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Cuba in the News
Archive for 5/02

Cuba hikes dollar prices  5/31/02 BBC 

US arrests Cuban spy suspect  5/31/02 BBC: ""The 41-year-old man is accused of spying on Cuban exiles in Florida and of trying to gain access to information from Southern Command - the branch of the US armed forces that operates in Latin American and the Caribbean." A not unreasonable plan given the high density of narcoterrorists in the state.

Cuba: Rains Save Forests, But Drought  5/31/02 Black World Today: "The start of Cuba's rainy season put an end to the forest fires that have been burning since April. But the rainfall is insufficient to alleviate the severe drought plaguing the eastern part of this Caribbean island nation. An estimated 10,000 hectares of forest have been destroyed since a fire broke out on Apr 18 in the Ciénaga de Zapata (Zapata Swamp), the largest wetlands in the Caribbean, located 200 kms from Havana."

Cuba Says A New Oil Deal with Venezuela Is In the Works  5/31/02 CNS 

Miami is not dangerous for the judge who tried the Five  5/31/02 Granma: "WHEN lawyers for the five Cuban patriots asked for a change of trial venue because of the dangers they faced in the city of Miami and the anti-Cuba mafia’s fanaticism, the court immediately rejected the request. But when it suited Prosecutor Guy Lewis to decree that Miami is too dangerous a place to try a drug baron, the judge immediately complied with Lewis’ wishes."

US PUBLIC FED LIES ABOUT FIVE CUBAN POLITICAL PRISONERS  5/31/02 Radio Havana: "According to Andrés Gomez, president of the Antonio Maceo Brigade, the five were unjustly tried and convicted for working to prevent terrorist actions against the Cuban people. Andrés Gomez, who is also a member of the National Committee to Free the Five Cuban Prisoners in the U.S., told Granma newspaper that his organization is determined to disseminate the truth about their case -- combating the lies and misinformation spread by U.S. mainstream media."

Cuban widow gets benefits after 25 years  5/30/02 Palm Beach Post: "Her husband, Ruben Bancroft, was born in Cuba and worked at the base from 1942 until his death in 1977 at age 58. He commuted daily from his home in Guantanamo." - Classic story of a West Indian Cuban, many of whom worked at Guantanamo and are denied a pension: "There could be as many as 5,000 pensioners or their survivors in Cuba entitled to benefits, he said lawyers in Cuba have told him. Boca Raton attorney Charles Randall, who joined Enriquez in filing the lawsuit in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, said many owed money are suffering deprivations."

Trinidad's Republic Bank to open office in Cuba  5/29/02 EFE 

Cubanos no quieren democracia impuesta en 1902, dicen expertos  5/29/02 Prensa Latina, Cuba: Cuba remembers the last time the US "imposed democracy" in 1902, resulting in fraudulent elections run via the almighty dollar.

Fidel Castro, Bioterrorism and the Elusive Quote  5/28/02 Counterpunch: "Fidel Castro never said those words either in Teheran or anywhere else. I have secured all the transcripts of all the public statments made by the Cuban leader while visiting Iran, and there is nothing that midly resembles the alleged quote. Mr. Bolton, nonetheless, has recycled an invented and false quote that has been used by rightwing Cuban exiles in the last 12 months. I have been particularly interested in that quote because I have studied Cuba in general and Fidel Castro in particular since 1969. The so-called quote simply did not fit with his political style nor his syntax. Moreover, I am the director at the University of New Mexico of the Program of Academic research on Cuba, and I also preside over the non-profit organization Cuba research & Analysis Group. Both institutions produce a daily service that monitors information on Cuba. Thus, when Fidel Castro went to the Middle East we monitored the media from there as well as from Cuba. Neither the Iranian news service (IRNA), nor the Cuban media carried the alleged Castro statement. Nor could it be found in files of the BBC Monitoring Service or the U.S. government's Foreign Broadcasts Information Service."

FBI: accomplice of terror  5/28/02 Granma: The War on Terrorism - "BETWEEN 1990 and 2001, Cuban border patrol troops stopped 10 attempts to infiltrate the island, detaining 28 mercenaries from Miami terrorist gangs. During the same period, U.S. authorities intercepted or learned about another 10 terror "commandos," but none them have ever been sentenced in U.S. courts."

