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Venezuela in the News
Archive: 2006

Chavez to shut down opposition TV  12/29/2006 BBC 

Hugo Chavez's Political Imperative - Saving Caracas  12/27/2006 Counterpunch 

Yes, Oil From Venezuela by Joseph P. Kennedy II  12/24/2006 Boston Globe: "Charities like the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Muscular Dystrophy Association receive generous donations from Citgo, but no one is telling them to decline the gifts. Meanwhile, oil companies other than Citgo have declined to share their record profits with those who most struggle to keep pace with rising energy costs. In spite of the fact that heating oil prices have doubled over the past few years, the federal fuel assistance program faces a one-third cut this year, from $3.1 billion to $2.1 billion. Washington earns windfall tax revenues from the rising prices of petroleum products, but not a cent goes to offset rising energy costs for the poor. Nor do the poor benefit from increased royalties on gas and oil taken from federal lands and waters -- if, in fact, the energy companies pay the government at all."

Potential buyers can cast lot with Sequoia Voting Systems - Oakland-based firm to be sold due to a hostile environment  12/22/2006 Inside Bay Area: "Citing a hostile environment for foreign ownership of U.S. infrastructure, the parent company of Sequoia Voting Systems Inc. is selling the Oakland-based firm, one of the nations three largest suppliers of voting equipment. The Venezuelan owners of Smartmatic Corp. were expected to announce today that they are putting Sequoia up for sale. Almost a third of California counties use the firms voting machines, including Alameda and Santa Clara counties, and Sequoia is the largest seller of ATM-like touch-screen voting machines in the state. Smartmatic executives say the reason for the sale is a persistent controversy over foreign ownership of a U.S. voting company, which has included allegations of Smartmatic ties to the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a critic of U.S. policies."

Chavez takes victory swipe at Bush  12/5/2006 The Australian: ""This is another defeat for the empire of Mr Danger," he said in a reference to a blue-eyed American in a 1929 novel who robs land from unwary Venezuelan peasants. "This is another defeat for the devil who wants to dominate the world." Mr Chavez, who has called his electoral rival Manuel Rosales a"lackey of the US empire", also shouted: "Down with imperialism." "

Re-elected Chavez promises more radical turn for Venezuela  12/4/2006 AP: "Long live the revolution!" Chavez shouted from the balcony of the presidential palace. "Venezuela is demonstrating that a new and better world is possible, and we are building it." With 78 percent of voting stations reporting, Chavez had 61 percent of the vote, to 38 percent for Rosales. Chavez has won a loyal following among the poor through multibillion-dollar social programs including subsidized food, free university education and cash benefits for single mothers."

U.S.: We Can Work With Venezuela  12/4/2006 AP 

Chavez promises more radical turn toward socialism  12/4/2006 Ireland Online 

Is There a "Black Vote" in Venezuela?  12/4/2006 Venezuela Analysis: "Luis Perdomo, a black Barlovento resident, was denied entry to a Nelson Mandela birthday commemoration last year. Seeing his complexion, a "revolutionary" government official assumed he was a bike messenger and turned him away. Perdomo had been an invited speaker. He eventually gave his speech, during which he also recounted this humiliating incident. But afterward, Venezuela's state TV network refused to interview him, though they spoke to the other presenters, upset that he dared to criticize the government at an event it had organized."

Plan for South American Pipeline Has Ambitions Beyond Gas  12/2/2006 NYT: "President Hugo Chávez is not modest about his energy plans. He wants to build a 5,000-mile natural gas pipeline that stretches from this remote northern tip of South America to the bottom end of the continent. Erecting possibly the longest pipeline in the world is the centerpiece of a broader effort by Mr. Chávez to strengthen ties among Latin America’s economies and shrink their dependence on the United States."

Chavez favored as Venezuelans prepare for vote  12/2/2006 Reuters 

Plans B, C and D - Contingency and Counter-Contingency in Venezuela  11/25/2006 Counterpunch: "Poleo, who has links to the Bush clan and the CIA, who was thoroughly implicated in the April 2002 coup, and whose daughter has been directly implicated in the assassination of Danilo Anderson, the judge whose job it was to collect evidence against the coup-plotters, laid out the strategy of the radical opposition in the clearest of terms on November 6th: "On the 3rd, it is up to the citizens to align themselves with the opposition, they need to go and vote. On the 4th, it's up to Manuel Rosales to lead the protests against the fraud that has been set up. And on the 5th, it's up to the Armed Forces to decide if it will continue forcing those in the Venezuelan opposition to put up with a shameful regime."

9/11 Hero Supports Venezuela's National Assembly resolution on 9/11  11/15/2006 Global Research: "William Rodriguez, last man out of the North Tower on September the 11th and leader of the Hispanic victims and survivors in NY made a public statement today regarding the news of the Venezuelan National Assembly calling for an explanation of what really happened on 9/11 and the call that the government could be behind the attacks."

Beware Venezuela, Here Come the Democratic Hawks  11/13/2006 Venezuela Analysis: "With the Democrats now taking over Congress, the question is: what will the change in leadership mean for U.S. policy towards Venezuela? While it's heartening that some progressive legislators will be headed to Washington, unfortunately some hawkish figures stand to influence Latin America policy. Unless he is upended by Representative Howard Berman, Tom Lantos will become the Chair of the House International Relations Committee… The bad blood between the Venezuelan regime and Lantos goes back to 2004. Lantos, along with fellow lawmakers such as Republican Henry Hyde, sent a letter to Chavez complaining that the Venezuelan government was abusing its power when it accused Sumate, an opposition group, of conspiring with the U.S. to topple the Chavez regime. In the letter, Lantos and others admit that Sumate had been financed by the U.S. taxpayer funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED) but that this financing would help encourage Venezuelan democracy. Lantos's letter elicited a sharp rejoinder from Venezuela's ambassador to the U.S., Bernardo Alvarez, who commented that the U.S. government was inconsistent when it came to democracy, and that the U.S. was the only country in the hemisphere to recognize the illegitimate Carmona regime which came to power in a brief coup d'etat in April 2002. Things deteriorated further last year when Lantos was allegedly refused entry into Venezuela and was stopped at the airport. Lantos had gone to the South American country as part of a high-level delegation headed by Republican Henry Hyde, the same legislator who had defended NED the year before."

Venezuela among the most corrupt countries in the world  11/6/2006 El Universal: "Venezuela (138), Ecuador (138) and Haiti (163) are among the countries with the highest corruption index, said Transparency International in its 2006 report, published on Monday. Chile, ranked 20 together with the United States and Belgium, is the least corrupt Latin American country. Spain occupies the 23rd position, followed by Portugal (26) and Uruguay (28), AFP explained."

Bolivia-Venezuela military deal raises red flags  10/29/2006 Miami Herald: "A recently revealed pact that calls for Venezuela to help Bolivia build military bases -- and perhaps prop up President Evo Morales in the event of civil unrest -- has prompted alarm among some of Bolivia's neighbors. Bolivian Defense Minister Walker San Miguel says the flap is much ado about nothing. ''There's been a lot of disinformation put out intentionally by opponents of Venezuela and President Morales,'' he told The Miami Herald. But some of Bolivia's neighbors have been expressing concerns since local newspapers reported earlier this month that the agreement called for Venezuela to provide up to $22 million to build 20 military bases in Bolivia. The reports did not say whether Venezuela would station troops in Bolivia. Peruvian President Alan García said the accord created mistrust and left his country ''offended'' and ''uneasy.'' Officials also expressed concern in Paraguay, which fought the 1930s Chaco War against Bolivia."

Venez Extols African Contribution  10/28/2006 PL: published 5/06 - "The Catedra Libre Africa, a conference to exchange information about Afro-descendants in Venezuela, opened in Caracas on Thursday as part of endeavors to understand and work toward South-South cooperation."

