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Contacting Obba Ilu

Loida Barbarita

Obba Ilu, Matanzas

Founded in 1994, Obba Ilu is composed of 13 youths, musicians and dancers, under the leadership of Loida Barbarita. The group includes members of illustrious santero and rumbero families such as those of Papi Mesa, Gregorio "Goyito" Diaz (a nephew), Chachá (two grandsons) and others. Their themes are all those which exist in Cuban foklore, especially that of Matanzas: Abacua, Iyesa, Ganga, and all the forms of rumba - boxes (the old rumba), guaguanco, and columbia, all played with rythms typical of the province of Matanzas.

The group gives workshops, both practical and theoretical, as in the study of the continuity in modern times of musical, dance, and other artistic traditions in the practice of cultures of African roots.

In early September 1997, they toured Denmark, giving concerts and workshops.

Contacting Obba Ilu

Obba Ilu's representative, Loida Barbarita Martinez, can be contacted through Camilla, 53.52.92276

Her address:

Daoiz 30214
Entre Compostela y San Carlos
Matanzas, Cuba

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