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Festival announcement (Eng)

Anuncio del Festival (Esp)

See Haiti in Cuba for article on Bannzil Kiba Kreyol 


Kiba Kreyol '06 International Festival
8/5/06 to 8/7/06, Havana

Bannzil Kiba Kreyol is a non-governmental cultural institution dedicated to the study, conservation and dissemination of Creole language and culture in Cuba. Founded in August 1997 and with a membership of Cubans, Haitians, descendants of Haitians and students in Cuba from countries that speak Creole (Martinique, the Seychelles Islands, Reunion, Rodriguez, Santa Lucia, French Guyana, Haiti, Guadalupe), Banzil Kiba Kreyol opens its door to all persons and institutions throughout the world who wish to collaborate with their work and objectives.

The "International Festival Kiba Kreyol 2006" will be held in Havana. The main objective of the Festival is to stimulate the study and conservation of Creole in Cuba and the wider Caribbean area, as well as to encourage an exchange of experiences among all those interested in conserving and strengthening Haitian identity. Below is information (in both English And Spanish) for anyone who's interested in participating.


"Bannzil Kreyol Kiba" Socio-Cultural Project

House of Culture in Central Havana


"Kiba Kreyol (Creole) 2006" Festival

The "Bannzil Kreyol Kiba" Socio-Cultural Project, and the House of Culture in Central Havana, with the patronage of: the Cuban Commission for UNESCO, the Caribbean House of Santiago de Cuba, the "Juan Marinello" Centre, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), the Martinique-Cuba Association, the Martinique Association of Solidarity with the People of Cuba, the "Martha Jean Claude" Cultural Foundation (Haiti):

We are inviting you to the "Kiba Kreyol 2006" Festival - which will be dedicated to our 5 Heroes who are Prisoners of Imperialism and Martinique, the steadfast island - to be held on 5,6 and 7 August this year. The principal themes of the event are those actions which are carried out for the conservation of Creole culture both within and outside the Caribbean, as part of our linguistic and cultural diversity.

Those who are interested can participate with: Lectures, Sport, Dance Groups and Solo Dancers, theatre and music, the plastic arts, the culinary arts and other activities.

The various locations for the Festival include: the House of Culture of Central Habana, the "Juan Marinello" Centre for the Investigation and Development of Cuban Culture, and the "Bertolt Brecht" Theatre.

There will be a Creole song competition.

Enrolment will be done in the House of Culture in Central Havana, located on Carlos III and Castillejo, and also via telephone at (537) 831-8236 and (537) 878-4727, until the 15th of June 2006.

FEES: $50.00 pesos in National Currency.

From: Organizing Committee

-email:, Telef: (537) 831-7028; (537) 446178

-email:, Telef: (537) 878-4727; (537) 862-5928; (537) 862-5998


Proyecto Socio Cultural "Bannzil Kreyol Kiba"

Casa de la Cultura de Centro Habana

Festival Kiba Kreyol 2006


Festival "Kiba Kreyol 2006" (Creol)

El Proyecto Socio-Cultural "Bannzil Kreyol Kiba", y la Casa de la Cultura de Centro Habana, auspiciado por: Comision Cubana de la UNESCO, Casa del Caribe de Santiago de Cuba, Centro "Juan Marinello", Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos (ICAP), Asociacion Martinica-Cuba, Asociacion Martiniquena de Solidaridad con el pueblo de Cuba, Fundacion Cultural Martha Jean Claude (Haiti): 

Se le esta convocando al Festival Kiba Kreyol 2006 que estara dedicado a nuestros 5 Heroes Prisioneros del Imperio y a la Solidaria Isla de Martinica, el mismo se celebrara los dias 5,6 y 7 de Agosto del presente ano. El evento tendra como tema principal acciones que se realizan para la conservacion de la cultura Kreyol dentro y fuera del Caribe, como parte de nuestra diversidad linguistica y cultural.

Los interesados podran participar con: Conferencias, Sport, Grupos y Solistas de Danzas, teatros y musica, artes plasticas, artes culinarias y otros.

Tendra como Sub-sedes: la Casa de la Cultura de Centro Habana, el Centro de Investigacion y Desarrollo de la Cultura Cubana "Juan Marinello" y el Teatro "Bertolt Brecht".

Habra un concurso de canciones en kreyol.

Las inscripciones se haran en la Casa de la Cultura de Centro Habana, sito en Carlos III y Castillejo, y a traves de los telefonos (537) 831-8236 y (537) 878-4727 hasta el 15 de Junio del 2006.

CUOTAS: $50.00 pesos en Moneda Nacional.

Comite Organizador. 

-email:, Telef: (537) 831-7028; (537) 446178

-email:, Telef: (537) 878-4727; (537) 862-5928; (537) 862-5998



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