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 Israeli Actions in the Americas
Archive: 2005-2006

Designing a Pro-Israel Middle East Policy  12/29/2006 General T&T, Trinicenter: "During the recent Heads of Mission meeting held in POS Prime Minister Manning indicated that in the face of increasing purchases of security equipment from the State of Israel T&T will have to review its foreign policy in the Middle East."

The U.S Congress Democratic Caucus president would be Israeli military intelligence officer  12/7/2006 Voltaire Net: "The new democratic group (Democratic Caucus) in the U.S Congress House of Representatives has elected Rahm Emanuel as a new chairman. Former professional dancer, Mr Emanuel was Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign treasurer, then his political director in the White House. He was one of the main protagonists of the Free Trade Area of the Americas Agreement and would have played a role in Wye River negotiations on the Middle East… Of Israeli origin, he obtained the United-Stator nationality at the age of 18. As a volunteer engaged during Desert Storm operation ( 1991 ), Rahm Emanuel (then 32-years old) has served for Israel defence against a possible Iraqi attack. Accused afterwards of being a Tsahal officer and of being subjected to a double allegiance, Mr Emanuel pointed out that he had not served in the uniform. In fact, according to our information, he would be a member of Amal, Tsahal’s military intelligence service. Rahm Emanuel is Benyamin Auerbach’s son. On September 17, 1948, Mr. Auerbach took part, under Yitzhak Shamir’s authority, in the attack that caused the death of both the Swedish count Folke Bernadotte (UNO mediator in Palestine) and the French colonel André Sérot (a United Nations military observer). It is this double assassination which put an end to the binational State project in Palestine and which transformed the Israel State nature itself in comparison with what had been decided by the UN Organisation. Rahm Emanuel’s younger brother, Ari Emanuel, is Michael Moore’s agent in Hollywood. He encouraged this latter to point out the supposed responsibility of Saudi Arabia in September 11 attacks in his famous film Fahrenheit 911, the showing of which was ensured by the Democratic Party."

Carter Book Criticized  12/6/2006 AP 

About your study on Noam Chomsky’s thought - by James Abourezk  12/6/2006 Voltaire Network: "I can tell you from personal experience that, at least in the Congress, the support Israel has in that body is based completely on political fear—fear of defeat by anyone who does not do what Israel wants done. I can also tell you that very few members of Congress—at least when I served there—have any affection for Israel or for its Lobby. What they have is contempt, but it is silenced by fear of being found out exactly how they feel. I’ve heard too many cloakroom conversations in which members of the Senate will voice their bitter feelings about how they’re pushed around by the Lobby to think otherwise. In private one hears the dislike of Israel and the tactics of the Lobby, but not one of them is willing to risk the Lobby’s animosity by making their feelings public."

Prior knowledge of 9/11 attacks overheard in Hebrew  12/1/2006 Muckracker Report: "In addition to overhearing in Hebrew, the statements, “The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September”, and “Don’t worry, we have people in high places and no matter who gets elected, they will take care of everything”, the source also reports that he overheard one of the three men in the Gomel Chesed Cemetery say, “The Arabs are so stupid. They don’t even imagine that we are using them.” This comment should not be overlooked."

Syria: Convenient but Unlikely Fall Guy for Gemayel's Death  11/24/2006 AntiWar: "Unlike my colleagues, I do not claim to know who killed Gemayel. Maybe Syria was behind the shooting. Maybe, in Lebanon's notoriously intrigue-ridden and fractious political system, someone with a grudge against Gemayel – even from within his own party – pulled the trigger. Or maybe, Israel once again flexed the muscles of its long arm in Lebanon. It seems, however, as if the last possibility cannot be entertained in polite society. So let me offer a few impolite thoughts."

The Bush 41 team is working to exonerate Bashar Assad for his government's alleged role in the February 2005 car bomb assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri  11/22/2006 Wayne Madsen: Second entry for November 22, 2006 - "However, as previously reported by WMR, the real perpetrators of the Lebanese assassinations, according to knowledgeable intelligence sources, are the international criminal syndicates that use false flag team of professional assassins, including freelance Syrians, Lebanese, Russian, and Israeli hit men, and weapons smugglers to carry out acts of terrorism. WMR's sources report these teams are associated with the Russian-Israeli Mafia network of notorious weapons smuggler, airline owner, and US defense contractor Viktor Bout. The real perpetrators of Gemayel's assassination and other Lebanese politicians, as well as Lebanese journalists, are the neocon parallel intelligence operatives who operate out of Vice President Cheney's office and its satellite offices in Jerusalem and Herzliya. They are assisted by the US ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman, who has become a virtual American viceroy lording over the weak Lebanese government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, which had recently come under attack as too weak by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. The neocons, worried that the Baker Group was succeeding in bringing Syria (and, by default, Hezbollah) and Iran into the Iraq peace process and that their Lebanese allies were buckling under pressure from Hezbollah, has to act. Therefore a target was needed that would bolster the resolve of Saad Hariri, Walid Jumblatt, Amine Gemayel, and Phalangist leader Samir Geagea."