Presidential blessing for Miami terrorists  5/28/02 Granma: W cozzies up to a who's who of the most violent Miami narcoterrorist. If anyone thinks this is fiction, research the names mentioned here.

REPRESENTATIVES FROM SISTER CITIES TO MEET DURING EXPO-CARIBE 2002  5/28/02 Radio Havana: "A number of cities in Latin America and Europe have sister-city relationships with Santiago de Cuba, including: Rio and Parana (Argentina), Puerto Antonio (Jamaica), Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), San Bartolome de Tirajana (Grand Canaries, Spain), Santiago de los Caballeros (Dominican Republic) and Caracas (Venezuela). Santiago de Queretaros (Mexico), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), La Mantin (Martinica), Palermo (Italy), Villa Terol (Gran Canaria), Oakland (California, U.S.) and Naples (Italy) are also sister-cities to Cuba's second most important trade center."

Fugitive from U.S. prison ward finds shelter in Cuba  5/27/02 Orlando Sentinel 

Rechaza popular musico cubano "teatro" antiterrorista de EE.UU.  5/27/02 Prensa Latina: "Quito, (PL) El laureado musico cubano Juan Formell, director de la orquesta Los Van Van, califico hoy de "infamia" y "puro teatro", las acusaciones a Cuba del presidente de Estados Unidos, George W. Bush, en su supuesto informe sobre terrorismo."

Castro offers olive branch to US  5/26/02 BBC: this is in line with Cuba's immediate response to 9-11, where they offered Cuban airports to land US planes trying to find safe havens and offered help against terrorism. See Cuba's friendly response to 9-11.

Castro Addresses The American People  5/26/02 The Black World Today: As anyone who has visited Cuba knows, this is very much the truth: "Our struggle is not, and will never be, aimed against the American people. Perhaps, no other country receives Americans with the respect and hospitality displayed by Cuba. We are men and women of ideas and not a community of bigots. In Cuba we have never cultivated hatred against the American people or blamed them for the aggressions perpetrated by the governments of that country. That would have run contrary to our political doctrines and our internationalist conscience, both well-proven throughout many years, and increasingly rooted in our ideas."

Castro to Americans: Don't Fear Cuba  5/25/02 AP: "Americans should never fear that Cuba would attack their country, Castro said in a 20-minute speech that he said was aimed largely at U.S. citizens. Rather, he said, "In their current difficulties and in the struggle against the scourge of terrorism, the people of the United States can count on our friendly, united and generous people."

La Biotecnología Cubana  5/25/02 Rebelion: "Los centros de biotecnología y medicina desarrollados en Cuba en las últimas décadas han ayudado a millones de personas en todo el mundo a protegerse de peligrosas epidemias, como la meningitis B y la hepatitis B, o de recuperarse de severos daños a la salud. Por eso han de considerarse un patrimonio de la humanidad que debe ser defendido contra las agresiones del gobierno de Estados Unidos."

Castro Says Cuba with Americans in War on Terror  5/25/02 Reuters: Castro: "We are hurt to think that any American would be misled into believing that any damage to himself, his family or his people could come from Cuba." "Neither a drop of blood has been shed in the United States, nor has an atom of wealth been lost there in the 43 years of the Cuban Revolution, due to terrorist action originated in Cuba," he said. Castro said the opposite was true and thousands of Cuban lives had been lost in four decades due to acts of violence authored by Cuban exiles from U.S. territory.

Waiting for Fidel  5/25/02 Wall Street Journal: from the editors who say "there is no global warming!"

Doubt cast on Cuban bioterror  5/24/02 Miami Herald: "The commander of U.S. military forces for Latin America and the Caribbean said Thursday that he has seen no evidence that Cuba is producing biological weapons from its biomedical research program."

Bush Brothers receive money from same sources that support hemisphere’s worst terrorists  5/23/02 Granma: What once might have been dismissed as commie propaganda rings all too true: "The Miami banquet was held at the home of a Cuban-American, so that Bush, his brother, and Otto Reich (U.S. assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs) could share a meal with such arch-terrorists as Orlando Bosch, self-confessed author of the attack on a Cuban passenger plane in 1976; plus Dionisio Suárez Esquivel and Virgilio Pablo Romero. These last two were sentenced for murdering former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and his assistant Ronnie Moffit on a Washington DC street. Súarez Esquivel and Virgilio Pablo Romero were released from a Florida prison last year, thanks to an executive order."

