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    World News
11/11/02 - 11/17/02  

Sunday  11/17/02

Power struggle for Caracas police  11/17/02 BBC: "Shots were reportedly fired around police headquarters between supporters and opponents of the takeover. The Caracas force has been told to report directly to the national government, and not to the anti-Chavez mayor, Alfredo Pena."

Tens of Thousands Join in Solemn Protest at Fort Benning  11/17/02 IndyMedia 

SAS joins hunt for bin Laden 'tracked down in Yemen'  11/17/02 Telegraph: "British special forces are searching for Osama bin Laden in Yemen after new intelligence has surfaced revealing that the al-Qa'eda leader fled Afghanistan last year and is being protected by tribesmen in his ancestral homeland."

ISI brokering Taliban-Hekmatyar alliance  11/17/02 Ummah News: "Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) is trying to broker an alliance between leaders of Taliban and a fugitive warlord who is on the United States' most wanted list, a former Taliban official said. Meeting in secret on Friday in the dust-clogged streets of Peshawar, he said the ISI has been acting as a go-between with the remnants of Taliban and supporters of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar." Hekmatyar was the CIA's top man at one point in the 80's and was then the largest narcotrafficker in Afghanistan.

Jewish settlers urge government to slaughter Palestinians  11/17/02 Ummah News: "The call was made Sunday by Jewish settler leaders in the West Bank as well as by some Israeli cabinet ministers who demanded that Palestinian population centres be bombed out and Palestinians deported. "The army must end the existence of those who stand against the Jews," said settler leader and former government minister Benny Elon. Elon, who advocates the expulsion of non-Jews from Palestine, added that "those who don’t accept our rule here should be killed." Heeding the settlers’ call for further persecution of Palestinians, the Israeli occupation army on Sunday destroyed seven Palestinian homes in al-Khalil and the nearby towns of Yatta and Dura. The ruthless demolitions rendered more than sixty Palestinian men, women and children homeless."

Saturday  11/16/02

topToronto: Thousands rally against Iraq war  11/16/02 

Detenciones masivas en el sur de Italia  11/16/02 Rebelion: "A primeras horas de la mañana de hoy, 42 personas han sido objeto de una detención judicial por orden de la Fiscalía de Cosenza bajo los cargos del artículo 270/bis, que son: asociación subversiva y conspiración mediante asociación. Entre los presos hay 11 hombres que fueron tasladados a la Carcel Especial de Trani y 2 mujeres que ingresaron en la Carcel de Latina. Otras 6 personas han sido puestas bajo arresto domiciliario. Los cargos contra ell@s son: conspiración política por medio de asociación con el fin de perturbar el ejercicio del gobierno, propaganda subversiva encaminada a subvertir el orden económico. Fueron también mencionados cargos ligados con las protestas contra el G8 en Genova y el GlobaL Forum de Florencia."

U.S. expands Iraq resolution to include no-fly zones  11/16/02 Reuters: "The United States said on Friday it had the option of declaring Iraq in serious violation of a new U.N. Security Council resolution if Baghdad shoots at American planes patrolling "no-fly" zones, an interpretation not even close ally Britain shares." The cowboys are looking for any excuse.

US should disarm first, says ex-US President Carter  11/16/02 Times of India: "One of the things that the United States government has not done is to try to comply with and enforce international efforts targeted to prohibit the arsenals of biological weapons that we ourselves have," Carter said on CNN's Larry King Live programme broadcast late Friday. He also called for more stringent efforts by Washington "to reduce and enforce the agreement to eliminate chemical weapons, and the same way with nuclear weapons." "The major powers need to set an example," Carter said, as the United States confronts Iraq over its possession of such banned weapons."

Friday  11/15/02

topAmerican Style Justice  11/15/02 Alternet: "Never mind that the only countries in the world, aside from the United States, that have used the death penalty against juveniles since 1985 are Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. At least Saddam Hussein is on our side."