Falling In Line on Israel  11/18/2006 Foreign Policy in Focus: "The election of a Democratic majority in the House and Senate is unlikely to result in any serious challenge to the Bush administration’s support for Israeli attacks against the civilian populations of its Arab neighbors and the Israeli government’s ongoing violations of international humanitarian law. The principal Democratic Party spokesmen on foreign policy will likely be Tom Lantos in the House of Representatives and Joe Biden in the Senate, both of whom have been longstanding and outspoken supporters of a series of right-wing Israeli governments and opponents of the Israeli peace movement. And, despite claims—even within the progressive press—that future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a “consistent supporter of human rights,” such humanitarian concerns have never applied to Arabs, since she is a staunch defender of right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his predecessor Ariel Sharon."

This Election Did Not End Saber-Rattling against Iran, Yet  11/15/2006 Common Dreams: "More troublesome is the Congressman expected to play an important role in the Democrats' foreign policy in the House of Representatives: Tom Lantos. Lantos, while liberal on other issues, was a co-sponsor of the Iran Freedom Support Act, and supported both Gulf Wars and the recent Israeli invasion of Lebanon. He is likely to be chairman of the International Relations Committee, a powerful seat he could use to back aggressive actions like an attack on Iran… Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visited President Bush in the White House this week. During their joint press conference, President Bush said they "spent a great deal of time on Iran" in their discussions. He continued, "I recognize the threat to world peace that the Iranians pose, as does the Prime Minister." For his part Olmert, after stating his inexplicable admiration for American policy in Iraq, which he claimed had brought stability, repeated that Iran is a threat to the "whole world." He accused Iranian president Ahmadinejad of threatening "the very existence" of Israel. Presumably, the Prime Minister is referring to a faulty translation of Ahmadinejad's comments that the Israeli occupation of Palestine should "disappear from the pages of time." (Some major news outlets translated Ahmedinajad's remarks provocatively and incorrectly as, "Israel should be wiped from the map.") The next day, the right-wing British broadsheet, the Daily Telegraph, published absurd allegations on its front page that Iran is training the next generation of al-Qaeda leaders. Al-Qaeda's ideology is based in part on an extreme version of Sunni Islam, while Iran is ruled by Shi'a clerics. There is no sympathy between the country and the terrorist group; in fact, Iran was actively supportive of the US invasion of Afghanistan, which was intended to deny al-Qaeda a base of operations there."

ELECTION POST-MORTEM. WE COULD HAVE DONE BETTER, MUCH BETTER.  11/13/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: "Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chairman, Israeli Defense Force vet, and ballet dancer Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois withheld campaign financing from several Democratic House candidates who were running on platforms that were not "vetted" and approved by his coterie of the Democratic leadership. The withholding of funds by Emanuel has been reported to WMR by unsuccessful Democratic House candidates across the country. The Emanuel strategy was at loggerheads with that of Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean whose strategy was to fight a 50 state campaign against the GOP with support for all Democrats. It is now clear that Dean's strategy was the correct one and that of Emanuel and his fellow Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) anti-Dean partisans (James Carville, Simon Rosenberg, Joe Lieberman, Al From, etc.) was off-base and cost the Democrats an even wider margin of victory in the House and possibly the Senate as well. For example, take the Florida 15th Congressional District in which retired Air Force Lt. Col. Bob Bowman ran against entrenched Republican Dave Weldon. Bowman, who won an impressive 44 percent in a strong Republican district, did not receive one cent from the DCCC or the Florida Democratic Party. Weldon raised $727,000 in his campaign while Bowman had a scant $91,279. Another candidate who was ignored by Emanuel was Florida 24th District candidate Clint Curtis, the former programmer who was asked by his opponent Tom Feeney to write a program to flip votes on voting machines in Florida. Curtis beat the favored Democratic candidate -- Andy Michaud -- in the primary. His punishment by the Emanuel clique was no money. Feeney had $1,295,000 in his war chest while Curtis had a mere $44,356. Yet Curtis almost fared as well as Bowman in the strongly Republican district -- he won an impressive 42 percent -- with not one dime from Emanuel's coffers. It was not just Florida where Emanuel's damage to party candidates emerged. In California's 44th, Democratic candidate Louis Vandenberg, who ran against the extremely corrupt Ken Calvert for the fourth time, was not able to advance beyond 38 percent (what appears to be the Democratic base in the east of Los Angeles district). The major reason again -- no support from Emanuel or the state Democrats. Calvert raised $863,000 while Vandenberg, who this year drew the largest crowds ever in his campaigns, had a paltry $5,174 on hand. Many candidates, not able to leave their regular jobs, were unable to fundraise full time. And the Democratic financiers were not there to lend a hand. And helping to stick it to fellow prospective California Democratic House members was Emanuel pal Rep. Hilda Solis."

