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Boston, 9/01 speakout

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Anti-War News

Antiwar Fervor Fills the Streets - Demonstration Is Largest in Capital Since U.S. Military Invaded Iraq  9/25/2005 Washington Post: "Protest organizers estimated that 300,000 people participated, triple their original target."

Join This Weekend's Anti-War Fight  9/23/2005 Alternet 

New York lockdown  8/11/2004 Guardian: "His small anarchist collective,, runs a snitch line and an email account where disgruntled employees of New York hotels, the Garden and the Republican party itself can pass on information about conventioneers. So far, the collective has received dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails with inside dirt on GOP activities… "We want to make their stay here as miserable as possible," says Moran, who has sandy hair, a snub nose and a goatee. The son of a retired Queens cop, he's 30 but looks younger. "I'd like to see all the Republican events - teas, backslapping lunches - disrupted. I'd like to see people from other states following their delegates, letting them know what they think about Republican policies. I'd like to see impromptu street parties and marches. I'd like to see corporations involved in the Iraq reconstruction get targeted - anything from occupation to property destruction." "

RNC Not Welcome 2004, NYC  8/11/2004 "The Republican National Committee has, for the first time in its 150 year history, selected New York for their Convention from August 29-September 2, 2004. In a shallow attempt at exploiting the lives lost at the World Trade Center, the RNC has pushed the Convention date to September. We have witnessed two unjust wars, at least one American life lost each day overseas, a depressed economy, the collapse of the dollar, $87 billion to boost war profiteering, the closing of our firehouses, a health-care crisis, millions of children being left behind, and now this. We say, Enough!"

Dozens granted protest permits  7/13/2004 Boston Glove: "Every group that applied for a permit to rally or march got one, she added, although not necessarily in the location originally requested. Several requests to march or rally in Causeway Street, in front of the convention at the FleetCenter, were denied for security reasons. "Nobody should be unhappy," said Malone. "I think that anybody that has anything to say has been given the right to say it, for the most part where they need to say it." For weeks, the most highly anticipated potential protests have been those by organized labor, in particular the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association, which threatened to picket outside the FleetCenter during the convention."

Clear Channel Shuts Down Anti-War Ads  7/12/2004 Davey D's: "A group of antiwar advocates is accusing Clear Channel Communications, one of the nation's largest media companies, with close ties to national Republicans, of preventing the group from displaying a Times Square billboard critical of the war in Iraq. The billboard - an image of a red, white and blue bomb with the words "Democracy Is Best Taught by Example, Not by War" - was supposed to go up next month, the antiwar group said, and it was to be in place when Republicans from across the country gathered in New York City to nominate President Bush for a second term."

Prison Abuse: An MI Officer Sounds Off  5/10/2004 Soldiers For The Truth 

Broadcaster pulls plug on listing of Iraq dead - Maryland firm bans its TV stations from airing 'Nightline' show tonight, citing politics.  4/30/2004 Star News: the land of the free and the home of the brave…

Manifestantes en California piden a Bush retirar tropas de Iraq  4/26/2004 Prensa Latina: "Junto a Suárez, fundador tras la muerte de su hijo del frente pacifista Mi Guerrero Azteca, alzaron su voz otros familiares de uniformados desplegados en Iraq, quienes prometieron llevar a cabo próximamente una huelga de hambre frente a la Casa Blanca, en demanda del retiro de las tropas."

Worldwide protests mark first anniversary of US-led invasion of Iraq  3/21/2004 Channel News Asia: "It was in Italy that anti-war support was most successfully galvanized, with organisers claiming that up to a million people had crammed into the streets of the capital. Italian police put the figure at about 250,000. A sea of people of all ages waving red balloons and rainbow flags with the message "peace" written on them stretched between Republic square to the ancient Coliseum, itself a symbol of violence. Banners calling for peace in the world and a host of city coats of arms floated above the crowd as it moved to the beat of rap protest songs. "No to war, no to terrorism, no to bombs" read one banner carried by representatives of Italy's Green party."

