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5/30/05 - 7/31/2005

Sunday  7/31/2005

No se lo pierdan: "El Papa Benedicto XVI está preocupado por Chávez, dictador paranoico"  7/31/2005 Aporrea: "Hoy se repite la historia. “Estamos gobernados por un déspota paranoico”, dijo a EL TIEMPO el cardenal Castillo, en su primera réplica al ataque que le hizo recientemente el presidente Chávez . “Bandido y alcahueta”, le gritó el Presidente a Castillo, único purpurado de Venezuela. “Chávez es un castrista que se cree Bolívar”, le replica en este reportaje. El enfrentamiento no es un simple intercambio de agresiones verbales entre Presidente y Cardenal. Es el reflejo de un virtual rompimiento que se protocoliza en Venezuela entre la Iglesia y el Gobierno. En su última intervención por radio, en Aló, Presidente, el jefe de Estado dijo que el Cardenal era un “fariseo” y un “inmoral”. El cardenal, por primera vez, le responde y declara su alarma por lo que ocurre en Venezuela y asegura que no es personal sino que la comparte la Conferencia Episcopal Venezolana y llena de preocupación al papa Benedicto XVI. “El presidente Chávez es un dictador que no quiere a Colombia, que apoya la guerrilla y que quiere un estado comunista”, dice. Asegura que más que una bendición, el presidente Chávez “necesita un exorcismo”."

Venezuelans march for fair polls  7/31/2005 BBC 

Saturday  7/30/2005

UN admits Haiti force is not up to the job it faces  7/30/2005 Independent, UK: "International forces in Haiti are to be bolstered by hundreds of extra troops following an admission by the UN's top peacekeeping official that the soldiers it has are not sufficiently trained and equipped. The move comes amid mounting evidence that UN forces may have recently killed up to two dozen civilians."

Friday  7/29/2005

MACK VS. VENEZUELA  7/29/2005 Thomas Paine's Corner: "As some Latin American analysts complain that Washington has declared "electronic war" on Venezuela with a plan to target the country for special radio and television broadcasts, it remains uncertain whether the project will ever get off the ground."

Thursday  7/28/2005

topFBI seeks to probe senior Israeli diplomat in Pentagon spy case  7/28/2005 Haaretz: "The Federal Bureau of Investigation is demanding that Naor Gilon, head of the political department at the Israeli embassy in Washington, be interrogated in connection to the Pentagon spy case. It is possible the FBI will also want to interrogate other Israeli diplomats in connection with Pentagon analyst Lawrence Franklin, an Iran expert under investigation for allegedly passing classified documents to Israel via the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The American request was discussed a few weeks ago at an interministerial meeting in Jerusalem. The consensus was that neither Gilon nor other officials should be allowed to undergo investigation by the FBI but that Israel would be prepared to respond in writing to questions."

Wednesday  7/27/2005

topCondoleezza Rice at the Center of the Plame Scandal - The Source Beyond Rove  7/27/2005 Counterpunch: "In earlier findings in cases of reporters refusing to testify, DC Circuit Judge, David Tatel, a distinguished jurist known for his devotion to civil liberties and especially press freedoms, had stoutly maintained a federal privilege for the media, shielding it from being compelled to testify except under the most exceptional conditions. But in then later joining his colleagues in ordering Cooper and the New York Times' Judith Miller to testify, Tatel reviewed extensive secret information from the prosecutor, devoted eight blacked-out pages of his judgment to the material, and concluded that the privilege he had upheld throughout his career as a lawyer and judge had to give way before "the gravity of the suspected crime." No other element of the scandal bodes so ill for the Bush regime."

Safe from Attack? or Doomed After Next 9/11? Is Iran Being Set Up?  7/27/2005 Counterpunch: "There's a list of charges against Iran, just like there was against Iraq. If they happen, President Bush will explain the Iran attacks as strikes reluctantly undertaken, as a last resort, to protect Americans from terrorist threats emanating out of Iran. The STRATCOM guys will know that's not true, and have to live with the knowledge. Or else they can do what some have apparently done so far: speak out, if anonymously, and just maybe force their commanders to abort this criminal war against Iran."

Venezuela plans for oil income  7/27/2005 Financial Times: "Santander Investment, the Spanish bank, said in a report on Wednesday that Venezuela's fiscal policy did not show “any sign” of accountability. “This is likely to be reinforced by the change of the BCV law that will allow the government to accumulate approximately $17bn [between 2005 and 2006] to finance social programmes and public investments.” Much of that looks likely to be spent abroad, adding clout to Mr Chávez's foreign policy goal of extending his “socialist” economic model across Latin America. On Tuesday Mr Chávez suggested that the first tranche of the fund was already earmarked for Southern Cone countries. “The law authorises us to use [the money] only abroad. We want to use it, and invest part of the $6bn in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.” Last week Venezuela said it would buy as much as $500m in Ecuadorean sovereign bonds. Earlier this year, Venezuela bought $300m of Argentine debt and it is considering another $200m. One analyst said the parallel budget was designed to win wider political backing for Mr Chávez's critical stance against the US."

