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Archive: 10/1/03 - 10/31/03

Cuba travel battle looms  10/31/03 Miami Herald 

Despite lack of diplomatic ties, Israeli tourists flocking to Cuba  10/30/03 JTA 

Baucus, Enzi join group opposing Cuba travel ban  10/30/03 Montana Forum 

Administrative Prosecutions of Cuba Travelers To Start  10/29/03 AfroCubaWeb: "Treasury's OFAC will break its 11 years of forbearance of administrative prosecutions of US travelers to Cuba, and that it has now placed at least one Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to hear such cases. Pre-hearing procedures have already been instituted, with the likelihood that such actual hearings may be starting to take place as early as 4 months from now."

GOP Will Keep Cuba Travel Ban Intact  10/29/03 AP: THIS IS A LIE: "Lawmakers said Wednesday that Republican leaders probably would strip the provision from a transportation funding bill during House and Senate negotiations so President Bush would not have to veto an important appropriations bill. Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., a key negotiator who will help craft the final bill, wants the travel ban enforced and said, "Everyone is very aware of the veto threat." While declining to admit defeat, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., said "A veto would create too much of a firestorm. They (Republican leaders) will find some other way to finesse it." ...And Lincoln Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., said backers of the travel ban will "fight to strip the language that increases revenues for the Cuban dictatorship." It is said that terrorist linked Lincoln is angling to be the first president of Cuba after overthrowing the current government.

Windmills girls' group wins OK for Cuba travel  10/29/03 Pioneer Press, IL: "A group of girls from Windmills, a local softball organization, is headed to Cuba this February to play against teams from Havana and other parts of the country." OK.

End Cuban travel ban  10/27/03 Las Vegas Review Journal: "On top of everything else, it's racist -- Cuba is now a majority Afro-Cuban nation, but the lighter-skinned ruling regime reserves the harshest penalties for black political dissidents, who clog the island's jails." A slight over-simplification...

Les États-Unis privatisent leur intervention en Colombie  10/27/03 l'AutJournal: "Il y a deux ans, DynCorp recrutait auprès des policiers américains parlant l’espagnol afin de créer une liste d’appel au cas où Washington aurait besoin d’une mission de maintien de la paix ou d’entraînement de la police dans un Cuba post-Castro. Selon Bigwood, le travail de la firme est supervisé par « une clique d’officiels des sections des Affaires narcotiques (NAS) et des Forces aériennes (Air Wing) du département d’État. Cette clique est formée de vétérans nostalgiques de la guerre froide et des guerres des années 80 en Amérique Centrale. » "

Bush Passes on Cuban Exiles' Right  10/26/03 LA Times: By Ann Louise Bardach - "Bush's speech was carefully calibrated to appeal to a narrow — and extremely reactionary — section of the exile community. He spoke about Cuban dissidents jailed by Fidel Castro, but he failed to mention Cuba's most prominent dissidents, including Nobel Peace Prize nominee Oswaldo Paya, leader of the respected Varela Project; and human rights activist Elizardo Sanchez. Dissidents like Paya are ignored because, although they would like to see the end of Castro's reign, they also argue that the U.S. embargo is counterproductive. Moreover, such charismatic and popular figures represent a threat to the ambitions of White House favorite Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, the Miami congressman who has made no secret of his desire to succeed his uncle by marriage, Castro — the sooner the better. Perhaps the clearest signal of just how extreme the Bush policy is can be gleaned from the list of those invited to the Rose Garden. Amply represented were members of the Cuban Liberty Council, a group that broke away from the conservative Cuban American National Foundation on the grounds that it was too moderate. Also present was Alberto Hernandez, an exile known for his militancy who is profusely thanked for his support and friendship in the memoirs of Luis Posada Carriles, currently in prison in Panama on charges that he attempted to assassinate Castro… More stunning was the omission of representatives from the Cuban American National Foundation, a prominent exile group. The slight was viewed by insiders as part of ongoing punishment for the group's not having endorsed Bush (or any other candidate) in the 2000 presidential campaign. "These guys have no equal when it comes to revenge," says one foundation board member… The current U.S. stance toward Cuba has little to do with effective foreign policy and everything to do with Miami-Dade politics. All of which may explain why Fidel Castro seems so amused by George W. Bush, the 10th American president to face off against him. With enemies like this, Castro hardly needs friends." You go, girl!

