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"War on Terrorism" planned before 9-11

A Guardian story, US threatened strikes on Taliban weeks before NY attack, published 9/21/01, raised some interesting issues, including the degree to which the US is itself responsible for the whole 9-11 scenario. People who don't think this kind of thing is possible should consult the Joint Chief of Staff's Operation Northwoods , a 1962 Pentagon plan to kill US citizens as a pretext for invading Cuba. And then there are so many more disturbing items, listed below.

Mohamed Atta and Rudi Dekkers Seen Together in Venice in Weeks Before Sept. 11 Attack  3/14/03 Mad Cow Morning News: "In direct contradiction to statements by the FBI and by flight school owner Rudi Dekkers that Atta had left long before 9-11, we now have witnesses confirming that Atta was in Florida until August of 2001 traveling as a friend with the man who denied knowing him more than casually."

Called Off the Trail? FBI Agents Probing Terror Links Say They Were Told, ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’  12/19/02 ABC News: "The supervisor who was there from headquarters was right straight across from me and started yelling at me: 'You will not open criminal investigations. I forbid any of you. You will not open criminal investigations against any of these intelligence subjects,'" Wright said. Even though they were on a terrorism task force and said they had proof of criminal activity, Wright said he was told not to pursue the matter."

9/11 – WHO KNEW? Ask Senator Bob Graham  12/18/02 "Yes, going back to your question about what was the greatest surprise. I agree with what Senator Shelby said the degree to which agencies were not communicating was certainly a surprise but also I was surprised at the evidence that there were foreign governments involved in facilitating the activities of at least some of the terrorists in the United States."

The Informant Who Lived With the Hijackers  9/9/02 Newsweek: "At first, FBI director Bob Mueller insisted there was nothing the bureau could have done to penetrate the 9-11 plot. That account has been modified over time—and now may change again. NEWSWEEK has learned that one of the bureau’s informants had a close relationship with two of the hijackers: he was their roommate."

Revealed: The Taliban minister, the US envoy and the warning of September 11 that was ignored  9/7/02 Independent, UK: "Mr Muttawakil's aide, who has stayed on in Kabul and who has to remain anonymous for his security, described in detail to The Independent how he alerted first the Americans and then the United Nations of the coming calamity of 11 September."

Military Study of 9/11 Scenario 25 Years Ago  8/26/02 Cryptome: "When asked the question, what kind of plane would be best to hijack? My choice was Boeing because it had the one lock/one key fleet; information I acquired from living in Everett, WA and having brothers who worked there. Lt. Teague on another day asked what could be done about it (?) I suggested asking Boeing to change their lock system. When asked what kind of weapons could be used (?) I said a plastic handled box knife to get it through a metal detector; then Sgt Middleton said that you could get weapons on a plane through the luggage area (he knew someone who worked on a ground crew at an airport) he was then questioned separate like others whose ideas the groups leaders wanted more information on. When asked what type of political climate the country would be in when the attack happens(?) we came up with hamstringing ; that is when one political party sets up the incoming administration with a disaster to happen."

Another FBI Agent Blows the Whistle - New evidence that the Bureau quashed another terror probe before 9/11  8/2/02 LA Weekly 

How bin Laden's huge convoy gave American forces the slip  7/22/02 Times, UK: "Mohammed Rahim, a local businessman, said that the al-Qaeda convoy arrived between November 1 and 15. “We don’t understand how they weren’t all killed the night before because they came in a convoy of at least 1,000 cars and trucks,” he said. “It was a very dark night, but it must have been easy for the American pilots to see the headlights.”

Remember John  7/17/02 "In August 2001, FBI Deputy Director John O'Neill resigned from his post over George W. Bush's policy on terrorism and Osama bin Laden. Specifically, O'Neill's department was told to "back off" their bin Laden and Al Queda investigations while the Bush administration negotiated with the Taliban. O'Neill became the security chief of the World Trade Center - where he died during the events of 9/11."

Debating September 11  7/12/02 The Nation 

Justice Department To Attempt Shut Down of 9/11 Evidence Friday  7/11/02 UQ: "U.S. Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division Robert D. McCallum, Jr. and United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York James B. Comey advised U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein, also of the Southern District of New York, that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will intervene to control access to all evidence and documents related to all private litigation before Hellerstein's court regarding the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 -- citing "grave national security concerns" as their motivation."

Air Force officer disciplined for saying Bush allowed September 11 attacks  6/21/02 Rumor Mill: "Universally ignored by the press, however, was that the officer was not merely expressing a personal opinion. He was in a position to have direct knowledge of contacts between the US military and some of the hijackers in the period before the terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon. Lieutenant Colonel Butler, who wrote in a letter to the editor of the Monterey County Herald charging that “Bush knew about the impending attacks,” was vice chancellor for student affairs at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California—a US military facility that one or more of the hijackers reportedly attended during the 1990s."

