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CANF backed 'One Florida' cuts college enrollment of blacks, 8/13

US Commission on Civil Rights releases report slamming One Florida
, 4/11. We have a link to report.

Groups in the March, with speeches

March Web Site


Links on the CANF

The movement against "One Florida"
The fight against conservatives seeking to end Affirmative Action
Cuban American National Foundation supports One Florida

"One Florida" is Governor Jeb Bush's program to get rid of Affirmative Action in the state of Florida. The NAACP and many others organized a large march against One Florida  on 3/7/2000 in Tallahasse and mustered between 25,000 to 80,000 participants, a very respectable showing for civil rights marches, comparable to the numbers in historic marches.  The country ignored it.

Jeb Bush's One Florida initiative, supported by right wing Cuban Americans, is said to be in response to black California and Florida businessman Ward Connerly's drive to end Affirmative Action, known as the "Florida Civil Rights Initiative," using typical right wing double speak.   Connerly was behind the California and Washington initiatives to end Affirmative Action and turned his attention to Florida in 1999, mounting a campaign which collected over $200,000 in that year.  Observers estimate it will cost a total of around $500,000 for a successful campaign to gather the nearly half a million signatures required to get his Florida Civil Rights Initiative on the Florida ballot this year. The Bush brothers, Jeb and George W., both oppose Connerly, fearing he will detract from their efforts to draw dissaffected Democrats into their campaigns

Polls show Connerly's initiative would win if it got on the ballot, which seems likely as state contractors are paying heavily to support it. The wording is key: 80% would support an initiative worded to end discrimination in contracting and college admissions while only 40% would support one worded to end Affirmative Action.

CANF watchers will be interested to note that the CANF (Cuban American National Foundation -- the Miami right wing group which has many ties to terrorists and drug smugglers) supports the end of Affirmative Action in Florida, which is not suprising as they have a consistent record against civil rights and against the advances of most any black group one can think of, from South Africa to Angola and Miami, passing of course via Cuba, where these folks were responsible for massive suffering and virulent racism prior to 1959 and where their policies and their manipulation of the US have created untold suffering in the decades since. Their reception of Nelson Mandela in Miami was certainly memorable as an insult. 

Also interesting is the CANF's claim to represent all Latinos when announcing their support for Bush's One Florida initiative.  There are many latinos who disagree!   In fact, USA Today published the demographics for Miami: under Hispanics, there were Cubans 780,000. Nicaragans 105,000. Puerto Riquenos, 99,000. Columbians 75,000. Dominicans 35,000. Mexicans 32,000. Others 174,000.  The non Cubans number 520,000.   We suspect that state-wide, there is a stronger showing by non-Cubans.

Finally, we should note that the CANF is not alone in the Cuban American community in their support for One Florida -- most of the major Cuban American media outlets in South Florida have also come out against Affirmative Action.

CANF backed 'One Florida' cuts college enrollment of blacks, 8/13/01

'One Florida' cuts college enrollment of blacks
August 13, 2001 Posted: 12:20 PM EDT (1620 GMT)

GAINESVILLE, Florida (AP) -- Black freshman enrollment at the University of Florida is expected to be down by nearly half this year under Gov. Jeb Bush's ban on racial preference in public university admissions. 

Blacks represented nearly 12 percent of the freshman class last year, but the class starting this month will be only 6 percent to 7 percent black, said officials at the state's most elite public university. 

"This is disappointing," said provost David Colburn, the school's chief academic officer. "We were a segregated institution for a long time. And for a long time after that we were an almost lily-white institution." 

For the rest of this story, see:

Groups sponsoring the Tallahassee March against "One Florida" on March 7, 2000

American Association for
Affirmative Action
Florida National Council of Jewish Women Political Affairs Network 454 NE 3rd Street
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(561) 391-3148
Haitan American Youth of Tomorrow Carlene Paul, Miami
League of United
Latin American Citizens


Thousands March for Affirmative Action:
National Organization for Women
Florida Chapters:

NOW President Patricia Ireland Speaks on Affirmative Action at Florida Now Conference:


National Urban League
Reverend Ernest Ferrell
President and CEO
Tallahassee Urban League
923 Old Bainbridge Road
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 222-6111   
Fax # (850) 561-8390
Richard D. Danford, Jr., Ph.D.
Jacksonville Urban League
903 West Union Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
(904) 356-8336 
Fax # (904) 356-8369
People for the American Way
PFAW's Ralph Neas statement at March on Tallahassee:
Good links page for black organizations:

March on Tallahassee Web Site

March on Tallahassee
Action Items:
March supporters:

US Commission on Civil Rights releases report on One Florida, 4/11

The US Commission on Civil Rights, a US government institution, is an "independent, bipartisan, fact-finding agency of the Executive Branch, first established under the Civil Rights Act of 1957."  They released on 4/11 a report on One Florida slamming the initiative.  Fox News, a Rupert Murdoch channel, carried a broadcast on 4/9 faulting the Commission for partisanship.  The US Civil Right Commission's web site is at   Note: as of 4/12, the national media seems to have ignored this completely.

The US Commission on Civil Rights' report on One Florida focuses on the educational fall out:

Toward An Understanding of Percentage Plans in Higher Education: Are They Effective Substitutes for Affirmative Action? - US Commission on Civil Rights critiques One Florida


Americans Against Discrimination and Preferences
Right wing doublespeak

Bush Brothers snub black affirmative action foe Ward Connerly

Florida Civil Rights Initiative - committee members, finances
Ward Connerly's organization

Florida The Next Battleground Against Affirmative Action, 3/15/99

Interim UF president predicts Bush plan will drain minority students, 11/24/99

NAACP attacks black leaders' support of Bush
The organization says three black lawmakers who support Jeb Bush are not doing what's best for their constituents.
St Petersburg Times, 10/7/98

USA Today's Dewayne Wickham on Bush’s good (not perfect) affirmative action

Yahoo Affirmative Action Debate
includes text of petition

Links on the CANF

The Cuban American National Foundation (CANF)

Miami FBI: terrorism, drugs, and politics

Felix Rodriguez: Coca Contra Airport Manager

Rangel calls for an investigation into the CANF - 7/13/98

Luis Posada Carriles and the CANF

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