London bombs: Ready to strike again  7/27/2005 London Times: "It emerged last night that Ibrahim, 27, was granted a British passport despite a criminal record for violence. It also emerged that his parents identified him to police after CCTV pictures of him were released. He was jailed by Luton Crown Court for five years when he was 17 for being part of a gang that carried out a series of muggings at knifepoint at Hertfordshire railway stations. One former friend said that he turned to radical Islam while in prison. He qualified for early release in 1998 and is then alleged to have met Richard Reid, the jailed “shoe bomber”, at two London mosques. Reid, who was also a petty criminal, tried to blow up an airliner over the Atlantic in 2001."

Tick, Tick, Boom - In the wake of 7/7 the Brits are livid over their government’s intelligence failures. Just wait until they hear about ours.  7/27/2005 Radar Online: "While it remains unclear who spilled Khan’s name—the Americans blame the Pakistanis, and vice versa—the Times story created a panic in English and Pakistani law enforcement circles. Khan’s Al Qaeda buddies in both countries, upon learning that their friend was a double agent, quickly went into hiding. Both British and Pakistani officials were “furious” with the Americans for helping to unmask their spy, according to the New York Daily News, and the Brits had to launch a series of high-speed chases to catch Khan’s fleeing cabal. A senior Pakistani official told the Associated Press “this intelligence leak jeopardized our plan and some Al Qaeda suspects ran away.” Now back to 7/7. There was an important piece of information not revealed last August by either Tom Ridge or the Times. As ABC News reported after the London bombing, Khan’s laptop not only contained information about US financial centers, but also evidence that Al Qaeda was planning to target the London Tube. ABC, of course, forgot the clincher: How Bush’s leaky goon squad sabotaged a multinational operation to thwart what would ultimately become the successful London bombings of July 7, 2005."

Capacity crowds at Downing Street forums call for impeachment  7/27/2005 SF Bay View: "Hundreds of people were turned away today as capacity crowds packed public forums in U.S. cities to discuss the Downing Street Memo and related evidence that President Bush lied about the reasons for war. Halls were filled to capacity and beyond in LA, Oakland, Seattle, Detroit, Northampton, New York and elsewhere for events led by Congress members Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Jim McDermott, John Conyers and Maurice Hinchey."

Wave of protest condemns UN massacre of poor in Haiti - Protest campaign spreads to 5 countries and 15 cities  7/27/2005 SF Bay View 

Why the U.S. and France hate Haiti  7/27/2005 SF Bay View 

Tuesday  7/26/2005

top'Chavez TV' beams into South America  7/26/2005 Guardian: "Although Telesur is backed by the governments of Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay and Brazil, the driving force has been President Chavez, whose government has contributed 70% of Telesur's $10m (£5.7m) financing and owns 51% of the channel. Real power inside Telesur will rest on a seven-strong board of directors led by Venezuela's communications minister, Andres Izarra - "the Turner of Telesur" as he is dubbed, in reference to Ted Turner, founder of CNN."

Bin Laden Cocaine Plot Fell Through  7/26/2005 NY Post: "In April of this year, Afghan tribal leader Hajji Bashir Noorzai (search), who was one of the most wanted drug dealers in the world and previously had been identified as bin Laden's major heroin supplier, was busted in New York City on federal criminal charges."

Monday  7/25/2005

topZimbabwe's future: Made in China  7/25/2005 NYT 

Sunday  7/24/2005

topIn Zimbabwe, displaced return home to rubble - Residents wary of rebuilding after razings in slums  7/24/2005 Boston Globe: "For 14 years, Porta Farm was Musaruro's modest sanctuary in a cruel country. The community, about 20 miles west of Harare, the capital, had a school for her children and later her grandson. The Manyame River had yielded just enough fish each year to support a populace of more than 10,000. But on June 28, Musaruro watched helplessly as a government bulldozer smashed through her three-room house and a wooden cabin that together sheltered her family of nine. Then, the police trucked her and most other residents to a bleak camp miles away. According to news reports, the assault with heavy equipment left four people dead."

London: 'Shoot to kill, aim for the head'  7/24/2005 IOL, South Africa: "Blair expressed "deep regrets" over the killing of a 27-year-old Brazilian electrician, Jean Charles de Menezes, who was shot dead in error by police who suspected he was a suicide bomber."

Hard right  7/24/2005 uggabugga: "The clear message is that there should not be abortions even for those pregnancies caused by rape. That's not anywhere close to a mainstream view. How much does Roberts' wife believe it this stuff? How much does Roberts himself? Hard to say, but it looks like they are inclined to want to prevent abortion in all circumstances."

Saturday  7/23/2005

topZimbabwe opposition applauds UN report  7/23/2005 SABC: "The MDC says the crackdown was a punitive move against Zimbabwe's urban dwellers that have largely supported the opposition in elections since it was formed in 1999. Mugbe's government denies the charge, saying the drive was simply meant to remove slums that had become a haven for crime."

My Weekend in Chicago  7/23/2005 Strike The Root: "Whatever happened to the CBOE investigation of all the profits made by those who bought put options on airlines stocks before 9-11?" (You make money on put options when a stock goes down in price.) Her answered floored me. She said, "It probably would have been easy for us to find out who was behind the trades, but the government came in and told the CBOE president to stop the investigation." Just to make sure I heard her right, I said to her, "The government came in and told the CBOE president not to investigate?" She said, "Yeah, it was really strange."

‘Hands Off Assata’ meeting held  7/23/2005 Worker's World 

Friday  7/22/2005

topWhat Is the Plan If There's Another 9/11?  7/22/2005 Justin Logan: "The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney's office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional weapons, hence the nuclear option. As in the case of Iraq, the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States. Several senior Air Force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled at the implications of what they are doing--that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack--but no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections."

