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College Credits regardless of institution

Rumba Y Folklor
At the University
of Matanzas
January 8 - 19, 2001

The University Camilo Cienfuegos of Matanzas, in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts in Boston has the pleasure of inviting you to enroll in its dance, song & percussion course on "Rumba y Folklor" in the winter of 2001. The course is being coordinated by Reynaldo Gonzalez, former principal dancer with Grupo Afro-Cuba, and Glenn Jacobs, Ph D., sociologist, Univiversity of Massachusetts.

Reynaldo Gonzalez currently teaches and performs in the United States. He is a dancer, choreographer, singer, percussionist and former member of the famous Cuban folkloric music & dance company "Grupo Afro-Cuba de Matanzas".

This twelve-day course will take place from January 8 - January 19, 2001. Content: intensive song, dance and percussion classes, taught by member/participants of the Matanzas community cultural groupings, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm every day in sacred Yoruba-orisha, congo (palo, macuta), abakua and secular (rumba) traditions: all participants will study chant and have a choice to do percussion or dance. In addition, included are daily field trips to observe and participate in cultural events, such as toques de tambor, and to meet local figures to discuss the religio-cultural context of the area.

Should the students wish to practice or take private lessons in addition to the classes being offered, the classrooms will remain open untill 11PM for the convenience of course participants and professors.

Cost: $1555 complete, including room, board (breakfast and dinner) and classes, transfers and round trip airfare Montreal.-Havana. A non-refundable $500 deposit is required by 10/10/00. Contact: Workshop coordinators: Reynaldo or Maria Gonzalez, 617-591-9251, e mail:; Glenn Jacobs, 617-971-0872, email

The University of Camilo Cienfuegos in Matanzas, Cuba, is located about one and half mile down the highway from Matanzas  to Varadero - one of the most beautiful beach resorts in the world.

College Credit

To college or university students at U. Mass. or elsewhere who will take the workshop and receive independent study credit:

At U. Mass. they take independent study with Professor Jacobs, and from other universities by arrangement with professors at their home institutions in cooperation with Professor Jacobs.

Glenn Jacobs, 617-971-0872, email

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