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Suppressing Dissent Archive: 11/01


The Suppression of Dissent in the US
Archive: 9/01 - 10/01

Bureau of Prisons: National Security; Prevention of Acts of Violence and Terrorism; Final Rule  10/31/01 Federal Register:  "The current regulations of the Bureau of Prisons on institutional management authorize the Bureau to impose special administrative measures with respect to specified inmates, based on information provided by senior intelligence or law enforcement officials, where it has been determined to be necessary to prevent the dissemination either of classified information that could endanger the national security or of other information that could lead to acts of violence and terrorism. This rule extends the period of time for which such special administrative measures may be imposed from 120 days to up to one year, and modifies the standards for approving extensions of such special administrative measures. In addition, in those cases where the Attorney General has certified that reasonable suspicion exists to believe that an inmate may use communications with attorneys or their agents to further or facilitate acts of violence or terrorism, this rule amends the existing regulations to provide that the Bureau is authorized to monitor mail or communications with attorneys in order to deter such acts, subject to specific procedural safeguards, to the extent permitted under the Constitution and laws of the United States."

CNN Chief Orders 'Balance' in War News  10/31/01 Washington Post: The US has a free press: "The chairman of CNN has ordered his staff to balance images of civilian devastation in Afghan cities with reminders that the Taliban harbors murderous terrorists, saying it "seems perverse to focus too much on the casualties or hardship in Afghanistan.""

Professors blame U.S.for terrorism  10/31/01 World Net: The Young America's Foundation compiles enemies list of liberal profs

La Voz de Aztlan given "Ultimatum"!  10/30/01 Aztlan: Mexican American site told to take down page discussing possible Zionist involvment in Anthrax letters based on a letter the site received with white powder and pro-Zionist mutterings:"July 5, 2001 was on the week that the second largest Jewish publication in the United States, the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles published a very negative article about our publication because we had written a series of pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist editorials. The one page letter contained a small amount of a yellowish white substance and the text of the letter alluded to the fact that Jews had an illustrious history in biological research that included the development of the Salk vaccine. The letter ended with "Unfortunately, if Hitler was alive today he would pin a medal on you. Unfortunately during World War II the Arabs also supported Hitler. Racism and hatred destroy!" A few minutes after opening and reading the letter, I started sneezing and coughing and became ill with flu like symptoms. I connected the commencement of the symptoms with the suspicious white substance in the envelope and proceeded to place the letter and envelope in a plastic zip lock bag. Within hours I was able to see my doctor and he put me on 30 days of antibiotics. I have had recurring flu like symptoms ever since."

HOW THE ANTI-TERRORISM BILL WOULD CONVERT DISSENT INTO BROADLY DEFINED "TERRORISM"  10/29/01 ACLU: "People associated with organizations such as Operation Rescue and the Environmental Liberation Front, and the World Trade Organization protesters, have engaged in activities that could subject them to prosecution as terrorists."

Secrecy on arrests fuels rights debate  10/29/01 Boston Globe: "Behind an unusually thick curtain of secrecy, US authorities have arrested or detained nearly 1,000 people in a vast dragnet that has, so far, yielded no direct link to the Sept. 11 attacks but has stirred concern about civil liberties abuse…. They also say their clients are being physically and verbally abused while in prison and are facing immigration judges less willing to set bail."

'West Wing' creator warns of blacklist  10/29/01 Independent, UK: "The creator of The West Wing claims the surge in American patriotism since 11 September is threatening to create an anti-dissent "blacklist" similar to that which split Hollywood during the McCarthy era."

U.S. to immediately carry out antiterrorism law  10/28/01 CNN 

White Pride World Wide - The white power music industry is helping to drive the internationalization of neo-Nazism  10/27/01 Southern Poverty Law Center: "Today, racist compact discs might be recorded in Poland, presed in the United States and sold via the Net in Sweden. A German neo-Nazi might see his favorite American band at a concert in Switzerland. In many ways, this remarkably violent music is accomplishing for the radical right what decades of racist theorizing didn’t: It has given Skinheads and many other extremists around the world a common language and a unifying ideology — an ideology that replaces old-fashioned, state-based nativism with the concept of "pan-Aryanism."..."You kill all the niggers and you gas all the Jews," George Burdi sang with his band Rahowa, short for Racial Holy War. "Kill a gypsy and a commie too. You just killed a kike, don’t it feel right? "Goodness gracious, Third Reich."