D.C. Press Conference Punches Big Holes in 9-11 Official Line  6/20/02 In the Wilderness 

It's Patriotic to Ask Why: 9/11 Unanswered Questions  6/18/02 UQ 

The Mossad and 9/11  6/17/02 Antiwar: "Both the FBI and CIA regard Mossad as a clear and present danger to U.S. national security. It places the Israeli spy agency just below the espionage totem pole that has China's Secret Intelligence Service at its top. A full ten months before Mossad started to sound its own warnings against bin-Laden, senior officials in both the FBI and CIA saw them as "blowing smoke" to divert attention from Mossad's own activities in the United States."

A dirty bomb from Pakistan? Or a dirty trick from Washington?  6/16/02 Independent, UK: "And why, if it was as important as Mr Ashcroft claimed, was his arrest kept secret for five weeks – only for the attorney general to reveal it while in Moscow of all places? Some might claim the venue was oddly apt, though. With his fierce prosecutorial zeal and taste for scary hyperbole, Mr Ashcroft calls to mind Andrei Vyshinsky, the infamous prosecutor at Stalin's show trials, whose prime contribution to 20th-century legal doctrine was the "presumption of guilt" against those unfortunate enough to be in his sights." Amen.

War on terror: FBI ‘guilty of cover-up’ over anthrax suspect  6/16/02 Scotsman, UK: "Most crucially, she believes the suspect has in the past actually conducted experiments for the government to test the response of the police and civil agencies to a bioterror attack. "It has been part of the suspect’s job to devise bioterror scenarios," Rosenberg said. "Some of these are on record. He is known to have acted out at least one of them, in hoax form, perhaps as part of an assignment to test responses. Some hoax events that have never been solved, including several hoax-anthrax events, also correspond to his scenarios and are consistent with his whereabouts."

To Protect and to Spin - The ex–LAPD cop who became a 9/11 conspiracy king  6/14/02 LA Weekly: the author does not seem to want to address the things he cannot debunk.

Dirty bomb alert was over the top, White House admits  6/14/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "Mr Ashcroft also appeared to overstate the likely impact of such a bomb, saying it could cause "mass death and injury". Experts assured jittery Americans that the number of deaths would probably be small, and that the greatest impact would be panic."

Bush 'bomber' disarray  6/13/02 Scotsman, UK: "THE White House has slapped down the US justice chief in a gathering row over the suspect in the "dirty bomb" case. Two days after the sensational exposure of a plot to unleash a radiation bomb on a US city, questions about the case threatened a backlash against Washington’s "war on terror." White House officials have objected bitterly to ominous warnings from John Ashcroft, the attorney general, that suspect Jose Padilla was poised to inflict "mass death and injury", it was reported yesterday."

US climbdown over 'dirty bomb' claim  6/13/02 Telegraph, UK: "The White House has reprimanded John Ashcroft, the US attorney general, for exaggerating the extent of an alleged "dirty bomb" plot and acknowledged that the threat was minimal."

Dirty bomber poses awkward questions for US  6/13/02 Times, UK: And this from a Murdoch paper: "THERE are at least three troubling points about the sudden appearance of the “dirty bomber”, the latest “villain” on a stage rather short of prime suspects. Yes, most obviously, the timing is politically inspired, beyond dispute."

Dirty Bombs, Blowback, and Imperial Projections  6/12/02 Common Dreams: "To better locate the actual deployment of such dirty radiological weapons, one should go back to the first Bush Administration (the elected one). During the Gulf War, the Pentagon unleashed massive amounts of depleted uranium (DU). According to Professor Doug Rokke, ex-director of the Pentagon’s Depleted-Uranium Project, “numerous US Department of Defense reports have stated that the consequences of DU were unknown. That is a lie. They were told. They were warned.” Furthermore, Rokke’s assessment of the consequences of DU, consequences that are part of the astronomical increase in varieties of cancers among Iraqi children, provides chilling evidence of the lethal impact of depleted uranium: “DU is the stuff of nightmares. It is toxic, radioactive and pollutes for 4500 million years. It causes lymphoma, neuro-psychotic disorders and short-term memory damage. In semen, it causes birth defects and trashes the immune system.”

British security sources raise doubts over US claims about 'dirty bomber'  6/12/02 Independent: "British and European security officials are highly sceptical of American claims that the alleged "dirty bomb" plotter, Abdullah al-Muhajir, was preparing to unleash a radioactive attack. British sources point out that despite extensive inquiries, no evidence has been produced to show that he had access to the radioactive material needed to build the bomb, or indeed that he had even worked out a time or place to launch the attack."

EE.UU: Secretos del poder  6/12/02 Rebelion: "Ahora que la cantidad de civiles inocentes muertos en Afganistán debido a los bombardeos de EEUU ha sobrepasado la cantidad de víctimas del ataque a las Torres Gemelas y el Pentágono. Ahora que Israel ha violado todas las normas de convivencia humana con sus agresiones contra el indefenso pueblo palestino y las víctimas se cuentan por millares. Ahora que se mantiene en vilo a la humanidad por la probabilidad de una guerra atómica entre India y Pakistán. Ahora que Estados Unidos amenaza con atacar unilateralmente a varios países por considerarlos fuentes de terrorismo. Ahora que se organiza un Plan Colombia que podría degenerar en un conflicto regional suramericano. Ahora que el presidente W. Bush anuncia la creación de un megaministerio antiterrorista con plenos poderes para actuar. Ahora que todo eso ocurre tenemos que volver a preguntarnos si los dueños del mundo no habrán tenido anticipadamente la información sobre los ataques del 11 de septiembre de 2001 y consideraron que era mejor para sus intereses que esos ataques les dieran la excusa para desatar el demonio de la guerra por todo el planeta? "

Moroccan secret agent 'predicted New York attack'  6/12/02 Times, UK: yet another clear warning: "Secret service chiefs are said to have taken seriously the tip from one of its veteran informants and immediately passed on the details to Washington."