US Works to Delegitimize Venezuela's December Presidential Election  10/28/2006 Znet: "Venezuela's ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) and Vice Foreign Minister Jorge Valero told us, "The enemy is not the opposition but Mr. Bush. Millions of dollars have been channeled into the opposition parties and leaders, not only formally through the NED (National Endowment for Democracy and AID (US Agency for International Development) but informally. What right does the US have to fund parties in other countries when that is illegal if done in the US?" And Jose Albornoz, General Secretary of the Patria Para Todos party and member of National Assembly where he chairs the Committee for the Investigation of NGO Funding added, "Under Clinton we talked. When Bush came in the decision seemed to be to get rid of Chavez rather than work out our differences." The issue of US military intentions is not far from the thoughts of many Venezuelans. The US war against Iraq is intensely unpopular across the political spectrum. Freelance journalist Gregory Wilpert said many members of the Chavez government "from the top on down" are convinced the US will invade Venezuela. Several people we met with said that the US either participated in or knew in advance about the short-lived coup of April 11, 2002. Golinger told us that the US is building a new military base on Curacao, the Dutch colony off Venezuela's coast and near the oil state of Zulia. She speculated that one possible outcome of the December election would be for the US to refuse to recognize Chavez' election and for Rosales to go back to Zulia and refuse to recognize the central government. There is already a secession movement in Zulia. With US forces in Colombia, on Curacao, and nearly constant navy war games in the Caribbean, it is possible that Venezuela could be stripped of its major oil producing state."

In the battle for the temporary Latin American UN Security Council seat between Venezuela and U.S.- and Israel-backed Guatemala  10/19/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll to first entry for October 19, 2006 - "UN General Assembly votes are influenced by a number of countries' domestic politics. For example, even though Maoists and government officials in Nepal are engaged in a shaky truce, the talks between Nepalese Foreign Minister K. P. Sharma Oli and Guatemalan Foreign Minister Gert Rosenthal, likely secured Nepal's vote for Guatemala in the General Assembly. And that has the Maoists, who favor Venezuela, steaming mad. Chile's coalition government of pro-Venezuelan Socialists and pro-Guatemala Christian Democrats in the Concertation coalition ensured that nation's abstention. Lebanon's post-Syrian occupation coalition government, still outraged over Israel's attack and invasion, strongly backs Venezuela over Guatemala. A run-off presidential election in Ecuador between a pro-US billionaire and a populist leftist has resulted in that nation's continued abstention in the vote. For years, the Bush administration has leaned on tiny tax havens to open up their books to international law enforcement officials and tax inspectors. The Bush administration turned up the heat on Liechtenstein, Andorra, San Marino, Monaco, Nauru, Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa, Luxembourg, Seychelles, and Mauritius to vote for Guatemala, or else. That equated to a quick 11 votes for Guatemala. Add the three former US Pacific territories of Palau, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands (which are nothing more than American versions of the old Byelorussian and Ukrainian SSR UN seats of the Soviet Union), and Guatemala is ensured 14 votes. Paul Wolfowitz has used his World Bank to threaten poor nations with withdrawal of grants and loans unless they toe the line in supporting the United States -- yet more extorted votes for the US client banana republic of Guatemala."

Spain cancels $620m Venezuela defence deal  10/18/2006 Financial Times: "Venezuela is likely to accelerate its arms procurement plans from Russia and China, defence experts predicted on Wednesday, in response to tightening US efforts to block countries such as Spain from selling military equipment to Caracas. Miguel Angel Moratinos, Spain’s foreign minister, said on Wednesday that EADS-Casa, a subsidiary of the European aerospace company, had cancelled a contract to sell 12 transport aircraft to Venezuela because of US pressure."

U.N. seat stalemate seen as a defeat for Venezuela  10/18/2006 USA Today 

Guatemala, Venezuela even for U.N. seat  10/16/2006 AP: "Guatemala led in nine of the 10 ballots, but could not get the two-thirds majority necessary to win. Nonetheless, the results were a defeat for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who had campaigned by railing against the United States and promised to use his nation's voice on the 15-member council to counter Washington's influence. The other four seats that will come open on the council were filled easily. South Africa, Indonesia, Italy and Belgium will start their terms on the council on Jan. 1, replacing Tanzania, Japan, Denmark and Greece. Neither Venezuela nor Guatemala appeared willing to drop out of the election, which resumes on Tuesday with another round of balloting. Venezuela's U.N. Ambassador Francisco Arias Cardenas complained the United States has pressured countries worldwide to prevent Venezuela from winning the two-year rotating seat. "Venezuela will not withdraw — we're fighting until the end," Cardenas said. "We are fighting against the first power of the world, the owners of the universe. We're happy, we're strong and we will continue.""

Venezuela Rising  10/16/2006 Nuestra America: new video - "As seen through the eyes of grandmother and community organizer Gladys Bolivar, the documentary follows her and her compatriots five days before it is to be decided by popular referendum whether Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will continue in office or step down. The entire nation has been mobilized – will it be SI – yes he will be recalled, or NO – he will remain in office. Most in Venezuela feel that no less than the en tire future of their country is at stake. Issues of democracy and politics are addressed -- what consitutes a free and fair election -- and is that enough to ensure citizen participation? How are elections the ultimate measure of a thriving democracy? Venezuela Rising gets behind the headlines and into the neighborhoods of Caracas to find out how participatory democracy works on the ground."

Vargas Llosa: "un nuevo racismo"  10/15/2006 BBC Mundo: publicado 1/06 - "El destacado escritor peruano Mario Vargas Llosa publicó un artículo, reproducido en el periódico argentino La Nación, en el que califica de racistas los planteamientos del presidente electo de Bolivia Evo Morales, del presidente de Venezuela Hugo Chávez y del candidato presidencial peruano Ollanta Humala."

Venezuela Will Defend Bolivia in the Event of a Coup  10/13/2006 Venezuela Analysis 

Venezuela challenges U.S.-backed Guatemala for U.N. seat  10/12/2006 McClatchy Newspapers 

Venezuela Admits Soldiers Fired at Guyanese Miners at Border  10/11/2006 VOA: "Guyana has said the Venezuelan soldiers killed a man believed to be smuggling fuel from Venezuela for his mining operations. Officials say troops fired at him along the Cuyuni River separating the two countries. Guyanese Foreign Minister Rudy Insanally Monday called on Caracas for an explanation and said an investigation is under way. The border between Venezuela and Guyana is disputed and the demarcation has been referred to the United Nations."

Chile worried about President Chávez' military plan  10/9/2006 El Universal: "A military cooperation agreement entered into by Bolivia and Venezuela on the establishment of a base at the border between Bolivia and Chile put the Chilean Foreign Affairs Committee, Chamber of Deputies on the alert. They summoned both the Defense minister and the Foreign minister to brief on the impact of such move, AP reported. An extensive Sunday report in daily El Mercurio shows the agreement executed last May 26th by Bolivian President Evo Morales and his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chávez. According to the story, the agreement provides for the establishment of military bases at the border between Bolivia and Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile."

Venezuela Oil Deal Is Bid to Aid Leftist Ortega  10/9/2006 LA Times: "Venezuela said it would ship 350,000 barrels of heavy diesel oil to Nicaragua under an energy deal aimed at helping leftist front-runner Daniel Ortega win that nation's presidential election next month. The announcement came a day after Venezuela delivered 84,000 gallons of cut-rate diesel fuel to help Nicaragua ease its daily power blackouts. The energy agreement allows Nicaragua to buy Venezuelan fuel at 60% of the price and pay the outstanding 40% over 25 years at 1% interest."