On Anniversary of a Divisive War, Italians Cry to Withdraw Troops  3/21/2004 NYT 

Peace protests follow the sun  3/20/2004 News 24, SA 

The Momentum of the Movement  3/18/2004 Alternet 

Deserter aims to be first veteran to challenge Iraq war's morality  3/14/2004 Chicago Tribune 

Rallies Apply King's Message to Issues  1/20/2004 AP 

Cities in revolt over Patriot Act  1/5/2004 Washington Times: " Hundreds of city and county governments across the nation last year initiated the grass-roots effort by passing resolutions declaring they would not cooperate with the federal government in enforcing the law, which they claim undermines civil liberties. Those voices grew louder last week when the nation's oldest and largest national group of elected municipal government officials, the National League of Cities (NLC), passed a resolution at its annual meeting calling for Congress to repeal parts of the act."

Activists say protests against war continues  1/2/2004 Final Call 

Anti-war parents of American soldiers brave hostility at home to see the real story in Iraq  12/8/2003 Independent, UK: "He says conservative radio talk shows have begun attacking his wife, a social worker, after she gave interviews to the newspapers about his trip. "They have been reading out the interviews on the air, and giving her a hard time. She's a little scared, and out of her element, to be sure." He is one of a delegation of nine family members of US soldiers and army veterans who have come to Iraq, led by the San Francisco-based human rights group Global Exchange. Most of the group oppose the occupation, while others say they simply want to see the situation for themselves."

Combat casualty count doubted  12/6/2003 Talahassee Democrat: "An influential Mississippi congressman has raised the possibility that the Pentagon has undercounted combat casualties in Iraq after he learned that five members of the Mississippi National Guard who were injured Sept. 12 by a booby trap in Iraq were denied Purple Heart medals. The guardsmen were wounded by an artillery shell that detonated as their convoy passed the tree in which it was hidden, but their injuries were classified as "noncombat," according to Rep. Gene Taylor, D-Miss. Taylor, a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, learned of the classification when he visited the most seriously injured of the guardsmen, Spc. Carl Sampson, 35, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington."

Vietnam vet takes aim at war  12/5/2003 Denver Post: "In his youth, Vietnam War veteran Charles Elliston recalls, "I was a conservative. I used to think war protesters were nut cases - agents of the enemy." Today, former Chief Warrant Officer Elliston, 55, is an outspoken anti-war activist who proudly wears his Army uniform to give himself credibility. The uniform is immaculate, as are his Vietnam combat ribbons, his Purple Heart, and the silver wings with wreath and star that identify him as a senior Army aviator. Elliston also wears pins on his uniform. One reads "NO perpetual war for perpetual peace." Another reads: "Vietnam Veterans Against the War." "

How an American war hero is taking his battle over Iraq to Washington  12/5/2003 Independent, UK: "While no-one doubts Colonel Hackworth's patriotism or service to his country, there are plenty of people who do not appreciate what he has to say about the United States' occupation of Iraq and the way it was carried out. Donald Rumsfeld is likely to be among his critics: Colonel Hackworth, 72, described the US Defence Secretary as "an arrogant asshole"."

Don’t Let Government Bully War Opponents  12/2/2003 Black America Web: "FBI officials say the monitoring program is intended to root out anarchists and to ensure that large protests don’t get out of hand. That may be legitimate. But through the lens of an administration that shamelessly brands those who oppose the occupation of Iraq as being anti-American, it’s hard to believe that a peaceful protest won’t easily become distorted as a terrorist activity, and its leaders regarded with suspicion. As a black American, this frightens me."

Letters the troops have sent me...  11/25/2003 Radio Progresso, Miami: by Michael Moore - "As we approach the holidays, I've been thinking a lot about our kids who are in the armed forces serving in Iraq. I've received hundreds of letters from our troops in Iraq – and they are telling me something very different from what we are seeing on the evening news. What they are saying to me, often eloquently and in heart-wrenching words, is that they were lied to – and this war has nothing to do with the security of the United States of America. I've written back and spoken on the phone to many of them and I've asked a few of them if it would be OK if I posted their letters on my website and they've said yes. They do so at great personal risk (as they may face disciplinary measures for exercising their right to free speech). I thank them for their bravery."