Black Congressional leadership drives demand for Downing Street Minutes investigation  7/22/2005 SF Bay View: "As some of you may have heard, many, many new organizations have joined us in our efforts or are about to join us in our efforts. Prominently, is collecting signatures for the letter. As of Friday morning, June 10, we topped a combined 500,000. At the end of May that number was zero. From zero to 500,000 in less than two weeks. Just think about that. (A million signatures are expected by Thursday.)"

Thursday  7/21/2005

topKissing the 4th Amendment Goodbye  7/21/2005 Whiskey Bar 

Wednesday  7/20/2005

topJuly 6, 2005: Haiti, the Gaza Strip of the Caribbean  7/20/2005 SF Bay View: “Two helicopters flew overhead. At 4:30 a.m., UN forces launched the offensive, shooting into houses, shacks, a church and a school with machine guns, tank fire and tear gas. Eyewitnesses reported that when people fled to escape the tear gas, UN troops gunned them down from the back.” – from a report by a San Francisco-based labor/human rights delegation that was in Haiti on Wednesday, July 6, when UN forces committed a massacre against the residents of the neighborhood of Cité Soleil"

Protest UN ‘peacekeeper’ massacres in Haiti  7/20/2005 SF Bay View: "According to the eyewitness account from a Haitian (who shall remain anonymous for this report) who was present in Cité Soleil during the operation and who did get some film footage of the operation as it unfolded, a very different picture emerges. Like the official UN account, he reported that UN forces surrounded Cité Soleil, sealing off the alleys with APCs and troops. He reported that not one, but two helicopters flew overhead. From this point on, his account diverges considerably from the official UN account. He reported that at 4:30 a.m., UN forces launched the offensive, shooting into houses, shacks, a church and a school with machine guns, APC cannons and tear gas. The eyewitness reported that when people fled to escape the tear gas, UN troops gunned them down from the back. UN forces shot out electric transformers in the neighborhood. People were killed in their homes and also just outside of their homes, on the way to work. According to this account, one man named Leon Cherry, 46, was shot and killed on his way to work for a flower company. Another man, Mones Belizaire, was shot as he got ready to go to work in a local sweatshop and subsequently died from a stomach infection. A woman who was a street vendor was shot in the head and killed instantly. One man was shot in his ribs while he was trying to brush his teeth. Another man was shot in the jaw as he left his house to try and get some money for his wife’s medical costs; he endured a slow death. Yet another man named Mira was shot and killed while urinating in his home. A mother, Sonia Romelus, and her two young children were killed in their home, reportedly by UN fire after UN forces lobbed a 83-CC gas grenade into their home. The video footage taken by this eyewitness during the operation shows many of these killings while they were occurring. While it does not show images of the UN troops as they were firing into the community, one can view at least 10 unarmed people either in the process of being killed or who were already killed."

Tuesday  7/19/2005

topBush Selects Conservative Judge to Replace O’Connor on Supreme Court  7/19/2005 Black America Web: "Black congressional leaders said Roberts’ overall conservative ideology and right-leaning judicial philosophy could threaten decades of civil rights protections for many black Americans and those who are disenfranchised."

Exploitation Akin to Modern-Day Slavery is Alive and Well in Florida  7/19/2005 Black America Web: "Police who raided the camp found 148 rocks of crack cocaine, 20 cases of beer and dozens of cases of cigarettes. Former workers, such as Will Anderson, told the Florida Times-Union that the drugs were basically used as payola to workers, most of whom were transported to the camp from homeless shelters and other flophouses from throughout the state to harvest cabbages in the middle of nowhere. Most were black men. Black men who couldn’t shake drug habits. Black men whose prior convictions made it tough for them to start over with a square job. Black men who were desperate. Yet, what those men found at the camp wasn’t a way to amass cash, but another prison."

Venezuela's Chavez lashes back at cardinal  7/19/2005 CNN: "The statements made by Chavez in Lima, Peru, where he was attending an Andean summit meeting, were released by his press office in Caracas on Monday. A day earlier, Cardinal Rosalio Castillo Lara said Chavez's administration "has seized control of all the branches of government" in Venezuela. The cardinal warned that "true democracy" does not exist in Venezuela, and said the president is steering the world's fifth largest oil exporter toward a Cuba-style dictatorship. "The only solution is democratic, which must involve the resistance of all the people," Castillo Lara said. The church has been one of the loudest critics of Chavez, a former paratroop commander and self-styled revolutionary. Chavez, in turn, has described the church leadership as a "tumor." Castillo Lara's comments came after Chavez on his weekly radio program accused the cardinal of siding with Venezuela's "coup-plotting" opposition while neglecting the poor. Chavez, a close ally of Cuban leader Fidel Castro who frequently tells his supporters that Jesus Christ was a socialist and anti-imperialist, called Castillo Lara "a bandit" who "has the devil inside him." Eduardo Fernandez, president of the Social Christian Party, criticized Chavez for "using vulgar and offensive language" in referring to "a respectable man who is adored by the Venezuelan people." After months of keeping a low profile, the country's highest body of Catholic leaders, the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, has recently renewed its criticism of Chavez and his left-leaning government."