Debuta el euro en Cuba  5/23/02 Prensa Latina, Cuba: the Euro makes its debut in Cuba, where it will serve as a counterweight to the dollar.

American Democracy – A Lesson for Cubans  5/23/02 Radio Progresso, Miami: by Nelson Valdez, a respected University of New Mexico researcher on Cuba.

Iran denies Cuba gave it germ war aid  5/22/02 AP 

Califica Irán de falsa afirmación de EE.UU. de que Cuba ayuda a construir armas biológicas  5/22/02 Granma 

Concluidas en Matanzas 2 048 viviendas para damnificados del huracán Michelle  5/22/02 Granma 

Border Security Act Limits Visas to Cubans  5/22/02 Latin America Working Group: "Very little coverage has been given to a bill, recently signed in to law by President Bush, that will further limit interactions between Cubans and United States citizens."

Report mum on bio-threat  5/22/02 Miami Herald: ''I do not know who publishes that particular document,'' Reich said moments later when asked about the report, which Dorgan held in his hand. ''It's your department that publishes it,'' Dorgan said. ``This is a State Department publication, and we just received it on Capitol Hill.'' Reich countered: ``It must be incomplete.''

St. Augustine adds 5 pianos to cultural cargo for Cuba  5/22/02 Miami Herald: right in the CANF's back yard: "A shipment of musical instruments bound for music and dance schools in Cuba stopped in St. Augustine long enough for five pianos to be added to the collection."

A Black view of the Cuban matter  5/22/02 SF Bay View: "During the waning years of the Civil War in America, when the handwriting was on the wall that the South would lose, substantial numbers of white slave owners fled the country, along with their slaves, and settled in Cuba, vowing to maintain the race/class privileges they enjoyed in the South. These refugees from the Confederacy were welcomed by and blended in well with Spanish colonizers who had enjoyed their own period of slavery and depended upon slaves and later their offspring to harvest the sugar cane and provide the labor for its agriculture, service and entertainment industries. Under Spanish rule, and thereafter under American-supported Batista rule, Cuba became the playground for American politicians and gangsters. Its best properties were held by multinational corporations. Black Cubans were rigidly discriminated against, and prominent signs warned them that most public beaches and other areas of public accommodation were off-limits to them. This is the Cuba that official America looks back upon with such maudlin nostalgia."

Sister Cities United Part II  5/22/02 SF Bay View: with photos "borrowed" from AfroCubaWeb.

What May 20 signifies  5/22/02 SF Bay View: good summary by Qbadisc's Ned Sublette - "On May 20, 1902, Tomás Estrada Palma became the first president of the Republic of Cuba, and U.S. troops withdrew. Estrada, like the “better class” of Cubans a firm believer in the annexation of Cuba to the U.S., was a U.S. citizen who had spent the entire campaign period in upstate New York, where he had lived for 30 years. He ran unopposed because General Wood hounded his opponent, Bartolomé Masó, into resigning his candidacy a week before the elections."

Bush Is Out of Step on Cuba  5/21/02 LA Times 

NEW INTERNET-POSTAL MAIL SERVICE 'WORLDWIDE LETTERS.COM' COMING TO CUBA  5/21/02 Radio Havana: "A new service to send messages to Cuba from any part of the world will begin soon on the island. The service, which will operate over the Internet, can print 450 two-page letters an hour. Cubanacan Express, Correos de Cuba and the Canadian company World Wide Letters Incorporated -- creator of the Global Mail Solutions System -- are participating in the project."

USAID Update on Program to Promote Cuban Transition to Democracy  5/21/02 State Department: the low down on USAID support to Miami: a who's who of counter-revolutionaries and proponents of "democracy," the best money can buy.

Venezuelan Air Force (FAV) planes transported volunteer members of Venezuelan neighborhood watch committees to Cuba for alleged "indoctrination."  5/21/02 Vheadlines: "Unfortunately, the General made no comment on the FAV's humanitarian flights taking patients to Cuba for treatment and surgery as a result of Venezuela’s highly-inefficient, client-based hospital system."

