Jackson's brothers, Marlon, is involved in a controversial plan to develop a $3.4bn (£2.4bn) slavery memorial and luxury resort in Badagry, Nigeria."

Israel launches covert war against Iran  2/16/2009 Telegraph, UK: "It is using hitmen, sabotage, front companies and double agents to disrupt the regime's illicit weapons project, the experts say. The most dramatic element of the "decapitation" programme is the planned assassination of top figures involved in Iran's atomic operations."

Saturday  2/14/2009

topAFRICOM official defends U.S. role in Ugandan mission  2/14/2009 Stars and Stripes: "Though a U.S. military-backed offensive against a band of Ugandan rebels has fallen under criticism for being poorly executed and leading to several hundred civilian deaths, blame for the slaughter should be directed at the rebel group that butchered as they fled Ugandan defense forces, according to a senior U.S. Africa Command leader."

Thursday  2/12/2009

topJudges Nabbed, Jailing Kids for Kickbacks  2/12/2009 Counterpunch: "The nation, these days, is filled with for-profit prisons, not just for holding kids, but for holding adults. Motels have been bought up by giant firms like Corrections Corporation of America and turned into minimum security prisons. We live in a society where greed knows no bounds, and where justice is just a word when it comes to poor people without resources. Based upon what Judge Sporkin says the enforcement people at the SEC discovered—that if you think of a scam, some criminal minds certainly have already thought of it and are doing it--I am willing to bet that if two judges in Pennsylvania could be found to have come up with a scam like this to earn themselves big bucks by putting kids away in private institutions for kickbacks, plenty of other judges are doing the same thing, both with kids and with adult prisoners."

Why the US cannot last in Afghanistan  2/12/2009 Daily Motion: Film of martydom operation against US troops which destroys a large building.

Wednesday  2/11/2009

topThe global collapse: a non-orthodox view  2/11/2009 Phillipine Daily Inquirer: "The most painful expression of the crisis of overproduction was global recession of the early 1980s, which was the most serious to overtake the international economy since the Great Depression, that is, before the current crisis. Capitalism tried three escape routes from the conundrum of overproduction: neoliberal restructuring, globalization, and financialization."

Church of England: Dumping Caterpillar  2/11/2009 Uruknet: "At the Jenin refugee camp in March/April 2002 Israel's massive, armoured D-9 Caterpillar bulldozers - driven by army reservists - worked non-stop for three days and nights. More than 300 homes in the densely packed camp were flattened. The bulldozer drivers were instant heroes and showered with medals for valour. One such driver did not get down from the cab of his Caterpillar for 75 hours straight. "For three days I just erased and erased... the entire area. I took down any house from which there was shooting. To take it down, I would take down several more. The soldiers warned with a speaker, that the tenants must leave before I came in, but I did not give anyone a chance. I did not wait… I would just ram the house with full power, to bring it down as fast as possible. I wanted to get to the other houses. To get as many as possible. Others may have restrained themselves, or so they say. Who are they kidding? Anyone who was there, and saw our soldiers in the houses, would understand they were in a death trap… I didn’t give a damn about the Palestinians, but I didn’t just ruin with no reason. It was all under orders."

Tuesday  2/10/2009

topThe Implications of Recognizing Israel's "Right to Exist"  2/10/2009 Counterpunch: "Has Khaled Abed Raboo not acknowledged Israel’s ‘existence’ when he stood outside what remained of his home in Jabaliya and a tank with Israeli soldiers ordered him, his mother, his wife and their three children to evacuate? And when they did so waving white flags, all three of his children shot? Had Mr. Abed Raboo not recognized Israel ‘existence’ when he saw Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers, only 15 meters away, shoot dead two of his daughters, age two and seven, and critically injure the third? Does witnessing one’s defenseless children being gunned down at close range, before one’s very eyes, not meet the standard of having accepted that Israel ‘exist'?"

Saturday  2/7/2009

topQassami Lion - Falastiness  2/7/2009 Daily Motion: Unusually detailed video of pics of wounded and dead Israelis in Gaza, set to Islamic music.

Interdit de Publication  2/7/2009 - La Voix des Opprimes: Same set of pics, in stills - "Les photos qui suivent sont interdites de publication car elles montrent la déroute de l'armée de terre sioniste à GAZA. En effet à part les bombardements laches & aveugles des avions, chars et de la marine au sol ils ont recu une lecon de la part des combattants Palestiniens; les soldats sionistes ne sont JAMAIS arrivé à rentrer dans la ville."

Friday  2/6/2009

topRahm Emanuel’s “other adversary” sidelined by top job  2/6/2009 Online Journal: "Taking Mrs. Clinton’s place in the Senate is Kirsten Gillibrand, a pro-business and centrist Democrat more to Emanuel’s liking than Caroline Kennedy. A dirty tricks campaign against the daughter of America’s 35th President helped to derail her candidacy and it is suspected by Beltway insiders that Emanuel held the “sins” of the father and grandfather of Kennedy against her. Those sins included President John Kennedy’s opposition to Israel having nuclear weapons and Joseph Kennedy’s dalliances with Hitler’s Germany while U.S. ambassador to London. Although he is ill from a malignant brain tumor, Senator Edward Kennedy is fighting mad over the political trashing of his niece and is aware that Emanuel may be behind it."

Desire to reconnect rekindles Vodou among younger Haitian-Americans  2/6/2009 Sun Sentinel 

US-Russia tensions escalate over closure of Afghan supply base  2/6/2009 Uruknet: "Finally, Cuban leader Raul Castro secured a $354 million aid package during an eight-day visit to Moscow, the first high-level contact between Russia and Cuba since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, which ended decades of Soviet subsidies to Havana. It is evident that Moscow sees renewed ties with Cuba—90 miles off US shores—as a rebuke to Washington’s own interventions in the former Soviet republics."

Thursday  2/5/2009

topTHE STORY THE MEDIA WON'T TOUCH  2/5/2009 Progressive Review 

Tuesday  2/3/2009

top"Fired Up, Can't Take It No More"  2/3/2009 Counterpunch: "Mehserle’s lawyer simultaneously suggested that Mehserle meant to deploy his Taser against Grant, while adding that he thought Grant was reaching for a gun. Again, both claims have been thoroughly discredited: Mehserle had removed his Taser, which bears no resemblance to his gun, from the opposite side of his belt earlier, and Grant was face-down with Pirone holding his neck, showing no signs of struggle. Moreover, if Grant were reaching for a gun, surely Mehserle would admit to purposefully pulling his own weapon. But there was a method to this madness, and it was this: Mehserle had to mention the Taser defense to leave open the possibility of a reduced charge, but he had to add that he thought Grant may be armed to leave open the possibility for a total acquittal under the tried-and-true police defense of “justifiable homicide.” Luckily, Judge Morris Jacobson noticed the ambiguity and wasn’t buying it: Mehserle, Jacobson acknowledged, did indeed represent a flight risk, and his contradictory story made him a potential danger to the community. However, under California guidelines, and since this was not a capital murder case, the judge nevertheless granted Mehserle a bail of $3 million. But concealed beneath this seemingly “technical” bail decision was a more important one: certainly, Mehserle has not been charged with a capital offense, but this is because he was white and a cop to begin with."

White supremacism lies at the root of the 'respectable' nativist right  2/3/2009 Crooks and Liars 

America Is Completely Broke, And Here We Are Funding Fantasy Wars at the Pentagon  2/3/2009 TomDispatch 


"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes


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