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The Shaping of Modern Cuba: Short Course at London Metropolitan University, Feb 2 - Apr 27, 2009

Afro-Cuba: An Anthology

No Longer Invisible

Afro-Cuban Voices

Pedro Pérez-Sarduy

Obtaining Jean Stubbs' books

Jean Stubbs

Professor Jean Stubbs spent nineteen years in Cuba, where she researched Cuban history and contemporary development. Professor Stubbs is the author of various articles and books on Cuba, Tobacco on the Periphery: A Case Study in Labour History, 1860-1958 (Cambridge University Press, 1985); Cuba: The Test of Time (Latin America Bureau/Monthly Review, London/New York, 1989).

She co-edited with Pedro Pérez-Sarduy AFROCUBA: An Anthology of Cuban Writing on Race, Politics and Culture (Melbourne/London, 1993). Co-authored the Introduction for the anthology No Longer Invisible / Afro-Latin Americans Today (London 1995) and compiled with Lila Haines and Meic F. Haines, Cuba: World Bibliographical Series, Clio Press, (Oxford, England, 1996).

From her page at Queens University, Canada: Dr. Stubbs was the Fall 2012 BISC scholar-in-residence and as Associate Fellow has since continued her teaching and other links. Her research interests span tobacco, labour, gender, race and migration. She is co-researcher with Dr Catherine Krull (Queens’ University) on a collaborative project on The New Cuban Diaspora in Canada and Western Europe funded by the Canadian Social Science and Humanities Research Council (2011-2015). She also co-directs the Commodities of Empire British Academy Research Project (2007-2017), in connection with which she is currently completing research on sovereignty, migration and the Havana cigar. She is Associate Fellow of the Institute of the Americas, University College London, and Emeritus Professor of London Metropolitan University, where she directed the Caribbean Studies Centre (2002-2009). The recipient of Bacardi, Rockefeller, Ford, and McArthur funding as a visiting scholar at the University of Florida, Florida International University, University of Puerto Rico, and City University of New York, she served as president of the regional Caribbean Studies Association (2002-3) and chair of the U.K. Society for Caribbean Studies (1993-5). She was awarded the UNESCO Toussaint L’Ouverture Medal (2009) for her services in combating racism and promoting diversity.

The Shaping of Modern Cuba

A short course at London Metropolitan University
Monday afternoon, 2 February-27 April 2009

An eleven-week course taught by Professor Jean Stubbs, with guest lectures by Dr Stephen Wilkinson and Emily Morris, exploring the shaping of contemporary Cuba through its modern history; the antecedents to and aftermath of the Revolution of 1959; present-day politics, economics, society and culture; and what the future may hold. Further details and how to enroll:

Alternatively, you may phone the Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Languages and Education Short Course Coordinator on 020 7133 4398 or 2437

Professor Jean Stubbs
Director, Caribbean Studies Centre
London Metropolitan University


Contacting Jean Stubbs and Pedro Pérez Sarduy

They may be contacted through AfroCubaWeb.

Obtaining their books

Afro-Cuba (1993) and Afro-Cuban Voices (spring '99) are both published by Ocean Press in Australia. See their pages for order info.

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