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Archive 2/06 - 4/06

The Case of the Cuban Five - Honor and Injustice  4/27/2006 Counterpunch 

Fidel ordered Chávez's 'rescue'  4/27/2006 Progresso Weekly: "Fidel Castro (FC):Well, yes. There we have another Indian, Hugo Chávez, a new Indian who is, as he himself says, "an Indian mixture," mestizo, with a little white, he says. But you look at Chávez and you see an autochthonous son of Venezuela, the son of a Venezuela that itself is a mixture. But he has all those noble features and an exceptional, truly exceptional talent. I make it a point to listen to his speeches. He feels proud of his humble origin, of his mixed ethnic background, which has a little of everything, mainly of those who were autochthonous people or slaves brought from Africa, with a mixture of Indian origin. That's the impression. Maybe he has some white genes, and that's not bad. The combination always is good, it enriches humanity, the combination of the so-called ethnic backgrounds."

Bush's Hypocrisy: Cuban Terrorists  4/26/2006 Consortium News: "This double standard was underscored again in early April when a Spanish-language Miami television station interviewed notorious Cuban terrorist Orlando Bosch, who offered a detailed justification for the 1976 mid-air bombing of a Cubana Airlines flight that killed 73 people, including the young members of the Cuban national fencing team. As usual, Bosch refused to admit guilt, but his chilling defense of the bombing – and the strong evidence that has swirled around his role – leave little doubt of his complicity, even as he lives in Miami as a free man. Another Cuban exile, Luis Posada Carriles, also has been tied to the bombing, but the Bush administration has so far rebuffed Venezuela’s extradition request for him, since he sneaked into the United States in 2005. But there’s really nothing new about these two terrorists – and other violent right-wing extremists – getting protection from the Bush family. For three decades, both Bosch and Posada have been under the Bush family’s wing, starting with former President George H.W. Bush (who was CIA director when the airline bombing occurred in 1976) and including Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and President George W. Bush. The evidence points to one conclusion: the Bushes regard terrorism – defined as killing civilians for a political reason – as justified in cases when their interests match those of the terrorists. Moral clarity against terrorism only applies when the Bush side disagrees with the terrorists."

El triángulo invisible del siglo XX cubano: raza, literatura y nación  4/15/2006 Temas: PDF, 225kb, by Roberto Zurbano, Ensayista, Casa de las Américas

Cuba Expels Diplomat for Alleged Spying  4/14/2006 AP 

Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch and the Downing of Cubana Flight 455 A Glimpse into the Mind of a Terrorist  4/11/2006 Counterpunch: "Orlando Bosch: If I tell you that I was involved, I will be inculpating myself . . . . and if I tell you that did not participate in that action, you would say that I am lying. I am therefore not going to answer one thing or the other."

Cuba claims drug war victory, without US help  4/9/2006 Reuters 

Despite 'El Bloqueo,' Americans Go to Cuban Medical School  3/31/2006 Pacific News 

Cuban Medical Brigade attended to 73% of earthquake victims in Pakistan  3/27/2006 Granma 

Sponsor of terrorism: the United States  3/24/2006 Wayne Madsen: "Imagine a group of five CIA officers dispatched to a foreign country to investigate and report on an Al Qaeda cell planning a series of major bombings in the United States, including hotel and shopping mall bombings. Then, imagine the outcry if the five CIA agents were arrested by the nation where they were assigned and hit with trumped up charges, found guilty before a kangaroo court, and sentenced to life terms in prison for espionage. The United States would demand revenge and likely take military action against the host country. The harboring of terrorists was the justification used by the Bush administration to attack Afghanistan. The above scenario is exactly what occurred to five Cuban intelligence agents dispatched to Miami to report on the activities of Cuban exiled terrorists who were planning a series of terrorist bombings against foreign tourists and Cuban civilians in Cuba during the 1990s."

A former aide spills the dirt on Fidel Castro  3/23/2006 Miami Herald 

Mi Cubanidad  3/11/2006 Un Bohio: published 10/05, nice column - "My worldview was tinted by that dogmatic brain-washing (heavy on the bleach) until 26 March, 2000 when I had the good fortune of encountering the indomitable Dr. Alberto Jones, a generous Guantanamero, in the historic chapel of my alma mater. Dr. Jones is a fascinating man whose energy belies his actual age. A defiantly and politely proud patriot, he also takes great pride in his Jamaican ancestry. I have taken great pride in passing along quite a few of Dr. Jones' columns and essays over the years. Among the things I am grateful for about our friendship, the one thing that stands out the most is the opening of what is an ever-increasing devotion to freethinking and truth seeking. A price tag cannot ever be put on that gift and I will be ever grateful for it. The times when I have heard an African-American express any opinion about Fidel Castro, most of the time, the opinion that is expressed is one based on that individual’s perception of a certain significant level of respect he or she has for the Cuban leader. This perception of Castro is often muddied by the incessant and confusing demonizing of him and his initiatives as practiced by both this country’s corporate media and successive administrations in Washington, D.C. Thus, the question that logically follows is “what are we missing about Castro when it comes to skin color?”"