La Maison-Blanche planifie à moyen terme le renversement de Fidel Castro  10/26/03 Réseau Voltaire: "Pour être complet sur ce sujet, il faut signaler que la société de mercenaires Dyncorp a commencé à recruter des personnels en vue d'une nouvelle invasion de Cuba, quarante ans après le désastre de la Baie des cochons."

Cuba Vote Shows Bush's Waning Authority  10/25/03 Antiwar 

Bush wrong about Cuba  10/25/03 Salt Lake Tribune, Utah: "When President Bush made his recent speech about tightening legal American access to Cuba, I and 30-plus other Utahns were in Havana on a KUER-sponsored educational exchange. Based on my personal observation during a week in Cuba, I must say the administration is dead wrong in its position."

Congress confronts Bush over Cuba travel  10/24/03 AP 

Cuba welcomes U.S. Senate vote, but doubts Bush will allow change  10/24/03 AP 

Who lobbies Bush on Cuba?  10/24/03 BBC: "It is true that the two leaders do not see eye to eye on a broad range of issues but that does not explain the Bush obsession with "freedom" in Cuba (as opposed to "freedom" in, say Saudi Arabia, or Egypt). The Bush view of Fidel Castro is shaped in Miami, Florida, where anti-Castro Cuban Americans continue to batter away at their old enemy and continue to vote (so the conventional wisdom goes) for anyone who joins their struggle."

Jamaica braces for tourism competition from Cuba  10/24/03 Jamaica Observer: "...Local hotel and airline interests have already established ties with Cuba," Assamba said. "... We wholeheartedly support the lifting of the US travel ban on our regional neighbour (and) we look forward to establishing strong tourism partnerships, at various levels, that can benefit both our countries."

Senate Approves Easing of Curbs on Cuba Travel  10/24/03 NYT: "The 59-to-38 vote came two weeks after Mr. Bush, in a Rose Garden ceremony, announced that he would tighten the travel ban on Cuba in an attempt to halt illegal tourism there and to bring more pressure on the government of Fidel Castro." - requires a switch of 6 votes to be veto proof.

Cuba in the cross-hairs: A near half-century of terror - by Noam Chomsky  10/24/03 Zmag: "Washington was concerned that Cubans might try to defend themselves. CIA chief Allen Dulles therefore urged Britain not to provide arms to Cuba. His "main reason," the British ambassador reported to London, "was that this might lead the Cubans to ask for Soviet or Soviet bloc arms," a move that "would have a tremendous effect," Dulles pointed out, allowing Washington to portray Cuba as a security threat to the hemisphere, following the script that had worked so well in Guatemala. Dulles was referring to Washington's successful demolition of Guatemala's first democratic experiment, a ten-year interlude of hope and progress, greatly feared in Washington because of the enormous popular support reported by US intelligence and the "demonstration effect" of social and economic measures to benefit the large majority. The Soviet threat was routinely invoked, abetted by Guatemala's appeal to the Soviet bloc for arms after the US had threatened attack and cut off other sources of supply. The result was a half-century of horror, even worse than the US-backed tyranny that came before. For Cuba, the schemes devised by the doves were similar to those of CIA director Dulles. Warning President Kennedy about the "inevitable political and diplomatic fall-out" from the planned invasion of Cuba by a proxy army, Arthur Schlesinger suggested efforts to trap Castro in some action that could be used as a pretext for invasion: "One can conceive a black operation in, say, Haiti which might in time lure Castro into sending a few boatloads of men on to a Haitian beach in what could be portrayed as an effort to overthrow the Haitian regime, . . . then the moral issue would be clouded, and the anti-US campaign would be hobbled from the start." Reference is to the regime of the murderous dictator "Papa Doc" Duvalier, which was backed by the US (with some reservations), so that an effort to help Haitians overthrow it would be a crime." And it gets better from there...