Powell attacks Christian right  11/15/02 Guardian: "Days after the televangelist Pat Robertson said on his Christian Broadcasting Network that "what the Muslims want to do to the Jews is worse" than the Holocaust, Mr Powell told a gathering in Washington: "This kind of hatred must be rejected." The escalation in anti-Muslim comments from conservative Christians includes a recent claim by Jerry Falwell, the country's leading rightwing Baptist, that the prophet Mohammed was "a terrorist". Veteran evangelist Jimmy Swaggart followed that this week by calling Mohammed a "sex deviant" and a pervert and demanding that Muslim students in the US be expelled. "We ought to tell every other Muslim living in this nation that if you say one word, you're gone," he said." Swaggart has admitted in the past to using prostitutes, so perhaps we should overlook his assertions.

U.S. Fears Prosecution of President in World Court  11/15/02 Reuters 

Britain to blame for many world problems, says Straw  11/15/02 Times, UK: “India, Pakistan — we made some quite serious mistakes,” Mr Straw said. “We were complacent with what happened in Kashmir, the boundaries weren’t published until two days after independence. Bad story for us, the consequences are still there.” He also singled out Afghanistan, “where we played less than a glorious role over a century and a half”. He blamed Britain for many of the troubles in the Middle East, where the Government is pressing without success the search for peace between Israelis and Palestinians and possibly preparing for a war against Iraq this winter. “The odd lines for Iraq’s borders were drawn by Brits,” said Mr Straw. “The Balfour declaration and the contradictory assurances which were being given to Palestinians in private at the same time as they were being given to the Israelis — again an interesting story for us but not an entirely honourable one.” His most provocative remarks concerned Zimbabwe, where Britain has been locked in a dispute with President Mugabe over the seizure of white-owned farms and the violent intimidation of the opposition. Mr Straw said that he had had “huge arguments” with Mr Mugabe, but added: “However, when any Zimbabwean, any African, says to me land is a key issue . . . the early colonisers were all about taking land.”

3 Americans Detained in Israel  11/15/02 Washington Post: "Robert Smith, of St. Paul, Minn., said soldiers threw concussion grenades and tear gas, then dragged protesters away. At least one activist was beaten severely, he said. An army spokeswoman said demonstrators scuffled with troops and threw rocks but offered no further details. Smith said the activists belong to a pro-Palestinian group called the International Solidarity Movement. He identified the arrested Americans as Susan Barney, of Boston; Radhika Sairah, a California man whose hometown was not known; and Gordon Hutchins, a Methodist pastor from Yakima, Wash. The six other foreigners detained were either Canadian or European, he said."

'A supersnoop's dream'  11/15/02 Washington Times: "There is a great danger in this provision. It gives carte blanche to eavesdrop on Americans on the flimsiest of evidence, if any evidence at all," said Phil Kent, president of the Southeastern Legal Foundation. Mr. Kent called the provision "an unprecedented electronic dragnet." "I think it's the most sweeping threat to civil liberties since Japanese-American internment," Mr. Kent said. Mr. Kent and outgoing Rep. Bob Barr, Georgia Republican, are lobbying the Senate to remove this and other provisions they say are a threat to civil liberties and restrict the public's right to know of government activities."

Thursday  11/14/02

topFormer weapons inspector says war with Iraq inevitable  11/14/02 AP: "He said the U.N. resolution carries a hidden trigger allowing Bush to attack after the Dec. 8 deadline for a weapons declaration from Iraq, and noted that there will be four U.S. aircraft carriers in the region in December. If Iraq does not declare any weapons on Dec. 8, it will constitute the false declaration described in the resolution. Ritter said this would trigger a Security Council meeting to consider serious consequences."