Bush Says He Won't Lift Cuba Embargo  5/20/02 AP: ""Full normalization of relations with Cuba, diplomatic recognition, open trade and a robust aid program will only be possible when Cuba has a new government that is fully democratic, when the rule of law is respected and when the human rights of all Cubans are fully protected," Bush said." Just like in Venezuela?

Cuba dissidents: Hard line by Bush will not advance democracy  5/20/02 AP: of course, since the last thing Bush wants is democracy anywhere - not in Venezuela, not in the US, not in Cuba.

Bush Vows To Maintain Cuba Embargo  5/20/02 Black World Today: "Monday's speech was as notable as much for what it did not say as for what it did. Bush failed to even mention the recent charge by a senior State Department official, under-secretary for arms control and international security, John Bolton, that Cuba had developed ”a limited offensive biological weapons” capability and was sharing the technology with ”other rogue states”.

Study details how Cuban exiles have aided key U.S. lawmakers  5/20/02 Dallas Morning News: "Ms. Thomas said that few foreign citizens play a more active role in seeking to influence U.S. foreign policy than the Bermuda-based Bacardi Martini rum company and sugar barons Alfonso and Jose Fanjul. The Cuban-born brothers, better known as Alfy (a Democrat) and Pepe (a Republican), are Spanish citizens but have homes in West Palm Beach, Fla. Of the $1.8 million contributed between 1999 and 2002, the Fanjul brothers; their corporation, Flo-Sun Sugar; and Bacardi contributed $1.34 million, or 71 percent of the total."

President Bush Announces Initiative for a New Cuba  5/20/02 White House: "If Cuba's government takes all the necessary steps to ensure that the 2003 elections are certifiably free and fair -- certifiably free and fair -- and if Cuba also begins to adopt meaningful market-based reforms, then -- and only then -- I will work with the United States Congress to ease the ban on trade and travel between our two countries." And if the Cuban vote for the 'wrong' candidate, will you underwrite a coup, Mr. Bush?

Dissidents do best when U.S. butts out  5/19/02 Atlanta Journal Constitution: "Last year, Cuban human rights activist Elizardo Sanchez called a proposal to give U.S. aid to Cuban dissidents "a political blunder." "First, money doesn't bring about freedom. Second, this has only helped the totalitarian regime, giving it new excuses to step up political repression against us," Sanchez said, and others agree."

Bush squeezes Cuba to keep Miami's 'Little Havana' sweet  5/19/02 Independent, UK: "And so the bleak little farce will continue, hurting both Cubans and American individuals and companies who want to invest there. At least, however, Mr Carter's visit has forced Americans (with the exception of those who live in southern Florida) to look the absurdity squarely in the eye."

Carter says dissidents reject U.S. financial aid  5/18/02 Miami Herald 

NIEGA VISA EL GOBIERNO DE ESTADOS UNIDOS A DESTACADOS CIENTÍFICOS CUBANOS PARA PARTICIPAR EN UNA REUNIÓN DE LUCHA CONTRA EL CÁNCER  5/17/02 Granma: US denies visas to distinguished Cuban cancer researchers for a medical conference: by labeling Cuba a bioterrorist, the US seeks to deny Cuba's biotech industry any support.

El diario oficial Granma publicó íntegro el discurso del ex presidente estadunidense  5/17/02 La Jornada, Mexico: Cuba's Granma published Carter's speech in its entirety - 'Los disidentes, "sorprendidos" por la actitud de amplia tolerancia del gobierno de Castro'

Support for embargo is falling among Cuban-Americans, survey says  5/17/02 South Florida Sun Sentinel: "The support for the embargo is dwindling, and it is dwindling fast," said Carlos Saladrigas, chairman of the Cuba Study Group, which commissioned the poll. "[Cuban-Americans] are willing to look for a better way."

Our Ex-President In Havana  5/17/02 Time, US: in Caracas: "A nervous Carter immediately sent somebody to detain Castro for the minute it would take to hustle Lewis out of the room; if the New York Times ran a story about Carter with Castro, the ex-president's relationship with the Bush administration would be terminated. (Dan Quayle, in Caracas representing the first Bush administration at Perez' inauguration, was already fuming about Carter's meeting that week with Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega.) "I almost picked her up and walked her to the elevator to get her out of there in time," Pastor recalled. "And ten seconds later Castro burst into the room."

