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    World News
3/25/02 - 3/31/02

Sunday  3/31/02

Reporter wounded; Israel asks journalists to leave Ramallah  3/31/02 AP: "Anthony Shadid, a Washington-based Boston Globe reporter on assignment in Ramallah, was standing in a doorway of a shop with Globe stringer Said al-Ghazali when he was shot, said Globe foreign editor James F. Smith."

Last Night the Israeli Military Tried to Kill Me  3/31/02 Counterpunch 

Without mercy: Israelis execute Arafat's elite guards  3/31/02 Guardian, UK 

Porn the new weapon of choice  3/31/02 News 24 

From Old Files, a New Story of U.S. Role in Angolan War  3/31/02 NYT: "Historians and former diplomats who have studied the documents say they show conclusively that the United States intervened in Angola weeks before the arrival of any Cubans, not afterward as Washington claimed. Moreover, though a connection between Washington and South Africa, which was then ruled by a white government under the apartheid policy, was strongly denied at the time, the documents appear to demonstrate their broad collaboration."

I saw the bodies, killed by a shot to the head  3/31/02 Observer, UK: to be reported in the pro-Israeli US media?

American Medic Trapped in Arafat's Compound  3/31/02 Palestine Chronicle 

Israeli Army Broadcasts Porn, Hebrew Propaganda to Besieged Palestinians  3/31/02 Palestine Chronicle 

Israeli Troops Kill Five Palestinian Policemen as They Attempted to Surrender  3/31/02 Palestine Chronicle: this story also in the Washington Post, which we don't cite as they take their links down

Sharon Crosses Bush; Bush Runs for Cover  3/31/02 Palestine Chronicle: "The first completely dominant superpower in history can have its president publicly humiliated by a well documented psychotic war criminal. In response to this flogging in the international arena, Cheney cautions his president against tangling with Sharon."

Palestinian reprisals leave fifteen dead and many injured  3/31/02 Ummah News 

Why the US feels such an affinity with the Zionists  3/31/02 Ummah News: true words: "A quick look at America's history explains its complicity. European settlers with a Biblical ideology, amazingly close to present-day Zionism, invaded the Americas and destroyed the indigenous civilizations that had prospered there for centuries or millennia. New Americans paid no attention to the rights of local people, who were wantonly slaughtered and driven from their lands, or who died en masse of the diseases brought from Europe to the Northern American continent by the Europeans. But that is only one crime of the new Americans. Beside being built on the graves of millions of native peoples in the eastern and central part of the continent, America was built on the backs of millions of Africans, kidnapped and worked to death in the new world to build and benefit the white man's paradise. This dual crime of genocide and enslavement was soon supplemented by a third, the systematic depopulation of what was once greater Mexico, the area now known as the south-western United States, of its original inhabitants. The American colonial machine soon occupied all of what is now called the United States, and legalised and normalized the fruits of its crimes."

Saturday  3/30/02

topIsraeli Troops Gun Down Cameraman From Egyptian TV  3/30/02 Al Jazeera: "Daniel Seaman, an Israeli government spokesman, said Israeli troops do not shoot at media vehicles. He said the incident wouldn't be investigated."

US 'not to blame' for Afghan casualties  3/30/02 Independent, UK: the logic of state terror

Arafat in the crossfire as Israel goes for kill  3/30/02 The Scotsman, UK: “After the first day of this, I can tell you that we are seeing a terrible silence of the international community. The same international community that was silent when the Jews were murdered is now silent when the existence of the Palestinians as a people is put in doubt.”

Sharon's stark message to man he wants dead  3/30/02 Times, UK: more state terror

Friday  3/29/02

topArafat says seven dead in his HQ, accuses US of giving nod to Israel  3/29/02 AFP 

Powell Calls on Arafat to End Violence  3/29/02 AP: a helpful admonition…

Winfrey declines Bush invite to Afghan trip  3/29/02 Chicago Tribune: ""Given her responsibility to the show, she isn't adding anything to her calendar," said a representative of Winfrey's Chicago-based production company. "She was invited, but she respectfully declined." So the White House, lacking its preferred guest, postponed a trip that also was to feature some of the administration's top women, including Bush adviser Karen Hughes and possibly National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. Aides said it was unclear whether another celebrity who shares Winfrey's credibility and popularity could be substituted."

Blair aide calls for colonies  3/29/02 Mirror, UK: honest words…

Internationals Come Under Fire in Ambulances  3/29/02 Palestine Chronicle 

KISSINGER MAY FINALLY HAVE TO FACE COURT ACTION OVER PINOCHET COUP  3/29/02 Radio Havana: "Kissinger has been formally asked by an investigating judge in Chile to respond to questions about the dictatorship murder of US citizen Charles Horman in the days following the coup."

Report On Israeli Spy Ring (Audio)  3/29/02 Real Impact 

Aides: Arafat's Offices on Fire From Israeli Shells  3/29/02 Reuters 

Thursday  3/28/02

topMalaysian leader likens his country's detention law to U.S. treatment of terror suspects  3/28/02 AP: the model for democracies now a model for tyrants.

