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IV Workshop of the Rumba and Conga Charanguera "Alfonso Iyaé" 12/03



 Taller de la Rumba y la Conga Charanguera en Bejucal
11/21/03 - 11/23/03

The project of folklore music "Alfonso Iyaé" of UNEAC from Havana, invites you to participate in the Autumn Workshop of Rumba and Conga Charanguera in Bejucal, because of the traditional parties, where rumba and conga will be interpreted and danced with the abilities of the musicians and craftsmen from Bejucal.

The objectives of the workshop are the interpretation of the traditional and contemporary rumba, based on the military brass band's history of Bejucal town. The tradition kept for 48 years at the celebration of every January 1st at "Alfonso's House", located in Bejucal, Havana and complementation of rumba with the sounds of Bejucal's conga that since 1840 has been interpreted by different generations, that goes beyond the presence of slaves at the streets of Bejucal to the fusion of these rhythms with the contemporaneous sounds of present decade.

Auspices of:

National Union of Cuban Artists and Written (UNEAC) the Havana Prov.
Honor Presidents:
Lic. Omar Felipe Mauris President UNEAC the Havana Prov., 
Eloy Machado "El Ambia" 
Helio Orovio 
Music specialist. Salvador González Hamel Studio.

General Coordinator:
M.Sc. Cristóbal Alfonso 
Address: 9 street # 604 Bejucal town, La Havana, Cuba
(53)(66) 8 1606 o (537) 8 73 9925

Activities: Rumba y la Conga concert ( 2 activities), Spiritual Wood Box Rumba, Tambor "Fiesta de la Regla de Ocha", Popular Congas, Dancing and percussion lesson (rumba, conga, salsa y mozambique) 8 hours

Workshop inscription: 
$ 250,00 usd/person
Include: All Workshop activities.

Post Workshop activities
Date: 21st , 22th and 23th de November ( 4 hours for day).
Dancing and percussion lesson (Rumba, Bejucaleña, Habanera and Santiguera Conga, Salsa y Mozambique) 

Percussion and Dancing lessons 
Price: $ 10,00 USD/hour

Complete packing: 
Package Price for one person Workshop and (7Nights to Hotel)
Double Bed Room $ 650 USD.
Simple Bed Room $ 725 USD.

Cancun/Havana/ Cancun Flight, Bed and breakfast (Vedado Hotel), Transfer Airport - C. Havana - Airport, Transfer to all activities, West Beach Havana visit, Workshop activities participation. The inscription can be priced separately at $ 250 USD
Contact with: Julio Antonio Massana Torres Phone: 5633-5932 México DF Email:



IV Workshop of the Rumba and Conga Charanguera "Alfonso Iyaé", 12/03

 2º Taller de la Rumba y la Conga Charanguera en Bejucal   12/29/01-1/1/02


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