Rahm's Losers  11/11/2006 Counterpunch: "Now that the Democrats have won the House overwhelmingly, the media is falling all over itself to proclaim Rahm Emanuel, head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and dearest friend of Israel, a boy genius. Even that congenital liar and close friend of Ariel Sharon, the ever tendentious NYT neocon William Safire, came out of retirement to hail Rahm as the Karl Rove of the Dems and to spin the election in various ways designed to keep Emanuel's influence alive."

Israeli Snipers Killing U.S. Troops in Iraq  11/10/2006 Blacklisted News 

Joe Lieberman's Dangerous Alliance with Christian Zionists [VIDEO]  11/3/2006 Alternet 

US Air Force official's past raises eyebrows  10/24/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: second entry for October 24, 2006 - "On December 7, 2005, the US Air Force officially recognized "cyberspace" as one of its warfare domains -- along with air and outer space. In early November, Air Force officials will gather in Washington to form a new US Air Force Command -- the Air Force Cyberspace Command. It will have authority to launch wars in cyberspace. The new command is largely the brainchild of Dr. Lani Kass, director of the Air Force Cyberspace Task Force. Kass' past has many US government computer security officials puzzled and concerned. From 1979 to 1981, Kass served as a Major in the Israeli Defense Forces. This was at a time when Israel was targeting America's most closely held secrets through its Navy spy, Jonathan Pollard. After her service in the IDF, Kass integrated into the Washington national security establishment, the private sector serving as an entree. From 1982 to1985, Kass was Director of the Russian Research Center at Booz-Allen and Hamilton, Bethesda, Md. (an odd name considering that Russia was then called the Soviet Union by every national security entity). From 1985 to 2005, Kass was Professor of Military Strategy and Operations at National War College at National Defense University in Fort McNair, Washington. Kass previously served in the Dick Cheney Defense Department, having worked from 1992 to 1993 as Special Assistant to the Director, Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate (J-5), Joint Staff at the Pentagon. She returned to the Pentagon under Defense Secretary William Cohen and continued to serve under Donald Rumsfeld. From 2000 to 2001, Kass was Senior Policy Adviser and Special Assistant for Strategic Initiatives to the Director, Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate (J-5) and from January 2006 to the present, she has been the Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force, and Director of CSAF’s Cyberspace Task Force."

Remark Roils Canadian Contest - Candidate Called Israeli Attack on Lebanese Town a 'War Crime'  10/13/2006 Washington Post 

How Chomsky eclipsed the influence of the pro-Israeli lobby on the United States’ policy by Jeffrey Blankfort  10/5/2006 Voltaire Network 

Israel Lobby Initiates Hispanic Strategy: "Invadimos a Iran"  10/4/2006 Mideast Council: "The Israel lobby has recently begun strategizing how to influence the Hispanic vote in the United States. Already a $760 billion[i] powerhouse consumer market, the Hispanic share of US voters will reach 8.6% in 2006 according to the Pew Hispanic Center. Hispanics accounted for 50% of the US population between 2000 and 2004 but only 10% of the increase in the total votes cast.[ii] In the event of amnesty or other citizenship initiatives for undocumented immigrants, this segment of voters will become even more significant as population gains translate into voting power. Understanding and influencing the Hispanic vote will soon attract additional resources from many special interest groups. The Israel lobby clearly sees Hispanic voters as a new and largely untapped force in American politics in need of leadership harnessed to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's (AIPAC) foreign policy issue framework."