Mass Venezuela opposition rally  10/8/2006 BBC: "Tens of thousands of people have marched through the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, in support of the main opposition candidate, Manuel Rosales." [When the Chavistas march, add another 0]

U.S. General Says Chávez Worries Region  10/3/2006 NYT: "The commander of United States military activities in Latin America said Monday that Venezuela under President Hugo Chávez had become a destabilizing force, and that other countries in the Western hemisphere shared that concern."

Assassination attempt against him foiled  10/1/2006 Trinidad & Tobago's Newsday: "Chavez appeared to link the plot to his main rival in upcoming presidential elections, Gov Manuel Rosales of Zulia state, claiming that he is in constant danger from opponents seeking toget rid of him. “No more than a few months ago over in Zulia ... they didn’t shoot me by a hair’s breadth,” Chavez said in a televised speech. Chavez said a sniper had waited with a long-range gun and a motorcycle to escape on, and planned to shoot him as he exited from a helicopter and walked across a 200-metre (650-foot) open stretch. “The plan didn’t work out for them — God is always present over there. But those responsible left for Colombia, and by the way, they were from the Zulia police.” "

Chavez: Assassination attempt foiled  9/30/2006 AP: "The incident allegedly occurred when Chavez visited the western oil-producing region of Zulia in June to inaugurate a refurbished fertilizer plant. Chavez appeared to link the plot to his main rival in upcoming presidential elections, Gov. Manuel Rosales of Zulia state, claiming that he is in constant danger from opponents seeking to get rid of him. "The plan didn't work out for them - God is always present over there. But those responsible left for Colombia, and by the way, they were from the Zulia police," he said."

Noam Chomsky: "entiendo la ira del presidente venezolano"  9/24/2006 Apporea 

Bush will kill me: Chavez  9/24/2006 Herald Sun, Australia: "VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chavez accused his American counterpart George W. Bush overnight of ordering his assassination for calling the US leader the devil during his speech at the United Nations this week. "The devil appears very sulphurous, and a few people say that he has given the order to kill me," Chavez said during a speech before scientists in western Venezuela."

Jesse Jackson tells Chavez to cool it ... Delahunt and Meeks indignant  9/24/2006 Vheadlines 

Venezuela says foreign minister detained at New York airport  9/23/2006 AFP: ""I told the on-duty officials that I was the foreign minister, and the situation got worse because they started insulting, yelling and brought a police officer ... and they started threatening us," Maduro said. "Now I have no documents and cannot travel," he said. Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel linked the detention with Chavez's controversial speech at the General Assembly Wednesday in which he called US President George W. Bush the "devil." "It is an attack against the foreign minister, unheard of, unspeakable in terms of the treatment that people with positions like Minister Maduro deserve," Rangel said."

CIA Spins Spider's Web vs. Cuba, Venezuela  9/23/2006 PL: "Intelligence operations in Venezuela are intensifying just as new indications of massive U.S. spending to get rid of President Hugo Chavez are in the limelight. According to an Associated Press report on Aug. 26, the U.S. Agency for International Development since 2002 has distributed $26 million via 220 grants to Venezuelan recipients under a "Venezuela Confidence Building Initiative." The data emerged from a survey of 132 contracts detailed on 1,600 pages made accessible under the Freedom of Information Act. Within USAID, an "Office of Transition Initiatives" sees to spending in Venezuela and other "priority countries" such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Bolivia and Haiti. Reportedly, OTI funding is free of stipulations applied to other USAID grants, and funds are available on short notice because they originate from "disaster assistance" appropriations. As a parallel program poised to complement U.S. intelligence activities in Venezuela, the National Endowment for Democracy has distributed some $2.9 million over a four-year period for technical training in organizing of political parties and for voter education."

TONS OF COCAINE: CARACAS TO WASHINGTON By Peter Dale Scott, PhD  9/22/2006 From the Wilderness: "Dr. Peter Dale Scott – deconstructs the recent propaganda directed by Washington in an attempt to implicate Hugo Chavez in a 2.2-ton shipment of cocaine. After Scott wrote this response to a story posted at, it was revealed that the facts surrounding how the seizure of that shipment went down are anything but clear."

Rise Up Against the Empire - Chavez Speech at the UN General Assembly  9/21/2006 Global Research 

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi called Hugo Chavez a "thug"  9/21/2006 Wayne Madsen: scroll down to first entry for Sep 21, 2006 - "House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi called Hugo Chavez a "thug" for the Venezuelan President's "diablo" remarks about George W. Bush. Pelosi was speaking at a Washington news conference today when she denounced Chavez as a thug and said he demeaned himself and Venezuela. Pelosi seems to forget that it is a thug who tried to oust Chavez in a bloody 2002 coup, a thug who has invaded and killed tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, a thug who gave Israel the green light to pulverize Lebanon and kill over a thousand civilians, and a thug who wants to torture prisoners in U.S. custody. And while Pelosi was calling Chavez a thug, he was busy negotiating the sale of cheap heating oil to the people of Harlem. When was the last time Ms. Pelosi did anything to provide cheap commodities to the poor? Perhaps Ms. Pelosi is a bit confused by the term "thug." Her father, Thomas D'Alessandro, broadcast wartime radio messages to Italy exhorting Italians to rise up against Benito Mussolini. An ally in the program to get Italians to revolt was none other than Mafia don Charles "Lucky" Luciano, who, after the war, was paroled from a federal prison and deported to Italy where he continued to run the Mafia in exile. D'Alessandro was elected Mayor of Baltimore in 1947 -- a time when Luciano's mob had a virtual free reign in the port of Baltimore. It would appear that Ms. Pelosi has forgotten that her mobbed up dear old dad dealt with thugs on a routine basis. Perhaps she should remember that the next time she has an urge to call a democratically-elected real populist leader (Pelosi does not know the meaning of the term "populist") a "thug." Visit Krissy Keefer's web site, the Green candidate for the House to replace Nancy Pelosi from the California 8th Congressional District. Keefer is endorsed by WMR."

President Hugo Chavez calls George W. Bush the devil.  9/21/2006 Wayne Madsen: scroll down to third entry for Sep 21, 2006 - "President Hugo Chavez calls George W. Bush the devil. Amid applause and laughter from the UN General Assembly, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez yesterday called George W. Bush the devil in his address to the UN General Assembly. [It should be noted that Chavez is not the only world leader to link Bush to demonic influences. The late Pope John Paul II feared Bush was the anti-Christ]. In comparison, Bush's speech the day before was met with stony silence, with many delegates who did not leave the assembly hall beforehand, crossing their arms, looking downward in boredom, or reading. The neocon media is haranguing Chavez, even suggesting that he supports "terrorism" -- the new "communism" bogeyman for the right -- and putting Venezuela's Jewish population in jeopardy as a result of Chavez's support for Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. The media paid scant attention to Chavez's references to two terrorist incidents in which the Devil's father was directly involved as CIA Director -- the Washington, DC car bombing assassination of former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and the bombing by right-wing Cuban terrorists of a Cubana airliner off Barbados, both occurring in 1976 when George H. W. Bush was ordering these and other atrocities from his perch in Langley, Virginia."

Chavez launches Bush broadside at U.N.  9/20/2006 AP: "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called President Bush "the devil" in a speech to the United Nations on Wednesday, making the sign of the cross in a dramatic gesture and accusing him of "talking as if he owned the world." "

Fox News Ups the Fear Factor After Chavez Speech  9/20/2006 News Hound: "Fox News turned to fomenting war against another country Wednesday (Sept. 20, 2006), with one of its anchors warning of a Cuban missile crisis looming with Venezuela and claiming that the country's president is on his way to becoming a dictator."