U.S. Senate defies restrictions on travel to Cuba  10/23/03 Granma 

Will the Bombs in Baghdad Explode in Havana?  10/23/03 Guerilla News: by Jesse Jackson, Sr.

Senate Passes Cuba Travel Amendment  10/23/03 LAWG: "To see how your senator voted on the motion to table, click here. Remember that a vote against that motion was a vote for travel. Thanks again, and stay tuned…"

Brazil, Argentina in ‘Romance’ With Havana; White House Angry  10/23/03 Pacific News Service 

Cuban accident leads to a party with Castro  10/23/03 Pioneer Press 

Restricting contact with Cuba  10/21/03 IHT: "President George W. Bush has imposed new restrictions on Americans' travel to Cuba. This will do nothing to loosen Fidel Castro's grip, but it will diminish the contacts that might, in time, lead to better Cuban-American relations. Cuba does not pose a threat of terrorism to the United States. Bush's speech was a sop to Cuban-Americans in Florida, a likely swing state in the 2004 election, as of course it was in 2000. The number of people violating travel restrictions is small compared to the thousands of Cuban-Americans who visit the island and who will still be permitted once-a-year trips to help out their relatives."

At Lourdes, air is filled with secrets - Listening post in Cuba still crucial to Kremlin  10/21/03 MSNBC 

Cuba’s unfinished power source - Experts ponder the possible threat posed by nuclear plants  10/21/03 MSNBC 

Comunicado de prensa sobre Reporteros sin Fronteras  10/21/03 Rebelion 

Defending Bacardi - DeLay attempts to slip a little Cuba Libre into defense authorization bill  10/21/03 Working for Change 

American Tour Operators Travel to Cuba  10/20/03 AP: "About 185,000 U.S. residents and citizens visited Cuba last year, island officials said. Of those, perhaps 40,000 came illegally through third countries such as Jamaica, Canada or Mexico to disguise their trips. Bush administration officials recently vowed to dedicate anti-terrorism resources to restrict that practice."

Cuban officials declare right to self-determination  10/20/03 Final Call: "USA Today syndicated columnist DeWayne Wickham has traveled to Cuba several times and has taken Black journalists to see firsthand the reality of Cuba, independent of the picture painted by the American media. "Here we go again," he told The Final Call. "This is the president who scolded Al Gore during the 2000 presidential campaign about U.S. adventurism abroad. The President said that he wouldn’t venture into nation-building." "Yet, he has committed this administration to a course of action that seeks to destroy nations so they will need to be rebuilt. We need to be mindful that the rebuilding is done at the U.S. taxpayers’ expense at a time when unemployment is high and the deficit is growing at warp speed." "

Concerned About Prostitution, Mr. President? Try Reno - Bush, Electoral Politics and Cuba's "Illicit Sex Trade" By NELSON P. VALDES  10/19/03 Counterpunch 

Cuba is an extraordinary place on this globe An interview with James Early  10/19/03 Cuba Now 

POLICY AGAINST CUBA IS NOT THE AMERICAN WAY An exclusive interview with Harry Belafonte  10/19/03 Cuba Now 

Cuba dissidents oppose Bush's crackdown  10/19/03 DPA: ''These measures neither help the Cuban people nor do they help in creating true political change,'' said five small social democratic opposition groups in a declaration. Cuba must find its own pathway, they said yesterday. Bush's stepped up pressure represented the ''persistent false course'' of North America's Cuba policy, the statement said."