Africa Channel set for September digital launch  7/19/2005 Hollywood Reporter: "Our network will serve an important cultural need while providing diverse, entertaining programming that demystifies Africa to the American television audience," said Africa Channel CEO James Makawa said. "We also want to highlight that there is a lot of good stuff going on in Africa." The channel's flagship series will include "Carte Blanche Africa," a weekly full-hour investigative program a la "60 Minutes"; reality shows "Big Brother Africa" and "All You Need is Love"; award-winning soaps "Generations" and "Isidingo"; as well as special annual events like modeling competition "M-Net's Face of Africa." Original series on the channel include "Conversations With Felicia," hosted by African talk show icon Felicia Mabuza-Suttle; "AfricaMusic!" a VJ-hosted music series; and "Africa Today," a half-hour weekday wrapup of news, features and lifestyle reports from the continent hosted by Doreen Morris and former ABC News correspondent Kenneth Walker."

Interior asks Congress for power to take Indian lands  7/19/2005 Indianz: "The Bush administration is once again asking Congress for authority to take "unclaimed" Indian lands and to eliminate its trust responsibility to tens of thousands of individual Indians. In a letter to the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, the Interior Department urged Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) to add provisions to a bill that is already on the Senate floor. Although the proposed changes were described as "technical," they would give the federal government powers that haven't been the subject of a hearing or prior public debate."

Where is Luis Posada?  7/19/2005 NarcoNews: "Bush senior was also Vice President of the United States when Posada “escaped” from a Venezuelan prison while being tried for the Cubana bombing. Posada resurfaced soon after his 1985 escape from Venezuela, as Ramon Medina, a chief player in the Iran-Contra affair,a grotesquerie hatched by the CIA and the Reagan-Bush Administration that helped fund itself by facilitating drug sales in the United States. In 1986, Bush family friend and lapdog, Elliot Abrams, lied stone-faced to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence about U.S. involvement in the "contra" affair, making sure to protect Bush senior: "Mr. Stokes asked whether denial of U.S. involvement included the Vice President. Mr. Abram’s said Mr. Gregg of the Vice President’s staff had introduced Mr. [Felix] Rodriguez to Salvadoran Air Force officials in 1984 to serve as an adviser on air/ground operations. Mr. Rodriguez’ actions since that time were on his own." Abrams has resurfaced as a chief adviser in the Bush junior administration. And Bush senior, as President, released Posada’s comrade-in-arms, Orlando Bosch, from federal detention in 1990. Now with the weight of all this history on him, and no doubt tremendous familial pressure, Bush junior must decide what to do with a 77-year-old terrorist who is really the living embodiment of a failed United States policy of decades past. The federal government transported Posada to El Paso, Texas, where he is to have a bond hearing on July 25. We are unable to go into any further detail, but credible information has it that Posada is no longer in El Paso. Additionally, two separate calls to the detention facility supposedly holding Posada yielded differing information concerning his upcoming bond hearing. During a call this morning, employees said that the bond hearing set for the 25th will be accomplished electronically, with neither Posada nor his attorney to be present. Later in the day, however, a second call to the detention center yielded the information that Posada was “most definitely” at that facility and that he would be present for the bond hearing next Monday. Bill Conroy, well known to regular readers of Narco News and the Narcosphere, said that he checked with sources on the inside and could not confirm that Posada had been moved. But one of his sources said that “it would not be a big surprise if Posada were moved. They could move him on a whim, claiming he was under threat or for some national security pretense. [The government] want[s] to control [Posada] as much as [it] can without killing him.” "

Tancredo: No apology - He believes bombing of Muslim holy sites has been discussed  7/19/2005 Rocky Mountain News: "Facing mounting criticism, Rep. Tom Tancredo on Monday refused to apologize for suggesting the United States could target Muslim holy sites if radical Islamic terrorists set off multiple nuclear attacks in American cities."

President Chavez denounces Venezuelan cardinal as coup-mongering "bandit"  7/19/2005 Vheadlines 

Chavez Stokes Confrontation Over U.S. Role in Venezuela  7/19/2005 Washington Post: ""When the president talks, it is not a joke," said Mary Pili Hernandez, a senior Foreign Ministry official. "The only country Venezuela has bad relations with is the United States; with all other countries we have good or very good relations. But with just one word, the U.S. could resolve all of the problems. That word is 'respect.' " Chavez asserts that the 21st-century equivalent of the Cold War is the developed world's thirst for oil -- and its attempts to manipulate weaker governments to secure it. Oil-rich Venezuela sells 60 to 65 percent of its crude oil to the United States, making it the fourth-largest oil supplier to the U.S. market. This year, near-record-high oil prices have helped Chavez finance a variety of social programs that he vows will make the country more independent of U.S. influence. Observers say the oil revenue also has emboldened Chavez's foreign policy strategy. He has recently inked oil agreements with Argentina, Brazil and his Caribbean neighbors, and has launched efforts to strengthen ties with China through oil accords."

Buffalo, N.Y., activists rally against KKK racism  7/19/2005 Worler's World: "For months, African-American families in the Seneca-Babcock neighborhood of Buffalo have withstood smashed windows, thrown bricks, racist slurs and death threats--from gangs of white racist youth. KKK graffiti deface the neighborhood. A brutal beating of members of an African-American family was the last straw. They wanted to fight back, and reached out to anti-racist activists."