Chavez defense of Iran nuclear work risks UN seat  9/18/2006 Reuters: "The council's 10 nonpermanent members serve two-year terms on seats accorded by region. Guatemala acknowledged this month it lacked the votes to beat Venezuela. But some moderate African nations might now withdraw support for Chavez in the secret U.N. vote, said Larry Birns of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs think tank. Neighbors such as Chile and countries across Europe and Asia that were not solidly behind the Venezuelan candidacy, face a fresh argument against Chavez, Shifter said. Venezuelan officials say widespread support in Latin America and Africa, as well as backing from the Arab League and major powers such as Russia and China should assure victory."

Venezuela locks in UN Security Council seat: diplomat  9/12/2006 AFP: ""We can now assure the world that Venezuela will have a seat on the (UN) Security Council as a non-permanent member," Valero said. The United States, which accuses Chavez of seeking to destabilize democracies in Latin America, has backed Guatemala's rival bid for one of the seats reserved for a Latin American nation. But "the votes in favor have exceeded our expectations. (We have) enough votes for Venezuela to win a seat on the Security Council," Valero stressed."

Chavez eyes Syria visit to strengthen ties  8/26/2006 Reuters 

Chavez says Israel's action in Lebanon "worse" than Hitler  8/25/2006 AFP: ''Israel often criticizes Hitler ... but they have done the same thing, perhaps even worse," Chavez told reporters Friday in a briefing during his six-day visit to China. Denouncing the "fascist attitudes" of Israel, he said: "What has happened was a genocide. They must be brought in front of an international tribunal." "Nobody should stay muted," he said.''

Venezuela to reconsider anti-drug accord with US  8/21/2006 Reuters 

Venezuela Strengthens Its Relationships in the Middle East  8/20/2006 NYT: ''In a visit late last month to Tehran by President Hugo Chávez and his oil minister, Rafael Ramírez, the two countries agreed to produce jointly nearly a dozen products, including crude oil and medicines. In a further sign that their ties have taken on a new dimension, the two countries are speaking in a more unified voice in their criticism of Israel and the United States. The strengthening of ties has turned Iran into Venezuela’s closest ally outside Latin America, adding clout to Mr. Chávez’s efforts within OPEC to increase revenue through output limits by oil-exporting countries. Venezuela has also become the most vociferous defender of Iran’s nuclear program at a time when Iran feels increasingly isolated. “We stand by Iran at every moment, in any situation,” Mr. Chávez said in Tehran, where he received the golden High Medallion of the Islamic Republic from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Venezuela, Syria and Cuba were the only countries to oppose referring Iran to the United Nations Security Council at a meeting in February of the International Atomic Energy Agency.''

CIA spy chief for Venezuela  8/19/2006 Al Jazeera: ''The United States has named a "manager" for its intelligence operations against Venezuela and Cuba. North Korea and Iran are the only other countries that have been assigned so-called "mission managers", who supervise intelligence operations against them. In a statement released on Friday, the office of John Negroponte, the natioinal intelligence director, said the manager would be responsible "for integrating collection and analysis on Cuba and Venezuela across the intelligence community" and "ensuring the implementation of strategies" that have not been disclosed. "Such efforts are critical today, as policymakers have increasingly focused on the challenges that Cuba and Venezuela pose to American foreign policy," the statement said.''

Chavez: Venezuela holding 4 U.S. spies  8/19/2006 AP: ''President Hugo Chavez said Venezuela has caught four people spying for the American government, but a U.S. embassy spokesman said Saturday that he had "no idea what the president is talking about." Without offering specifics, Chavez said that one woman was caught not long ago while taking photos in the north-central city of Valencia.''

Venezuela's Chavez talks tough, but really needs the United States  8/19/2006 Midland Reporter: ''Back in Venezuela, Chavez announced in June a new tax on the extraction of oil and an increase in the income tax to 50 percent from 34 percent for oil companies. U.S.-based ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips and Exxon Mobil have spent some $20 billion to develop and operate some 600,000 barrels per day of oil production, about 25 percent of Venezuela's total production. Venezuela's oil production has declined in recent years from about 3 million barrels per day to 2 million barrels per day. Analysts point out that Chavez has been using the "oil weapon" and the money from the "oil weapon" to further his Communist agenda in Bolivia, Brazil and other South and Central American countries. Instead of reinvesting oil revenues into the further development of Venezuela's oil reserves, Chavez has been giving oil to foster good will. Chavez even funded a discounted heating oil program last winter for consumers in the U.S. Northeast. Chavez talks tough about cutting off oil supplies to the U.S., but there are several reasons that indicate that that is not going to happen. First, PDVSA's CITGO service stations and refineries need Venezuela's heavy, high-sulfur crude oil. They are designed to handle it, and not many refineries are able to do so. Secondly, Venezuela needs the money. How else can Chavez continue his "good hearted" programs? Thirdly, Venezuela's crude oil has to go somewhere on the world market. The most cost-effective and logical spot is the refineries on Texas' Gulf Coast.''

Chavez pokes fun at new US spy chief for Venezuela  8/19/2006 Reuters 

Distrust of Venezuela Military Growing - Massacre Blamed on Soldier Deepens Distrust of Venezuela Military  8/17/2006 ABC: ''The massacre last month near Venezuela's lawless border with Colombia has deepened public mistrust of the Venezuelan military, soon after it deployed thousands of additional troops along the border to keep out Colombia's leftist rebels, right-wing paramilitary fighters and drug traffickers. Top Venezuelan defense officials condemned the slayings, blamed on a soldier in a murderous rage who was swiftly arrested. The results of a confidential investigation conducted by civilian prosecutors have so far been shown only to victims' relatives. One relative, speaking on condition of anonymity because the results were not supposed to be released, said they indicate rape was the motive and that the soldier acted alone. Still, the killings have made it more difficult for the soldiers to assert their authority. Resentment boils, seen in graffiti such as "Get out, army murderers!" and a protest shortly after the massacre that drew nearly 1,000 people.''

Venezuelan dissident on the run  8/15/2006 AP: ''A DISSIDENT Venezuelan labour leader who was serving an almost 16-year sentence for leading a crippling oil strike against President Hugo Chavez has escaped from prison. Carlos Ortega, the jailed president of the one million-member Venezuelan Workers Confederation, or CTV, escaped along with three military officers from the Ramo Verde military prison. Troops and police were securing ports, airports and embassies to prevent the fugitives from fleeing or seeking asylum at a diplomatic compound. Attorney-General Isaias Rodriguez said: "This is to prevent . . . one of the most horrible crimes committed against Venezuela from going unpunished -- a crime of conspiracy along with a coup in which one of the leading figures was Carlos Ortega". Ortega, who is considered by the opposition a political prisoner, was found guilty in December of civil rebellion and instigation to commit illegal acts for his role in the 2002-03 strike that aimed to topple the Chavez Government." [AP portrays convicted felons as dissidents.]''

Lebanese in Venezuela back Chavez's threat, Jewish groups express concern  8/10/2006 Israeli Insider: ''Venezuela's Lebanese immigrant community is supporting President Hugo Chavez's threat to cut off diplomatic relations with Israel, but Jewish groups and the Israeli government expressed concern about Chavez's comments on the military offensive in Lebanon. Chavez said Tuesday night that breaking off diplomatic ties will likely be the next step after Venezuela withdrew its top envoy and Israel responded by calling home its ambassador. Lebanese immigrant Hassan Bzaih, who says his family lost 12 relatives in an Israeli missile strike last month, said he feels thankful to Chavez for "supporting the victims."''