Timing of plot news fit Bush's agenda  6/12/02 USA Today: "It came four days after Bush proposed a homeland security department in his Cabinet and 10 days after he began describing a doctrine of pre-emptive military strikes against countries that threaten the United States."

Democrats suspicious of arrest announcement  6/12/02 Washington Times: "The information was available earlier — why was it not announced?" asked Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, adding that he wants to know why Attorney General John Ashcroft disclosed the May 8 arrest while in Russia on Monday. "There may have been a rush to bring it before the news media" in the wake of last week's criticism of U.S. intelligence agencies, Mr. Daschle said."

Cops say Padilla was just a small-time thug  6/11/02 Chicago Tribune: ""I could show you a thousand people like this," said a Chicago Police Department gang expert. "If you were to show me this record, I would say he's gangbanger. These are gangbanging arrests. There's nothing to tell me he's a terrorist."

George Bush went on Anti-anthrax "Cipro" on 9-11  6/10/02 Aztlan 

White House Faces Disclosure Suit  6/8/02 Washington Post: "A conservative group is suing the Bush administration for access to documents about last fall's anthrax attacks, asserting that top officials might have known the bioterrorist attack was coming. Judicial Watch said yesterday it has yet to receive documents from several agencies after filing requests under the Freedom of Information Act. The group says the documents will show who knew what, and when."

In Years of Plots and Clues, Scope of Qaeda Eluded U.S.  6/7/02 NYT 

NSA didn't share key pre-Sept. 11 information, sources say  6/6/02 Knight Ridder: "The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the conversations between Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Mohammed Atta were intercepted by the National Security Agency, or NSA, an intelligence agency that monitors and decodes foreign communications."

Stock trader targeted in Sept. 11 probe agrees to return to New York  6/5/02 AP: "Elgindy telephoned his broker on Sept. 10, asked him to liquidate his children's $300,000 trust account, Assistant U.S. Attorney Ken Breen said. The defendant also made a comment that the Dow Jones industrial average, then trading at about 9,600, would drop to 3,000, Breen said."

Al-Qaida monitored U.S. negotiations with Taliban over oil pipeline  6/5/02 Salon: "The seven-page memo was signed "Abu Hafs," which is the military name of Atef, who was the military chief of al-Qaida and is believed to have been killed in November 2001 during U.S. operations in Afghanistan. It shows al-Qaida's keen interest in the U.S.-Taliban negotiations and raises new questions as to whether the U.S. military threat to the Taliban in July 2001 could have prompted al-Qaida's Sept. 11 attack."

Presidio officer relieved of his duties after letter about attacks  6/4/02 Monterey Herald: "Of course Bush knew about the impending attacks on America. He did nothing to warn the American people because he needed this war on terrorism. His daddy had Saddam and he needed Osama."

Signs of attacks well-known  6/3/02 Miami Herald: by Ray McGovern, a CIA analyst from 1964 to 1990, who regularly reported to the vice president and senior policy-makers on the President's Daily Brief from 1981-85.

Still Silence From 9-11 Stock Speculation Probe  6/3/02 NewsMax: "Within a month of 9-11, the SEC, acting in concert with the Department of Justice, distributed a target list of 38 stocks to securities firms around the world looking for information about who might have profited by at least apparent pre-knowledge of the aerial attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. To date there has not been a public word from any agency as to whether they have snagged anyone."

The Hijackers We Let Escape  6/3/02 Newsweek: "The CIA tracked two suspected terrorists to a Qaeda summit in Malaysia in January 2000, then looked on as they re-entered America and began preparations for September 11. Inside what may be the worst intelligence failure of all."

Document of the Week  6/2/02 Guerrilla News: "Black Vault has more bad news for the FBI: a previously undisclosed 1998 FBI memo from its Oklahoma office. The brief document notes the “large number” of Middle Eastern men taking flight training courses in the area, and warns it may have something to do with “planned terrorist activity.” It is titled “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.”


Tearful FBI Agent Apologizes To Sept. 11 Families and Victims  5/30/02 CNS: Wright's June 9, 2001 "Mission Statement" memo warned that, "Knowing what I know, I can confidently say that until the investigative responsibilities for terrorism are transferred from the FBI, I will not feel safe. "The FBI has proven for the past decade it cannot identify and prevent acts of terrorism against the United States and its citizens at home and abroad," he continued. "Even worse, there is virtually no effort on the part of the FBI's International Terrorism Unit to neutralize known and suspected international terrorists living in the United States."

