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    World News
12/10/01 - 12/16/01

Sunday  12/16/01

30 Saudis among Al-Qaeda men held in Pakistan: Report  12/16/01 Arab News, Saudi Arabia 

Video could have been secretly taped  12/16/01 Arab News, Saudi Arabia 

"Why Do They Hate Us?" (Part1) The Pakistani And Iraqi Answer  12/16/01 Black Electorate 

Texas Church Invites Klan Member To Speak  12/16/01 Black Press USA 

New probe sought in Chicago's lingering police-torture case  12/16/01 CNN 

Official: CIA uses anthrax, but no link to letters  12/16/01 CNN: OK!

Bin Laden videotape was result of a sting  12/16/01 Guardian, UK 

Bin Laden in plot to bomb City  12/16/01 Observer, UK 

Cypherpunk visited for making "derogatory" remarks about Feds  12/16/01 Politechbot: "Mr. Johnson was reprimanded for the inappropriate nature of his e-mail messages and again specifically directed not to access the Cypherpunk website or make any postings to that site." Yes sir, Officer Krups!

Details on bin Laden's radio communications system  12/16/01 Politechbot 

German Firm Probes Final World Trade Center Deals  12/16/01 Reuters 

Graduation speech cut short by hecklers  12/16/01 Sacramento Bee: "During her speech, the heckling began after Heaphy voiced concerns about racial profiling, the suspension of civil rights of suspects in the Sept. 11 attacks, and the establishment of military tribunals."

Reaction to tape showcases a region's discontent America seen as intractable bully by Arab world  12/16/01 San Francisco Chronicle: "Take what most of the Western world regards as the "smoking gun." Despite widespread calls in the Arab world since Sept. 11 for the United States to produce "proof" of bin Laden's guilt, the tape did not make the front page of either the major Egyptian government or opposition daily papers on Friday."

Academic freedom is under attack since Sept. 11, some professors say  12/16/01 Seattle Times 

Bin Laden, al-Qaeda have fled mountain stronghold: Afghan militia  12/16/01 Yahoo 

Saturday  12/15/01

topInvestigation sought into police torture claims in Chicago  12/15/01 AP 

Mystery sheikh fuels Saudi jitters  12/15/01 Guardian, UK 

Troops Kill 8 Palestinians in West Bank Operations  12/15/01 IHT 

Americans 'covered up massacre of 280 Taliban'  12/15/01 Independent, UK: "Mr Gul's version of events would strengthen the argument of those who say the Americans prefer to kill the foreign fighters rather than take them alive."

'Israeli death squad disarmed men and shot them'  12/15/01 Independent, UK: "The two boys came and knocked on my door, and told me that the Israelis were invading the town. I opened the door and asked them to come inside, but they refused and went on walking up the street. The Israeli soldiers came up to them and asked them to put down their weapons they only had one and put their hands behind their backs. "They put down the gun. The Israelis asked them to lie on the ground, which they did. Then they started shooting them with machine-guns."

As the War Shifts Alliances, Oil Deals Follow  12/15/01 NYT 

Saudi names the cleric filmed with bin Laden  12/15/01 Telegraph, UK 

Bin Laden's voice detected  12/15/01 Washington Time 

''The divide between the United States and Europe is growing''  12/15/01 Yellow Times 

Friday  12/14/01

topET TU, ISRAEL?  12/14/01 

Detainees Asked if They Were Spies  12/14/01 AP: AP appears to be the first media org outside of Fox News to pick up on this, but does so in a way that minimizes and ignores all of the Fox News reporting.

Israeli terrorism and the framing of Muslims  12/14/01 Arab News, Saudi Arabia 

Trainee Saudi pilot released from US jail  12/14/01 Arab News, Saudi Arabia 

Next stop Somalia?  12/14/01 Asia Times 

Bush denies Congress papers for FBI probe  12/14/01 Boston Globe: "''You tell the president there's going to be war between the president and this committee,'' Dan Burton, the Indiana Republican who heads the House Government Reform Committee, told a Justice Department official during what was supposed to be a routine prehearing handshake." Dan Burton, co-author of the Helms - Burton law.