Rep. Issa says airline kept him off flight because of his Lebanese heritage  10/26/01 AP 

FBI Seeking to Wiretap Internet  10/26/01 Fox News: "Stewart Baker, an attorney at the Washington D.C.-based Steptoe & Johnson and a former general consul to National Security Agency, said the FBI has plans to change the architecture of the Internet and route traffic through central servers that it would be able to monitor e-mail more easily."

Tom Ridge, the new chief of terrorist repression  10/26/01 Granma: • The "Strong Man of Philadelphia" is notorious for his championing of executions, crowded prisons, and the merciless repression of racial minorities • The new Office of Homeland Security has the mission of controlling and directing the multiple tentacles of a fearsome and gigantic investigation apparatus • As governor of Pennsylvania, he spent $1 billion-plus USD per year on keeping an average of 36,000 people, in their majority blacks and Hispanics, in jail

Knee-jerk fear threatens what America stands for  10/26/01 Miami Herald: There are those who would say this type of racist hysteria has always been present… this article documents the extent to which it has become legitimate, a dangerous development, both for people of color and for Americans who, ultimately, have to learn to live on this planet with everyone else…

Global Eye -- Lights Out  10/26/01 Moscow Times: "But now the Divine Defender has decided enough is enough. Last week, he took time out from bombing the bejesus out of his fellow fundamentalists in Afghanistan and ordered his fellow fundamentalist in the Justice Department, Attorney General John Ashcroft, to gut the FOIA. Ashcroft -- yes, the same man who anointed himself with cooking oil when he was elected to the Senate, to signify that the Lord had given him "dominion" over the masses; the same man who proclaimed that Jesus was the King of America -- says that he alone must now pass judgment on any "significant" FOIA requests: i.e., anything that might prove embarrassing to the Divine Defender or his patrons."

The Opa-locka Three  10/25/01 Miami New Times: Black firefighters targeted for abuse: "By now most South Floridians are at least vaguely aware that the facts first reported about the men were almost all false. They aren't Muslims, and they didn't refuse to go on calls; they did remove a flag from a truck, but that was two days before flags were required on all fire vehicles."

Homeland Insecurity  10/25/01 News Review: "A Sacramento journalist is taken into custody by police and forced to destroy photos by an over-zealous National Guardsman."

COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story  10/24/01 Congressional Black Caucus: thanks to right wing nut case David Horowitz for pointing us to this valuable compendium on the Black Caucus' report to Durban. Ah David, it's people like you who plow the ground for the seeds of terror…

New Anti-Terrorism Law Poses Old Risks  10/24/01 Counterpunch 

National ID Card System Failing to Attract Supporters  10/24/01 LA Times 

When the Press Is in the Dark, So Is Everyone  10/24/01 LA Times: "This is a war for freedom. So let's have some."

3 who removed U.S. flag remain on leave - Fellow firefighters criticize them  10/24/01 Miami Herald: "On Sept. 15, the three men removed a flag that was attached to the fire truck they were using that day. They said the flag was not hung properly and blocked their view. In discussions later that evening, the trio said they also talked about racism in America and that they thought the U.S. flag was a symbol of oppression for black Americans. They were surprised by later reports that stated they were Muslims and that they refused to ride in the truck because of their political views. The greater surprise, however, came when they were placed on paid administrative leave."


Cartoonists' Quandary  10/22/01 ABC News 

Terror probe raises concerns about civil rights  10/22/01 CNN 

The "Patriotic" Attack on Democracy and Higher Education  10/22/01 Counterpunch 

FBI considers torture as suspects stay silent  10/22/01 The Times of London: "The investigators have been disappointed that the usual incentives to break suspects, such as promises of shorter sentences, money, jobs and new lives in the witness protection programme, have failed to break the silence."

Privacy is just so suspicious  10/21/01 St Petersburg Times: "There is one phrase that has crept into the American vernacular that I wish I could banish from the hearts and minds of my countrymen: "If you're not guilty, then what have you got to hide?"

Silence of 4 Terror Probe Suspects Poses Dilemma  10/21/01 Washington Post: "the use of force to extract information could happen" in cases where investigators believe suspects have information on an upcoming attack.