Media Protect Bush On 9/11 Security Failure  5/29/02 Black World Today: "In sum, there was a three-pronged security failure of great seriousness: a failure to take obvious leads and do something about them; a possible conflict of interest that may explain this foot-dragging; and a day-before-9/11 budget decision that shows a degree of incompetence and misplaced priorities that is staggering. The media have failed to discuss two of the three prongs in the story, which has helped them minimize the seriousness of this Bush failure, just as they downplayed his election theft and dealings with Enron."

Feds: Ex-Agent Had Key Data - Stock scam charges have eerie link  5/29/02 Newsday: "During a hearing in San Diego last week, Breen said that Elgindy's attempt to liquidate the trust accounts of his children on Sept. 10 might "perhaps" mean he had "pre-knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks, and, rather than report it, he was attempting to profit from that information." Defense attorney Jeanne G. Knight scoffed at that suggestion and said it was an attempt by the prosecution to smear Elgindy, a U.S. citizen and native of Egypt, with "terrorist innuendos."

Egyptians Knew of Planned 9-11 Attacks Last August, Says Banker  5/29/02 NewsMax: "While on vacation in Cairo last August, Connecticut banker Richard Dennison says a shopkeeper in the bazaar told him in detail about planes that would be flown like bombs into the World Trade Center by Arabs in September or October. Furthermore, according to the shopkeeper, the coming attack was a prime topic of conversation at his mosque."

Another Spook Who Sat Behind The Door: A Modern Day Tale  5/28/02 Black World Today: "Tyrone Powers, a former African American FBI special agent announced on NYC’s urban contemporary radio station 98.7 KISS FM’s May 19th airing of the Open Line show, hosted by news director and morning personality Bob Slade, that he had credible evidence strongly suggesting the Bush administration did in fact allow the September 11th attacks to further a hidden agenda."

U.S. Ignored Warnings From French  5/28/02 Village Voice 

MISSED MESSAGES by SEYMOUR M. HERSH - Why the government didn't know what it knew.  5/27/02 New Yorker: Seymour's CIA pals bash the FBI

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Feels Vindicated  5/25/02 Black Press USA: “There was adequate warning. There were people who failed to act on the warning. And that’s what ought to be investigated,” she said March 25 on KPFA-FM, a radio station in Berkely, Calif. “What did this administration know and when did it know it about the events of Sept. 11? Who else knew and why did they not warn the innocent people of New York who were needlessly murdered?” On the radio show, McKinney said former President Bush, the president’s father, sits on the board of the Carlyle Group, among America’s largest defense contractors, and that the Bush family stood to benefit as the president called for and received a $40 billion defense-spending budget through fiscal year 2003. The five-term congresswoman and member of the House International Relations and Armed Services committees was excoriated in editorials and by liberal and conservative columnists for her charges."

John O'Neill: The FBI's sharp-dressed, sharp-tongued expert on Al Qa'ida, who died in Twin Towers  5/25/02 Independent, UK: "But before leaving, O'Neill shared his grievances with the French authors Guillaume Dasqui and Jean-Charles Brisard. In Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth, published last November, they recount O'Neill's claim that his probe of Mr bin Laden and al-Qa'ida in Afghanistan had been blocked by the US oil lobby. John O'Neill was right but he paid for his judgement with his life."

Robert Fisk: There is a firestorm coming, and it is being provoked by Mr Bush  5/25/02 Independent, UK: "More and more, President Bush's rhetoric sounds like the crazed videotapes of Osama bin Laden."

Knowledge (and Power)  5/25/02 The Nation: "The bin Laden/Mullah Omar crime family was trained in Afghanistan by the Pakistani secret police and paid for by Saudi Arabian money. The American "national security" class looked (and looks) upon the Pakistani secret police and the Saudi Arabian royal family as friends and allies. The most glaring example of this collusion was to be seen on September 11 last [see "Minority Report," January 21], when the FBI helped Prince Bandar, the Saudi ambassador, fly several members of the bin Laden clan out of the country with no questions asked."

Many in U.S. blame Bush for Sept. 11: Poll  5/25/02 Toronto Star 

Nightmares of Reason  5/24/02 In These Times: "The left may gain some tactical points for joining the criticism of the Bush administration’s intelligence failures. But there is some irony in a left critique that derides the Bush administration for not adopting even more draconian surveillance methods. Instead, the left should take McKinney’s suggestion and follow the money. When found, that money is likely to be drenched in oil and politically flammable."

Minneapolis FBI agent alleges headquarters set up roadblock to Moussaoui case; investigation to begin  5/24/02 Minneapolis Star Tribune: "The Associated Press reported that she said local agents became so frustrated with FBI headquarters that they attempted "an 11th-hour measure to bypass the FBI HQ roadblock" by directly notifying the CIA's counterterrorist center. They were "chastised" for trying, she alleged."

Dan Rather: Bush Issued Fake Terror Alert To Cover 911 Bungle  5/24/02 Rense: it just keeps getting better and better

FBI Was Warned of Sept. 11 Hijacker  5/23/02 ABC News 

Senator says FBI memo 'takes your breath away'  5/23/02 St Petersburg Times: "The information coming from Phoenix, the information coming from Minneapolis was stifled here at FBI headquarters," Shelby said. "I believe the FBI's got a lot of explaining to do."