DSB Secret Meets on Bio-Terr, Compellence  12/14/01 Cryptome, US 

Cached thread on Israeli spying story deleted by conservative Free Republic forum  12/14/01 DayPOP 

Is CIA Using Journalistic Cover In Afghanistan?  12/14/01 Editor & Publisher 

Do Assassinations Curb Terror?  12/14/01 Forward 

Carl Cameron Investigates Part 3: Another Israeli linked company at the heart of the US law enforcement phone tapping system  12/14/01 Fox News: This story was pulled by Fox News from,2933,40824,00.html! The thread on this story at the conservative forum Free Republic forum,, has been deleted. From the article, which only Fox is reporting: "Adding to the suspicions is the fact that in Israel, Comverse works closely with the Israeli government, and under special programs, gets reimbursed for up to 50 percent of its research and development costs by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade. But investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying through Comverse is considered career suicide."

Six killed in latest Israeli retaliations  12/14/01 Independent, UK 

Important New England Regional Peace & Justice Conference Held December 7 & 8 - Informal Report  12/14/01 IndyMedia: "Media: The good news is that CSPAN came to film Amber and Ryan Amundson, respectively the wife and brother of Craig Amundson who was killed in the September 11 attack on the Pentagon, and Noam Chomsky's keynote speech. We also had a number of independent documentary video-makers there. The tough news is that we were completely iced out by the mainstream media. People in other U.S. cities are experiencing similar marginalization, and the question arises to what extent this is a function of the current patriotic hysteria, concerns for market share, and fear of finding themselves attacked for giving coverage to those targeted by Ashcroft and Lynn Cheney or of losing access, or to what extent it is a function of more direct Administration intervention with the news media."

American Council of Trustees and Alumni  12/14/01 Media Transparency 

ACLU to provide free legal help for Muslims facing FBI questioning  12/14/01 Newsday 

F.B.I. Queries Expert Who Sees Federal Lab Tie in Anthrax Cases  12/14/01 NYT: Took 'em long enough…


SOMALIA’S FATE EXPECTS YEMEN  12/14/01 Pravda: "Today, in Yemen a wide-ranging operation started to annihilate Al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihad’s structures in the country. The operation is being carried out by units of an anti-terrorist special subdivision leaded Ahmed Ali, the president’s older son. The operation is simultaneously carried out in Marib, Al-Jauf, Shabva and Hadramaut provinces, where training camps and bases of the terrorists are supposed to be situated. Spiritual leader of Yemenite extremists is sheikh Abdelmajid Az-Zindani regarded by FBI as a very dangerous. He is the leader of the opposition Reform Party and of illegal organization Islamic Jihad, connected with Al-Qaeda."

Students at historically black college object to TV ad campaign limiting hairstyles  12/14/01 San Francisco Chronicle 

The Arrogance of Occupation: An Israeli Political Scientist speaks out  12/14/01 Tikkun: "Present Israeli action against Arafat was preceded by the construction of an arrogant and paternalist discourse on the "character of Arafat". We, Israelis, are at liberty to dismiss one leader and appoint another in his place. This arrogance, in relation to Arafat, highlights the underlying dimension of the failed Oslo peace process and the Camp David Summit. The discourse labeling Arafat as the essence of the Palestinian problem did not achieve predominance by virtue of the campaign waged by the settlers' leaders in the occupied territories and the extreme right. Rather, it is the discourse of former Prime Minister Ehud Barak and his foreign minister, Shlomo Ben Ami, developed after the Camp David Summit aiming to hide their resounding failure. The over-simplified reduction of the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the character of Arafat, and hence the self-evident magic-wand solution of "removing the obstacle", was constructed by the leaders of the "Left", following their need to explain away the fiasco of their term of office."

US military choppers spotted near Somali capital  12/14/01 Times of India 

The road to Kashmir  12/14/01 Times, UK: "The suicide attack on India’s parliament has brought home to a billion Indians the threat of terrorism in a manner as brutal and as startling as the atrocities in America on September 11. Thankfully the casualties this time were relatively light and no MPs were hurt. But the readiness of militants to strike at the symbol of Indian democracy points not only to an upsurge of violence likely to exacerbate tension between India and Pakistan but to an ominous new development, the migration of al-Qaeda terror from Afghanistan to Kashmir."