Anthropologist to present series on 'translating Cuba'  10/19/03 Morning Sun, Missouri: "In "Adio Kerida," Behar addresses her goodbye to her native land, to the Cuba she left as a child. Her grandparents were Jewish emigrants to Cuba and hoped it would be their promised land. But after the revolution most of the Jews left Cuba and resettled in the United States; only a small number stayed on the island."

Web sites deliver commerce to islanders  10/19/03 Sun Sentinel 

Industry Group Pushes Freer Travel to Cuba  10/18/03 Guardian, UK: "We are a large industry and sometimes we do not use the political power we have in terms of jobs, in terms of votes,'' said Brad Belt, executive director of the new Association of Travel Related Industry Professionals. The group organized a conference on Cuban travel that started here Friday."

Cuba Travel Firms Say U.S. Harassing Clients  10/18/03 Reuters 

Port Manatee: Authority OKs Cuba trade mission  10/17/03 Herald Tribune, FL 

A Cruel and Unusual Embargo - Bush Gunning for Regime Change in Cuba  10/16/03 Counterpunch: "The Association for World Health found that the embargo had "caused a significant rise in suffering--and even deaths in Cuba." The Cuban people are denied access to half the new medicines on the world market, and are unable to buy some life-saving medical supplies because the U.S. punishes countries which trade with Cuba. Fatal heart attacks have increased because the U.S. pacemaker monopoly refuses to sell to Cuba."

Cancún conference on US-Cuba travel  10/16/03 Granma: "THE Mexican resort of Cancún is the venue for the Conference on Travel between the United States and Cuba. The event, which takes place October 16 to 18 at the Gran Meliá Hotel, has been organized by the recently created Association of Tourism Related Industry Professionals. It is functioning as a co-sponsor of various U.S. agencies like USA-ENGAGE, the National Foreign Council, the US-Cuba Trade Association, ABC Charters, Cuba Travel Services, and Marazul Charters. In recent years, diverse studies and surveys have recorded a radical change in U.S. public, with a steadily growing majority in favor of eliminating the ban on travel to Cuba, a regulation that violates their civil rights."

CHUCHO EN LOS ÁNGELES: UNA GRIETA EN EL MURO  10/16/03 Jiribilla: "La negación de las visas para los artistas cubanos para ir a Miami es algo «completamente loco, absurdo. No lo entiendo», aseguró Chucho. «La música es universal». Y después de una pausa agregó: «Realmente es criminal»."

An affront to the Cuban nation By Alberto N. Jones  10/16/03 Radio Progresso 

U.S. tightens inspections of flights to Cuba  10/16/03 Reuters: "A Treasury official told a House subcommittee on human rights and wellness that the tighter scrutiny led to the seizure of $10,000 in unauthorized currency from one passenger. The maximum a passenger can take to Cuba is $3,000." They were defending his human rights!

Connections between sept. 11 and the anti-castro gang  10/16/03 Yahoo Groups 

Bush's Cuba edict halts UW alumni trips  10/15/03 Capital Times, WI: "University of Wisconsin-Madison students will continue to be able to go to Cuba for course credit, but the Wisconsin Alumni Association will have to halt its trips to Havana under a new presidential order. On Friday President Bush announced stepped-up restrictions on travel to Cuba that will enforce the existing ban. Ricardo Gonzalez, president of the Madison-Camaguey Sister Cities Association and the newly elected president of the Cuban Committee for Democracy, said it's unclear what the effect will be on the Madison sister city group. He said the group's trips are for humanitarian purposes, and those will be allowed to continue. But he noted the trips could be affected in unexpected ways."

JESSE JACKSON: Bush's Cuba focus smacks of Reagan's Grenada stunt  10/15/03 Detroit Free Press: "...the president appeared in the Rose Garden on Oct. 10 to announce a renewed offensive against Fidel Castro. "The Cuban regime," he warned, "will not change by its own choice." He announced a program "to hasten the arrival of a new, free, democratic Cuba." He ordered the Department of Homeland Security to increase inspections of travels and shipments to and from Cuba. This is the same department that doesn't have the resources to inspect shipments coming in and out of the United States. The same department unable to afford training and equipment for our frontline defenders, local police and firefighters."