Monday  7/18/2005

topFederal Leak Case Has Formidable Grand Jury -- It’s Mainly Black Women  7/18/2005 Black America News: "Kymberly Smith, a black California prosecutor, said America’s justice system is plagued by stereotypes, and those of black women are certainly no exception. She echoed Jones' contention that, although it’s noteworthy that a high-profile grand jury consisted of black women who were knowledgeable about the issue, it's not a huge revelation."

Saturday  7/16/2005

topWar Protester Pulled from Oswego County Parade, Arrested  7/16/2005 Syracuse Post Standard: "Oswego County Sheriff Reuel Todd said Davies was arrested because he was a spectator who jumped into the middle of the parade. "He was not entered in the parade," Todd said. "We had a complaint that he disrupted the parade," Todd added. "He was arrested and released on an appearance ticket." "

Thursday  7/14/2005

topBlack Congressional Leadership Drives Demand for Downing Street Minutes Investigation  7/14/2005 Black Commentator 

La última expedición contra Palmares  7/14/2005 Patria Grande: "El cazador de indios, matador de muchas leguas de indios, nació de madre india. Habla guaraní y portugués casi nada. Domingos Jorge Velho es capitán de mamelucos de San Pablo, mestizos que han sembrado el terror en medio Brasil en nombre de los señores coloniales y para feroz exorcismo de la mitad de su sangre."

Muslim Lecturer Sentenced To Life - Followers Trained For Armed Jihad  7/14/2005 Washington Post: "A man convicted for what he said -- words that prosecutors said incited his followers to train for violent jihad against the United States -- had a few more things to say yesterday in a federal courtroom in Alexandria before he was sentenced to life in prison. Ali Al-Timimi, a prominent Muslim spiritual leader, delivered an impassioned statement in which he asserted his innocence, read the preamble to the U.S. Constitution and said his religious beliefs do not recognize "secular law." He then compared himself to the Greek philosopher Socrates, who was sentenced to death for corrupting the young and dishonoring the gods of Athens."

Wednesday  7/13/2005

topHands Off Assata Seeks to Educate Black Community About Shakur Case  7/13/2005 Black America Web 

Vice-President Responds to Otto Reich, Denies Venezuela is “Cubanizing”  7/13/2005 Venezuela Analysis: "Holding up statistics that showed that in the first semester of 2005 Venezuelan authorities seized double of the amount of drugs that were confiscated during the corresponding time period in 2004, Rangel toyed with, and then dismissed, the idea that the US ambassador to Venezuela did not have access to this information. “This [lack of information] is not the custom among these ambassadors,” he affirmed, adding that “generally U.S. ambassadors have good information in the countries in which they are present.” The Venezuelan Vice President went on to add that these statistics “reveal that there is efficient work on the part of Venezuelan authorities and that, in second place, I must say that due to agreements with the U.S. there are twelve offices of the DEA operating in the national territory, the majority in Caracas.” Rangel then alleged that Brownfield’s statements prove that he is taking an active role in the U.S. orchestrated “campaign” intended to “strike Venezuela in the fight against drug trafficking.” "

Tuesday  7/12/2005

topCoverup of the Number of US Soldiers Killed in Iraq  7/12/2005 El Diario, Puerto Rico: "Official US. government reports on soldiers under US command killed in Iraq are so fragmented that they account for less than half of the total number, according to information uncovered as part of an inquiry by the Government of Puerto Rico regarding the total number of Puerto Rican war casualties. This analysis was confirmed by El Diario/La Prensa's review of multiple documents, including official reports issued by the US Department of Defense, the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior and more than 230 battlefront reports, which reveal that more than 4,076 troops under US command have been killed in 799 days of battle. This information contrasts markedly with the limited information on casualties generally issued by US military authorities, which focus only on US uniformed troops. These total 1,649. Military affairs expert Jose Rodriguez Beruff from the University of Puerto Rico said that the figures showing more than 4,000 dead indicate that, far from winning the war in Iraq, "what is happening is that the troops are being worn down." He said that traditional theorists calculate that for an armed invading force to win a guerrilla war, its casualties should be one to ten of its enemy's. In this case, that would require 40,000 casualties among the insurgents. In addition, Rodriguez Reduff warned that the reports should be reviewed on an ongoing basis, as he suspects that the number of casualties is even higher."

UNESCO ratifies Osun Grove on heritage list this week  7/12/2005 Guardian, Nigeria: "AT it's 29th session which kicked of in Durbai, South Africa yesterday the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee (WHC) is expected to officially ratify Osun Grove in Osun State as a global heritage site."

Monday  7/11/2005

topBomb Wounds 14 in Trinidad's Capital  7/11/2005 AP 

A Colorful Farewell for the Chief of Chiefs  7/11/2005 NYT 

Thursday  7/7/2005

topArt Form: Erzulie - The Goddess of Love in the Haitian religion by Mari Hall  7/7/2005 Black Commentator 

Haitian Elections: No Voters, No Problem  7/7/2005 Black Commentator 

Israel Warned United Kingdom About Possible Attacks  7/7/2005 Stratfor 

Wednesday  6/29/2005

topDown to the Wire  6/29/2005 Foreign Affairs: "In the first three years of the Bush administration, the United States dropped from 4th to 13th place in global rankings of broadband Internet usage. Today, most U.S. homes can access only "basic" broadband, among the slowest, most expensive, and least reliable in the developed world, and the United States has fallen even further behind in mobile-phone-based Internet access. The lag is arguably the result of the Bush administration's failure to make a priority of developing these networks. In fact, the United States is the only industrialized state without an explicit national policy for promoting broadband."

American Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan  6/29/2005 Washington Post: "A large U.S. military helicopter crashed Tuesday afternoon while carrying at least 16 American troops to reinforce a counterterrorism mission in eastern Afghanistan, U.S. officials confirmed. The fate of those on board was not immediately known, and the area of the crash was rugged and hilly. Afghan officials said the CH-47 Chinook helicopter was hit by a rocket while flying over Konar province, near the Pakistani border. A purported spokesman for the Taliban Islamic militia asserted responsibility for the attack. A U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter lands in the Shah-e-Kot mountains, 25 kilometers (15 miles) southeast of Gardez, Afghanistan in this March 15, 2002 file photo. A U.S. CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter crashed Tuesday June 28, 2005 while flying troops into eastern Afghanistan, and the fate of those on board was not immediately known, the military said. Military officers in the United States said initial indications were that the helicopter had been brought down by enemy fire. "There's certainly potential for some casualties," one senior officer acknowledged." Konar province has served as a refuge for several armed groups that have mounted sporadic attacks against U.S. and Afghan forces during the past several years. Loyalists of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a former Afghan minister who is now a fugitive opponent of the U.S.-backed government in Kabul, are reportedly operating in the territory." [Too blatant to be listed as an accident? Hekmatyar was formerly the CIA's golden boy against the Russians and headed a large narcotics trafficking network, much like Posada Carriles and Felix Rodriguez.]

Tuesday  6/28/2005

topTransAfrica: African Children Sold Into Slavery Used to Produce Cocoa  6/28/2005 Black America Web 

The Not-So-Long Gray Line  6/28/2005 NYT: "And now, from what I've heard from friends still in the military and during the two years I spent reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan, it seems we may be on the verge of a similar exodus of officers. The annual resignation rate of Army lieutenants and captains rose to 9 percent last year, the highest since before the Sept. 11 attacks. And in May, The Los Angeles Times reported on "an undercurrent of discontent within the Army's young officer corps that the Pentagon's statistics do not yet capture." ...A couple of weeks ago, I got an e-mail message from another West Point lieutenant; he was writing from a laptop in a bunker somewhere in Iraq. "I'm getting out as soon as I can," he wrote. "Everyone I know plans on getting out, with a few exceptions. What have you got to look forward to? If you come back from a tour of getting the job done in war, it's to a battalion commander who cares more about the shine on your boots and how your trucks are parked in the motor pool than about the fitness of your unit for war." ...Now, however, the Pentagon has run out of fixes; the only choices appear to be going back to the draft or scaling back our military ambitions. The problem the Army created in Vietnam has never really been solved. If you keep faith with soldiers and tell them the truth even when it threatens their beliefs, you run the risk of losing them. But if you peddle cleverly manipulated talking points to people who trust you not to lie, you won't merely lose them, you'll break their hearts."

Chief of chiefs dies at meeting - He was trying to get Indians, cops together  6/28/2005 Time Picayune, LA: "Allison "Tootie" Montana, one of the most revered Big Chiefs to emerge from the century-old street culture of Mardi Gras Indians, suffered a fatal heart attack while speaking at a special New Orleans City Council meeting to discuss the St. Joseph's night confrontation between Indians and police. ...Montana was stricken as he recounted run-ins with police stretching back several decades. He was not scheduled to appear at the long-awaited hearing, but he insisted on speaking out of his devotion to Indian life and a desire to smooth over the recently frayed relations with law enforcement. Montana was among the first speakers after brief opening comments by Police Superintendent Eddie Compass. Montana's last words were, "I want this to stop," apparently referring to the cultural miscommunication that disrupted the Indian gathering March 19 at LaSalle Street and Washington Avenue. Participants complained that the traditional gathering was dispersed by police, some of whom were verbally and physically abusive."

Venezuela to Prove It Has World’s Largest Oil Reserves  6/28/2005 Venezuela Analysis: "The production of synthetic crude has lead Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez to argue that the country’s estimated 78 billion barrels in conventional reserves should be coupled with an estimated 238 billion barrels of extra-heavy crude in the nation’s Orinoco Oil Belt, resulting 55 billion barrels more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia’s, making Venezuela the oil-richest nation on the planet. If the study confirms PdVSA’s and Chávez’ accounts, it is expected that Venezuela’s influence in OPEC, will not only increase but also bring about a shift in power within the organization – one in which Venezuela exerts more authority and assumes a much greater leadership role."

Monday  6/27/2005

topSatellite Imagery of Iraq  6/27/2005 Iraq War 

Sunday  6/26/2005

topBush warns Blair he must boost UK forces  6/26/2005 Scotsman: "Scotland on Sunday revealed last month that Blair is preparing to rush thousands more British troops to Afghanistan in a bid to stop the country sliding towards civil war, amid warnings the coalition faces a "complete strategic failure" in the effort to rebuild the nation. The grim prognosis was underlined last night by Afghanistan's defence minister, who warned that Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network was regrouping and planned to bring Iraq-style bloodshed to the country. Rahim Wardak warned of the threat as the Taliban said they had captured 11 Afghan troops, a senior policeman and a district chief in a district of Kandahar where US and Afghan forces staged an anti-guerrilla operation just days earlier. Britain's military chief in Kabul last week confirmed that the 8,000-strong UK presence in Iraq would be scaled down to enable more troops to be diverted to the struggle against a resurgent Taliban."