Army Reserve battling an exodus  11/23/2003 Boston Globe: "The US Army Reserve fell short of its reenlistment goals this fiscal year, underscoring Pentagon fears that the protracted conflict in Iraq could cause a crippling exodus from the armed services."

Military Targets Latinos Tracked into Combat Jobs  11/15/2003 War Times 

Hats off to Bush protesters, Lexington's skilled police force  11/10/2003 Lexington Herald-Leader, KY: "While participating in a protest of President Bush's policies and his appearance at Lexington Center on Oct. 9, Kentucky citizens had the opportunity to see democracy and patriotism in action. Huge crowds gathered on all corners of intersections from Main Street to High Street, and along both sides of Broadway."

Campus antiwar activists meet in Chicago  11/7/2003 Socialist Worker Online: "The Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) held its second national conference last weekend at the University of Illinois at Chicago. CAN, a grassroots network of student antiwar coalitions, brought together more than 100 students from 31 campuses across the country to debate and discuss the key issues facing the movement."

Serve Your Community and the Nation - Become a Selective Service System Local Board Member  11/6/2003 DOD 

A new underground railroad Some soldiers would rather desert than return to Iraq  11/6/2003 Nuvo, IN 

Will U.S. bring back the draft?  11/5/2003 Toronto Start 

Since January 2000, More Than 10,600 Sailors Have Deserted the US Navy  11/1/2003 The Memory Hole 

Peace Marchers Went for a Piece of Bush  10/29/2003 NNPA 

Eyewitness in Iraq: "They're Getting Better"  10/27/2003 Independent: No last minute Bush electoral boost from US military abroad, unless they fake it: "But when I suggested to a group of US military police near Abu Ghurayb they would be voting Republican at the next election, they fell about laughing. "We shouldn't be here and we should never have been sent here," one of them told me with astonishing candour. "And maybe you can tell me: why were we sent here?" "

Antiwar protesters gather in SF, DC  10/26/2003 AP 

A New Battle Front: Pro-Warrior but Antiwar  10/26/2003 Washington Post: "They were near the front of the antiwar march downtown yesterday, dozens of parents, siblings and spouses of soldiers, sailors and Marines occupying Iraq. They drew energy from each other, from the exciting discovery that there were so many in the same situation. They traded stories of extended deployments and shaky morale. They carried poster-size pictures of their loved ones standing proudly in dress uniforms, and they raised a banner that said: "Bush Says Bring 'Em On, We Say Bring 'Em Home Now!" "

Tens of thousands protest against Bush's Iraq policies in Washington  10/25/2003 Canadian Press: "Organizers estimated 100,000 people turned out for the demonstration but police at the scene put the number at 10,000 to 20,000. Police no longer issue official crowd estimates, so the size of the protest could not be verified."

Dissent on the home front: families of US soldiers in Iraq lead anti-war protests  10/25/2003 Guardian 

Defend the Berkeley 3! UC administrators target antiwar activists  10/24/2003 Socialist Worker Online: "THREE activists at the University of California-Berkeley have been convicted of student conduct violations for participating in a demonstration on the day after the U.S. war on Iraq began. UC administrators singled out these the three--from among the 119 people arrested at the protest--because they were leading members of the Berkeley Stop the War coalition."

Military Personnel Wounded in Iraq & Afghanistan: A Photo Gallery  10/20/2003 The Memory Hole 

Does "Anti-War" Have to be "Anti-Racist" Too?  8/1/2003 Race Wire: requires free login: "As a speaker at a San Francisco anti-war rally last fall, I tried to emphasize the importance of seeing the threatened war on Iraq in terms of this country's racism here and around the world. In that spirit, I ended my comments with a chant by some activists marching to the rally: "One, two, three, four/We don't want your racist war!" Few people in that mostly white crowd of some 15,000 chanted with me or clapped. I shouldn't have been surprised. I had come up against an old problem: blinders on much of the U.S. peace/anti-war movement, which still sees racism as a separate, secondary issue and usually does not realize that any U.S. anti-war movement must be anti-racist."