Scams Away: The Boom Is Falling  5/22/02 AL Martin: "In an incredible display of arrogance, George Bush said that HE (not the White House, but HE) will no longer tolerate second-guessing on the subject of the growing questions of what did the Bush Administration know and when did it know it regarding threatened terrorist attacks against the United States prior to 9-11. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld then came out with a press release from the Department of Defense, stating that "those who ask questions could face government charges."

Foreknowledge of 9-11  5/22/02 Centre for Research on Globalization: "A Compilation of CRG articles and documents in support of a 9-11 Investigation"

The U.S. ignored foreign warnings, too  5/21/02 IHT 

AMERICA AWAKES From its post-9/11 sleep  5/20/02 Antiwar 

Bush told in August of specific threat to US  5/19/02 Independent, UK: "Despite White House claims that the briefing document related primarily to the threat of an attack on a US target overseas, the document also made very clear Mr bin Laden's desire "to bring the fight to America". It also emerged yesterday that the FBI had been aware for several years that al-Qa'ida was using US flying schools to train its pilots and, as early as 1996, it was told of a specific threat to use a plane in a suicide attack against the CIA's headquarters."

How Much Do US Presidents Know about Terror?  5/18/02 Debka, Israel: "It stands to reason that Ali Muhammad [jailed for the 1972 WTC bombing] was not the only Middle Eastern fundamentalist to be admitted to the US army; he must have been one of a group activated according to some concept. But who activated them? Who allowed them to enter the United States and who had enough clout to overrule a CIA veto? Who decided to place this Egyptian Muslim in a US special forces facility? And on whose authority was this Egyptian member of a US special forces unit allowed to travel freely round the world, including Afghanistan, and back, without once being detained at any American airport?"

Agents were aware of threats by 1996, U.S. officials say  5/18/02 IHT: "The FBI had been aware for several years that Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda terrorist network were training pilots in the United States and elsewhere around the world, according to court records and interviews at flight schools and with law-enforcement officials. . The bureau knew by 1996 of a specific threat that Al Qaeda might use a plane in a suicide terrorist attack on American soil, U.S. officials conceded."

U.S. Tells of Covert Afghan Plans Before 9/11  5/18/02 LA Times: this lends credence to early post 9-11 reports that Bush was threatening the Taliban with a buy 'em or kill 'em strategy around a US bombing campaign and the lucrative Unocal pipeline.

Cover-up and conspiracy: The Bush administration and September 11  5/18/02 World Socialist: has some good links on the wag the dog scenario. Consider this extract: "There is the example of the G-8 conference at Genoa, which took place July 20-22, 2001. After warnings from a number of sources, including Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, a close US ally, that a hijacked airplane filled with explosives might be crashed into the conference building, the Italian authorities deployed anti-aircraft guns around the site and banned local flights. Throughout the summit, Bush spent his nights on a US navy warship in the harbor, because of security concerns. Yet Rice claims that two weeks later, when the President’s daily briefing contained a warning that Al Qaeda was targeting US airplanes for hijacking, no one considered the possibility that the planes could be used as flying bombs."

1999 Report Warned of Suicide Hijack  5/17/02 AP: "Suicide bomber(s) belonging to al-Qaida's Martyrdom Battalion could crash-land an aircraft packed with high explosives (C-4 and semtex) into the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency (news - web sites) (CIA (news - web sites)), or the White House," the September 1999 report said."

Defending Cynthia McKinney  5/17/02 Counterpunch 

Terrorist Warnings by Rep. Cynthia McKinney  5/17/02 Counterpunch 


Bush Given Invasion Plan Two Days Before 9/11  5/17/02 Peter Dale Scott: 9-11 was a pre-emptive strike? - `The plan dealt with all aspects of a war against al-Qaida, ranging from diplomatic initiatives to military operations in Afghanistan, the sources said on condition of anonymity.' In many respects, the directive, as described to NBC News, outlined essentially the same war plan that the White House, the CIA and the Pentagon put into action after the Sept. 11 attacks. The administration most likely was able to respond so quickly to the attacks because it simply had to pull the plans "off the shelf," Miklaszewski said.'

Viewpoint: "CONSPIRACY THEORIES" HIT THE FAN  5/17/02 Radio Havana: "We are still waiting to see how President Bush will explain to the relatives of September 11 victims and the thousands of innocent civilians killed in Afghanistan that all this killing could have been avoided with a minimum of commonsense and intelligence - something that unfortunately the White House's security agencies lack. One should note that the whole affair made George W. Bush look extremely good and enabled him to consolidate more power into his hands than any of his predecessors had enjoyed."

Bush Administration Explanations for Pre-9-11 Warnings Fail the Smell Test  5/16/02 From the Wilderness 

U.S. planned for attack on al-Qaida  5/16/02 MSNBC 

"THE OVERTHROW OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC", Part Twelve  5/16/02 Sherman Skolnick: "Old-timers remember. Bad times have a positive good. They cause the real stuff to come out. Why? Well, a simple reason is that people in key managerial positions get laid off in a bad recession or full blown Depression. And if they cannot find good work, or any work suitable to their talent. Well, what more do they have to lose? They start talking. They put details into the ears of loudmouths. And so the common Americans find out what is really happening. The 1930s were such a period. So you do not know that. Well, maybe you forgot to talk to your elders."