Saturday  6/25/2005

topUN warns about Afghan instability  6/25/2005 BBC 

Thursday  6/23/2005

topMeet Carlos Rosero, Process of Black Communities in Colombia (PCN), Dorchester, MA  6/23/2005 AfroCubaWeb 

Dans le berceau du vaudou  6/23/2005 Le Monde: "En face de ces multiplicités de monothéismes agressifs, les religions yoroubas ont un esprit serein, rassurant, et ne sont pas assombries par la crainte de l'enfer."

Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance” Returns to the Internet  6/23/2005 NarcoNews: "After an Arduous Journey, the Historic Document About U.S.-Sponsored Narco-Trafficking Finds a New Home"

Wednesday  6/22/2005

topEntrevista a Philip Agee, ex agente de la CIA El carácter de la intervención de los servicios secretos estadounidenses en Venezuela  6/22/2005 Jiribilla 

Guilty in Miss. - 41 years later  6/22/2005 Newsday 

Conyers blasts Washington Post coverage of Downing Street hearing  6/22/2005 SF Bay View: by Congressman John Conyers Jr

Tuesday  6/21/2005

topAfter Downing Street  6/21/2005 

Bush's Lonely Campaign Against Chavez  6/21/2005 Counterpunch 

Can the Anti-War Movement Impeach Bush?  6/21/2005 Counterpunch 

The Downing Street Memo  6/21/2005 cleanance house on this topic

Sunday  6/19/2005

topOHIO SCANDAL - Allegations arose before '04 election - Democrats say Noe case concealed to assist  6/19/2005 Toledo Blade: "At the same time - beneath the surface and out of public view - allegations were swirling that Tom Noe had laundered contributions into President Bush's campaign, and facts were emerging that the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation had lost $215 million meant for injured workers in a Bermuda hedge-fund. Now, more than six months later, those bombshells have created the biggest state government scandal in decades in Ohio. Democrats are charging that Republican leaders suppressed the potentially explosive information until all the votes were counted to save the President's re-election campaign. The Blade has learned that the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Ohio knew of the campaign-finance allegations against Mr. Noe about three weeks before the November, 2004, election, giving it little time to do a thorough investigation."

Saturday  6/18/2005

topNew US move to spoil climate accord  6/18/2005 Observer, UK: "Extraordinary efforts by the White House to scupper Britain's attempts to tackle global warming have been revealed in leaked US government documents obtained by The Observer. These papers - part of the Bush administration's submission to the G8 action plan for Gleneagles next month - show how the United States, over the past two months, has been secretly undermining Tony Blair's proposals to tackle climate change. The documents obtained by The Observer represent an attempt by the Bush administration to undermine completely the science of climate change and show that the US position has hardened during the G8 negotiations. They also reveal that the White House has withdrawn from a crucial United Nations commitment to stabilise greenhouse gas emissions."

Enlisting In The American (Confederate) Army  6/18/2005 The Touchstone 

Thursday  6/16/2005

topThe Real American Gulag - Torture in U.S. Prisons: Common, Lethal, Unreported  6/16/2005 Counterpunch 

Wednesday  6/15/2005

topAfter fracas, Conyers heads back to Capitol with Downing Street  6/15/2005 Raw Story: "On Thursday June 16, 2005, Rep. John Conyers, Jr., Ranking Member of House Judiciary Committee, and other Democratic Members will hold a Democratic hearing to hear testimony concerning the Downing Street Minutes and the efforts to cook the books on pre-war intelligence."

Tuesday  6/14/2005

topVenezuela beefs up military role in mining state  6/14/2005 Reuters: "Venezuela is reinforcing its military presence in a vast southeast mining state where widespread illegal extraction of gold and diamonds is threatening to destroy virgin forest and poison rivers, officials said Tuesday. An order from President Hugo Chavez published in the government gazette this week dismantled the regional National Guard command in Bolivar state and replaced it with a beefed-up armed forces command including air force and naval units. The National Guard commander in Bolivar, Gen. Alberto Betancourt Nieves, was sacked following allegations from small miners that his men were demanding weekly extortion payments in gold to let clandestine diggings go unhindered."

Monday  6/13/2005

topMwaaaaaaa... Mommy, the civil rights group called me a bad name!  6/13/2005 America Blog: "Anyway, it's true - one of the lead voices of the civil rights movement, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has for the first time branded some religious right groups "hate groups." This is a monumental occasion, I'm really serious. And it's obviously freaking the religious right out that more and more mainstream civil rights advocates are correctly putting them in the same category as the Klan and Aryan Nations."

US behind Bolivia crisis - Chavez  6/13/2005 bbc 

Friday  6/10/2005

topPhotos: Senior US Officials Cozy up to Dictator Who Boils People Alive  6/10/2005 Memory Hole 

Reports Purged From the Website of the Civil Rights Commission  6/10/2005 Memory Hole 

Wednesday  6/8/2005

topDeep Throat, Bob Woodward and the CIA - Strange Bedfellows  6/8/2005 Counterpunch 

Tuesday  6/7/2005

topPresident Bush, With the Candlestick…  6/7/2005 Consortium News: "The clues are falling into place, pointing to the incontrovertible judgment that George W. Bush willfully misled the United States into invading Iraq, in part, by eliminating the possibility of the peaceful solution that he pretended to want."

