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Antiwar Movement

Afghan genocide


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Uzbekistan Jihad 9/22 Azzam

Bin Laden, Narcoterrorism, the CIA, and the House of Saud

Risks of Nuclear War



Uzbekistan lies just north of Afghanistan. US bases located there support the assaults on Afghanistan in the wake of the Saudi refusal to cooperate with the US war effort. There is an active jihad, as well as a severe repression of Islam itself - 5 years for practicing Islam in unauthorized mosques, extrajudicial killings. Over 7,000 are said to be jailed for unauthorized islamic activities. See " Uzbekistan is One of the Most Repressive New Independent States ," citing Helsinki Commission Chairman Smith, Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe news release, 10/18/99

The country is listed as 88% muslim in the CIA fact book. A Central Asian jihad has been widely expected since spring of '01 and appears to have been held in reserve...  News updates:

Key lieutenant with mission to seize power in Uzbekistan dies in fighting  11/23/01 Independent, UK: "Osama bin Laden's lieutenant Juma Namangani, who was fighting to establish a Taliban-style rule in Uzbekistan, was killed at the weekend, either in a battle with Northern Alliance forces or during US air strikes near Kunduz, sources on both sides of the Afghan war said."

Central Asia Special  11/18/01 Khilafah 

Uzbekistan's Human Rights Problem  11/6/01 The Nation 

American bone on the island of the ghosts  10/30/01 KavKaz: The hard to understand English is worth wading through on this well informed site. Today's gem: Revival Island, which the US has pledged Uzbekistan to decontaminate from Anthrax, does not belong to Uzbekistan, but is near some large oil deposits… plus a description of Soviet germ warfare experiments on local Aral fisherman families..


The ugly face of Washington's ally against terror  10/29/01 AFP 

Tajik court sends to prison six Islamic party members  10/29/01 Khilafah 

Uzbek Internet Something of An Anomaly  10/29/01 Moscow Times 

Uzbek Sacrifices Freedom and Teeth  10/26/01 Moscow Times: "There are numerous underground Muslim groups that stand in opposition to Karimov's government but advocate political change only through peaceful means. Most prominent among them is Hizb-u-Tahrir, a group that has never been involved in violence but which opposes both Western democracy and Soviet authoritarianism. Hizb-u-Tahrir would like to see Uzbekistan eventually be part of a Central Asian theocracy, a caliphate. Uzbekistan has responded to these various nuances with all-out war on independent Islam. According to Mikhail Ardzinov, chairman of the Independent Human Rights Organization of Uzbekistan, where Adilov works, there are more than 7,000 people in Uzbek jails today for crimes like praying in private or possessing non-Karimov-approved literature about Islam. New York-based Human Rights Watch, the only international group with a permanent Tashkent office, agrees with that figure."

Uzbeks accused of using anti-Taliban fight to clamp down on rights  10/23/01 AFP 

Uzbekistan: Torture Victim Dies in Custody  10/20/01 Human Rights Watch: ]

Uzbekistan Sells Itself to Washington For $8 Billion  10/19/01 Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Russia 

Uzbekistan Seeking Regional Dominance  10/17/01 Stratfor 

Frenzy at airbase 'before invasion'  10/16/01 Telegraph, UK 

A City Lies Poised Between U.S. Troops and the Taliban  10/15/01 LA Times 

U.S. Operated Secret Alliance With Uzbekistan  10/14/01 Washington Post 

US, Uzbekistan confirm formal deal on anti-terror military cooperation  10/13/01 Yahoo 



America's Uzbek Connection May Inflame All of Central Asia  10/10/01 Pacific News Service, US 

U.S. forces in Uzbekistan direct bombings to targets  10/9/01 Haaretz, Israel: See our page on Uzbekistan for a more complete picture, including the 7,000 people jailed for non-authorized practice of islam and the insurgency there.

Les talibans menacent l'Ouzbekhistan de jihad  10/7/01 Le Monde 

Uzbeks Worry What Awaits Them  10/7/01 Washington Post 

Uzbekistan Offers U.S. an Airbase, but Not for Attacks  10/6/01 NYT 

Facts and figures about Uzbekistan  10/5/01 AP: AP fails to describe the severe repression - 7,000 in jail for non-authorized practice of Islam. No mention of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan's widely expected summer offensive, now held in reserve. See our Uzbekistan page.