Sample of Larry Ellison's new National ID Card  10/20/01 Brad Templeton 

Free Congress, ACLU: Congress Should Realize 'Sneak and Peek' Is Not Child's Play  10/19/01 ACLU 

Ridge's Record on Crime and Punishment  10/19/01 Alternet: "While some of Ridge's initiatives were declared unconstitutional or had debatable results, his impact on juvenile justice is significant. Ridge wanted juveniles treated like adult offenders, and as a result Pennsylvania has opened its first adult prison comprised largely of juveniles.Tom Ridge's treatment of political protesters is also noteworthy. State police treated death penalty opponents very harshly during the governor's conference in State College in 2000. Similarly, state police used questionable surveillance tactics, including pre-emptive strikes against protest headquarters during the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia in the summer of 2000. City prosecutors failed to sustain most of the almost 500 criminal charges in subsequent court proceedings that resulted from the convention demonstrations. Ridge's use of a Malden Institute report to justify the raid on the R2K [Republican Convention 2000] protesters was particularly troubling. This ultra-right wing think tank used innuendo, lies and rumor in its propaganda-filled manifesto, suggesting that the global protest movement was funded by rubles smuggled out of the former Soviet Union. The raid, prior to the actual protest, raised many troubling legal questions, most notably prior restraint of First Amendment rights."

Liberal Talk Show Kicked Off the Air  10/19/01 Democratic Underground 

Professors ponder Sept. 11 dilemma  10/19/01 Ka Leo, Hawaii 

Witness to a Lynch Mob  10/19/01 The Progressive: "A few days later, I bumped into a neighbor of mine whom I had seen at the meeting shaking his head in horror. I asked him what he made of it all. "I thought I was in Nazi Germany," he said."

Profiles Encouraged  10/19/01 Wall Street Journal 

From the United States of America to the National Security States of America  10/18/01 Al Martin 

Ashcroft Denies Wide Detainee Abuse  10/18/01 LA Times 

Novel Security Measures: A local man was kept off a recent flight because of a book he was carrying.  10/18/01 Philadelphia City Paper: Man stopped from flying because he had a copy of Hayduke Lives!, a novel about a radical environmentalist. He returns with a Harry Potter novel and is again refused entry to the plane by a hysterically deranged National Guardsman. Now they are profiling Dee Whiteman!

Will the War Kill the Bill of Rights?  10/18/01 The Cato Institute: Is it time to worry when right wing think tanks are concerned about the Bill of Rights?


Boondocks  10/17/01 Boondock: this AfroNorteAmericano strip restores some sanity to the befuddled, beflagged masses

Oracle CEO says proposals for national ID card is gaining momentum  10/17/01 SF Gate 

Anthrax hoaxers face life imprisonment  10/17/01 The Guardian 

US buys up all satellite war images  10/17/01 The Guardian, UK 

Questions Swirl Around Men Held in Terror Probe  10/17/01 Washington Post 

Steven Emerson out to wreck Arab-US ties  10/16/01 Arab News: "He is the type of a man who coolly tells people who know nothing about Islam that "Muslims wear a red headcover because they have a bloody mentality."

Algerian-American complains about mistreatment  10/16/01 Middle East Times 

Islamophobic bigotry sweeps U.S.  10/16/01 Middle East Times 

Dangerous theories on Arabs and Muslims  10/16/01 Middle East Times, Egypt 

Hostilites at the High Court - In rare act, 4 justices publicly oppose decision  10/16/01 Newsday: "In an unusual display of disharmony, four Supreme Court justices joined yesterday in a public statement heatedly disagreeing with their colleagues' rejection of an appeal challenging police tactics in an Ohio drug case."

The "traitor" fires back: Susan Sontag  10/16/01 Salon 

Duplicity On Domestic (White) Terrorism  10/16/01 The Black World Today: "Early last year the media watchdog group FAIR issued an analysis of coverage of law enforcement actions involving four suspected terrorists- three white Americans and one Arab - during December 1999. According to FAIR's analysis, authorities arrested white Americans Kevin Ray Patterson and Charles Dennis Kiles on December 3, 1999 for allegedly planning a series of terrorist acts in California to spark a Y2K-related militia uprising. The arrests of Patterson and Kiles prompted articles in 96 newspapers. Only 45 newspaper articles mentioned the December 28, 1999 police charging a Texas white supremacist named Jere Wayne Haney (an airline mechanic) with possessing 50-pounds of explosives and bomb-making instructions. In stark contrast to the white bombers' coverage in the media, the December 14, 1999 arrest of an Algerian named Ahmed Ressam for reportedly carrying bomb-making ingredients from Canada into the U.S. unleashed 906 newspaper articles, the FAIR analysis stated."