Contrary to Chomsky’s theories, the United States has no interest to support Israel - by Jeffrey Blankfort  9/28/2006 Voltaire Network 

From the New "Anti-Semitism" to Nuclear Holocaust - How Israel is Engineering the "Clash of Civilizations"  9/24/2006 Counterpunch 

Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict - by Jeffrey Blankfort  9/20/2006 Voltaire Network 

Group of Israeli intelligence agents operated under cover as movers and staged a series of false flag operations on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001  9/11/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll down to Sept. 11, 2006 - "A warehouse located at 3 West 18th Street in Weehawken, New Jersey, where a group of Israeli intelligence agents operating under cover as movers and staged a series of false flag operations on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, attracted the constant attention today of a roving Weehawken police cruiser. The warehouse, which was leased to Urban Moving Systems, an Israeli-owned firm, was discovered to have contained pipes, wires, detonators, blasting caps, fertilizer-fuel compounds, and traces of anthrax by the FBI after an Urban Moving Systems van with five Israelis, spotted earlier photographing the World Trade Center before the first plane struck the North Tower, was stopped by East Rutherford, New Jersey police. Dressed as Arabs and seen by witnesses celebrating the attacks, the five Israelis earned the nickname, "the dancing Israelis." The East Rutherford police stopped the Israeli van based on an FBI national "Be On Lookout" (BOLO) notice issued earlier on the morning of 911. When asked if he recalled the incident, the Weehawken police officer told WMR that the local police had no role in the investigation of the warehouse after the FBI stepped in to assert Federal jurisdiction in the case. The FBI permitted the owner of Urban Moving Systems, Dominick Suter, known to be a Mossad agent, to flee the country after his five employees were arrested for suspicion of involvement with the 911 attack. Suter's name also showed up on a U.S. government watch list of 911 suspects that also contained the names of the hijackers and several of their interlocutors. After being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn for 71 days, the Israelis were permitted to fly home to Israel, a decision prompted -- over the objection of the CIA -- by pressure being applied on the Bush administration by then-Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert and New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. WMR has reported that Suter later re-entered the United States and was working for a Florida-based aircraft parts supply company."

How to Deal with The Lobby - The De-Zionization of the American Mind  8/13/2006 Counterpunch: ''The idea that Israel is a strategic ally, if by that one means a useful ally (useful to, say, the oil interests, broadly understood), although widely accepted, specially in the Left, does not survive a critical examination. That may have been the case in 1967 or even during the Cold War period, although one could argue that, even then, the Arab states were attracted by the Soviet Union only because it might support them in their struggle against Israel, albeit ineffectively. But both in 1991 and in 2003, the United States attacked Iraq without any help from Israel, even begging Israel not to intervene in 1991, in order for its Arab coalition not to collapse. Or consider the post-2003 occupation of Iraq, and suppose that the goal of that occupation is control over oil. In what sense does Israel help in that respect? Everything it does (the currents attacks on Gaza and Lebanon for example) further alienates the Arabs, and U.S. support for Israel makes the control of oil harder, not easier. Even the Iraqi parliament, Malaki and Sistani, who are the closest to allies that the United States can find there, condemn Israel's actions… War needs war propaganda and a supporting ideology, and the Zionists provide it, while none of this is offered by Big Business in general or the oil industry in particular. One may also think of historical precedents, like the China lobby (made of post-1949 Chinese exiles and ex-missionaries, supported by their domestic churches) in the 1950's and 1960's. That lobby led the United States to maintain the ridiculous claim that a billion people were represented by a government (Taiwan) that had no control over them whatsoever. It was also very influential in bringing on the Vietnam war. Whose interests were they serving? The ones of the American capitalists? But the latter make huge profits in post-Nixon recognized China. And the same is true in Vietnam. In fact both countries, as well as most of Asia, were anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist, as well as anti-feudal (partly because the feudal structures did not allow them to resist foreign invasions). But they were anti-capitalist (in the rhetoric, since capitalism barely existed there) mostly because their aggressors --the West--were capitalist. So that the main lesson to be drawn from the tragic history of the China lobby is that it held, during decades, the US policies hostage to revanchist feudal and clerical forces that were alien to mainstream America, and actually harmful to capitalist America. But they worked to the extent that their ideology-- mixing fear with racist contempt for the "Asian mind" -- was in sync with Western prejudices. Replace the China lobby by the Israel one and the Asian mind by the Arab one and you get a fair picture of what is going on right now in the U.S.-Middle East relation. What should the Left do? Well, simple: treat Israel as it did South Africa and attack the Lobby. The reason Israel acts as it does is that it feels strong and that, in turn, is for two reasons: one is its "all-powerful army" (currently being tested in Lebanon, not conclusively yet); the other is the almost complete control over Washington policy-making, specially the Congress. Peace in the Middle East can only come when this feeling of Israeli superiority is shattered, and Americans have a great responsibility is doing half of the job, the one concerning kneejerk U.S. support.''