Three US Soldiers Beaten to Death in Kabul for Chasing Afghan Women  3/28/02 Azzam 

Sikhs hand back mosque  3/28/02 BBC 

US DRUGGED POLICY  3/28/02 Boston Phoenix 

Israel plans unprecedented military response to massacre  3/28/02 Guardian, UK: this will work against Israel, for this is the logic of terrorism which the right wingers fail to understand

The Price of Propaganda  3/28/02 Guerilla News Network: "Muslims who watch Al Jazeera have long known that bin Laden hates Saddam"

Intractable foes, warring narratives  3/28/02 MSNBC: "While much of the world sees Mideast conflict through Palestinian eyes, in America, Israel’s view prevails"

For Chilean Coup, Kissinger Is Numbered Among the Hunted  3/28/02 NYT 

Israeli glee over collapse of Arab summit  3/28/02 Telegraph, UK 

US secrecy over terror prisoners is against law  3/28/02 Times, UK: "THE Bush Administration’s secrecy about hundreds of detainees picked up in a post-September 11 dragnet is unlawful and the identities and alleged offences of those being held must be revealed, a New Jersey court has ruled."

Jews Rise Against Ashcroft War  3/28/02 Village Voice 

Israel criticized over child detainees  3/28/02 Washington Times: "A U.N. human rights specialist said yesterday he had gathered evidence suggesting that Israel's treatment of Palestinian child detainees was inhuman and could amount to torture."

U.S. troops faced own captured weapons  3/28/02 Washington Times: shades of Viet Nam

U.S. armed forces surrounding Iraq under veil of secrecy  3/28/02 Yellow Times 

Wednesday  3/27/02

topBan looms over Vatican bank movie  3/27/02 BBC 

UN finds DU traces in Yugoslavia  3/27/02 BBC: And now the cancer rates will go up, as they did in Iraq: "Three years after Nato's bombardment of Yugoslavia, United Nations scientists say they have found areas where the soil and the air is still contaminated by depleted uranium (DU)."

Urban myth, my ass!  3/27/02 Creative Loafing: reactions to Israeli spying in the US 

Do Freedom of Information Act Files Prove FDR Had Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor?  3/27/02 Independent, US 

The "War on Terror," Cheney's Energy Policy Task Force, and ExxonMobil's Law Problems  3/27/02 Peter Dale Scott: "On March 26, 2002, Mike Ruppert published on his website a story, which I consider to be both well-sourced and important, alleging that Attorney General John Ashcroft has been attempting to exert "unusual" influence over two grand jury investigations of alleged improprieties committed by ExxonMobil, in connection with their huge oil venture in Kazakhstan."

Chavez Seeking To Distance Military Opposition  3/27/02 Stratfor, US 

Quayle wanted me liquidated, says ex-premier  3/27/02 Telegraph, UK: Danny boy got upset over New Zealand's ban on nukes: "I inquired of our security sources and I was told that I shouldn't regard it as a credible threat because the vice-president wasn't regarded as credible," Mr Lange said.

McCarthyism Watch  3/27/02 The Progressive: "What if there had been someone of Middle Eastern descent in our group? Would we have seen our friend again?" Sanders asks. "I'm actually fearful now of having any material or speaking out against our government. I felt I couldn't be safe with that, that I could be arrested or put on a list somewhere. You cannot be critical of the government right now. If you're not patriotic or a nationalist, you could be singled out."

Tuesday  3/26/02

top18 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Ambush at Khost Airport  3/26/02 Azzam 

US troops join invasion of Colombian rebel zone  3/26/02 Centre for Research on Globalisation 

Companies sued over American slave trade  3/26/02 Independent, UK 

THE ELEPHANT IN THE LIVING ROOM – PART I / Grand Juries in New York and Washington Expose Major Ashcroft Conflicts of Interest  3/26/02 Mike Ruppert 

Black Women Spur Change  3/26/02 Newsday, US: “I got a package from Aetna in January of 2,000,” she recalled. “I was standing in my kitchen when I opened it. When I saw what was in it I broke down and cried.” What was in that package was a copy of a “slave policy,” for the “assured sum” of $2,900, issued by Aetna Insurance Co. of Hartford to New Orleans slaveowner Thomas Murphy for three slaves.

U.S. Considering Military Operations Which Could Destabilize Pakistan  3/26/02 Peter Dale Scott 

Monday  3/25/02

topStop outrageous attacks on Muslim and Arab people!  3/25/02 Arab News, Saudi Arabia 

Gendarmes quit riot-hit Berber region  3/25/02 BBC 

FBI raids pro-Republicans  3/25/02 Guardian, UK 

A Broken Trust  3/25/02 Mother Jones: "The government cannot account for billions of dollars it owes to Native Americans."

Alvaro Uribe vs. the Press  3/25/02 Narco News: "Facts Reported by Narco News & Newsweek Explode in Colombian Presidential Debate - Colombian Journalist Who Reported Uribe's Narco-History Threatened with Assassination"

THE GREAT TERROR  3/25/02 New Yorker: by Jeffrey Goldberg - "In northern Iraq, there is new evidence of Saddam Hussein's genocidal war on the Kurds—and of his possible ties to Al Qaeda." Notwithstanding the hatred of Al Qaeda for Sadam, who has killed numerous clerics.

Bush & Cheney Are Misinformed  3/25/02 Polyconomics: "He based his conclusions that the "several hundred Kurds" who died at Halabja must have been killed by Iranians, because the deaths were caused by cyanide gas, which Iraq had not used in the war against Iran (they used mustard gas), and which, says Pelletiere, they had no ability to produce. He says the Iranians blamed the deaths on the Iraqis and won the public-relations war that followed, even though journalists at Halabja could see the symptoms being caused by cyanide gas. In his new book, Pelletiere again addresses the question of the alleged gassing later in 1988, which Secretary of State George Shultz at the time said resulted in the deaths of 100,000 Kurds. Pelletiere argues that story was a complete fabrication, and that to this day no bodies were ever found. His account is consistent with the account of the Iraqi government, but as time goes on, the Shultz account still winds up being accepted by our press corps.... and our President."

topWorld News

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes


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