NAPALC Concerned With Anti-Terrorism Legislation  10/16/01 The Black World Today 

Al-Qa'ida broadcasts 'unlikely' to contain secret code  10/15/01 Independent, UK 

Concern grows over media 'censorship'  10/15/01 The Guardian, UK 

US Senate approves Internet snooping  10/15/01 ZD Net 

Sandinistas have ties to Iraq, Libya, says Bush administration  10/14/01 AP: little noticed article from 10/7. The Bush people want to bring back the Contra War. Can't get enough of Coca Contra, even with Bin Laden stealing a page from Dad's book on financing wars through narcoterrorism? Now they can activate the Reagan era network against CISPES, etc. Perhaps they can even bring back the Contra death squads who were active in LA…

Leaders of journalism groups decry excessive security put in place since terrorist attacks  10/13/01 ABC News 

Bill OKd to expand anti-terror powers  10/13/01 Chicago Tribune: House Republicans work with White House to scuttle previous bill negotiated with Democrats - "For example, the House Judiciary Committee's version included a "sunset" provision that would have eliminated the new law-enforcement powers after two years. The revised measure changed that to five years. The Senate bill contains no expiration date."

Homeland Insecurity  10/13/01 Counterpunch: "Under Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, the Homeland Security Office will coordinate 46 government agencies against terrorist suspects in the United States. Ridge will perform this function in conjunction with Bush's deputy national security advisor, Army Gen. Wayne Downing. Bush Administration officials are still working out the "lines of authority" between the two new positions, but it's clear that from now on, the military is going to have a central role in domestic anti-terrorism activities. The reason for the military's prominence is simple: Bush wants to establish special, extra-legal military tribunals that can try suspected terrorists without the ordinary legal constraints of American justice. These military tribunals apparently would have the authority to execute terrorists within 30 days of their conviction."

Lawyers worry about secrecy being used in roundup  10/13/01 Seattle PI 

House Adopts Anti-Terrorism Bill  10/12/01 AP 

European critics fault U.S. coverage of terrorist aftermath  10/12/01 Freedom Forum 

Words of hate with an extra chill factor  10/12/01 The New Zealand Herald 

Thanks But No Thanks, Larry Ellison  10/11/01 Alternet 

The forgotten Muslim victims of 11 September 2001  10/11/01 The Independent, UK 

Police photograph peace vigil crowd  10/11/01 Worcester Telegram: " a police officer at the vigil Monday at Lincoln Square said Worcester police had “been instructed by the FBI to take photos of all demonstrations,” according to a letter to Chief James M. Gallagher from Worcester Peace Works, which organized the demonstration."

The Racial Aspects of Tom Ridge's Anti-Crime Policies In PA  10/10/01 TBWT: Ridge is head of the new Office of Homeland Security, a domestic terror organization

Thobani accused of hate crime against Americans: Complaint sent to Ottawa police 'pure harassment', UBC professor says  10/10/01 Vancouver Sun, Canada: "If you point to the factual record of U.S. foreign policy, you are now accused of spreading hate," she said. "It really is unbelievable."

‘A New Form of Slavery’  10/10/01 Village Voice 

Paige Urges Schools to Recite Pledge  10/9/01 AP 

Rush to Conform Endangers Liberty  10/9/01 New York Observer 

FBI closes website linked to Real IRA  10/8/01 The Times, London 

The Dallas Morning News Reportedly Canceled "Boondocks" Because of this Comic Strip  10/7/01 Buzzflash 

Experts fear net ensnarls liberties  10/7/01 Houston Chronicle 

Indict Katherine Harris, Democrats Urge  10/6/01 Village Voice 

Environmentalists Re-check Priorities, Strategy After 9-11  10/5/01 Alternet 

Following attacks, courtrooms become secret, documents sealed  10/5/01 AP 

U.S. Pressures Qatar to Restrain TV Outlet  10/5/01 CNN: Their crime: "The station.. has invited anti-American guests who have argued that U.S. foreign policy was to blame for the September 11 terrorist attacks." Right.

