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The Sacred Language of the Abakuá
Lydia Cabrera

The Sacred Language of the Abakuá  8/1/2015 Cross River Cultural Heritage: "Cuban ethnographer and writer Lydia Cabrera compiled a 530 page dictionary of Abakuá language, originally published as La lengua sagrada de los Náñigos. We are translating this work as The Sacred Language of the Abakuá, with translation and annotation by Patricia González (Smith College), Victor Manfredi (Boston University), and Ivor Miller (University of Calabar, Nigeria)... This project is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities."

The Masked Theatre of Cuban Abakuá, Smith College, 9/22/2016

Please see the announcement for our presentation of African-derived Abakua culture in Cuba: chants, dance, percussion, in relation to Lydia Cabrera's monumental study, the Sacred Language of the Abakuá. Please share this through your networks.  September 22, Smith College, Northampton, MA With Angel Guerrero, David Virelles and Roman Diaz.

Por favor miran el anuncio de nuestro presentación de la cultura Afro-descendiente Abakuá en Cuba: cantos, bailes, percusión, en relación al estudio monumental de Lydia Cabrera, La lengua sagrada de los Náñigos. Por favor comparta este anuncio a través de sus redes sociales. El 22 de septiembre, Smith College, Northampton, MA con Angel Guerrero, David Virelles y Roman Diaz.

masked Theastre of Cuban Abakwa



Lydia Cabrera's "The Sacred Language of the Abakua" and its West African Sources, NEH, 10/1/2015

Separated by the Slave trade: Nigerians and Cubans reunite through a shared cultural practice” in African Indigenous Religious Traditions in Local and Global Contexts: Perspectives on Nigeria. A Festschrift in Honour of Jacob K. Olupona. Ed., David O. Ogungbile. Lagos: Malthouse Press Ltd. Pps. 363-388.  [This article has material from Angel Guerrero and Roman Diaz.]


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Angel Guerrero
Roman Diaz
David Virelles

Patricia González (Smith College)
Victor Manfredi (Boston University)
Ivor Miller (University of Calabar, Nigeria)


See also earlier that day: Introduction to Cuban Bàtá Drums, with Ivor Miller, Roman Díaz, and Sandy Pérez. Smith College, 9/22/2016

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