Prof. Marc Herold reveals the number of civilian casualties killed in the US bombing of Afghanistan to be over 3700  12/14/01 University of New Hampshire: updated report added 200 civilian deaths in the last few days

The porous Afghan border  12/14/01 UPI: It seems clear from this that many of the al Qaeda still in Afghanistan are there by choice.

Hear Palestine  12/14/01 Yahoo: Daily compendium of the war in Palestine

Thursday  12/13/01

topCollateral Damage Made Real  12/13/01 Alternet 

Kathy Kadane: introductory note from David Johnson:  12/13/01 Antenna, Holland 

MARSHALL GREEN: "WHEN WE WERE IN INDONESIA WE WERE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BE SAYING THIS KIND OF THING"  12/13/01 Antenna, Holland: Journalist Kathy Kadane's investigation into CIA's involvement with the great Indonesian massacre of over 500,000 "communists" in 1965

Jews held for plotting to bomb mosque  12/13/01 Arab News, Saudi Arabia 


A Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan: A Comprehensive Accounting  12/13/01 Democracy Now: full report in a Word document

Israel divide la franja de Gaza en tres secciones incomunicadas  12/13/01 El Mundo 

Carl Cameron Investigates Part 2: Israeli Spies in the US have access to all phone records  12/13/01 Fox News: This story was pulled by Fox News from,2933,40747,00.html about 12/21! The power of the Israeli Lobby?

U.S. Bars Surrender of Qaida and Presses Attack With Bombs and Special Forces  12/13/01 IHT: ""The Americans won't accept their surrender," Hazrat Ali, regional security chief for eastern Afghanistan, said just after emerging from hours of negotiations with U.S. officials. "They want to kill them."

U.S. Troubled by Failure to Capture or Kill Qaida Leaders  12/13/01 IHT 

Ten killed in Palestinian ambush on Israeli bus  12/13/01 Independent, UK 

3,500 Civilians Killed in Afghanistan by US Bombs  12/13/01 Media Workers Against the War: "Professor Herold has sought whenever possible to cross-corroborate accounts of civilian casualties. He relied upon British, Canadian, and Australian newspapers; Indian newspapers, especially The Times of India; three Pakistani daily newspapers; the Singapore News; Afghan Islamic Press; Agence France Press; Pakistan News Service; Reuters; BBC News Online; Al Jazeera; and a variety of other reputable sources, including the United Nations and other relief agencies."

Detainees could be jailed indefinitely  12/13/01 MSNBC: Like the Cuban "excludables" who stayed in US jails indefinitely

Cancer disaster in Iraq  12/13/01 News 24: "An Iraqi physician on Thursday warned that the people of southern Iraq faced a "humanitarian disaster" due to increasing cases of cancer which Baghdad has linked to depleted uranium (DU) dropped by US-led forces during the 1991 Gulf War."

Wolfowitz: Don't Wait to Confront Terrorists in Indonesia  12/13/01 NewsMax: Possibly the Indonesians remember the 1965 massacre of "communists" directed by the CIA station chief and his capable crew, who drew up the hit list.

Black Police Officers Sue City, Citing Surveillance  12/13/01 NYT 

Past policy haunts US in Indonesia  12/13/01 Providence Phoenix 

Lynne Cheney-Joe Lieberman Group Puts Out a Blacklist  12/13/01 San Jose Mercury News: "Although the council's stated objectives include the protection of academic freedom, the report resembles a blacklist. In a chilling use of doublespeak, it affirms the right of professors to speak out, yet condemns those who have attempted to give context to Sept. 11, encourage critical thinking, or share knowledge about other cultures. Faculty are accused of being ``short on patriotism'' for attempting to give students the analytical tools they need to become informed citizens. Many of those blacklisted are top scholars in their fields, and it appears that the report represents a kind of academic terrorism designed to strike fear into other academics by making examples of respected professors."