Déjà Vu: The FBI's Assault on Civil Liberties  10/5/01 Counterpunch 

Democrats Turn to Populist Issues  10/5/01 Washington Post 

How the Terrorist Crisis Threatens our Personal Liberties Dan Kennedy and Harvey Silverglate, Boston Phoenix  10/4/01 Alternet 

U.S. House Panel Approves Anti-terrorism Bill  10/4/01 Reuters 

'There's only one way to stop terrorists using net'  10/2/01 BBC: "The only way to stop terrorist cells communicating via the internet is to disinvent it. Encryption is irrelevant."


Americans Should 'Watch What They Say,' Bush Aide Warns Nation  9/29/01 International Herald Tribune 

White House reprimands Maher  9/26/01 AP 

Politically Incorrect is Downright American  9/26/01 Business Week 


Cries of rage and frustration  9/24/01 New Statesman: Terror in America: Fundamentalism - The US is the true home of religious extremism, which begins not as a crusade against outsiders, but as hatred of those of the same faith.

Voice of America Told Not to Air Interview with Taliban Leader  9/24/01 Washington Post 

Beware of Backlash  9/14/01 Mother Jones 

The alleged patriots who want to do a replay of the 50's need to consider that one of the roots of Al Qaeda was a Saudi dissident movement that turned violent in House Saud's torture cells in the early 90's.

Suppressing Dissent Archive: 11/01

1984, the good old days ...


For Immediate Release: November 15, 2001

Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative recently received a letter from the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression (ABFFE) concerning the chilling effects on booksellers of the new antiterrorism bill that President Bush just signed into law.

If the bookstore were served with a court order under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to search our business records, including the titles of books purchased by our customers, we would have no right to object in court or the court of public opinion. The new law includes a gag order that prevents us from disclosing "to any other person" the fact that we received such an order. The ABFFE says that depending on the specifics of the subpoena, the gag order could extend to contact with an attorney! No right to legal counsel is outrageous but is suddenly a very real and terrifying possibility.

This terrifying encroachment on the privacy rights of citizens is itself a form of terrorism. "Terrorism", according to the New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, is defined as "…the systematic employment of violence and intimidation to coerce a government or community, especially, into acceding to specific political demands". President Bush’s declaration of a war on terrorism and subsequent military actions, combined with the presumption that U.S. citizens should willingly surrender our civil liberties for the good of the country certainly constitutes such a political demand. The FBI shows up at your home or workplace, demands information and refuses to let you contact legal counsel would sound like coercion and intimidation to most people. With the passage of the new antiterrorism legislation, if you don’t cooperate, if you resist, your freedom and livelihood will be in jeopardy. Ironically, the first definition of the word "terrorist" in my dictionary refers to the Jacobins, the radicals during the French Revolution who "advocated and practiced methods of partisan repression and bloodshed in the propagation of the principles of democracy and equality". The prospect of increasing "partisan repression" at home and "bloodshed" abroad, in the name of democracy, a founding principle of this country as well as in France, is our new terrifying reality. We must collectively take a stand to defend our democratic rights, which includes the right to protest our government, oppose the war, and the right to read whatever we want .

The new reactionary political climate, highlighted by the passage of FISA, dangerously expands the decade long government assault on our civil liberties and democratic freedoms. The danger to booksellers is just one small part of this new landscape. What are the repercussions for anti-war groups, people of color, immigrants, WTO/World Bank/IMF protesters, anarchists and radical activists of all stripes, progressive media outlets-any person or group who challenges the status quo-under these new laws? Do we even know? The right to political dissent is at stake. Generations have struggled to expand our democratic rights at home and a new generation hopes to extend them globally. This new global justice movement is threatened by our government’s "employment of violence and intimidation" at home and abroad.

We are sending this urgent appeal to our friends and allies in the media. We urge you to contact Chris Finian, President of ABFFE, at 212/587-4025, for more information. Research the implications of this law. Make public the threats to our democracy in the name of "Homeland Security". We need more information, not less, during these dangerous times.

In Solidarity

Marsha Rummel
Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative
426 W. Gilman St.
Madison WI 53703

Women in Black on McCarthyism and 9-11, Oct 3, 2001

Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001

From: Jewish Peace News

[Ronnie Gilbert, from the folk music band The Weavers and who is today an activist here in the Bay Area, pens this letter to the editor regarding our government's responding to the 9/11 attacks by assaulting our civil rights. While, to be sure, Arab and Muslim Americans are facing the worst of this, it is a matter that all Americans have a direct concern in. Ms Gilbert relates the current assault on freedoms to her experience with McCarthyism in the 1950s which was quite direct, and finds a great deal of similarity. We might take care to heed her warnings--she ought to know.]