Anti-Castro Sign at Ballgame Causes Stir  3/10/2006 AP 

Limits on Religious Travel to Cuba Questioned  3/6/2006 Washington Post: "More than 100 members of Congress have signed a letter to Treasury Secretary John Snow questioning changes in his department's rules that have halted the ability of some religious organizations to travel to Cuba. "We understand the complicated political reality that exists between the United States and Cuban governments," reads the March 3 letter spearheaded by Reps. James P. McGovern (D-Mass.), Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Barbara Lee (D) of California. "However, we believe it is inappropriate and unacceptable for politics and government to serve as a hurdle and now as a barrier to faith-based connections between individuals. If anything, these connections foster greater religious freedom in Cuba and contribute to a severely-lacking free-flowing exchange of ideas between the two countries," the letter states."

Majlis speaker: Iran determined to bolster cooperation with Cuba  2/19/2006 IRNA 

Cuba winks at `back-door travelers' from U.S.  2/19/2006 LA Times: "Backdoor travelers usually play down the hazards, but the U.S. government managed to ferret out about 500 of them between January and October last year."

Miami-Dade detective hopes her father's 1977 murder is solved  2/18/2006 Miami Herald:  "For 29 years it has been this way. A father frozen in time. A daughter frustrated by unanswered questions. A detective who cannot solve the one murder mystery that matters most: the assassination of her father, Cuban exile leader Juan Jose Peruyero, on the streets of Little Havana in 1977… Police also took note of Peruyero's politics. Ardently anti-Castro, he had spoken out against terrorist activities and a year earlier had lost control of the Bay of Pigs veterans' association. Milian, who lost his legs in the attack on him, told police at the time that Peruyero had called him the night before the shooting to tell him he'd discovered new information about the bombing. The two men were set to meet the day of Peruyero's murder, Milian told police."

Stop the Threats Against Venezuela and Cuba  2/18/2006 Thug Life Army: "On Saturday, April 8th, thousands of people from cities up and down the East Coast and Midwest will travel by bus and car caravan to march on the White House. This demonstration comes at a critical time as the Bush administration is moving aggressively to overthrow the democratically elected government of Venezuela, while it initiates new provocations against the people of Cuba. The ANSWER Coalition has joined with many other organizations to form the April 8th: Hands Off Venezuela and Cuba Coalition. We are urging progressive organizations and local organizing/transportation centers that have brought antiwar demonstrators to Washington, DC in the past years to mobilize."

Cuba defend Iran's mullahs stance  2/17/2006 Iran News 

Cuba: My words speak for themselves  2/17/2006 The Royal Gazette, Bermuda: "WITH regard to Cuba, I have always made clear that there are some policies and programmes emanating from its Revolution which I agree with – and many others that I do not support. Despite the distortions some correspondents have engaged in, there remains a written record of my Commentary essays in this regard. My words speak for themselves. However, I will speak to the position of black people in Cuba to the extent that there does indeed exist a degree of political oppression in that country. But I don't believe they are singled out for oppression – from what I understand Afro-Cubans do not experience greater indignities than do any other Cuban population groupings. The long-term future of the Castro Revolution is an issue that the Cuban people themselves will have to resolve. However, it is interesting that Cuba's black population gained the most from the Revolution. Cuba, before the Revolution, had a far higher degree of racism as far as the black Cuban was concerned than exists there now. And, by the way, no matter what my detractors say about Cuba's own so-called form of "apartheid", you will never hear Nelson Mandela making critical comments about Fidel Castro because of the role his military played in the fight against South Africa when they invaded southern Angola – another conflict which I was able to follow in real time through the medium of short-wave radio. These days it is worth noting that black Cubans enjoy a demographic advantage mainly because, in the main, it is white Cubans who have fled to Florida and other jurisdictions. And I fully expect that we will see a renewal of racial conflict in Cuba if and when the exiled Cubans ever return to that country. Another interesting fact is that Central Intelligence Agency, in a study about supposed weak spots in the island nation, has concluded that the strongest support for the current Cuban government lies within Cuba's black population. This conclusion stands in marked contrast to some of the comments made recently in this paper concerning the nature of the Cuban society."