Carter Is Right  5/16/02 Black World Today 

State Dept. Official Accused of Fabricating Charges Against Cuba  5/16/02 CNS 

Cuba says not receiving Venezuelan oil since coup  5/16/02 Forbes 

Party Organ in Cuba Prints Speech  5/16/02 New York Times: "Today the newspaper, Granma, devoted five of its eight pages to Mr. Carter's speech and to his detailed responses to audience members who had denounced the project as a foreign creation." But not on the on-line version, as best as we can determine, which most Cubans do not see anyhow.

HOW THE PRESS COVERED JIMMY CARTER'S SPEECH TO THE CUBAN PEOPLE  5/16/02 Radio Havana: "Cuba's official news daily Granma Thursday published the entire text of a speech delivered in Havana by visiting former US President Jimmy Carter, as well as the entire text of a subsequent exchange between Carter and those in the audience. The coverage flies in the face of mainstream media reports, particularly from the US, which claimed that the Cuban press only reported Carter's praise of Cuba and his call to end Washington's blockade against the island, while not reporting the visiting dignitary's criticism of Cuba's political system."

Democracia en EE.UU: una lección para cubanos  5/16/02 Rebelion, Spain 

House Group: Ease Cuban Sanctions  5/15/02 AP: "To undermine Fidel Castro, the United States must ease its four-decade-long embargo on Cuba, facilitate sales of U.S. agricultural goods and allow U.S. travel to the island, a bipartisan group of 40 members of the House contends."

Text of Jimmy Carter's speech, broadcast live to Cuban people  5/15/02 AP 

Lift Cuba embargo, Carter tells US  5/15/02 BBC 

Hats Off For Carter's Cuban Visit  5/15/02 Black World Today 

Reich hits back at Latin America's liberal lobby  5/15/02 Financial Times 

Dump the embargo on Cuba  5/15/02 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

JIMMY CARTER DIRECTIVE ON NORMALIZING CUBA RELATIONS  5/15/02 National Security Archives: National Security Archive Posts 1977 Presidential Order to Reestablish Diplomatic Ties with Castro Government

Bush Plans to Tighten Sanctions on Cuba, Not Ease Them  5/15/02 NYT: "After John R. Bolton, the undersecretary of state for arms control, made the allegation last week, both Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld distanced themselves from the accusation." Even Rummy!

U.S.: Russia used Cuba as front for biological weapons tech  5/15/02 World Tribune, Virginia: or so says this house organ for spookland. Apparently not content with putting their foot in mouth, they are expanding on the libel: "Cuba has been marketing biological weapons components and technology to Middle East clients since the mid-1980s, a senior administration officials said. Tuesday."

Branding Cuba: La Vida Nike  5/14/02 Alternet 

Carter debates democracy with Castro; White House expresses concerns about Cuba  5/14/02 Atlanta Journal Constitution 

Text of Carter statement on biotechnology  5/14/02 Atlanta Journal Constitution 

Carter dismisses claim about Cuba  5/14/02 Boston Globe 

A Breakthrough in U.S.-Cuba Relations?  5/14/02 On Point Radio: extracts from Carter speech on Cuban TV

U.S. hedges on Cuba bio-weapons  5/14/02 Stratfor: "The blowback from the Bolton speech has far outweighed any potential benefit from further demonizing Cuban leader Fidel Castro. For the rest of Latin America, says Stratfor, it is an example of unjustified American bullying. Meanwhile, Powell's backtracking indicates ambiguity within the Bush administration that will lead to mixed messages and hamper the development of an effective foreign policy for Latin America."

Carter: Cuba Terror Claims False  5/13/02 AP 

Bush prepares tougher stand against Castro  5/13/02 CNN: "Further tightening travel restrictions to the island. - Increasing aid to help bolster Cuban dissidents. - Stepping up efforts to ensure that U.S. government broadcasts get to the Cuban people."

LAWG and WOLA Respond to State Departments Accusations  5/13/02 Latin America Working Group: "You can help counteract the Administration's attacks on Cuba with a couple of quite simple actions…"

Carter and Powell Cast Doubt on Bioarms in Cuba  5/13/02 NYT: "Secretary Powell, speaking to reporters while traveling to a NATO meeting in Iceland, said that while the administration believes that Cuba has the ability to produce biological weapons, it stops short of claiming that it has actually done so."