Dear Editor: 

For the second time in my life - at least - a group that I belong to is being investigated by the FBI. The first was the Weavers. The Weavers were a recording industry phenomenon. In 1950 we recorded a couple of songs from our American/World fok music repertoire, Leadbelly's "Goodnight Irene" and (ironically) the Israeli "Tzena, Tzena, Tzena" and sold millions of records for the almost-defunct record label. Folk music entered the mainstream, and the Weavers were stars.

By 1952 it was over. The record company dropped us, eager television producers stopped knocking on our door. The Weavers were on a private yet well-publicized roster of suspected entertainment industry reds. The FBI came a-calling.

This week, I just found out that Women in Black, another group of peace activists I belong to, is the subject of an FBI investigation. Women in Black is a loosely knit international network of women who vigil against violence, often silently, each group autonomous, each group focused on the particular problems of personal and state violence in its part of the world.

Because my group is composed mostly of Jewish women, we focus on the Middle East, protesting the cycle of violence and revenge in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

The FBI is threatening my group with a Grand Jury investigation. Of what? That we publicly call the Israeli military's occupation of the mandated Palestine lands illegal? So does the World Court and the United Nations. That destroying hundreds of thousands of the Palestinians' olive and fruit trees, blocking roads and demolishing homes promotes hatred and terrorism in the Middle East? Even President Bush and Colin Powell have gotten around to saying so. So what is to investigate? That some of us are in contact with activist Palestinian peace groups? This is bad?

The Jewish Women in Black of Jerusalem have stood vigil every Friday for 13 years in protest against the Occupation; Muslim women from Palestinian peace groups stand with them at every opportunity. We praise and honor them, these Jewish and Arab women who endure hatred and frequent abuse from extremists on both sides for what they do. We are not alone in our admiration. Jerusalem Women in Black is a nominee for the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize, along with the Bosnia Women in Black, now ten years old. If the FBI cannot or will not distinguish between groups who collude in hatred and terrorism, and peace activists who struggle in the full light of day against all forms of terrorism, we are in serious trouble. I have seen such trouble before in my lifetime. It was called McCarthyism. In the hysterical atmosphere of the early Cold War, anyone who had signed a peace petition, who had joined an organization opposing violence or racism or had tried to raise money for the refugee children of the Spanish Civil War, in other words who had openly advocated what was not popular at the time, was fair game.

In my case, the FBI visited The Weavers' booking agent, the recording company, my neighbors, my dentist husband's patients, my friends. In the waning of our career, the Weavers were followed down the street, accosted onstage by drunken "patriots", warned by friendly hotel employees to keep the door open if we rehearsed in anyone's room so as not to become targets for the vice squad. It was nasty. Every two-bit local wannabe G-man joined the dragnet searching out and identifying "communist spies." In all those self-debasing years how many spies were pulled in by that dragnet? Nary a one. Instead it pulled down thousands of teachers, union members, scientists, journalists, actors, entertainers like us, who saw our lives disrupted, our jobs, careers go down the drain, our standing in the community lost, even our children harrassed. A scared population soon shut their mouths up tight.

Thus came the silence of the 1950s and early 60s, when no notable voice of reason was heard to say, "Hey, wait a minute. Look what we're doing to ourselves, to the land of the free and the home of the brave," when not one dissenting intelligence was allowed a public voice to warn against zealous foreign policies we'd later come to regret, would be regretting now, if our leaders were honest. Today, in the wake of the worst hate crime of the millenium, a dragnet is out for "terroriststs" and we are told that certain civil liberties may have to be curtailed for our own security. Which ones? I'm curious to know. The First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech or of the press? The right of people peaceably to assemble? Suddenly, deja vu - haven't I been here before? Hysterical neo-McCarthyism does not equal security, never will.

The bitter lesson September 11's horrific tragedy should have taught us and our government is that only an honest re-evaluation of our foreign policies and careful, focused and intelligent intelligence work can hope to combat operations like the one that robbed all of us and their families of 6,000 decent working people. We owe the dead that, at least. As for Women in Black, we intend to keep on keeping on.