Judge allows spy case against pro-Israel lobbyists to proceed  8/11/2006 Washington Post: ''US District Judge T. S. Ellis III rejected defense efforts to dismiss the indictments against Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, former employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC. They are charged in what the government calls a conspiracy to obtain classified information and pass it to members of the media and the Israeli government. Ellis acknowledged that the case ``implicates the core values of the 1st Amendment" and that lobbyists and others in Washington pass along information every day that is ``indispensable to the healthy functioning of a representative government." But he said Rosen and Weissman -- and others outside the government -- can be prosecuted if the government feels they disclosed information harmful to national security. The decision alarmed First Amendment advocates who were already concerned about the unprecedented nature of the case. The lobbyists are the first nongovernment civilians charged under the 1917 espionage statute with verbally receiving and transmitting national defense information. ``This decision is breathtaking. It is a bold new interpretation of the Espionage Act that expands its reach dramatically," said Steven Aftergood, director of the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists. As one basis for his decision, Ellis cited the landmark 1971 Pentagon Papers case, in which the US Supreme Court allowed the New York Times, The Washington Post, and others to publish a secret study of US involvement in Vietnam. If the Nixon Administration had sought to prosecute the newspapers under the Espionage Act instead of blocking publication, Ellis said, ``the result may have been different." Legal and privacy experts said Ellis may have opened the door to criminal prosecutions of reporters or newspapers for publishing classified information.''

Christian Right Steps Up Pro-Israel Lobbying  8/10/2006 Dissident Voice: ''In mid-July, while the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict continued to escalate, Christians United for Israel (CUFI) -- an organization founded less than six months ago by Texas evangelist Rev. John C. Hagee, pastor of the 18,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, and the author of "Jerusalem Countdown," a 2006 book about a nuclear-armed Iran -- rolled into Washington, D.C., for its first major get-together. More than 3,400 delegates from across the country attended the inaugural meeting. CUFI kicked off the gathering on July 19 with its "A Night to Honor Israel" banquet at the grand ballroom in the Washington Hilton. The festivities attracted a number of high-profile Israeli and US political leaders, including Israeli Ambassador Daniel Ayalon, retired Israeli defense chief Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon, and Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman. According to a report posted at Israpundit, Hagee read greetings from President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. While Bush urged "God [to] bless and stand by the people of Israel and ... bless the United States," Olmert's letter referred to CUFI's "'bold stand at this crisis time,' and the group's acknowledgment of Israel's biblical 'birthright.'" The following day, at a well-attended press conference, Hagee said that “The dots are there to be connected, and it is not some big thing called terrorism. It is Islamic fascism -- all of the various things and forces that we've seen around the world are not merely hot spots but they are all part of a theme -- a war against Western civilization.”''

Pat Robertson Prays for Israeli Victory  8/9/2006 My Way: ''U.S. televangelist Pat Robertson said he joined hands Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to pray for victory in Lebanon. "I'm here to say I love Israel. I'm here to say evangelical Christians in America stand with Israel in their struggle," Robertson told reporters. "For all our sakes, they cannot lose this struggle.''

Israeli ‘spy’ firm trusted with eavesdropping in Malta  7/30/2006 Malta Today: ''A major Israeli telecommunications company is to provide the Malta Security Services (MSS) the technology for its lawful interception system, in a controversial contract award which has landed the Malta Communications Authority in court. New York-based Verint Systems, a subsidiary of Comverse Technology, was chosen late December 2005 by the MCA to provide an interception system for the MSS. Concerns over the choice of Verint have sparked alarm over its parent company’s notorious link to a major espionage investigation after the September 11 attacks, raising eyebrows over the company that will have its eyes and ears on practically all Malta’s emails, and mobile telephony and VoIP exchanges. Rival bidder RCS, which presented the cheapest offer, is suing the MCA for having refused it an appeal on the contract decision. RCS’s interception equipment has been previously used in uncovering the recent Calciopoli fraud scandal which rocked Italy’s football scene.''

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers  7/28/2006 Times, London: ''Israel’s Government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda. The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages.''