Democrats Waffle As Anti-War Movement Grows  11/14/02 Black World Today: "Fortunately, the organized power of the people is greater than that of waffling politicians. All across the United States people from all strata of life are defying the warmongers in the White House by speaking out, marching, demonstrating and engaging in acts of civil disobedience. In mid-September, some 30,000 people converged on Central Park in New York to proclaim that the war against Iraq would not be declared in “our names.” Thousands of others joined in demonstrations under the theme “not in our name” all across the country. On October 26, the anniversary of the passage of the infamous USA Patriot Act, a broad range of organizations spearheaded by the ANSWER Coalition mobilized more than 100,000 people in Washington, D.C. for the largest anti-war demonstration since the Viet Nam War. Nearly 40,000 rallied on the same day in the San Francisco Bay Area, 10,000 in Seattle, Washington and thousands more in a multiplicity of locales across the nation. Simultaneously, in an indication of the intensifying international character of the anti-war movement, 350,000 people recently rallied against the war in England, 1 million in various cities in Italy, 10,000 is Austria and thousands in Australia. Heads of state and politicians in the U.S. and around the world may be waffling and equivocating, but increasingly ordinary people around the world are taking to the streets to say no to an irrational war that is clearly not in the interest of the masses of working people, the middle class and poor people anywhere on the planet."

N. Korea says it has bio-arms  11/14/02 Daily Yomiuri: "North Korea admitted to U.S. Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly in early October that it not only had a nuclear weapons program, but also possessed biological and other weapons of mass destruction, government sources said Wednesday."

Israeli tanks enter Gaza 'in deepest incursion for years'  11/14/02 Independent 

Robert Fisk: Bin Laden is alive. There can be no doubt about it. But the questions remain: where on earth is he, and why has he resurfaced now?  11/14/02 Independent, UK: "Osama bin Laden always speaks slowly. His voice is rapid, and the reason for this is apparently quite simple: the recorder's battery was low. When replayed by Al-Jazeera at proper speed, the voice goes up an octave."

Daschle Questions Whether U.S. Is Winning War on Terror  11/14/02 NYT: "In light of that peril, Mr. Daschle said, it was ``incredible'' that the House of Representatives had voted not to create an independent commission to investigate the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Hours later, however, the White House said it had reached an agreement with key members of Congress to establish an independent, bipartisan investigative commission. ``We have reached an agreement on remaining issues, and we believe we are close to passing a strong bipartisan commission that will look at a broad range of issues,'' a White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, told Reuters. The 10-member commission would be headed by a chairman appointed by President Bush. It would take a majority of the board or agreement by the chairman and a Democrat-appointed vice chairman to issue a subpoena, Mr. McClellan said."

U.S. Strategy in Colombia Connects Drugs and Terror  11/14/02 NYT: "The indictment unsealed today accuses three FARC military leaders, including Jorge Briceño Suárez, widely considered the second most powerful man in the rebel organization, of kidnapping and drug trafficking. Eight other, lower-ranking FARC members were charged with the same offenses." Most observers agree that what the FARC does pales next to the activities of the right wing paramilitaries and their government allies, including a certain advisor to the president.

You Are a Suspect  11/14/02 NYT: "Every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy and medical prescription you fill, every Web site you visit and e-mail you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book and every event you attend — all these transactions and communications will go into what the Defense Department describes as "a virtual, centralized grand database."

Tape triggers US panic buttons  11/14/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "America's increasing drumbeat of war may have triggered Osama bin Laden's apparent reappearance, counter-terrorism experts say."

Wednesday  11/13/02

top'Pharaoh of Today' - text of Bin Laden statement  11/13/02 ABC News: "What happened since the strikes of New York and Washington and until today, the killing of Germans in Tunis and of French in Karachi and the bombing of the huge carrier in Yemen and killing the marines in Failaka and killing the British and Australians in Bali and the recent Moscow operation, in addition to some other operations here and there, are only a reaction and an equal treatment that the sons of Islam have carried out, in fulfilling the orders of their God and their prophet. What Bush, the pharaoh of today, does, in terms of killing our children … and what Israel, the ally of America, does in terms of destroying houses on their residents, in destroying the houses on their residents, including elderly people, women and children, using U.S. planes in Palestine, should be enough for the wise of your leaders to stay out of this criminal gang. Our people in Palestine are being killed and tortured for around a century now, and when we defend our people in Palestine, the world is disturbed and it unites against Muslims under what they call the fight against terrorism, unjustly. What do your governments have to do with the criminal gang in the White House that's against Muslims? Don't your governments know that the White House gang is the greatest killer of this era? Here's Rumsfeld, the Vietnam butcher, he killed over 2 million people in addition to the injured, and Cheney and Powell are responsible for more killings and destruction in Baghdad than Holako of the Tatar."