PARDONGATE AND BUSHFRAUD  5/16/02 Sherman Skolnick: readable article from 3/18/01 - "An aircraft departs Colombia, flies to the Bahamas to rest and refuel, and then, when a weather window opens, continues the flight to Nova Scotia or Quebec. Again, rest and refuel. Then continue to a US-Canadian border landing strip." The former operative goes on to detail the acts and doings of FBI Senior Agent Terry Nelson, of southern Florida FBI office, who has business and relatives near the U.S., Montana-Canada border "Nelson not only recruits the law enforcement officials and politicians he needs, he can also supply data from the law enforcement arena such as the DEA NADDIS computer, Customs TECS II, EPIC, FBI, and others involved in ongoing investigations. Nelson then provides this intelligence to his drug contacts. This helps obstruct any investigation and diffuse potential problems. Terry Nelson, a senior agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, continues to provide his valuable services to drug cartels and others who will pay his fee, out of his FBI office in southern Florida."

The Terrorists Flew and Bush Knew  5/16/02 TruthOut: "The idea that Bush allowed 9/11 to happen for his own gain is difficult to swallow, and even more difficult to prove. As things stand today, however, the evidence and information in hand is damning enough. The Bush administration was repeatedly warned by foreign intelligence services of immediate threats via aircraft to American targets. FBI agents in Phoenix had more evidence in hand, which was ignored. Bush himself was warned of Al Qaida hijack threats, but failed to augment airline security. Vice President Cheney lied on national television about having received these warnings, and Ari Fleischer has been bolstering this lie with many of his own since the story broke. Add this to already-existing reports that the administration stood down its anti-terrorism forces many months ago out of concern that such investigative activities might offend a variety of oil-rich nations. This stand-down came on the eve of the conclusion of a major deal involving a natural gas pipeline through the Subcontinent that was sponsored by Unocal."

Russian accuses government of attacks  5/15/02 Philadelphia Inquirer: "From London, where he fled in November 2000, Litvinenko, 39, talks to anyone who will listen about the Federal Security Service's alleged role in apartment-house bombings that killed more than 300 people in Russia in 1999. He claims to have vital evidence stashed in a suitcase waiting for independent investigators. Many Russians have questioned the official version of the 1999 events, which blames the bombings in Moscow and the southern city of Volgodonsk on Chechen rebels. But prosecutors have shown little interest in the contents of Litvinenko's suitcase."

Public Reaction to Rep. McKinney’s Call for 9-11 Investigation Quashes Intended Media Massacre  5/6/02 From the Wilderness: a list of what McKinney actually said, none of which has been denied, all of which add up to massive flashing danger signals.

A TIMELINE SURROUNDING SEPTEMBER 11TH - IF CIA AND THE GOVERNMENT WEREN'T INVOLVED IN THE SEPTEMBER 11 ATTACKS WHAT WERE THEY DOING?  4/18/02 From the Wilderness: Mike Ruppert's summary of the evidence against Bush and the oil boys.

McKinney draws fire for Bush remarks  4/13/02 Atlanta Journal Constitution: how much of 9-11 was orchestrated, like the alleged murder of demonstrators outside of Chavez' presidential palace in Caracas? The oil boys tried to pass these off as the work of Chavez when it seems at least 6 of his supporters were killed. Texbook CIA action.

McKinney implies Bush knew of Sept. 11 plot  4/12/02 Atlanta Journal 

Rep. McKinney Accuses Bush of Profiting From 9/11  4/12/02 Fox News 

Western intelligence knew of Laden plan since 1995: Report  12/7/01 AFP: So the boys knew about this in advance: "It provided for 11 planes to be exploded simultaneously by bombs placed on board, but also in an alternative form for several planes flying to the United States to be hijacked and flown into civilian targets. Among targets mentioned was the World Trade Center in New York, which was destroyed in the September 11 terror attacks in the United States that killed thousands."

Attack and counter-attack  11/26/01 Guardian: "Evidence suggests that Washington had planned to move against Bin Laden in the summer. Was the attack on America a pre-emptive strike?"

Bin Laden, the hidden truth By Guillaume Dasquié and Jean-Charles Brisard  11/24/01 Intelligence Online: Read extracts of this interesting new book, in French

Bin Laden Met with the CIA in July and Walked Away  11/22/01 From the Wilderness 

Operation Northwood: Read the Top Secret documents describing the Pentagon's plan to attack Americans in order to start a war with Cuba. And you think they wouldn't do it to the World Trade Center?  11/22/01 From the Wilderness: "In 1962 the Pentagon and the CIA were desperate for a war with Cuba. How desperate? Desperate enough to plan attacks against American bases, equipment and personnel. Desperate enough to dress up American trained Cubans as Communists to make the attacks on American bases. Desperate enough to manufacture an airplane that looked like a Russian MiG to shoot down an American airliner."