Five Myths That Sanction Israel's War Crimes  7/26/2006 AntiWar 

US Cops Continue Studying Counterterrorism in Israel  7/25/2006 The Conservative Voice 

Montgomery Police Department's SWAT Team Learns Israeli Tactics  7/25/2006 WSFA Alabama: ''As the fighting continues overseas, some lessons from the Middle East conflict are hitting home right here in Alabama. Members of the Montgomery Police Department SWAT team are in a five day counterterrorism school taught by a former Israeli servicemember. Out at the practice range, the 12 member team learns that timing is everything. SWAT team member Todd Wheeler notes, "The way the Israelis do it, it's extremely dynamic. It's extremely fast and that's the only way to fight counterterrorism." That's also why the Montgomery SWAT team is training with Aaron Cohen. He's a veteran of the Israeli counterterrorist unit. Now his four year stint with that team will work for this team. Cohen says he wants, "to be able to help them reduce risk while responding to terrorist threats while in crowded areas." Cohen says these drills and the current situation in the Middle East are a powerful combination for him. He explains,"It's tough. It hits home for me because my unit is working there right now.''

Review: A Threat from Within - Jewish Opposition to Zionism  6/5/2006 Counterpunch 

The DLC and Israel - Zionist Democrats  5/30/2006 Counterpunch 

French Prime Minister under full scale neo-son attack.  5/11/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll down to 3rd entry for May 11, 2006 - "French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, under fire for carrying out an order from President Jacques Chirac to investigate neo-con Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy's financial sources and discovered links to a Luxembourg-based clearinghouse called Clearstream. Sarkozy was suspected of illegally receiving kickbacks involving the sale of six French frigates to Taiwan in 1991. According to informed French and Italian sources, Sarkozy, who is being defended by the global neo-con media as the victim of a "smear campaign," appears to be up to his neck in suspicious foreign financial connections and that is what prompted DeVillepin, Chirac, and French intelligence to investigate the right-wing and vociferously anti-Arab and anti-Muslim Interior Minister. Sarkozy is suspected of links to the same Russian-Israeli mafia syndicates that have been connected to Jack Abramoff, Dick Cheney, and leading Israeli politicians."

Israeli Gestapo-like security personnel intimidate travelers from Europe coming to the United States  5/11/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll down to May 11, 2006 - "Israeli Gestapo-like security personnel intimidate travelers from Europe coming to the United States. According to European journalists, Israeli citizens and European nationals who are employees of the airport passenger screening firm ICTS -- International Consultants for Targeted Security -- an Israeli firm based in the Netherlands, routinely intimidates journalists who are visiting the United States, demanding to know what stories they are working and with whom they will be talking. ICTS currently has contracts with Delta Airlines at Paris Charles deGaulle, Gatwick in London, Continental out of Milan and Barcelona, and 100 other airlines operating out of 50 European airports in 12 countries and the firm employs some 5000 personnel. Many of the firm's officers are ex-Mossad and Shin Bet officers. In one incident, an Israeli ICTS screener at deGaulle accused a boarding journalist of being like all other journalists in "causing disruption" by spreading untrue stories and being "arrogant." The passenger was repeatedly warned by the screener and the manager that an "instant deportation" from the U.S. Homeland Security Department would be in store for failing to answer questions about the nature of the story being investigated. When passengers shows "arrogance," ICTS screeners place red ICTS tags on their luggage and ticket envelope. U.S. airlines and "Kapo" Chertoff's Homeland Security Department should be forced to explain why American and foreign journalists are being subjected to such blatant Mossad intelligence collection operations and who authorized these operations. These tactics are baring wide open the cowardly global agenda of the neo-cons. This editor would like an explanation why Israelis are representing (or misrepresenting) the policies of the United States government abroad and who gave them the right to determine who can and cannot visit the United States."

Is It Possible to Have a Civilized Discussion About the Role of Israel in American Foreign Policy? The Storm over "the Israel Lobby" By JOHN MEARSHEIMER and STEPHEN WALT  5/5/2006 Counterpunch: the authors of The Israel Lobby fire back!

Breaking the Last Taboo - The United States of Israel?  4/27/2006 Counterpunch: "Walt sits in a Malaysian restaurant with me, patiently (though I can hear the irritation in his voice) explaining that the conspiracy theories about him are nonsense. His stepping down as dean of the Kennedy School was a decision taken before the publication of his report, he says. No one is throwing him out. The much-publicised Harvard disclaimer of ownership to the essay - far from being a gesture of fear and criticism by the university as his would-be supporters have claimed - was mainly drafted by Walt himself, since Mearsheimer, a friend as well as colleague, was a Chicago scholar, not a Harvard don."

