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John MasonJohn Mason: Babalorisha and author,
Yoruba Theological Archministry

John Mason has written numerous books on Yoruba religion and culture. He has traveled extensively in Cuba and Nigeria and consulted with many practitioners to obtain a vast treasure lode of information.

This page covers some of his work. You are invited to contact him directly via the Yoruba Theological Archministry for more information.

John Mason Book Sale & Signing - Sango culture complex, 2/25/12

Book sale and signing of Baba John Mason's new book on the Sango culture complex; Saturday, February 25, 2012, from 1p.m. to 7p.m. at 488 Putnam Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (between Throop and Tompkins Avenues). Come one come all and bring cash. No credit cards can be accepted. Call 718-453-5550 if you need more direction.

"In Praise of Our Mothers", 5/2008

Yoruba Theological Archministry presents

"In Praise of Our Mothers"

Slide Lecture, Music, Dance Concert
Honoring the Ancestors and Orisha

All songs in English with original melodies

Baba John Mason
The Mason-Jamja Orchestra
with Singers and Orisha Dancers

Saturday, May 8, 2010 5-10PM

Boys and Girls H.S.
1700 Fulton Street @ Utica Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

See PDF for details.

Available Books

Black Gods - Orisa Studies in the New World

by John Mason
and Gary Edwards
Thirteen major Yoruba deities are discussed in depth. Their symbols, personal characteristics, philosophical values, animal familiars, corresponding body parts and feast days are all reviewed.

Comes with audio cassette tape of songs and prayers.

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Four New World Rituals

by John Mason
A detailed review of translated prayers, chants and ceremonies associated with four categories of Yoruba ritual maintained by New World Orisa devotees. Rituals dealing with the respect for ancestors, carrying out blood sacrifices, performing divination, and preparing medicine are all closely reviewed.

This new edition comes with audio cassette tape of songs and prayers.

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Olo˛kun: Owner of the Rivers and the Seas

by John Mason



Order address

This is a comprehensive and groundbreaking study of the Bini and Yoruba deity, Olokun (owner of the sea), and his traditions as they were established in West Africa, maintained in Cuba, from the ealry 1800's, and now continued in the United States.

Maps, line drawings and ninety nine photos, amny published for the first time, help to visually carry the reader along on this journey of discovery.

Comes with cassette tape of Olokun songs

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Prepayment required on all orders.


Order address for John Mason's books

Yoruba Theological Archministry
488 Putnam Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221

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