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Conference Schedule

The 31st Annual Conference on African Linguistics
2 March to Sunday 5 March 2000
Boston University, Boston, MA

Panel presentation 3/4/00:
"Afro-Atlantic languages & religious texts"

The public portion of this specialized conference features several highly respected specialists in AfroCuban culture.

Conference schedule

The 31st Annual Conference on African Linguistics will be held at Boston
University from Thursday 2 March to Sunday 5 March 2000.

Although most of the program is of interest primarily to academic linguists and open to registered participants, two events are free and open to the general public:

Plenary lecture
"After Asmara: the future of African languages and literatures"
Friday 3 March 2000, 5:30 p.m., Metcalf Hall, George Sherman Union, 775
Comm. Av, Boston University.
This lecture, by the Kenyan writer and activist Prof. Ngugi wa Thiong'o,
is followed by a public reception.

Panel presentation
"Afro-Atlantic languages & religious texts"
Saturday 4 March 2000, Metcalf Hall, George Sherman Union, 775 Comm. Av,
Boston University.

1:30 p.m. ‹ A. Schwegler (U de Costa Rica/U California Irvine)
The Black ritual curse: the art of Œsounding¹ in the Americas

2:10 p.m. ‹ K. Bilby (Smithsonian Institution)
Reevaluating the African lexical component of the Surinamese Maroon
Creoles: the Aluku case

2:50 p.m. ‹ K.K.B. Fu-Kiau (Boston, Mass.)
African diasporadic languages: unspoken but alive and powerful

3:30 p.m. ‹ M. Warner-Lewis (U of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica)
Challenges in translating Trinidad Yoruba song texts

4:20 p.m. ‹ I. Miller (Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture,
From West African Ekpe to Cuban Abakua: linguistic evidence for the
presence of Africa in Cuba

5 p.m. ‹ Rey Gonzalez (Boston, Mass.)
Cantos de Lucumi: interpretacion

5:40 p.m. ‹ John Mason (Yoruba Theological Archministry, Brooklyn, NYC)
Problem areas in translating Yoruba texts

6:20 p.m. ‹ D. Dawson (American Museum of Natural History, NYC)
Palo Mayombe: the visual language of a Kongo religion in Cuba

The Afro-Atlantic panel is followed by a dinner-dance at the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center at Villa Victoria/Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción, 85 West Newton Street, South End, Boston. The dinner-dance is
catered by Restaurant Sodade Terra and features the Capeverdean band  Spluson 2000. Dinner tickets ($15) can be purchased at the conference before noon on Saturday 4 March. (Please note that, due to legal restrictions, dinner tickets will not be available at the door.)

More information: V. Manfredi (617-441-2534,



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