More mainstream media comes to the defense of Mearsheimer-Walt paper  4/27/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll down to April 27, 2006 - "The Mearsheimer-Walt article took a serious look at how the Israel Lobby unduly influences American policy in the Middle East. The same type of paper could have been written about the undue influence of the Cuban community, largely based in southern Florida, over U.S. policy not only in Cuba but now in all of Latin America. But writing anything critical of the Israel Lobby's power over U.S. foreign policy was bound to bring out the typical charges about anti-Semitism from the expected corners. However, the fierce criticism and attacks on the two respected academicians -- Mearsheimer and Walt -- have resulted in a backlash against their attacker. Not only did columnist Molly Ivins write in support of them but in Tuesday's Washington Post's Op-Ed page comes a blistering condemnation by Richard Cohen of those who have attacked Professors Mearsheimer and Walt. Since many neocons are also strong supporters of Israel and there is now evidence of collusion in the lead up to the war by elements inside the Pentagon and the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, the disaster of Iraq is bringing forth a renewed and serious debate about America's uneven relationships within the Middle East."

Israel Lobby Nutjobs on the Loose  4/26/2006 Altenet 

The Prophecy of Oded Yinon Is the US Waging Israel's Wars?  4/25/2006 Counterpunch 

Are 40 Percent of All Swedes "Anti-Semites?" - Anatomy of a Statistical Flim-Flam  4/15/2006 Counterpunch: "Anti-Semitism does exist in Sweden, but it has been strongly exaggerated in this report, most of whose conclusions are highly questionable. This is especially clear when the authors of the report explain that sometimes criticising the state of Israel could be regarded as anti-Semitism. Similarly, Swedes are tarnished with the anti-Semitism brush for concurring with a statement about a Jewish conspiracy controlling the U.S. and that the Jews killed Jesus, without knowing what they are concurring to. The results and interpretations of this report are dubious, and questions arise as to why it was commissioned and how it has been utilized in the press. The combination of questionable methodology, far-fetched interpretations and several references to old anti-Semitic stereotypes that barely are known these days, suggests that the report and most of its findings should be dismissed."

L.A. "Jewish Mafia" Terrorizes South Central Farmers' "Colectiva"  4/13/2006 Aztlan: "Los Angeles, Alta California- April 13, 2006 - (ACN) Not many people are aware that Los Angeles has a powerful "Jewish Mafia" that is in cahoots with the Los Angeles Police Department and many local elected politicians. This fact is becoming clear to the "campesinos" who are attempting to defend their 14 acre farm in South Central Los Angeles from the sinister Jewish land developer Ralph Horowitz. The South Central Farmers' Collectiva which is bounded by Alameda Street, 41st Street, Long Beach Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard was created 14 years ago after the "Los Angeles Rebellion of 1992" when then Mayor Tom Bradley allocated the city owned 14 acres for "marginalized families to become self-sufficient and grow their own food". The farm, operated like a Mexican "ejido", has been a huge success and is providing 347 families with essential fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs."

Mearsheimer, Walt and Corrie - The Lobby and the Bulldozer By NORMAN SOLOMON  4/13/2006 Counterpunch 

The Israel Lobby Redux - Colin Powell Disagrees With David Gergen’s Claim That There Is No Israel “Lobby”  4/8/2006 Selves & Others: "In his [Powell’s] own State Department there was a keen awareness of the strength of the Jewish lobbyists. Secretaries of State did not usually meet with lobbyists, but both Jewish officials and Jews that did not officially represent specific groups from Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League to Ronald Lauder, could meet with Powell on short notice.... At the State Department, Foxman had an aura of omnipotence. He was held responsible for the appointment of Indyk as Undersecretary of State under Clinton, and was thought to have played a role in the appointments of Secretaries of State Christopher and Albright. Powell related to Foxman almost as if he were someone to whom he must capitulate. Once Foxman told one of his deputies that Powell was the weak link. When the Secretary of State heard this he began to worry. He knew that in Washington a confrontation with the Jewish lobby would make his life difficult. Once he arranged a meeting with Foxman, but the busy Foxman postponed the meeting three times. When they eventually met, the head of the Anti-Defamation League apologized to the Secretary of State [for the postponements]. “You call, we come,” replied Powell, paraphrasing a well known advertisement for a freight company. That statement had much more meaning than just a humorous polite reply."