SHARM EL-SHEIKH FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE  12/13/01 State Department: The fabled Mitchell Report

Israel Warning Arafat's Potential Successors  12/13/01 Stratfor: "The Israeli government's campaign to cut off Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat from both his international and domestic supporters is in full swing. Now Israel is doing the same for other Palestinian Authority leaders, especially those who could give diplomatic cover to extremist groups like Hamas."

Britain has vital role in Somalia offensive  12/13/01 Telegraph 

Arab doctor is latest victim of roadblocks  12/13/01 Times, UK: "A PALESTINIAN doctor trying to reach a patient in a West Bank village cut off by Israeli blockades is the latest victim of what is being called “the roadblock wars”. His car was peppered with automatic gunfire by an Israeli marksman as he drove along an unpaved road to Azoun. Hours earlier, a few miles away near Qalqilyeh, two men finding their route home blocked decided to drive through fields and were killed by army snipers. Seven men have been shot dead since Sunday at some of the new roadblocks going up overnight across the West Bank, turning Palestinian towns and villages into virtual prison camps."

WHAT'S NOT IN THE NEWS: Why We Aren't Hearing the Whole Story from Afghanistan  12/13/01 Tom Paine: "Benjamin: Well, it made me think that our press is in lockstep with the government, and that we're not hearing what the rest of the world is hearing, and it makes us so much less able to understand why there are so many people around the world that hate us. If we can't cover the results of the U.S. bombing campaign, if we can't hear that the United States is stopping food aid from getting to people who are starving and cold, then we're not getting the real story and the U.S. people will continue to think that the United States have liberated the people of Afghanistan and they're all overjoyed with us." Indeed.

Wednesday  12/12/01

topGolden State Terrorists  12/12/01 Alternet 

JDL Chairman Accused of Bomb Plot  12/12/01 AP 

Anthrax matches Army spores  12/12/01 Baltimore Sun 

Bin Laden in Pakistan, Source Claims  12/12/01 Christian Science Monitor 

Bio-Terrorism in Israel  12/12/01 

US wants Kenya bases for terror war  12/12/01 Daily Nation, Kenya 

How Many Dead? Major networks aren’t counting  12/12/01 FAIR 

Pentagon concedes bin Laden may have escaped  12/12/01 Financial Times 

Suspected Israeli Spies Held by U.S.  12/12/01 Fox News: "Some 60 Israelis, who federal investigators have said are part of a long-running effort to spy on American government officials, are among the hundreds of foreigners detained since the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Fox News has learned."

Militant JDL Members Arrested by FBI  12/12/01 LA Times 

Insecurity Forces: Pitt students are arrested after Atlanta airport screening hysteria  12/12/01 Pittsburgh City Paper 

INS arrests foreign students in San Diego crackdown  12/12/01 Sacramento Bee 

Israel cuts off Arafat  12/12/01 Scotsman 

Taliban dying on their way to prison  12/12/01 Sidney Morning Herald: Like European Jews in the cattle cars, but now with American insistence that prisonners die? The article fails to mention that this liquidation technique has often been used in Afghanistan in the past, so it is not a product of being overwhelmed by the recent number of prisoners.

China demands return of its terror fighters  12/12/01 Telegraph, UK 

Why grammar is the first casualty of war  12/12/01 Telegraph, UK: Monty Python member asks key questions that seem to have eluded Americans, never much given to intellectual niceties: "WHAT really alarms me about President Bush's "war on terrorism" is the grammar. How do you wage war on an abstract noun? It's rather like bombing murder. Imagine if Bush had said: "We're going to bomb murder wherever it lurks. We are going to seek out the murderers and the would-be murderers, and bomb any government that harbours murderers."

How We Lost Afghanistan  12/12/01 Village Voice 

Tuesday  12/11/01

topThe Trouble with Tribunals  12/11/01 Cape Cod Times 

University of Wisconsin Will Not Aid Interviews  12/11/01 Counterpunch 

KRUMM REPORT: Why the Marines are In Afghanistan  12/11/01 Defense and the National Interest 

The CanWest Chill: "We do not run in our newspaper Op Ed pieces that express criticism of Israel"  12/11/01 Electronic Intifada: "The 7 December 2001 broadcast of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's As It Happens [Real Audio link] uncovered a disturbing example of corporate and political interference in freedom of the press. The program reported on a new editorial policy directive from CanWest Global, a leading Canadian media conglomerate, that impairs readers' ability to make up their own minds about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, among other issues."