Guerrilla of the Week  11/21/01 Guerrilla News: "Last week, French journalists Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquié, editors of Online Intelligence, released their book "Bin Laden, La Verite Interdite (Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth)." "La Verite Interdite" outlines a very different picture than the American news has been reporting, but one that supports many controversial claims made here on GuerrillaNews. Brisard and Dasquié, who have been tracking bin Laden for years, detail how: the war was in the works prior to 9-11; Bush blocked the FBI's investigation into bin Laden to protect the Saudis and the Bush family's ties to their corrupt regime; and the real motivating force behind the war is oil. The following article from the Irish Times outlines the book's findings."

US efforts to make peace summed up by 'oil'  11/19/01 Irish Times: "Last February, the Taliban had indicated it might be willing to hand over bin Laden, but by June, according to Brisard and Dasquié, the US began considering military action. "The US thought they could 'decouple' Osama bin Laden from the Taliban," Brisard says. "What they did not understand was that without bin Laden, the Taliban regime wouldn't have existed." By dispatching Francesc Vendrell to see the exiled King Zaher Shah in Rome and raising the threat of military action, Washington "backed the Taliban into a corner", the authors say. For the Taliban - assuming its leadership had advance knowledge of the suicide attacks - September 11th was a sort of pre-emptive strike."

New French Book on Bush Gov't Blocking Investigations into Saudis  11/16/01 IndyMedia: "As Sergio Leone puts it: "Buy 'em or kill 'em" - ''At one moment during the negotiations, the U.S. representatives told the Taliban, 'either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs','' Brisard said in an interview in Paris."

NEW BIN LADEN BOOK REVEALS SECRETS  11/15/01 Pravda: "The book quotes former FBI official, John P. O’Neill, who was killed in the WTC on September 11th, after having left the FBI through frustration before becoming the Chief of Security for the Twin Towers. Brisard met O’Neill in June and July, 2001 and declares that the former FBI agent complained that American foreign policy was dominated by oil interests. “All the answers, everything needed to dismantle Osama Bin Laden’s organisation can be found in Saudi Arabia”, O’Neill is quoted as saying to Brisard in one of these meetings. He claimed that the USA was reluctant to antagonise Saudi Arabia because of oil contracts."

India in anti-Taliban military plan  11/14/01 India Reacts: More wag the dog evidence:"26 June 2001: India and Iran will "facilitate" US and Russian plans for "limited military action" against the Taliban if the contemplated tough new economic sanctions don't bend Afghanistan's fundamentalist regime… Indian foreign secretary Chokila Iyer attended a crucial session of the second Indo-Russian joint working group on Afghanistan in Moscow amidst increase of Taliban's military activity near the Tajikistan border. And, Russia's Federal Security Bureau (the former KGB) chief Nicolai Patroshev is visiting Teheran this week in connection with Taliban's military build-up. Indian officials say that India and Iran will only play the role of "facilitator" while the US and Russia will combat the Taliban from the front with the help of two Central Asian countries, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, to push Taliban lines back to the 1998 position 50 km away from Mazar-e-Sharief city in northern Afghanistan."

Quand Washington négociait avec les talibans  11/12/01 Le Monde: Seems destined to be a major contribution to the Wag the Dog scenario, as it details the carrot and stick Bush applied to the Taliban, making 9-11 a pre-emptive strike in advance of US military action.

DEAD CHILDREN AND BRAINWASHING  11/2/01 DooYoo: good set of links on the "wag the dog" scenario

Israeli security issued urgent warning to CIA of large-scale terror attacks  9/16/01 Telegraph: "ISRAELI intelligence officials say that they warned their counterparts in the United States last month that large-scale terrorist attacks on highly visible targets on the American mainland were imminent." Perhaps that was one of the israeli "art student's" assignements.

Pre-911 Warnings to the US  9/12/01 Izvestia: "According to NewsRu sources he delivered to his American colleagues some documents including audio tapes with telephone conversations directly relating to terrorist attacks on Washington and New York last Tuesday. According to these sources, Russian Intelligence agents know the organizers and executors of these terrorist attacks. More than that, Moscow warned Washington about preparation to these actions a couple of weeks before they happened."

Joint Chief text on Operation Northwoods: "Justification for US Military Intervention in Cuba"  3/13/62 chilling text describing the length the US government is willing to go to arrange a pretext for war

Threat of US strikes passed to Taliban weeks before NY attack, 9/21

Jonathan Steele, Ewen MacAskill, Richard Norton-Taylor and Ed Harriman - Saturday September 22, 2001 - The Guardian,1300,556279,00.html

Osama bin Laden and the Taliban received threats of possible American military strikes against them two months before the terrorist assaults on New York and Washington, which were allegedly masterminded by the Saudi-born fundamentalist, a Guardian investigation has established.

The threats of war unless the Taliban surrendered Osama bin Laden were passed to the regime in Afghanistan by the Pakistani government, senior diplomatic sources revealed yesterday.

The Taliban refused to comply but the serious nature of what they were told raises the possibility that Bin Laden, far from launching the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon out of the blue 10 days ago, was launching a pre-emptive strike in response to what he saw as US threats.