Harvard speech canceled - Concerns voiced on poet's words against Israelis  11/13/02 Boston Globe: "A Harvard University speech by an award-winning Irish poet was canceled yesterday after Harvard president Lawrence H. Summers and several professors and students complained about the poet's verbal attacks on US-born Jewish settlers and Israel's treatment of Palestinians… Paulin, who also teaches at Oxford University, has been a longtime critic of Israel on British television news programs and in his own writing; last year, for instance, he published a poem referring to the Israeli Army as a ''Zionist SS.'' He gained notoriety this year when he was quoted in an Egyptian newspaper, al-Ahram Weekly, describing Brooklyn-born Jews moving to Israeli settlements as ''Nazis'' and ''racists'' and saying that they ''should be shot dead.''

Europe lacks moral fibre, says US hawk  11/13/02 Guardian, UK: "Richard Perle, a leading Pentagon adviser on Iraq, last night launched an extraordinary tirade against Europe which he accused of losing its moral direction and providing succour to Saddam Hussein. "I think Europe has lost its moral compass. Many Europeans have become so obsessed by the prospect of violence they have failed to notice who we are dealing with," he said in an interview with the Guardian."

"What have I done!" - a hundred soldiers treated for "Intifada Syndrome"  11/13/02 Jewish Voice for Peace: "A special "rehabilitation village" has been set up to take care of former combat soldiers who suffer from a deep mental crisis, a hundred of whom are at present undergoing treatment. Some suffer from nightmares, and are unable to face up to operational failures and having harmed civilians. Veterans of elite units are being treated at the "Izun" rehabilitation village near Caesarea, by a staff including seven reserve officers."

Twin Cities Journal: Anti-war activists reflect, rethink, regroup  11/13/02 Minnesota Star Tribune: "More than 300 people represented such organizations as Women Against Military Madness (WAMM), the Interfaith Peacemakers of Edina, Minnesota Jews for a Just Peace, Veterans for Peace and the Minnesota Alliance for Democracy"

Bin Laden tape hails Bali, issues new threats  11/13/02 Sydney Morning Herald 

It's him: bin Laden tapes 'authentic'  11/13/02 The News, Australia: "US officials say a preliminary analysis of the tape, which was broadcast by Al-Jazeera TV, had found it to be genuine. "It's him," two senior officials from different agencies told NBC News as the Central Intelligence Agency continued to analyse the recording. A third official, who also spoke to NBC News on condition of anonymity, said: "We believe it could well be him and there is no apparent reason to suggest that it's not him."

Palestinian baby killed by Israeli tank fire in Rafah  11/13/02 Ummah News: "A three-year old Palestinian baby was killed Wednesday, November 13, and his mother was seriously wounded by Israeli tank shells in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah."

A Grad Student Mimicked Saddam Over the Airwaves: Broadcast Ruse  11/13/02 Village Voice: "It was one of many disinformation schemes cooked up by the Rendon Group, which has worked for both Democratic and Republican administrations fighting the psy-op war in the Middle East."

Colombia's Air Assault on Coca Leaves Crop, Farmers in Its Dust  11/13/02 Washington Post: "It is all gone here," said one farmer, Juan Carlos Gaviria, 52, whose three acres of coca in the village of Achapos Sinai were sprayed in August. "It is no longer profitable for us to plant this. But the problem is that this hasn't just ended coca, but everything else too."

Hellzapoppin' at the Pentagon - Rumsfeld's Defense Science Board proposes 'prodding' terrorists to terrorism  11/13/02 Working for Change: "How will the terrorists be "sparked… into action?" asks reporter Chris Floyd. Will it be done "by killing their family members? Luring them with loot? Fueling them with drugs? Plying them with jihad propaganda? Messing with their mamas? Or with agents provocateurs, perhaps, who infiltrate groups then plan and direct the attacks themselves?" This part of P2OG's strategy seems eerily reminiscent of the FBI's COINTEL program of the sixties and seventies, when often the people advocating the most violent acts were the FBI's agents."