US Denies French Fighters Emergency Landing Rights  6/7/2005 Counterpunch 

US Denies French Fighters Emergency Landing Rights  6/7/2005 Counterpunch 

UNHCR urges aid for displaced people in Colombia's south-west  6/7/2005 Reuters 

Sunday  6/5/2005

topWashington pressed to consider re-sending US forces to Haiti  6/5/2005 AFP 

Friday  6/3/2005

topThe Facts Don't Matter - Bombing Iran  6/3/2005 Counterpunch 

Tattoo on my Heart - The Warriors of Wounded Knee 1973  6/3/2005 

Thursday  6/2/2005

topIndia to connect Iran LNG with crude oil  6/2/2005 Indian Express 

Iran intelligence gaining foothold in US?  6/2/2005 Iran Focus: "“Aside from renewing the ineffective economic sanctions against Iran, Section 302 of the bill provides for support for groups opposing the current Iranian regime,” the message added. “Since Representative Ros-Lehtinen is one of the strongest supporters in Congress of the MKO/MEK, one assumes that this proposed appropriation is designed to go to them, at least in part. The Human Rights Watch report on the MKO/MEK would seem to disqualify them from funding under the provisions of the bill.” Ros-Lehtinen, who chairs the Middle East and Central Asia sub-committee in the House of Representatives, has been supportive of Iranian exiles’ efforts to bring about fundamental change in Iran. In an interview after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq, Ros-Lehtinen said of the MeK, “In no meeting or briefing I have ever attended has anyone called this group an anti-U.S., terrorist organization.” She said there was “wide support” in Congress for the MeK and that it will be “one of the leading groups in establishing secular government in Iran.”" [Ros-Lehtinen is a right wing rep from Florida]

Wednesday  6/1/2005

topOil: Caveat Empty  6/1/2005 Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: "WITHOUT ANY PRESS conferences, grand announcements, or hyperbolic advertising campaigns, the Exxon Mobil Corporation, one of the world's largest publicly owned petroleum companies, has quietly joined the ranks of those who are predicting an impending plateau in non-OPEC oil production. Their re-port, The Outlook for Energy: A 2030 View, forecasts a peak in just five years. In the past, many who expressed such concerns were dismissed as eager catastrophists, peddling the latest Malthusian prophecy of the impending collapse of fossil-fueled civilization. Their reliance on private oil-reserve data that is unverifiable by other analysts, and their use of models that ignore political and economic factors, have led to frequent erroneous pronouncements. They were countered by the extreme optimists, who believed that we would never need to think about such problems and that the markets would take care of everything. Up to now, those who worried about limited petroleum supplies have been at best ignored, and at worst openly ridiculed."

Members push tougher line on Iran  6/1/2005 The Hill: "A bill by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) on Iran had attracted 263 co-sponsors before the recess - well beyond a majority of 218 needed to pass the House. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), a possible presidential candidate in 2008, has introduced a companion bill that is identical to the version by Ros-Lehtinen. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) recently signed on to the bill, which also has substantial Republican support - including Chief Deputy Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.)."

Tuesday  5/31/2005

topHugo Chavez vs. America  5/31/2005 Christian Broadcasting Network 

Critics fear base closures will split U.S. - Pentagon plan to expand in South raises concerns  5/31/2005 Lansing State Journal 

Bush meets prominent opponent of Venezuela's Chavez  5/31/2005 Reuters: "President Bush met a prominent opponent of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the White House on Tuesday in a show of support that could anger the firebrand leader of a major U.S. oil supplier. Maria Corina Machado, a founder of Sumate, a citizens rights organization, helped promote an August referendum against Chavez and still faces a possible jail term of up to 16 years along with her colleague Alejandro Plaz. Called a "traitor" by Chavez, she was accused by a Venezuelan state prosecutor last year of conspiracy after her organization received a grant from the U.S. Congress-funded National Endowment for Democracy, which promotes democracy. ...The meeting with Bush brought furious reaction from pro-Chavez lawmakers in the Venezuelan National Assembly. "There they are sitting together, holding hands, smiling, one hiding a terrorist and the other backing a coup," said lawmaker Cilia Flores, who called for Machado's prosecution."

Monday  5/30/2005

topAmerican justice and democracy: man released from prison after 35 years for TV theft  5/30/2005 Black News Weekly: "Junior Allen! Where's the first place you're going when you get out of prison? "I am getting the Hell outta of North Carolina!""

Chavez slams 'negative' U.S. move over Cuban exile  5/30/2005 Reuters: "Left-winger Chavez, a fierce critic of President Bush, expressed disappointment at the U.S. decision on Friday to reject Venezuela's request that Posada be arrested for extradition. "They've given a sign, a negative one," Chavez said. "It's a worrying sign," he said during a cabinet meeting broadcast live on state television. Venezuela plans to deliver a formal extradition request for Posada to U.S. authorities on Tuesday. Chavez accused Bush, whom he mockingly referred to as "Mr Danger," of "sheltering a terrorist." The U.S. government told Venezuela on Friday its request that Posada be arrested for extradition was "clearly inadequate," because it lacked supporting evidence. Chavez scoffed at this. "And what about those CIA and FBI documents that you have over there, Mr Danger? ... You know the truth much more than we do," he said. He was referring to declassified U.S. intelligence documents which cite informants as saying that Posada, who once worked with Venezuela's security services, had plotted to bomb a Cuban airliner with other Cuban exiles."


"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes


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