Carl Cameron Investigates Part 1  12/11/01 Fox News: Pulled by Fox News from,2933,40684,00.html on 12/21! New link now in place. This raises interesting issues: "Fox News has learned that one group of Israelis, spotted in North Carolina recently, is suspected of keeping an apartment in California to spy on a group of Arabs who the United States is also investigating for links to terrorism. Numerous classified documents obtained by Fox News indicate that even prior to September 11, as many as 140 other Israelis had been detained or arrested in a secretive and sprawling investigation into suspected espionage by Israelis in the United States."

Any Poll Can Be Manipulated To Support An Agenda  12/11/01 Madison Capital Times, Wisconsin 

Witnesses Recount Taliban Dying While Held Captive  12/11/01 NYT 

Dad, Son Held For Weeks as Terror Suspects  12/11/01 Salt Lake Tribune 

Afghanistan: The Conquest of the Cities  12/11/01 Stratfor: "The Bush administration has not counteracted the media's focus on Osama bin Laden and his fate. By letting the war in Afghanistan to be personalized, it is creating a potential crisis of confidence among Americans."

US mounts spy mission in Somalia  12/11/01 Telegraph, UK 

US turns sights on Somalia terror groups  12/11/01 Times, UK 

Court: Online Scribes Protected  12/11/01 Wired: "Online journalism is the same as print, radio and TV news when it comes to free-press protections against charges of libel. That's the decision of the New York State Supreme Court in the widely watched case of the National Bank of Mexico against"

Monday  12/10/01

topRobertson's Resignation  12/10/01 Alternet 

The War for Public Opinion  12/10/01 Alternet 

Photos: What the Western Media does not want to show you  12/10/01 Azzam: Scroll down for horrendous pictures of the suffering in Afghanistan

Israeli missiles kill two children  12/10/01 BBC 

Fighting For The Right To Vote  12/10/01 Black Enterprise: "Legislators react to confirmation that African Americans were denied fair chance to cast ballots in presidential election" - and the Voting Right Act expires in 2007, after which African Americans loose the right to vote, which is embodied in a temporary Act, not in the law.

Saudi clans working with U.S. oil firms may be tied to bin Laden  12/10/01 Boston Herald 

U.S. ties to Saudi elite may be hurting war on terrorism  12/10/01 Boston Herald 

Sources: U.S. Military meets warlords in Somalia  12/10/01 CNN 

Investigation into Responsibility for Recent Anthrax Incidents  12/10/01 

NY Supreme Court Rules Online Coverage Protected Speech  12/10/01 Electronic Frontier Foundation 

A Compilation of Evidence and Comments on the Source of the Mailed Anthrax  12/10/01 Federation of American Scientists: Authoritative and explosive

Above the Law: Bush’s Racial Coup D’Etat and Intell Shutdown  12/10/01 Guerrilla News Network: Excellent article containing: 1) succinct, well developed explanation of how the Republicans fraudulently stole Florida, 2) more details on the Bush shutdown of pre-9-11 invetigations into Saudi sponsored terrorism, and 3) interesting details on the corporate media's management of the news

Afghan Islamic Press: U.S. tanks seen heading for Kandahar  12/10/01 Haaretz, Israel 

'Friendly fire' kills three as factions argue over strategy  12/10/01 Independent, UK: Does Rumsfeld continue to denie the US has killed more than a handful of civilians?

The Palestinians: Behind the bloodthirsty mask, the real Hamas  12/10/01 Independent, UK 

Terror Money Hard to Block, Officials Find  12/10/01 NYT 

Nearly one in three Aborigines arrested, revealed study  12/10/01 Sidney Morning Herald: "Nearly a third of Australia's indigenous men were arrested over a five-year period, according to report released today." Sounds familiar…

Osama leading last-ditch battle in Tora Bora  12/10/01 Time of India: "LONDON: Britain would need assurances that Osama Bin Laden will not face the death penalty after an extradition to the United States if the alleged terror mastermind was captured by British troops, Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon said on Sunday."

topWorld News


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