Castro invites Carter to inspect biotech facilities after US charge  5/12/02 Yahoo 

Castro hits back at US 'lies'  5/11/02 BBC 

Fidel Responds to Bolton's BioWar Allegations  5/10/02 AfroCubaWeb: "I will also say this: If a Cuban scientist from any of our biotechnology institutes had been cooperating with any country in the development of biological weapons, or if he or she had tried to create them on his or her own initiative, he or she would be immediately presented in a court of justice as we would consider it an act of treason to the country. The Law against Terrorist Acts passed by the National Assembly of Cuba, in its Article 10, provides: "The person who manufactures, facilitates, sells, transports, sends, introduces in the country or keeps in his or her possession, under any form or in any place {...} chemical or biological agents, or any other substance from whose investigation, design or combination thereof any product can be derived that meets the description offered," is liable to sanctions of 10 to 30 years of imprisonment, life sentence or capital punishment."

Cuba Denies Developing Bio-Weapons  5/10/02 AP: "No one has ever presented a single shred of evidence that our homeland has conceived a program that develops nuclear, chemical or biological weapons," Castro said. "The doors of our institutions are open ... Cuba has absolutely nothing to hide." And the doors of relevant American institutions remain shut…

Group Accuses Bush Administration Of Igniting Discord With Cuba  5/10/02 CNS: "The Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA), a Washington-based think tank that watches Latin America has accused Undersecretary of State Otto Reich and other "extremist elements" in the Bush administration of creating discord between the United States and Cuba."

Cuba a Part of 'Axis of Evil'? Blame Florida Politics  5/10/02 Newsday 

Interview with General Barry Mccaffrey  5/10/02 NPR 

FORMER US ANTI-DRUG CZAR SAYS WASHINGTON STUCK IN 1960s COLD WAR MENTALITY  5/10/02 Radio Havana: "Retired US General Barry McCaffrey who was Bill Clinton's anti-drug tzar and a commander in the Gulf War, criticized President George Bush's policy on Cuba in an interview with National Public Radio today."

US and Cuba's complex relations  5/9/02 BBC 

Border security bill heads for White House  5/9/02 IHT: this is the bill that could make travel from Cuba to the US much harder.

No outcry about biological weapons in Cuba  5/9/02 Miami Herald: Cold War fantasies. 

MEXICO: Fox Campaign was Illegally Funded by U.S. Interests  5/8/02 Aztlan: "The monetary assistance from U.S. Zionist interests had some strings attached. In return, Fox had to appoint a number of Mexican Jews to top cabinet level government positions. One particular appointment has created major headaches for President Fox. It is the appointment of Jorge Castaneda Gutman as Secretary of Foreign Relations. Jorge Gutman has made a mess of Mexico's foreign relations. The majority of the Mexican Congress is demanding his resignation after being accused of "entreguismo" or of "selling out" to U.S. interests. He has, single handed, torn to shreds the great and friendly relations that Mexico has had with Cuba. He also sabotaged Mexico's role during the last United Nation's Conference on Racism in South Africa when an important vote to equate Zionism with Racism was being considered. Presently there is a drive by some Senators to have Jorge Gutman tried as a Mexican traitor in a national tribunal."

CIP REFUTES BOLTON'S STATEMENTS ON CUBA: GROSS DISTORTION OF REALITY  5/8/02 Center for International Policy: excellent refutation of all the fantasies woven by the hard right around Cuba, from the Reich crew at State to the Miami Mafia.

Talk of germ weapons in Cuba jolts Congress  5/8/02 Miami Herald: the facts - "Suspicions about Cuba center on a massive facility known as the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, an installation inaugurated in 1986 in Havana that has received more than $1 billion of funding from the Castro government. One of its top scientists, Jose de la Fuente, who defected in 1999 and is now at Oklahoma State University, said scientists at the sophisticated facilities have done ground-breaking research in recombinant genetic engineering, leading to a hepatitis B vaccine and a clot-busting drug, streptokinase, used against strokes. "I heard no account of any effort for developing biological weapons in Cuba," said de la Fuente, who oversaw some 350 scientists at the center as its research and development chief."

