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Red de Mujeres Afrodescendientes
Afrodescendant Women's Network

Lucila Insua Brindis founded the Havana based Afrodescendant Women's Network in 2012 and in 2016 it has 40 members.


How These Afro-Cuban Women Are Stamping Out Anti-Blackness on the Island  8/3/2016 Latina: "Racism permeates throughout society, from inside the homes to pop culture and media, and it’s something Havana’s Afro-Descendent Organization for Women fight to eradicate. The group, started by Lucila Insua Brindis in 2012, works to crush stereotypes and stigmas Black women experience while fighting broader racial justice issues. “The Cuban Revolution brought a lot of positive changes for Black women in Cuba in education and with access to resources, but the racial problem in Cuba is not necessarily a state problem or an institutional problem,” Brindis, 67, told Fusion."

Afro-Latin American Women Leading Fight Against Racism, Sexism  7/24/2016 teleSUR: "The organization, which has grown into a network of approximately 40 members, is influenced by the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States--which is spearheaded by three African-American women from the LGBT community, and hopes that softening U.S.-Cuba relations will foster stronger, transnational ties between the two groups."

These Afro-Cuban women are fighting the last battle of the revolution  7/21/2016 Fusion: "Brindis says racism in Cuba is “personal and exists culturally” and is something that’s “transmitted through the family in most cases.” In other words, she says, racism doesn’t exist as much on the structural level as it does in day-to-day interpersonal relationships."


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Note: this organization is different from the Red de Mujeres Afrodescendientes Cubana, correspondents to the Red de Mujeres Afrolatinoamericanas, Afrocaribeñas y la Diáspora.

The Red Barrial Afrodescendientes is a similar organization, also in Havana.

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