Saab stops Venezuela arms sales  8/3/2006 BBC: ''Saab says it cannot continue sales of anti-aircraft and anti-tank devices to Venezuela because of a US arms embargo against President Chavez's government. Saab subsidiary Bofors has supplied Venezuela's armed forces for 20 years. Under the terms of the American restrictions, no factory in the world may sell weapons to Venezuela that contain components made in the US. Bofors will cut its commercial ties to Venezuela on 1 October, complying with the strict embargo put in place by Washington back in May. The Swedes have in the past sold anti-aircraft missiles, rocket launchers and anti-tank rifles to Venezuela worth around $150m (£80m). There are no new arms contracts in the pipeline at the moment. But President Chavez will soon need to replenish his stocks of ammunition and missiles.''

La revuelta de José Leonardo Chirino  8/1/2006 'published 4/03

Russia's arms sales to Venezuela may total $3 billion  7/28/2006 Reuters: ''The positions of Russia and Venezuela on the majority of international problems are close or coincide," a senior Kremlin official, who asked not to be identified, said.''

Venezuela's Chavez misses birthday party in Iran  7/28/2006 Reuters: ''Iranian firms have invested $1 billion in Venezuelan ventures to date, and the Industry Ministry says it hopes to expand this to $9 billion in the coming years. Although ties are warm, diplomats and analysts say Chavez knows there are limits to his relations with Iran because of his dependence on the United States as a market for his oil. While commercial deals are acceptable, arms contracts would probably be seen as too inflammatory, they say. Venezuela is looking mainly to Russia for military hardware. Analysts also note that Venezuela will never be a foreign policy priority for Iran, whose interests are primarily Islamic.''

The "hiding among civilians" myth  7/28/2006 Salon: ''Israel claims it's justified in bombing civilians because Hezbollah mingles with them. In fact, the militant group doesn't trust its civilians and stays as far away from them as possible.''

Hugo Chavez in His Own Words By Greg Palast  7/26/2006 Alternet 

Is Venezuela the Real Target of Bush's New Cuba Plan?  7/17/2006 Counterpunch: ''One of the more troublesome of the Commission's recommendations is the threat to apply Title III of the 1996 Cuban Liberty and Solidarity Act, known as "Helms Burton", to Venezuela. Title III gives the United States unprecedented authority over property within another nation's borders. It permits lawsuits in U.S. courts brought by individual citizens against businesses that operate on property the Cuban government nationalized after the 1959 revolution. Concerned about the chilling effect on U.S. relations with foreign governments if it were to implement it, successive U.S. Presidents have suspended Title III since Helms-Burton was enacted ten years ago. According to the Commission's Report, the White House is now prepared to apply, for the first time, Title III to individual countries that are "engaged in a process of support for regime succession (with Cuba)." This is a not-so-veiled threat to Venezuela, as well other nations who maintain normal relations with Cuba. Were the United States to apply Title III to Venezuela, it would have profound and long-lasting implications on U.S.-Venezuela relations. Trade between the two nations in 2005 amounted to almost $39 billion. The specter of Miami Cubans suing Venezuela over nationalized pre-1959 property will loom heavily over any future trade ventures between the United States and Venezuela.''

Venezuela Extols African Contribution  5/25/2006 PL: ''The Catedra Libre Africa, a conference to exchange information about Afro-descendants in Venezuela, opened in Caracas on Thursday as part of endeavors to understand and work toward South-South cooperation. Organizers said participants are discussing African history and its contribution to national culture, the fight against discrimination, and the development of Afro-descendants´ expressions. Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Reinaldo Bolivar asserted “this event is included in the Diplomacy of Peoples and the Africa Agenda my office has been promoting for 15 months.” Bolivar stated that mechanisms such as the Catedra Libre Africa should be created for cooperation among nations, so university teachers and students can further their knowledge and bring it to other education and community levels.''

Comisión Presidencial luchará en contra de la discriminación racial  5/9/2006 MINCI, Venezuelan Government: "Con el firme propósito de luchar contra la discriminación racial y otras formas de distinción en el país, reconociendo que nuestra sociedad es multiétnica y pluricultural, se juramentará una Comisión Presidencial integrada por los miembros de las organizaciones afrovenezolanas, el ministro de Educación y Deportes (MED), y Presidente de la comisión, Aristóbulo Istúriz. El ministro de la Cultura, Francisco Sesto; el Defensor del Pueblo, Germán Mundarain; el ministro de Comunicación e Información, Willian Lara; el viceministro para Asuntos del África, Reinaldo Bolívar; la presidenta del Consejo Nacional de Derecho del Niño, Niña y Adolescente (Cndna), Luisa Rodríguez y el Fiscal General de la República, Isaías Rodríguez. Antes de la juramentación que se llevará a cabo en horas de la tarde, se realizó un encuentro con los activistas afrodescendientes del país y algunos visitantes: Danny Glover, Presidente de la Organización TransÁfrica Forum, Cristofer Nizan, activista de Estados Unidos, Dagoberto Tejera, luchador de República Dominicana, y Jesús García, miembro de la Red Afrovenezolana, entre otros."

Cuban, Venezuelan Aid Streams Into Bolivia  5/6/2006 AP 

Venezuela, like U.S., to hold military exercises in the Caribbean  4/20/2006 Pravda: "The dates of the training were unclear, but the defense minister suggested Venezuela's military was planning air and naval exercises on its coast in the short-term. Chavez also has sought to build up the military reserve to face a possible U.S. invasion a suggestion Washington denies as baseless. The leftist president says all Venezuelans must be prepared for a "war of resistance" and that he aims for the military reserve to grow to 1 million men and women, and it already has some 150,000 members, outnumbering the military's 100,000 regular troops."

Chavez: Oil Will Be Destroyed if Attacked  4/19/2006 AP 

A U.S. Intelligence Hoax on Venezuela?  4/19/2006 Venezuela Analysis: "Yesterday morning, Caracas awoke to the news in the Venezuelan daily paper, 2001, that US intelligence sources had reported the existence of a secret agreement between Iran and Venezuela whereby Iran will be sending nuclear weapons to Venezuela and Cuba… Curiously, yesterday’s 2001 article, which caused the stir, is no longer available online.[1] In its place is an article on the Minister’s reaction.[2] A reaction, which has been covered by over 80 media outlets around the world. But according to the AP, which reported only a tiny blurb on the piece, “other papers did not carry the [original] report and the newspaper did not give any details about how it obtained the information.” A deeper investigation, however, reveals an uncanny similarity between yesterday morning’s 2001 article and the information found in an article by former self-proclaimed criminal and current US law-enforcement collaborator Kenneth Rijock."

Expert View: The joke's on Bush as Chavez strikes it even luckier  4/16/2006 Independent, UK: "When the reports of the country's latest good fortune came through to New York, a banker turned to me and said: "Surely by now George Bush must realise God is not on his side." Even under the old estimates, Venezuela already had its place as a major oil producer guaranteed for the next 80 years. Now it would appear to stretch into infinity. Together with the Middle East, Caracas will be the major force in world energy markets. In Venezuela itself, high oil prices are having dramatic effects. The Dallas-like skyline is testament to an economy that grew by an astonishing 18 per cent in 2004 and nearly 10 per cent last year. Oil now accounts for well over 80 per cent of exports and more than 50 per cent of government revenues."