Immigration Issue Threatens GOP's Fla. Stronghold  2/17/2006 Washington Post 

Independent vendor tries to flee police on his bicycle  2/16/2006 CubaNet: "Juan Carlos Bueno Artola, president of the Peace Love and Freedom Party, said shoe vendor Wilfredo Castillo was knocked from his bike by police on February 11. He said bystanders shouted "Abusers!" at the police. The incident occurred after a surprise police raid on Martí Street where vendors who did have a valid license were arrested and fined up to 1,500 pesos, the equivalent of about six average monthly salaries in Cuba."

Mexico complains about American hotel  2/8/2006 AP: "Mexico issued a complaint Tuesday against an American-owned hotel that - under pressure from the U.S. government - expelled a group of Cuban businessmen meeting with U.S. energy executives, saying the company violated investment and trade protection laws. The U.S. Treasury Department confirmed that the Hotel Maria Isabel Sheraton in Mexico City was told to expel the Cuban delegation in compliance with the U.S. embargo against business with Cuba or Cubans. The meeting was moved to a Mexican-owned hotel Saturday. "The hotel in Mexico City is a U.S. subsidiary, and therefore prohibited from providing a service to Cuba or Cuban nationals," said Brookly McLaughlin, a spokesman for the department's Office of Foreign Assets Control. He was referring to the Helms-Burton law, which tightened U.S. trade sanctions first imposed against Cuba in 1961."

Cuba raises protest flags outside U.S. mission - Banners obscure view of sign with news, human rights messages  2/7/2006 CNN: "A large group of young people in the crowd carried huge signs made from the black and white photographs of some of the 3,000 Cubans the communist government says have been killed in acts of sabotage since shortly after the revolution that propelled Castro to power 47 years ago. Those carrying the signs were to hold a 24-hour vigil outside the mission in honor of "our beloved dead," said Carlos Cremata, whose father was among 73 people killed in a 1976 explosion of a Cuban jetliner blamed on terrorism by the island's enemies." [Actually CIA has confirmed that jetliner was bombed by Posada Carrilles, who may shortly be freed from a US jail where he is held on inconsequential charges]

Negroes with Guns: Robert Williams and Black Power  2/7/2006 Independent Lens: "NEGROES WITH GUNS: Rob Williams and Black Power tells the dramatic story of the often-forgotten civil rights leader who urged African Americans to arm themselves against violent racists. In doing so, Williams not only challenged the Klan-dominated establishment of his hometown of Monroe, North Carolina, he alienated the mainstream Civil Rights Movement, which advocated peaceful resistance. For Williams and other African Americans who had witnessed countless acts of brutality against their communities, armed self-defense was a practical matter of survival, particularly in the violent, racist heart of the Deep South. As the leader of the Monroe chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Williams led protests against the illegal segregation of Monroe’s public swimming pool. He also drew international attention to the harsh realities of life in the Jim Crow South. All the while, Williams and other protestors met the constant threat of violence and death with their guns close at hand."

Support the Caravan to Cuba End the Blockade  2/3/2006 IFCO: "The US blockade of Cuba causes shortages of food, medicine and other important supplies for eleven million people. The blockade is an immoral policy that uses hunger and disease as political weapons In November 2005 the countries in the United Nations General Assembly once again voted overwhelmingly (182-4) to call for the end of the blockade. A month later Condoleza Rice responded by stating that the Bush administration intends to intensify the blockade still further and is working on a package of new measure to be announced in May 2006. US policy towards Cuba is totally isolated internationally, increasingly discredited domestically and subject to many challenges from within Congress. IFCO/Pastors for Peace intends to respond to whatever new measures Bush devises with our 17th US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan. In late June we will be visiting more than 120 US and Canadian cities to talk in meetings and to the media about the impact of the US blockade on the health and welfare of the Cuban people. We will be collecting medical and educational aid to take to Cuba in defiance of an immoral policy that says we can't assist our Cuban brothers and sisters. And in early July we will travel to Cuba, without a US government license, as ambassadors for a people-to-people foreign policy."

U.S. officials to meet with Cubans over oil  2/2/2006 AP: "U.S. corporations, however, have watched the activity less than 60 miles south of Florida’s coastline with their hands tied. U.S. oil exploration in Cuban waters is prohibited under a 45-year-old U.S. embargo designed to undermine Fidel Castro’s communist government. This week, however, American energy executives will meet their Cuban counterparts in the first private-sector oil summit between the two countries."

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