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The Russians are in their second recent war with the Chechens, who are said to be backed in part by the Pakistani ISI services and bin Laden.

The Russians have been accused of many atrocities in Chechnya and are hoping to use the terrorism in the US to obtain the West's assent to their tactics.

Map of World Trade Centre strikes confiscated in Chechnya, 9/24 Tass

Analysis: Russia offers to work with US 9/24 UPI

Taliban threatened with US strikes in July Attacks on US may have been 'pre-emptive'  The Guardian, UK, 9/21 - Did Russians participate in Wag the Dog in order to get help on Chechnya, where they are having many problems?

Who Is Osama Bin Laden? 9/12 Centre for Research on Globalisation, Montreal. Goldmine of information, especially on heroin production in Afghanistan, originally set up by CIA backed groups, now on the order of $100-$200 billion, 1/3rd world total. Also coverage of Pak SIS involvement in Chechnya: "In a cruel irony, while the Islamic jihad --featured by the Bush Adminstration as "a threat to America"-- is blamed for the terrorist assaults on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, these same Islamic organisations constitute a key instrument of US military-intelligence operations in the Balkans and the former Soviet Union."

Jihad in Chechnya Sawt-ul-Qoqaz also and
Long listing of Russian defeats, including the deaths of a number of generals and senior officers.

Map of World Trade Centre strikes confiscated in Chechnya, 9/24 Tass

    MOSCOW, September 24 (Itar-Tass) - A resident of Chechnya has been arrested in the city of Argun, Chechnya, during a special operation, on whom a scheme was found, that featured strikes at the buildings of the U.S. World Trade Centre by the planes, captured by terrorists, representatives of the public relations centre of the Federal Security Service (FSS) branch in Chechnya told Tass on Monday.
    They specified that the word "jihad" was written on the back side of the scheme. Aside from it, ten army tents and ten sleeping bags were confiscated from the detainee.
    The operation was staged by officers of the FSS branch in Chechnya jointly with the provisional police service and the prosecutor`s office.
ITAR-TASS. All rights reserved. Not for redistribution.





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