Russia to sell state-of-the-art Kalashnikovs to Venezuela  4/15/2006 Interfax: "According to a contract signed in May 2005, Russia will sell 100,000 AK-103 rifles to the Venezuelan army and security forces, Kartavtsev said. "Not a single rifle of this model has yet crossed the Russian border," he said. Venezuelan experts recently visited the Izhmash engineering plant to inspect the first shipment of the Kalashnikovs, he said. The contract also envisions the licensed production of AK-103s in Venezuela. "Venezuela will become the first country in the western hemisphere to receive a license to produce them," Izhmash General Director Vladimir Grodetsky said. Currently there is no licensed production of Kalashnikov assault rifles in any other country, he said. "

U.S. Special Forces are training Guyanese rebels in Guyana for cross-border incursions into the eastern part of Venezuela.  4/13/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: 5th entry for April 13, 2006 - "As U.S. and NATO descend upon the Caribbean in two exercises -- Operation Tradewinds and Partnership for the Americas -- designed to intimidate populist and progressive governments and political movements in Latin America, particularly the Hugo Chavez government in Venezuela, comes word from U.S. intelligence sources that U.S. Special Forces are training Guyanese rebels in Guyana for cross-border incursions into the eastern part of Venezuela. It is clear that with the arming and support of secessionist forces in Zulia state in western Venezuela, the Bush regime has decided to also foment problems in Venezuela's east. The Guyanese-Venezuelan border has a history of irredentist problems among the tribal peoples who live in the region. U.S. missionaries tied to U.S. intelligence activities have been active among Amerindian tribal peoples of Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and Guyana, especially those living in the border regions of Venezuela. It now appears that President Hugo Chavez was correct when he accused U.S. missionaries, particularly the New Tribes Mission, of being linked to the CIA. Suspiciously, New Tribes Mission is based in Jeb Bush's Florida, which has become a newly invigorated base for CIA-funded right-wing Cuban, Venezuelan, Bolivian, and other Latin American paramilitaries and terrorist groups."

5 1/2 Tons of Cocaine Found on Venezuela Plane  4/11/2006 AP: "Mexican soldiers seized 5 1/2 tons of cocaine from a commercial plane arriving from Venezuela, Mexico's Defense Department announced Tuesday. The army was waiting for the plane on Monday at the airport of Cuidad de Carmen, 550 miles east of Mexico City, after receiving information from Venezuelan and U.S. authorities, Gen. Carlos Gaytan told a news conference… A U.S. State Department report released in March said that Venezuela has become a key transit point for drugs because of "rampant corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement and a weak judicial system." Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez suspended cooperation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in August, accusing its agents of spying."

Women and jobless armed by Chavez to resist 'US invasion'  4/11/2006 Independent 

U.S. Warns Venezuela on Thuggish Activity  4/10/2006 AP 

Chavez deepens military ties with Iran  4/10/2006 Washington Times: The Rev Moon's finest are at it again, but aren't they describing Bush - ""Throughout the Venezuelan government, there is a complete lack of accountability because Chavez has destroyed the institutions of accountability," the official said. "He's trying to centralize everything to himself." "

US ambassador in Venezuela blocked from event, car pelted with eggs  4/8/2006 AFP: "Ambassador William Brownfield met with a hostile reception as he arrived at the sports center in the working-class suburb of Coche, south of the capital, to present a donation to a youth basedball team, embassy spokeswoman Salome Hernandez said. An official who claimed to be from the Coche mayor's office told him he did not have permission to enter the building. After that incident and pressure from others who said they represented the city government, Brownfield was forced to leave."

Dutch Islands Caught Up in US-Venezuela Friction  4/6/2006 AntiWar: "Dutch Defense Minister Henk Kamp recently remarked that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is a "fanatic populist who has his sights set on Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao" – Dutch islands located off the Venezuelan coast. Chávez responded by calling Kamp "ridiculous" and describing him as a "pawn" of Washington, which he has repeatedly accused of carrying out an international smear campaign against the Venezuelan government."

Zulia secessionists' espionage support from within the US Caracas embassy  4/6/2006 Vheadlines: "However, while the Bush administration and its Dutch lackeys charge Chavez with having territorial designs on the ABC islands, the military-industrial oligarchy in Washington and Houston may be fomenting a separatist movement in western Venezuela's oil-rich Zulia state."

Supporters surround Rep. Cynthia McKinney after incident with Capitol Police  4/5/2006 SF Bay View 

Venezuela Takes Over Two Foreign Operated Oil Fields  4/5/2006 Venezuela Analysis 

Afrodescendientes continúan luchando para dar a conocer su verdadero rostro  4/1/2006 Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias: "El presidente de la Fundación Afroamérica, Jesús «Chucho» García, explicó que desde el año 2000 la Red de Organizaciones Afrovenezolanas promueve esta propuesta. «Si usted revisa el preámbulo de nuestra Constitución habla del heroísmo y del sacrificio de los indígenas y de los libertadores, pero no dice nada acerca de los afrodescendientes, quienes constituían 10% de la población para 1810 y fueron usados como carne de cañón en la independencia», aseveró. En opinión del presidente de Africaracas, Milco Chacoa, cooperativa que se ocupa de divulgar el legado cultural de la tradición africana, esta llamada visibilización es necesaria porque la omisión «puede ser una forma de racismo»."

THE WAR DRUMS ARE GETTING LOUDER AND SENDING A CLEAR MESSAGE  3/31/2006 Uruknet: "On March 28, the Virginia Pilot of Norfolk, VA (that's where the biggest US naval force is based and where I once lived for a year) reported that the US Navy is sending an aircraft carrier strike group composed of four ships and 60 aircraft to Caribbean and South American waters for a "major" training exercise. All four ships are capable of launching cruise missiles that might and could be armed with nuclear warheads. By my reckoning, that's a provocative and hostile act. Now combine that with the growing hostile rhetoric coming out of Washington directed at Hugo Chavez. I wrote in a previous article that Latin American expert James Petras wrote (now some months ago) that the US has a strategy to overthrow President Chavez by military force and at the same time destroy the Cuban revolution in a "two step" process - "first overthrow the Chavez government in Venezuela, cut off the energy supply and trade links (to Cuba) and then proceed toward economic strangulation and military attack." He also believed then the US would employ a "triangular strategy" to overthrow Chavez - "a military invasion from Colombia, US intervention (by air and sea attacks plus special forces to assassinate key officials) and an internal uprising by infiltrated terrorists and military traitors, supported by key media, financial and petrol elites.""

Venezuela Refuses to Extradite Man Wanted in the US for Drug Trafficking  3/29/2006 Venezuela Analysis: "In a move likely further increase friction in the already tense relations between Venezuela and the US, Venezuela released Mateo Holguin Ovalle, a Dominican wanted by the US for drug trafficking. The decision was based on a Venezuelan law which requires extradition for those wanted for organized crime, except in cases where the receiving country does not guarantee not to apply the death penalty, life imprisonment, or a sentence that exceeds 30 years, according to a release by Supreme Court Judge Héctor Coronado Flores. The move comes exactly a week after Venezuela’s embassy in the US put out a strongly worded statement asking the US to either extradite or prosecute Posada Carriles, an anti-Castro terrorism suspect. Previously, a US judge had ruled that Carriles could not be extradited to Venezuela, on the grounds that he may be tortured here."

Security Council presidential statement commends Haiti on elections, says opportunity exists to break with violence, instability of past  3/27/2006 UN: "IMERIA NÚÑEZ DE ODREMÁN ( Venezuela) reiterated her wish that the will of the Haitian people would be fully respected, so that they and the Government would be able to consolidate a democratic system, whose ultimate objective should be ensuring the well-being of the country and its people. That would require the unwavering support of the international community. In that context, President Hugo Chavez made public his view, expressed to President Préval, that Haiti be incorporated in the energy cooperation processes under the Petrocaribe agreement. That would make it possible for Haiti to finance 50 per cent of its oil purchases for the next 25 years. She welcomed CARICOM’s decision to readmit Haiti and to provide support to it. She added that, within the OAS, Venezuela had raised the possibility of reactivating the Group of Friends of Haiti, and had referred to the need to channel the financial support that was currently being held in multilateral banks."