Cuba acusa a España en otro choque diplomático  10/15/03 Nuevo Herald: "Tras la denuncia hecha pública por una emisora privada española, la embajadora de Cuba en España, Isabel Allende, y luego el ministerio español de Asuntos Exteriores, dieron su versión de los hechos que impidieron que el viceministro cubano de Educación, Rodolfo Alarcón, viajara a Madrid invitado por la Conferencia de Rectores de Universidades Españolas (CRUE)."

El gobierno español obstaculiza un encuentro de los rectores españoles con el viceministro de Cultura cubano  10/15/03 Rebelion, Spain 

Wed in Cuba: She loves me Not  10/13/03 Miami Herald: "Marriages between foreigners and Cubans have skyrocketed, and while many relationships succeed, many others fail -- sometimes by design."

Cuban diplomat denied permission to attend conference in Mobile  10/11/03 AP 

Traveling to Cuba Where There is a Will, There is a Way  10/11/03 Counterpunch 

White House Outlines New Initiatives on Cuba  10/11/03 Cryptome 

Cuba conference in Mobile opens amid controversy  10/11/03 Mobile Register, AL: "A State Department spokesman said Redondo was a conspirator in the case of Ana Belen Montes, an employee of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency who said she spied for Cuba for years because she was outraged by American policies toward Cuba. Group members said Friday that Mobile Society-La Habana had worked closely with Redondo for the past several years in arrang ing a series of visits to Cuba. Redondo helped the group plan its activities on the island, including arranging meetings with Cuban officials, and occasionally joined the group on its trips. A State Department official who asked not to be identified said the Mobile society "may have strayed from its stated mission as a sister cities group" during some of those visits. Robert Schaefer, the president of Mobile-La Habana, said members of the group were friendly with Redondo but never had any inkling that he was doubling as a spy."

US to tighten Cuba sanctions  10/10/03 BBC 

Top Cuban official barred from Mobile  10/10/03 Mobile Register, AL: "Cuba's top U.S. diplomat was denied permission by the U.S. Department of State to travel this week to Alabama, where he was scheduled to attend a conference highlighting ties between Mobile and Havana, according to organizers of the event. Dagoberto Rodriguez, the Chief of the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, D.C., accepted an invitation last spring to speak at the Society Mobile-La Habana's 10th anniversary celebration, which begins today in Mobile. The society is a fraternal organization that promotes cultural exchanges between Mobile and Havana."

Cuban exiles welcome Bush getting tougher on Cuba  10/10/03 Reuters 

Bush to increase Castro pressure  10/10/03 The News, Australia: "Officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the White House was expected to announce a tightening in travel restrictions to Cuba in an 11.10am local time address. "It has to do with making it harder to get travel permits," one official said in Washington."

Support to Lift Cuba Travel Restrictions Appears to Be Growing in US Congress  10/10/03 VOA 

Post Interview: Powell on Cuba  10/10/03 Washington Post 

"The last wall" by Mikhail Gorbachev  10/9/03 Radio Progresso 

Cuba is now among top 20 buyers of US Corn  10/8/03 Agriculture News 

Problems with visas create roadblock for Cuban artists  10/8/03 Miami Herald 

El paraíso a 90 millas: vista de la Florida desde Cuba (y viceversa)  10/8/03 Nuevo Herald 

The order to arrest the Five came from the White House  10/7/03 Granma 

Cuba embargo divides conferences  10/6/03 Financial Times: "The distance between the two hotel meeting rooms was less than 100 metres, but the two versions of US-Cuba relations offered up at competing conferences in Miami over the weekend were as wide as the strait between Florida and Cuba."