German documentary charges US used biological weapons in Korean War  11/13/02 World Socialist 

Tuesday  11/12/02

topPalestinians: 2-year-old boy killed by IDF fire in Gaza  11/12/02 Haaretz, Israel: "IDF soldiers shot dead a two-year-old boy on Monday night west of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, and wounded three civilians, Palestinian witnesses reported. Witnesses said that Israeli soldiers stationed at one of the settlements outside Rafah had suddenly opened fire at Tul Al Sultan, a residential neighborhood in the town. Eye witnesses said the area had been quiet at the time of the shooting."

U.S.-French rift on Iraq: a feud that wasn't  11/12/02 IHT 

Activists call for Shell to be shut down  11/12/02 Independent, South Africa: "The South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) and groundWork said details of continuing pollution incidents were documented in a new book, Riding the Dragon: Royal Dutch Shell & The Fossil Fire, launched on Tuesday in Durban, London, Lagos and Manila."

Unilateral attack on Iraq backed by Church  11/12/02 Independent, UK: Perhaps the good pastors can lead the troops, singing a Te Deum.

Al-Qaeda: what are they doing?  11/12/02 Jane's: "The thread that links all of the Al-Qaeda attacks from the Twin Towers on 11 September 2001 to the bombing of Bali on the 12 October is the destruction of economic value. Forcing the Dow Jones down and reducing US per capita income might lead to domestic pressure that could force a dramatic rethink of US policy. "You need three things to win a war, Money, money and more money" - Trivulzio (1441-1518)"

Multinationals named in apartheid lawsuit  11/12/02 Mail & Guardian: "A non-governmental organisation has filed a lawsuit against 21 multinational corporations and leading international banks for allegedly helping prop up the apartheid state. The Khulumani Support Group (Khulumani) filed the suit in its name and 85 of its 33 000 members in the New York Eastern District Court on Monday, the organisation said at a media conference on Tuesday. "A major complaint for apartheid reparations was filed last night in the New York Eastern Court on behalf of state-sanctioned torture, murder, rape, arbitrary detention and inhumane treatment," Khulumani said in the Central Methodist Church in central Johannesburg."

American fast-food outlets bombed in Lebanon  11/12/02 Mena Report 

Iraq war 'could kill 500,000'  11/12/02 New Scientist: "A war against Iraq could kill half a million people, warns a new report by medical experts - and most would be civilians. The report claims as many as 260,000 could die in the conflict and its three-month aftermath, with a further 200,000 at risk in the longer term from famine and disease. A civil war in Iraq could add another 20,000 deaths."

4th Day of Protests in Tehran, and Demonstrations Spread  11/12/02 NYT: "Thousands of students ignored official warnings and demonstrated today for a fourth day over the death sentence for a reformist scholar charged with apostasy. Some 5,000 students gathered at Tehran University in support of the academic Hashem Aghajari, sentenced to hang for questioning clerical rule in the Islamic Republic."

Guantanamo Photos Cause Alarm among Human Rights and Prisoners Rights Groups  11/12/02 Palestine Chronicle: "However, the same elderly man was interviewed by Qatar-based Al-Jazeera satellite television, where he presented a very different case: “They kept us in cages like animals,” he said, referring to chain-link open-air cells where hundreds of prisoners, mostly Afghans are held. He continued, saying, “We were only allowed out twice per week, for half an hour.” According to the elder, Hajji Faiz Mohammed, the Arabs who were held were treated the worst, because they refused to speak. He said that they would be beaten and tortured so badly, that they would lose consciousness."

South Africa fears terror threat of white extremists  11/12/02 Times, UK: "The 'Warriors of the Boer Nation' sent letters to several national newspapers accepting “full responsibility” for the blasts, most of them in the black township of Soweto, and said that they marked the “beginning of the end” of the African National Congress Government."