Categoría: Afro  3/25/2006 América Latina en Movimiento: extensive listing of articles on afro-latin topics

21 de marzo: Día Internacional contra la Discriminación Racial - Esclavitud y racismo  3/24/2006 América Latina en Movimiento: by Jesus Garcia, an important Afro Venezuelan thinker

Venezuelan President opens first of 35 high-tech medical centers  3/24/2006 Venezuela Analysis 

Venezuela demands US hand over Cuban "terrorist"  3/23/2006 Reuters: "The U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement Agency ruled on Wednesday that Luis Posada Carriles, who was detained by U.S. authorities last May after illegally slipping into the country from Mexico, would stay in custody. Caracas, which has strained relations with Washington under leftist President Hugo Chavez, rejected this an attempt by the United States to avoid its request for extradition of Posada, a naturalized Venezuelan and former CIA operative."

Chavez says U.S. already has lost in Iraq  3/22/2006 AP 

U.S. threatens to ban Venezuelan oil: Venezuela's vice president  3/18/2006 Xinhua: "The United States is threatening to ban oil exports from Venezuela, Jose Vicente Rangel, Venezuela's Vice President said on Friday. "There is a veiled threat from the U.S. authorities to ban Venezuelan oil," Rangel said, adding that the Venezuelan government has been preparing for it. "If we can sell gasoline to China, India and Latin America, as we have been doing, we will not have a problem," he said."

Venezuela Iran’s Best Friend?  3/11/2006 Venezuela Analysis: "A recent article from the conservative US newspaper, the Washington Times with the title, “Venezuela Seeks Nuclear Technology”, gave the impression that Venezuela was about to take delivery of Nuclear Weapons from Iran to use against the US. General James Hill, the head of the U.S. Southern Command claimed Venezuela was supporting “Islamic terror groups” in one of its major tourist resorts, Margarita Island. This was immediately and easily disproved by journalists visiting the alleged sites… Venezuela is obviously not an Islamic country and its President, Hugo Chavez is not a Muslim. More famous for calling himself a Socialist, Chavez is a very Christian man and has put Christianity at the centre of his politics… Israel has received millions of dollars from Venezuela in recent years. This money was to pay for weapons such as anti-aircraft missiles. Israel would have gotten another $100 million last year to repair Venezulea’s F16 fighter aircraft if the US government had not stopped the deal… Iran’s position as a major oil producer and the second largest contributor to OPEC is one reason why it is a close ally. In the first years of Chavez’s presidency Chavez led a vigorous campaign to get OPEC to not produce too much oil and as a result the price increased. It went from a dangerously low $12.28 per barrel in 1998 to $27.60 in 2000. The actions of OPEC are not as important in keeping the oil price high now. The continuing war in Iraq and high Chinese and Indian demand take more credit for this. Even so, Venezuela still considers OPEC an important factor in its oil policy. This can be seen by the way it is mentioned in speeches and by private debriefings from inside the Venezuelan state oil company, PDVSA. An official speaking on the condition of anonymity said, “OPEC was important before 2001 and may be again in the future. It is also valued as an organization that fits in with the Venezuelan idea of a multi-polar world.” Oil also connects Iran and Venezuela through the way the Islamic Republic is providing technical assistance to the Venezuelan industry. Iranian oil companies are taking part in joint projects to develop Venezuela’s oil rich areas such as the Orinoco belt. This technical help is especially valuable after the damage and sabotage the Venezuelan industry suffered during the oil strike in 2003."

"They are Trying to Intimidate and Silence Critics of US Foreign Policy" - FBI Grills Professor Over Support for Venezuela  3/10/2006 Counterpunch: "According to Tinker-Salas, the agents told him they were interested in the Venezuelan community and concerned that it may be involved in terrorism. They asked him if he had relationships with the Venezuelan embassy or consulate, and if anyone in the Venezuelan government had asked him to speak out about Venezuela-related matters… Tinker-Salas says the detectives told him this was part of a larger policy to interview people on various campuses. He does not know if other professors have been questioned. He says the agents who visited him did not interview the other Venezuelan-born professor at Pomona College… According to the ACLU of Colorado, the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force, which operates across the country, is violating First Amendment rights by equating nonviolent protest with domestic terrorism."

U.S. More Intent on Blocking Chavez  3/10/2006 LA Times: "U.S. diplomats have sought in recent years to mute their conflicts with Chavez, fearing that a war of words with the flamboyant populist could raise his stature at home and abroad. But in recent months, as Chavez has sharpened his attacks — and touched American nerves by increasing ties with Iran — American officials have become more outspoken about their intention to isolate him. Signaling the shift, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Congress last month that the United States was actively organizing other countries to carry out an "inoculation strategy" against what it sees as meddling by Chavez. U.S. officials believe Chavez uses his oil wealth to reward governments that share his anti-American views and to foment change in those that don't. "We are working with other countries to make certain that there is a united front against some of the things that Venezuela gets involved in," said Rice, who called Venezuela a "sidekick" of Iran."

CIA Documents Show Bush Knew of 2002 Coup in Venezuela  3/4/2006 Democracy Now: "Newly released CIA documents show the Bush administration – at the very least - knew about the plot to overthrow Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez weeks before the April 2002 military coup. We speak with Peter Korbluh of the National Security Archive and we go to Caracas to speak with attorney Eva Golinger who obtained the documents. [Includes rush transcript] "

Venezuela's VP: US Intelligence Director involved in drug traffic  3/4/2006 Vcrisis: Negroponte used to be US Ambassador to Honduras at the height of the Coca Contra trafficking of arms for cocaine in support of the Contras.

Venezuela FOIA  3/4/2006 

Stratfor's George Friedman rebuttal to Vcrisis  3/3/2006 Vcrisis: "Firstly, Mr Friedman alleges that both me and Sweeney have made accusations concerning business arrangements (between Stratfor and Chevron / Conoco in Venezuela) that motivated his writing of a piece on US-Venezuela relations. The claims were made by me, based on information received from sources whose identity and position are none of Mr Friedman's business. What's more Sweeney did not mention Chevron or Conoco in his rebuttal to Friedman's analisys. Secondly, it is going to take a bit more than Mr. Friedman's, or his employees', word to factually demonstrate whether or not Chevron Texaco and Conoco Philips are clients of Stratfor. Thirdly, neither Sweeney nor myself made any claims vis-a-vis Intesa. Fourthly, it is unethical in the extreme for Mr. Friedman to ventilate the sort of relationship that his company had with Sweeney. It is a bit rich, not to say utterly unprofessional, to, on the one hand, claim that possible discussions that Sweeney and I may have had could be in violation to confidentiality agreements between Stratfor and Sweeney, and on the other, demand that damaging remarks such as "Jack Sweeney was twice fired by Stratfor" (sic) be made public."

Eva Golinger: NED on the offensive in Venezuela  3/3/2006 Vheadlines: published 11/04, background to the current controversy about Golinger's charges that Afro-Venezuelans are taking NED money

The evidence speaks for itself - Refuting the Deceptive Claims of the National Endowment for Democracy Regarding their Activities in Venezuela  3/3/2006 Vheadlines: published 4/04

The Súmate Case - How the NED Violates Sovereignty and Self-Determination in Venezuela  3/3/2006 Vheadlines: published 7/05

Afro-Venezuelans denounce divide-and-conquer scheme by Willie Thompson  3/1/2006 SF Bay View: "Eve Golinger-Moncada, a Venezuelan-American attorney and author of “The Chavez Code,” is reported by Afro-Venezuelans to be denouncing Afro- and Indigenous Venezuelans on radio and television in Caracas. She alleges that they are taking money from U.S. government agencies – NED, IRI and USAID – to destabilize and overthrow the Bolivarian Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chavez. The reports, brought back from the 2006 World Social Forum recently held in Venezuela and received in emails, are deeply troubling to both Afro-Venezuelans and African North Americans. Golinger-Moncada is said not to have named any specific Afro- or Indigenous-Venezuelan groups or organizations. Afro-Venezuelans believe she is trying to divide the Afro- and Indigenous Venezuelans from the Bolivarian movement so as to aid the real opponents of the Venezuelan government for personal gain. In 2004, Golinger-Moncada published a list of organizations receiving funding from the U.S., but it isn’t clear that they included Afro- and Indigenous Venezuelan organizations. It is important to know that Congressman Gregory Meeks of the Congressional Black Caucus is a member of the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) board of directors."