U.S. "Intelligence Sources" on alleged Cuban bioterrorism Exposed  5/7/02 AfroCubaWeb: State Department accusations part of a long line of slanders cooked up in Miami.

War on terror may extend to Cuba  5/7/02 Guardian, UK: Note also that Bolton, a right wing nut, was also responsible for the firing of Jose Mauricio Bustani, the head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), because he dared try to bring Iraq into a new inspection regime, which would deprive the US of a pretext it needs for its new round of genocidal warfare.

Desmiente Cuba la presencia de cuatro de sus aviones durante el golpe contra Hugo Chávez  5/7/02 La Jornada, Mexico 

U.S. Cites Cuban Bioweapons Effort  5/7/02 LA Times: "Peter Hakim, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, a Washington research center on Latin American affairs, said there has been scant evidence that Cuba was developing such a program. "This is just nuts," he said. "If [Bolton] has any evidence for this, he ought to make it public. Otherwise it's just a smear tactic." Julia E. Sweig, deputy director for Latin American studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, a New York-based research center, said the remarks indicate that the Bush administration, under pressure from anti-Castro Cuban Americans to show stronger support for their cause, is looking for a way to make its Cuba policy more distinctive from the Clinton administration's. She noted that President Bush is planning an address May 20 in Miami that is expected to make a major statement on Cuba. "I would read this politically," she said.

Denuncian nuevos intentos de acusar a Cuba de terroristas  5/6/02 AIN, Cuba: "Los intentos de acusar a Cuba de nación terrorista reafirman la desesperación de las autoridades norteamericanas por encontrar justificaciones a su política agresiva, tal como se probó hoy en la mesa redonda informativa."

Entrega grupo nipón donativo para contrarrestar daños de Michelle  5/6/02 AIN, Cuba: "La Unión de Cooperativistas del Área Metropolitana de Tokio (Metro Co-op), Japón, entregó hoy a Cuba un donativo de 590 mil 298 dólares para contrarrestar los daños ocasionados por el huracán Michelle."

New Book Tells of Nyerere's Support for Cuba in Africa  5/6/02 All Africa 

US expands 'axis of evil'  5/6/02 BBC: "In a speech entitled "Beyond the Axis of Evil", US Under Secretary of State, John Bolton said that the three nations could be grouped with other so-called "rogue states" - Iraq, Iran and North Korea - in actively attempting to develop weapons of mass destruction. He also warned that the US would take action." Mr. Jackass Bolton ignores the sorry genocidal history of US biological warfare waged against Cuba, which is why Cuba has a program to defend itself against biological attacks. Bolton also ignores the sorry history of US biowar experimentation which led to the anthrax attacks in the US, inlcuding such coincidences as the only previous outbreak of inhalation anthrax in the US being close in time to anti-anthrax vaccine trials carried out by the US biowar program.

U.S.: Cuba Developing Biological Weapons  5/6/02 Fox News: "Secretary of State Colin Powell, who also spoke to the Council, said the United States is prepared to push Cuba toward rapid democratization and free markets." Just like they did in Venezuela or in the 200 US elections?

U.S. concerned by Cuba's relationship with enemies  5/6/02 USA Today: "Bolton, the State Department's top nonproliferation official, called on Cuba to cease transfers of biological weapons technology to "rogue states and to fully comply with all of its obligations under the Biological Weapons Convention." And when will the US cease its biowar program? Coca Contra II, with the Reich/Negroponte/Abrams team, seems to be hitting its stride.

Condena a Cuba en Ginebra - La verdad  5/5/02 Rebelión, Spain 

Cuba: Wages Increase, But Purchasing Power Shrinks  5/3/02 Black World Today 

Otto Reich Named to Board for US Army's School of the Americas  5/3/02 Counterpunch: Miami Mafiosi Reich strikes again: "Otto Reich has been named to the Board of Visitors at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC), formerly known as the School of the Americas (SOA). The WHISC's charter requires a Board of Visitors to monitor the school, to ensure that the curriculum emphasize "human rights, the rule of law, due process, civilian control of the military, and the role of the military in a democratic society". Reich has a history of aiding coups and known terrorists."

Miami Five’s trial: a gigantic apparatus of complicity and corruption  5/3/02 Granma: Agent Pesquera is in league with the narcoterrorists of the CANF, his spokesperson has had a felony warrant out on him by the Canadian government.

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