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Festival announcement (Eng) - (PDF, 184kb)

Hotel accomodations for Festival

See Haiti in Cuba for article on Bannzil Kiba Kreyol 

Kiba Kreyol '06

Kiba Keyol '05

Kiba Keyol '04

Kiba Keyol '02

Kiba Keyol '99

Kiba Kreyol '08 International Festival
8/1/06 to 8/3/06, Havana

Bannzil Kiba Kreyol is a non-governmental cultural institution dedicated to the study, conservation and dissemination of Creole language and culture in Cuba. Founded in August 1997 and with a membership of Cubans, Haitians, descendants of Haitians and students in Cuba from countries that speak Creole (Martinique, the Seychelles Islands, Reunion, Rodriguez, Santa Lucia, French Guyana, Haiti, Guadalupe), Banzil Kiba Kreyol opens its door to all persons and institutions throughout the world who wish to collaborate with their work and objectives.

The "International Festival Kiba Kreyol 2008" will be held in Havana. The main objective of the Festival is to stimulate the study and conservation of Creole in Cuba and the wider Caribbean area, as well as to encourage an exchange of experiences among all those interested in conserving and strengthening Haitian identity. At left is the information for anyone who's interested in participating.



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