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White Supremacy Pages on AfroCubaWeb


Abortion and White Supremacy

Anti-bellum Christianity in the Service of Slavery

The Christian Right in the Americas and Africa

The War on Critical Race Theory

Ku Klux Klan, Nazis, and other American White Supremacists

COVID-19 and US White Supremacy

Police Killings in Florida

Psychology and White Supremacy


Slavery and the American Revolution

The War on Critical Race Theory (CRT): Forbidding talk of White Supremacy

US White Supremacists in the Police and the Military

What motivates Trump voters?  

Florida, The Caribbean, Central America, South America, India


Cuba: Identity & Antiracism

News of the Racial Conflict in Venezuela

Noticias del conflicto racial en Venezuela

White Supremacy and Patriarchy in India: a neglected field of study that could give a much greater time depth to our work 

The US, the Exiled Cuban Plantocracy, and Race

White Supremacy and Miami Cubans

HB7 ('Anti-W.O.K.E') and Cuban Americans

Enrique Tarrio - Fomer President, Proud Boys. Snitch, Police & FBI

Progressive Responses 

Antifa: targeting white supremacists

Colonized Progressives: Why do so many progressive authors render afrodescendants and indigenous people invisible? 

Bernie Sanders and the way forward in 2017

Bernie Sanders and the Black Vote, 2016 Primaries

France and Latin American Republicanism

French and Latin American republicanism are the mainstay for the justification of white supremacy.

French Republican Ideals and Cuban Ethnic Identities

Racism in France




Mad in America -- Tema Okun

Race, Research & Policy Portal - Harvard Kennedy School



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