Afro-Venezuelans denounce divide-and-conquer scheme by Willie Thompson  3/1/2006 SF Bay View: "Eve Golinger-Moncada, a Venezuelan-American attorney and author of “The Chavez Code,” is reported by Afro-Venezuelans to be denouncing Afro- and Indigenous Venezuelans on radio and television in Caracas. She alleges that they are taking money from U.S. government agencies – NED, IRI and USAID – to destabilize and overthrow the Bolivarian Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chavez. The reports, brought back from the 2006 World Social Forum recently held in Venezuela and received in emails, are deeply troubling to both Afro-Venezuelans and African North Americans. Golinger-Moncada is said not to have named any specific Afro- or Indigenous-Venezuelan groups or organizations. Afro-Venezuelans believe she is trying to divide the Afro- and Indigenous Venezuelans from the Bolivarian movement so as to aid the real opponents of the Venezuelan government for personal gain. In 2004, Golinger-Moncada published a list of organizations receiving funding from the U.S., but it isn’t clear that they included Afro- and Indigenous Venezuelan organizations. It is important to know that Congressman Gregory Meeks of the Congressional Black Caucus is a member of the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) board of directors."

Conn. Approves Venezuelan Heating Oil  2/28/2006 AP: "Connecticut has given social service agencies permission to supply low-income residents with discounted heating oil from Venezuela, whose energy aid program for the needy has rankled the Bush administration. The state Department of Social Services began notifying the nonprofit agencies Monday after Attorney General Richard Blumenthal ruled that the Venezuelan oil program is legal, said David McDonald, spokesman for the Connecticut Association for Community Action, a coalition of the private nonprofit groups. Blumenthal was asked for a legal opinion by Gov. M. Jodi Rell. Venezuela, the fifth-largest foreign supplier of oil to the U.S., has been supplying millions of gallons of heating oil at a 40 percent discount to poor Americans and free heating fuel to homeless shelters."

Chavez deadline for US preachers  2/12/2006 BBC: [Documents available on the web suggests Chavez is correct in his assessment of New Tribe.]

Venezuelan police arrest Carlos Ojeda; top drug lord wanted by the US DEA!  2/12/2006 Vheadline 

Venezuela welcomes ousted diplomat - U.S. expulsion expected to cause more confrontations  2/6/2006 CNN: "Chavez has threatened to throw out the entire U.S. military mission if more evidence of alleged espionage is uncovered. The embassy has 21 military personnel in Venezuela. It remains unclear how many Venezuelan officers could be charged in the spying case. Meanwhile, Chavez on Saturday said he could sell off all of Venezuela-owned Citgo Petroleum Corp.'s refineries in the U.S. and divert oil exports to other countries if the U.S. seeks to break relations."

Hippies and Revolutionaries in Caracas  2/4/2006 Counterpunch 

Increaseing US Hostillity Toward Venezuela  2/3/2006 Counterpunch: ""What do they give you in return?" "Money, political contacts and the possibility of work" "What is the best they have given you up until now?" "A ten-year visa to enter the United States, whenever I want, and according to them, in the future I can attend a course in their intelligence agency in the United States and once I prove my loyalty to them and they see I truly have guts, I can possibly do an intelligence course with the CIA, that's what the military attaché at the Embassy, [name removed], told me himself.""

Venezuela defends Aljazeera tie-up  2/2/2006 Al Jazeera: "On Thursday, Connie Mack, a Florida Republican, criticised the agreement between Aljazeera and Telesur to share content and co-operate in gathering news. But an official in Caracas said Mack's criticism was "a direct insult to the governments of Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba and Uruguay"."

Hugo Chavez: Bush’s enemy, Blacks’ ally  2/1/2006 SF Bay View 

Venezuela insists US Embassy behind spy plot  1/29/2006 Reuters 

Latin America: Likely U.S. Plans for Regime Change in Venezuela, Pt. II  1/27/2006 Trinicenter: "Latin America expert James Petras, professor emeritus at Binghamton University, New York, has written that the U.S. has a strategy to overthrow Hugo Chavez by military force and at the same time destroy the Cuban revolution in a "two step" approach - "first overthrow the Chavez government in Venezuela, cut off the energy supply and trade links (to Cuba) and then proceed toward economic strangulation and military attack." He also believes the U.S. will employ a "triangular strategy" to overthrow Chavez - "a military invasion from Columbia, U.S intervention (by air and sea attacks plus special forces to assassinate key officials) and an internal uprising by infiltrated terrorists and military traitors, supported by key media, financial and petrol elites." In advance of this, the U.S. has provided $3 billion to Columbia in military aid (supposedly for the "drug war") so it could triple the size of its military to over 275,000, add new helicopters and bombers and receive "advanced military technology.""

Poverty in Venezuela drops to 37%  1/26/2006 VoltaireNet 


Editing Chavez to Manufacture a Slur - Some outlets spread spurious charges of anti-Semitism  1/23/2006 FAIR: "The biggest problem with depicting Chavez's speech as an anti-Semitic attack is that Chavez clearly suggested that "the descendants of those who crucified Christ" are the same people as "the descendants of those who expelled Bolivar from here." As American Rabbi Arthur Waskow, who questioned the charge, told the Associated Press (1/5/06), "I know of no one who accuses the Jews of fighting against Bolivar." Bolivar, in fact, fought against the government of King Ferdinand VII of Spain, who reinstituted the anti-Semitic Spanish Inquisition when he took power in 1813. According to the Jewish Virtual Library, a Jewish sympathizer in Curacao provided refuge to Bolivar and his family when he fled from Venezuela. Most of the accounts attacking Chavez (the Daily Standard was an exception) left the reference to Bolivar out entirely; the Wiesenthal Center deleted that clause from the speech without even offering an ellipsis, which is tantamount to fabrication. As Waskow further pointed out, in the Gospel accounts, "it was the Roman Empire, and Roman soldiers, who crucified Jesus." While it's true that anti-Semites often accuse Jews of killing Jesus, it's not fair to assert that anyone who refers to the crucifixion of Jesus is attacking the Jewish people. That Chavez's comments were part of some anti-Semitic campaign is directly contradicted by a letter sent by the Confederation of Jewish Associations of Venezuela to the Wiesenthal Center (AP, 1/14/06). "We believe the president was not talking about Jews," the letter stated, complaining that "you have acted on your own, without consulting us, on issues that you don't know or understand." The American Jewish Committee and the American Jewish Congress agreed with the Venezuelan group's view that Chavez was not referring to Jews in his speech (Inter Press Service, 1/13/06). In context, the Chavez speech seems to be an attempt by Chavez to link the attacks on his populist government to the attacks on his two oft-cited heroes, Jesus and Bolivar; the "minority" that would link the two would be the rich and powerful minority of society. The reference to "less than 10 percent of the world population" owning half the wealth also makes the idea that Chavez was talking about Jews far-fetched; 10 percent of 6 billion would be 600 million people. (According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, there are approximately 15 million Jewish people in the world.) "

Venezuela tells McCain "go to hell" for wackos jibe  1/23/2006 Reuters 

Latin America: Venezuela's Bolivarian Moment: Its Promise and Perils  1/4/2006 Trinicenter 


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