Monday  11/11/02

topBechtel Strikes Back at Bolivia  11/11/02 Alternet: "Sometime in the next few weeks, behind closed doors at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C., panelists in a secret trade court will decide if the people of South America's poorest country will have to pay $25 million to one of the world's most wealthy corporations. The stakes in this case -- Bechtel Corporation vs. Bolivia -- are high, and not just for the poor families who may ultimately pay the bill. The principle of local control in an era of unchecked economic globalization is at risk."

Africa: U.S. Sets Up Base In Djibouti As War On Terror Intensifies  11/11/02 Black World Today: "The tiny French protectorate of Djibouti is the focus of U.S. attentions. Some 400 troops, including marines, are on their way to Djibouti, to supplement a force of 800 Special Forces troops already stationed there. Their job is to monitor and be prepared to make commando raids on suspected terrorists trying to transit, hide or organise al-Qaeda bases in the region." The Predator attack in Yemen is said to have been launched from Djibouti.

Dollars yielded unanimous vote: Resolution against Iraq  11/11/02 Dawn, Pakistan: "All these countries were seemingly aware of the fact that in 1990 the United States almost overnight cut about $70 million in aid to Yemen immediately following its negative vote against a US sponsored Security Council resolution to militarily oust Iraq from Kuwait." In the words of Sergio Leone, "Buy 'em or kill 'em!"

McDonald’s to pull out of Middle Eastern markets  11/11/02 Mena Report 

Homeless vet arrested for protest  11/11/02 Miami Herald: "Rothman insisted on reading a one-page editorial that saluted veterans, accused an American scientist of causing the post-Sept. 11 anthrax attacks and spoke out against a possible war with Iraq. ''The servicemen and women of our nation are again being asked to offer their lives on foreign soil to prevent conditions which the political and military leadership themselves here at home have developed,'' Rothman wrote."

COVERT, ARMED INTERVENTION IN LATIN AMERICA  11/11/02 Radio Progresso: "Meanwhile, the Center for High Military Studies in Chile has drawn up plans that, once the guerrillas are exhausted, would allow forces from several countries in the region to finish the task and eliminate the guerrillas entirely. I already touched on this subject in a previous article. It would be the embryo of a regional, multinational army, able to intervene in any country. The U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM), based in Miami, is in charge of coordinating, planning and directing the United States’ military activities in Latin America and the Caribbean. It controls an area measuring about 19 million square kilometers with more than 400 million inhabitants. In addition to the aforementioned Base of Manta in Ecuador, the Southern Command has built installations and airports in Aruba-Curacao, the Dutch Antilles, and Comalapa in El Salvador. It also maintains operational facilities in Hilopango and Soto Cono in Honduras. There are also operational bases on several South American rivers, including the Amazon, and it plans to build another base in Peru. Under the war on drugs pretext, the Southern Command dominates practically all the skies over Latin America and the Caribbean. In other words, the presence of U.S. military forces is expanding."

Losing Control? The U.S. concedes it has lost momentum in Afghanistan, while its enemies grow bolder  11/11/02 Time Magazine: "The bad guys are still out there, undetectable in the rocky, umber hills of eastern Afghanistan — until they strike, which they do with growing frequency, accuracy and brazenness. These days American forward bases are coming under rocket or mortar fire three times a week on average. Apache pilots sometimes see angry red arcing lines of tracer bullets rising toward their choppers from unseen gunners hidden in Afghanistan's saw-blade ridges. Roads frequented by special forces are often mined with remote-controlled explosives, a new tactic al-Qaeda fighters picked up from their Chechen comrades fighting the Russians. With phantom enemy fighters stepping up attacks and U.S. forces making little headway against them, General Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, felt compelled to acknowledge last week, "We've lost a little momentum there, to be frank."

Radioactivity Detected in Bosnia Where NATO Used Depleted Uranium Shells  11/11/02 Voice of America: "NATO authorities last year launched a probe into the possible link between the use of depleted uranium ammunition in the Balkans and increased cancer rates among peacekeepers who had served in the area. But a committee reported that medical research so far had not proved any link between the weapons and the health problems."

World News

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