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US White Supremacists in the Police and the Military

The US police and military have long harbored white supremacists. In recent years, white nationalist have mounted a more organized effort to infiltrate the many police, intel and military units, burrowing in as "ghost skins":

The report, based on FBI investigations and open sources, warned, for example, that skinhead groups were actively encouraging their members to become “ghost skins” within law enforcement agencies, a term the report said white supremacists use to describe members who “avoid overt displays of their beliefs to blend into society and covertly advance white supremacist causes.” -- White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement, FBI Counterterrorism Division, 10/17/2006

 On a separate but parallel path, the police gangs in Los Angeles make little effort to conceal their existence and carry tatoos to show they have been initiated. The ghost skins in the police reveal themselves by their tendency to accumulate the most complaints. The gang members carry out brutal initiation-related murders and assaults; they appear to have been limited to LA, but in 2017 a group of officers in Washington DC were wearing shirts with the logo at left, similar to tattoos worn by LA police gang members.

Police officers are increasingly wearing the "Punisher" death head, which has no lower jaw, even on the job and while policing demonstrations. While the real Punisher kills racists and corrupt police, we suspect that interpretation is lost, especially as this symbol is sometimes accompanied by orange hair on the death head, to denote Trump as in this photo from a protest in NY on 2/5/21.


How to Root Out Extremism in the U.S. Military  2/1/2021 Defense One: "Earlier research suggests that far-right extremists disproportionately possess military experience. We need to know why. Some speculate that veterans are targeted for recruitment by white supremacist and far-right groups. But there could be other reasons. Was trauma left untreated? Are some veterans predisposed to these beliefs because they are more tolerant of violence than the general population? Were some individuals separated from the military precisely because they held extremist views? "

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Police No Evil  1/31/2021 Lawfare: "One of the many upsetting aspects of the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol was the passive police performance, which stands in stark contrast to the aggressive security response to Black Lives Matter protests, among others. The University of Arizona’s Jennifer Earl and David Cunningham of Washington University in St. Louis explain this common pattern of underestimating the threat from right-wing extremists, and they offer valuable suggestions on how to improve policing."

A Pro-Trump Militant Group Has Recruited Thousands of Police, Soldiers, and Veterans  11/1/2020 Atlantic 

Secret society 'gang' of L.A. cops dubbed the Banditos who are marked by skull tattoos and deliver dead rats to enemies are 'protected by a code of silence in sheriff's department', inspector general finds  10/6/2020 Daily Mail: "L.A. County's Inspector General's Office has produced a damning report into a 'gang-like' secret society of cops, known as the Banditos, who it claims are protected by a code of silence among officers including L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva."

In L.A. County, Gangs Wear Badges  9/4/2020 Intelligencer: "According to the whistleblower complaint, Deputy Vega, who shot Guardado six times in the back, was “chasing ink” — a term used to describe efforts to impress the Executioners in order to be drafted into their ranks and obtain their signature tattoo: a skeleton backed by flames, brandishing a rifle and wearing a Nazi-style helmet."

White supremacists and militias have infiltrated police across US, report says  8/27/2020 Guardian: "In a timely new analysis, Michael German, a former FBI special agent who has written extensively on the ways that US law enforcement have failed to respond to far-right domestic terror threats, concludes that US law enforcement officials have been tied to racist militant activities in more than a dozen states since 2000, and hundreds of police officers have been caught posting racist and bigoted social media content."

Hidden in Plain Sight: Racism, White Supremacy, and Far-Right Militancy in Law Enforcement  8/27/2020 Brennen Center: "Yet despite the FBI’s acknowledgement of the links between law enforcement and these suspected terrorist groups, the Justice Department has no national strategy designed to identify white supremacist police officers or to protect the safety and civil rights of the communities they patrol. Obviously, only a tiny percentage of law enforcement officials are likely to be active members of white supremacist groups. But one doesn’t need access to secretive intelligence gathered in FBI terrorism investigations to find evidence of overt and explicit racism within law enforcement. Since 2000, law enforcement officials with alleged connections to white supremacist groups or far-right militant activities have been exposed in Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and elsewhere."

Who is Officer Luke Reitruoc? Why did Luke Reitruoc shoot Jacob Blake at Kenosha, Wisconsin?  8/24/2020 Gizmo Sheets: "Luke Reitruoc real name is Luke Courtier works as an officer at Kenosha Police Department and some of his posts on Facebook from his past are against black people. Luke Reitruoc posted about supporting the Hamilton Shooting in 2014. His words were “Really?? This is pathetic. It was a good shoot, get over it already”."

The police have a white nationalist problem — and have for at least 15 years  6/2/2020 Forward: "Amid the recent rise in anti-Semitism, Jewish community leaders have grown increasingly reliant on local police for protection and security consultation. Some in the Jewish community are calling to reexamine this relationship, citing racism in law enforcement and the discomfort Jews of color might feel around police as a result. Levin, who is Jewish, argued that Jews could leverage the historic relationships with both the police and with African-Americans for the betterment of society. “It gives us a unique opportunity to try to serve as a bridge with many others to address the horrible issue of racism which Jews in particular have a strong moral imperative to address,” he said."

As white supremacy festers in America, Florida police agencies report few, sometimes even zero, hate crimes  8/10/2019 Sun Sentinel: "Florida is one of the worst offenders when it comes to a nationwide problem of inadequate reporting of hate crime, said Brian Levin, director of Cal State San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. “Large Florida cities have been notorious for having among the worst hate crime reporting in the nation," Levin said. "I don’t know what is going on there, but somebody should shake something up.”"

FBI: Gang members infiltrating America are hidden in the ranks of police departments  7/22/2019 Law Enforcement Today: "Four deputies were put on paid leave following the aforementioned allegations. Sheriff Alex Villanueva minimized the danger, calling the gangs a “cultural norm,” and believes that any problems with these types of activities were eliminated as a result of previous investigations. Cultural norm?"

Police violence, cliques, and secret tattoos: fears rise over LA sheriff 'gangs'  8/6/2018 Guardian: "“They stopped him for no reason. No reason!” Sweeney said in an interview with the Guardian. “He’d gone out to buy a Sprite and a single [cigarette]. And it hit me that something was going on, that they were doing this to become a member of something or to gain favor … because this is not policing.”"


White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement, FBI Counterterrorism Division, 10/17/2006

FBI Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide, 2011 - Intelligence, Terrorism, Civil Rights with Michael German

Stop Police Terror Project DC -   DT Analytics

The Intercept, Blue Leaks -

Prior to his position in the KKK, Roper was an Atlanta, Georgia police officer and the second Director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. After leaving law enforcement, in 1949, Roper succeeded Samuel Green as Imperial Wizard of the KKK, and held that position until 1950.



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