Senate Terrorist Bill 1510, 10/8/01

Consider these items in the new Senate Terrorist Bill 1510:

"MONEY LAUNDERING ABATEMENT AND ANTI-TERRORIST FINANCING ACT OF 2001" Political Activists and Demonstrators should Zero in on S.1510. The bill's provisions can be used to eradicate public dissent - - and you!

Under Senate Bill 1510, now being considered in the Senate as an Anti-terrorism act:

a.. An entire 501C3 organization or other organization, including its members, can have their assets seized for supporting bodily acts or international causes that the U.S. Secretary of State may deem terrorist activity. Political activities that were legal prior to S.1510 may "RETROACTIVELY" be deemed terrorist activity by U.S. Government. Participants and supporters may be charged with terrorist and other offenses. (2). S.1510 "RETROACTIVELY" abolishes the "Statue of Limitations" for many past offenses where no one was injured. After passage of S.1510, any past offense that can be broadly alleged to have put someone "at risk" may be used by federal and state prosecutors to charge a citizen with a terrorist act - even 30 years after the Statute of Limitations period had already passed. Government will have no difficulty manufacturing evidence to prosecute citizens once Constitutional safeguards against passing Retroactive Laws are abolished after passage of S.1510. (3) No "innocent owner defense" allowed against Asset Forfeiture when, after passage of S 1510, U.S. Government agencies will be able to seize assets of citizens, 501C3 and other organizations and their members without ever disclosing the evidence against their property. Government need only allege that disclosing such evidence may compromise National security and/or an ongoing investigation. S 1510 provides for paying "unnamed informants huge rewards" resulting from arrests and forfeited assets. It is hard to believe any organization or citizen could ever recover their assets once they are seized by a government agency in the name of National Security. That may include a citizen's home in which an informant secretly alleges someone said the wrong thing. (4) "D Below" is from the Senate Bill 1510. So much for trusting attorneys!

"(d) UNDERCOVER ACTIVITIES- Notwithstanding any provision of State law, > including disciplinary rules, statutes, regulations, constitutional provisions, or case law, a Government attorney may, for the purpose of enforcing Federal law, provide legal advice, authorization, concurrence, direction, or supervision on conducting undercover activities, and any attorney employed as an investigator or other law enforcement agent by the Department of Justice who is not authorized to represent the United States in criminal or civil law enforcement litigation or to supervise such proceedings may participate in such activities, even though such activities may require the use of deceit or misrepresentation, where such activities are consistent with Federal law.

(e) ADMISSIBILITY OF EVIDENCE- "No violation of any disciplinary, ethical, or professional conduct rule shall be construed to permit the exclusion of otherwise admissible evidence in any Federal criminal proceedings".

This bill is similar to the one Adolf Hitler pushed through the Reichstag after the Reichstag fire in the early 1930's. German Jews, horrified by the chaos in Germany after the fire, supported Hitler's legislation - then found he could (and planned to) use it against them.

This is worse legislation than the Sedition Laws of the 1790's, later declared unconstitutional and leading to the end of John Adams' presidency.

Understand! Under the law as now written, you and anyone connected with any organization - 501(c)(3), church, Rotary, any organization - can be snagged under this legislation. Lifting the Statute of Limitations means that you could have your home and other assets seized if you were a member of an organization that supported, for example, Leonard Peltier, or sent food or medicine to Cuba, or even protested against nukes in the '60s - and the U.S.G. decided that that organization was then or is now in any way associated with someone or some organization that is somehow connected to a "terrorist organization."

Of course, it will be said that that is highly unlikely to happen if you keep your nose clean - and don't give financial or other support to any suspect organization.

There are thousands of people in our prisons now, put there by the testimony of paid/"rewarded" informers. All it takes is for some such person to provide "testimony" that the ACLU or the Sierra Club or Pastors for Peace, or other organization is "supporting" terrorists. Or maybe some member of such an organization does provide support to a terrorist: all members are liable to imprisonment and seizure of their assets.

Who, under a law like that, is going to give funding to any 501(c)(3) organization or any other actionist group - even for work with rehabilitating prisoners or drug addicts, or providing housing for the poor?

If this law passes in this form, kiss protest - by letter or demonstration - and democracy goodbye!

Go to and send a note to your Senators and tell them to kill this bastard before it becomes law. At least to amend the damn thing!

And please forward this (or your own) message to EVERYONE on your e-mail list.

May God protect what democracy we have left.


P.S. If you want to read this bill for yourself, go to, to the 107th Congress, and Senate Bill 1510.



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