Retaliation: U.S. troops en route to Uzbekistan  10/5/01 CNN 


U.S. Sends Troops to Ex-Soviet Republics  10/3/01 Washington Post 

Isolated military bases in Uzbekistan provide ideal secrecy for possible U.S. use  10/2/01 AP 

Russia unnerved by sudden interest 9/25 Independent, UK

Former US enemy becomes an ally as Putin pledges qualified support 9/25 Independent, UK

Russia Offers Strong Support for U.S. Action in Afghanistan 9/25 International Herald Tribune

America sets up its Asian launch pad 9/24 News Telegraph

Afghan Taliban warns Uzbekistan against interference
9/24 AFP

Central Asian states back US campaign, but motives mixed 9/24 AFP
Discusses Tuzel, outside of Tashkent, the capital

US jets fly to ex-Soviet bases near Afghanistan 9/23 News Telegraph

Putin Consults Central Asia Leaders 9/23 AP

Saudi Arabia Rejects U.S. Request 9/23 AP

TASHKENT, Agence France Press: US warplanes have landed in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan as Russian President Vladimir Putin, after an extended silence, voiced readiness to cooperate with US plans to strike Afghanistan -- but only after they are approved by the UN Security Council. 9/22

More US forces near Afghanistan 9/22 Times of India
KABUL: Even as US military aircraft landed at Tuzel in Uzbekistan, an isolated Taliban insisted it would not bend to Washington’s demand to hand over Osama bin Laden. Tahskent reporting.

Uzbekistan Jihad 9/22 Azzam
Informative view of the land the US chose for its base, after House Saud denied them the modern facilities they constructed in Saudi Arabia. Uzbekistan has repressive government that jails and executes those that practice Islam.

"Uzbekistan is One of the Most Repressive New Independent States," says Helsinki Commission Chairman Smith, Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe news release, 10/18/99: "Only in Uzbekistan has the state formally criminalized religious dissent, by formally amending its criminal code to impose prison terms of up to five years for unauthorized religious activity."

"Paul Goble, Communications Director, Radio Free Europe/Radio
Liberty, noted that "Tashkent is converting Islam from a religion to a political force of enormous and potentially destabilizing force." Noting the building of two prison camps for political opponents, he noted, "These camps will resemble the GULAG of the Soviet past, and even if no one is ever confined to them, their existence will cast a chilling shadow over the population."

Ambassador Walker calls Washington Post "traiterous" for revealing what was already on the Internet in numerous places, 9/27/01


Eurasia Net

Cyber Uzbekistan


Yahoo! Regional > Countries > Uzbekistan

The Uzbekistan Resource Page: Contains a wealth of information and numerous links related to Uzbekistan as well as news/analysis archives (all from a Western perspective):

Short Human Rights Article:

State Department's Reports on Human Rights:

More links on the government's Human Rights abuses:

Analysis of various Central Asian conflicts:

CIA Factbook:
News relating to Muslim activities (such as the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and/or Hizb ut Tahrir) as well as the drug trafficing activities in the Ferghana Valley and Central Asia as a whole.  Wide variety of sources.

Ambassador Walker calls Washington Post "traiterous" for revealing what was already on the Internet in numerous places, 9/27/01

On September 27, former Ambassador Walker accused the Washington Post (on CNN's Wolf Blitzer) of being "traiterous" when they published the fact that the US was going to use Uzbekistan. Mr Ambassador, is it traiterous to point out that you are getting yourselves into a very bad situation by this move? But then, if you persist in your plans which look like they will result in the slaughter of many innocents, handing a big victory to Bin Laden, you need these bases. Perhaps if you were to scale down your assault to the appropriate level rather than seeking to obliterate nations, you wouldn't need such sorry bedfellows as the government of Uzbekistan. And who are you trying to prevent from learning about the US bases there? Surely not the Taliban or Bin Laden, who can read about it on Israeli, Indian, UK, and French sites (see below)! No, it's the US public, once again, the same public who will also be asked to suffer the consequences in nuclear and biowar retaliations. -- Cristina Perez

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