University of California Divestment from Israel Petition Website

Alojo! - acciones urgentes
: bilingual - incluir su accion/post your activity  for activities in your city, around the world - list yours here.

Demonstrations for Peace : War Resister's League's extensive listing of ongoing and punctual events in the US and Canada

Boycott Israeli Goods

Citizens for Legitimate Government - nice listing of anti-Bush protests

IndyMedia UK
- lots of antiwar marches over here! Other IndyMedia sites across the US also list antiwar actions: arizona atlanta austin boston buffalo chicago cleveland hawaii houston la madison maine minneapolis/st. paul new jersey nyc new york capitol ohio valley philadelphia portland richmond rocky mountain san francisco bay seattle st louis urbana-champaign utah vermont dc

Stop US Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now = SUSTAIN

Weekly meetings of the Berkeley Stop the War Coalition  See also their web site at

Police photograph peace vigil crowd , Worcester Telegraph, Worcester MA, 10/11 - on orders from the FBI. Worcester Peace Works, which organized the vigil, responded with some interesting tactics: 1) attempted to get police ID, 2) publicized the J Edgar like event in the media and 3) wrote a letter to the police "asking for an apology and demanding that Worcester Peace Works be supplied with a list of groups that local, state or federal agencies have photographed or put under surveillance in Worcester since Sept. 11. It asks to be provided with a list of all agency personnel who have been provided with Worcester police photos, files and reports on Worcester Peace Works and for return of all photos, negatives and files of vigil participants. And it asks for police protocols on an officer's obligation to identify himself or herself when asked, and for a copy of the policy on the circumstances under which “groups engaged in free-speech activities are to be photographed by the Worcester Police Department." This elicited evasional behavior from said police department almost worthy of Bin Ladin himself.

Continuing Coverage -- The Hartford 18 - police riot brings shame to Hartford, activists persecuted.

See also our page on the
Suppression of Dissent in the US

Civil Liberties

Human rights now
National Lawyers Guild
The Emergency Campaign to Defend Dissent and Advance Civil Rights

PATRIOT Act - Analyses of Repressive Features

ACLU Legislative Analysis
Electronic Freedom Foundation

AntiWar News Archive : 9/01 - 10/01

AntiWar Organizations

Against Revenge
Americans Against Bombing
American Friends Service Committee
Antiwar news and activities
Antiwar Students at U. of IL Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace - great news section Nice list of news sources Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Largest, Oldest Interfaith Peace Organization in the United States International Action Center, Boston (see left pic) International Action Center, National - Worker's World DC based, building coalition - coalition members
IndyMedia Chiapas - scroll down on left of any IndyMedia site for global list of IndyMedia sites
IndyMedia Israel
IndyMedia UK - lots of antiwar marches over here!
IndyMedia South Africa Valuable listing of peace events around the world - numbers around the globe
: US colleges' Peaceful Justice site
Speak Out Now
Stop World War III
Strike the Root
Student Peace Action Network Oct 7, National Day of Action Resources on-line petition, resources long list of youth antiwar links

Organizations active against War in the Middle East

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Colorado Campaign for Middle East
Courage to Refuse
Grassroots International
Gush Shalom
International Solidarity Movement
Jewish Voice for Peace
Jews for Justice in the Middle East

Middle East Children's Alliance

Middle East Research and Information Project

Not in My Name

Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment
Peace Now Israel
Peace Now USA
Voices in the Wilderness

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

See also the Arlington, VA based Wisdom Fund's pages, from an islamic point of view:
Antiwar News
Antiwar Views
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Media and Press Releases

Bin Laden, Narcoterrorism, the CIA, and the House of Saud

Risks of Nuclear War

US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on the US genocide in Iraq

Lesley Stahl, 60 Minutes: "We have heard that a half million children have died [because of sanctions against Iraq]. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima and and you know, is the price worth it?"

US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it." (May 1996)

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