Cuba the next objective.  10/6/03 MercoPress 

Graying of Cuba poses big problems for stagnant economy  10/6/03 Sun Sentinel, FL 

Cuba exiles told of Bush support  10/5/03 AP 

Gorbachev Urges Bush to End U.S. Embargo on Cuba Former Soviet Leader Calls on U.S. to Take the First Step toward 'Constructive Engagement' with Cuba  10/4/03 Americans for Humanitarian Trade with Cuba 

Castro's article makes it into print in US at last  10/4/03 Financial Times 

Cuba calls on the United States to prove biological weapons accusations  10/3/03 Granma 

Call to form a Solidarity Network with Anarchists in Cuba  10/3/03 InfoShop News 

Fidel speaks: Cuba leads in education  10/3/03 NY Daily News: "In the field of education, Cuba is first in the world. Its grade school students rank first in math and language arts. One hundred percent of our children start school at the proper age and reach sixth grade. Ninety-nine percent of the students reach ninth grade, and all of them are eligible to attend school though the 12th grade. In elementary school, there is one teacher for every 20 students, or two if the class is larger. New schools for art, theater, dance and music can be found in all provincial capitals and the country's major cities. We have created two new educational television channels. ... Nationwide, the Educate Your Child program, in which families do schoolwork with their children, has made it possible for us to assist, institutionally and informally, 99.5% of children up to age 6. More than 100,000 aides are involved in instructing, assisting and supporting families. Of the children who finished preschool last year, 96.8% had reached an adequate level of basic skills development. Computers have been introduced in our preschools, applying research that eliminates risk factors for use at this young age. In the past school year, 117,868 preschool children had access to computers. This school year, an additional 23,527 will benefit."

U.S. Defends Travel Restrictions on Cuba  10/2/03 AP: "He said the 70 percent of Cuba's tourist hotels are in isolated enclaves so that they are invisible to ordinary Cubans who, in any case, are not authorized to patronize the hotels." Have any of these folks been to the rest of the Caribbean, which has similar set-ups?

Simpler paperwork for Cubans resident abroad to enter country  10/2/03 Granma 

Cuba lightens up on exiles  10/2/03 News24, SA: "Cubans living abroad and not involved in activities "harmful to the interests on the state" will no longer need special visas to visit their homeland, the Cuban Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday. The policy shift, which goes into effect at the beginning of next year, does away with so-called entry visas Cuban expatriates needed to visit the country."

U.S. Accuses Cuba of Germ Weapons Program  10/2/03 Reuters: moving from success to success: "The United States, yet to find evidence to back its charge that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, issued a new accusation on Thursday that Cuba had a "limited" biological arms program. Cuba has previously denied the accusation, repeated on Thursday by Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Roger Noriega at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Cuba." Noriega is a CANF toady.

Cuba may provide asbestos answer  10/2/03 Royal Gazette, Bermuda: "Cuba could help solve Bermuda's asbestos waste disposal problem – if a proposal on the table is accepted by Government. The deal, spearheaded by local company Island Construction Services (ICS), would indemnify Bermuda from liability should anything go awry with the asbestos once it leaves Bermuda's shores."

An extremely noisy terrorist  10/1/03 Granma 

What May 20 signifies by Ned Sublette  10/1/03 SF Bay View: first published 5/02 - "The American governor of Havana province (excluding the city) was Fitzhugh Lee, an ex-Confederate general and nephew of Robert E. Lee. Had there not been an amnesty for Confederate officers, he might have been hanged for treason after the Civil War. Instead, he became governor of Virginia and subsequently was named by Grover Cleveland as the U.S. Consul General to Cuba. Despite being a Democrat, Lee had been retained by the Republican administration of McKinley, and it had been Lee who had asked for the battleship Maine to come to Havana. He wrote in a book published in 1899: “As there are no more than half as many negroes as whites in Cuba, and the proportion of negroes is steadily growing smaller and will continue to do so at an increasingly rapid rate, all fear of ‘negro domination’ in the island may be dismissed as idle.” "

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