The warning to the Taliban originated at a four-day meeting of senior Americans, Russians, Iranians and Pakistanis at a hotel in Berlin in mid-July. The conference, the third in a series dubbed "brainstorming on Afghanistan", was part of a classic diplomatic device known as "track two".

It was designed to offer a free and open-ended forum for governments to pass messages and sound out each other's thinking. Participants were experts with long diplomatic experience of the region who were no longer government officials but had close links with their governments.

"The Americans indicated to us that in case the Taliban does not behave and in case Pakistan also doesn't help us to influence the Taliban, then the United States would be left with no option but to take an overt action against Afghanistan," said Niaz Naik, a former foreign minister of Pakistan, who was at the meeting.

"I told the Pakistani government, who informed the Taliban via our foreign office and the Taliban ambassador here."

The three Americans at the Berlin meeting were Tom Simons, a former US ambassador to Pakistan, Karl "Rick" Inderfurth, a former assistant secretary of state for south Asian affairs, and Lee Coldren, who headed the office of Pakistan, Afghan and Bangladesh affairs in the state department until 1997.

According to Mr Naik, the Americans raised the issue of an attack on Afghanistan at one of the full sessions of the conference, convened by Francesc Vendrell, a Spanish diplomat who serves as the UN secretary general's special representative on Afghanistan. In the break afterwards, Mr Naik told the Guardian yesterday, he asked Mr Simons why the attack should be more successful than Bill Clinton's missile strikes on Afghanistan in 1998, which caused 20 deaths but missed Bin Laden.

"He said this time they were very sure. They had all the intelligence and would not miss him this time. It would be aerial action, maybe helicopter gunships, and not only overt, but from very close proximity to Afghanistan. The Russians were listening to the conversation but not participating."

Asked whether he could be sure that the Americans were passing ideas from the Bush administration rather than their own views, Mr Naik said yesterday: "What the Americans indicated to us was perhaps based on official instructions. They were very senior people. Even in 'track two' people are very careful about what they say and don't say."

In the room at the time were not only the Americans, Russians and Pakistanis but also a team from Iran headed by Saeed Rajai Khorassani, a former Iranian envoy to the UN. Three Pakistani generals, one still on active service, attended the conference. Giving further evidence of the fact that the Berlin meeting was designed to influence governments, the UN invited official representatives of both the Taliban government in Kabul and the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance. Dr Abdullah Abdullah, the Northern Alliance's foreign minister, attended. The Taliban declined to send a representative.

The Pakistani government took the US talk of possible strikes seriously enough to pass it on to the Taliban. Pakistan is one of only three governments to recognise the Taliban.

Mr Coldren confirmed the broad outline of the American position at the Berlin meeting yesterday. "I think there was some discussion of the fact that the United States was so disgusted with the Taliban that they might be considering some military action." The three former US diplomats "based our discussion on hearsay from US officials", he said. It was not an agenda item at the meeting "but was mentioned just in passing".

Nikolai Kozyrev, Moscow's former special envoy on Afghanistan and one of the Russians in Berlin, would not confirm the contents of the US conversations, but said: "Maybe they had some discussions in the corridor. I don't exclude such a possibility."

Mr Naik's recollection is that "we had the impression Russians were trying to tell the Americans that the threat of the use of force is sometimes more effective than force itself".

The Berlin conference was the third convened since November last year by Mr Vendrell. As a UN meeting, its official agenda was confined to trying to find a negotiated solution to the civil war in Afghanistan, ending terrorism and heroin trafficking, and discussing humanitarian aid.

Mr Simons denied having said anything about detailed operations. "I've known Niaz Naik and considered him a friend for years. He's an honourable diplomat. I didn't say anything like that and didn't hear anyone else say anything like that. We were clear that feeling in Washington was strong, and that military action was one of the options down the road. But details, I don't know where they came from."

The US was reassessing its Afghan policy under the new Bush administration at the time of the July meeting, according to Mr Simons. "It was clear that the trend of US government policy was widening. People should worry, Taliban, Bin Laden ought to worry - but the drift of US policy was to get away from single issue, from concentrating on Bin Laden as under Clinton, and get broader."

Mr Inderfurth said: "There was no suggestion for military force to be used. What we discussed was the need for a comprehensive political settlement to bring an end to the war in Afghanistan, that has been going on for two decades, and has been doing so much damage."

The Foreign Office confirmed the significance of the Berlin discussions. "The meeting was a bringing together of Afghan factions and some interested states and we received reports from several participants, including the UN," it said.

Asked if he was surprised that the American participants were denying the details they mentioned in Berlin, Mr Naik said last night: "I'm a little surprised but maybe they feel they shouldn't have told us anything in advance now we have had these tragic events".

Russia's president Vladimir Putin said in an interview released yesterday that he had warned the Clinton administration about the dangers posed by Bin Laden. "Washington's reaction at the time really amazed me. They shrugged their shoulders and said matter-of-factly: 'We can't do anything because the Taliban does not want to turn him over'."

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From the Wildnerness, Mike Ruppert
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