From Chavez’s Alleged Anti-Semitism to the Threat against Privileges  4/8/2006 Venezuela Analysis: "In other words, I know that it is a lie that the Jews killed Christ and that all of them are plutocrats, but the public does not know it and is the innocent victim of a perverse deception, more than Chavez who, as we all know is military ergo tyrant ergo Nazi ergo anti-Semitic ergo universally evil ergo we need to assassinate him and/or invade Venezuela. The discourse that is promoted by the CIA. There is something that perhaps explains this coincidence: On Jan 11, 2006, the Wiesenthal Center honored the media magnate Rupert Murdoch at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Fox News anchor, Lauren Green, was master of ceremonies. Murdoch was presented with the “Humanitarian Laureate Award”.[7] Rotschild, Murdoch… It all makes sense. The Confederation of Israeli Associations of Venezuela (CAIV) rejected that Chavez was anti-Semitic, as well as the Israeli government. The CAIV visited Chavez on Jan 31st and Freddy Pressner declared that “we did not come to resolve differences because there are no differences.” Attending on behalf of CAIV was its President, Freddy Pressner, and its Secretary General, David Bachenheimer, accompanied by the President in charge of the Caracas Israeli Union, Abraham Hammer; the presidents of the Venezuelan Israeli Association, Salomon Cohen; from the Zionist Federation, Alberto Biernam; the official in charge of the Hebrew Brotherhood, Jorge Zelikovich and the person in charge of the Venezuelan Federation of Jewish Women, Ena Rotkopf. But our intellectuals are more Jewish than the Jews. How ridiculous! But the seed has already been sown through globalized disinformation. For Lionel Mesnard, this is not innocent coming on the eve of the VI World Social Forum in Caracas, Jan. 24- 29. Nor was the Wiesenthal Center’s appeal to Mercosur innocent, asking them to exclude Venezuela. Was it worth it? What values our intellectuals must lack for them stoop so low to do the dirtiest work of the media war."

A Lesson from the Holocaust for Us All By ROBERT FISK  4/6/2006 Counterpunch: "Even more devastating is Klemperer's critique of Zionism--which he does not ameliorate even after Hitler's Holocaust of the Jews of Europe begins. "To me," he writes in June of 1934, "the Zionists, who want to go back to the Jewish state of AD70 ... are just as offensive as the Nazis. With their nosing after blood, their ancient 'cultural roots', their partly canting, partly obtuse winding back of the world they are altogether a match for the National Socialists..." Yet Klemperer's day-by-day account of the Holocaust, the cruelty of the local Dresden Gestapo, the suicide of Jews as they are ordered to join the transports east, his early knowledge of Auschwitz--Klemperer got word of this most infamous of extermination camps as early as March 1942, although he did not realise the scale of the mass murders there until the closing months of the war--fill one with rage that anyone could still deny the reality of the Jewish genocide. Reading these diaries as the RER train takes me out to Charles de Gaulle airport--through the 1930s art deco architecture of Drancy station where French Jews were taken by their own police force before transportation to Auschwitz--I wish President Ahmadinejad of Iran could travel with me. For Ahmadinejad it was who called the Jewish Holocaust a "myth", who ostentatiously called for a conference--in Tehran, of course--to find out the truth about the genocide of six million Jews, which any sane historian acknowledges to be one of the terrible realities of the 20th century, along, of course, with the Holocaust of one and a half million Armenians in 1915. The best reply to Ahmadinejad's childish nonsense came from ex-president Khatami of Iran, the only honourable Middle East leader of our time, whose refusal to countenance violence by his own supporters inevitably and sadly led to the demise of his "civil society" at the hands of more ruthless clerical opponents. "The death of even one Jew is a crime," Khatami said, thus destroying in one sentence the lie that his successor was trying to propagate."

Israeli lobby and U.S. foreign policy  4/6/2006 Tribune Media Services 

Harvard Takes On the Israel Lobby  4/4/2006 Alternet 

Why the US May Be Acting Against Its Own Interests in the Middle East - The Israel Lobby and Beyond  4/4/2006 Counterpunch 

Editor hits back over Israel row  4/2/2006 Guardian: "Wilmers believes, too, that the most angry denunciations of anti-Semitism - while designed to serve the purpose of censorship by those attempting to forestall criticism of Israel - may actually encourage anti-Semitism in the long run. 'It serves a purpose. No one wants to be thought of as anti-Semitic because it is thought of as worse than anything else, although it is not worse being anti-Semitic than being anti-black or Islamophobic. 'Really, one of the most upsetting things is the way it can contribute to anti-Semitism in the long run just by making so many constant appeals and preventing useful criticism of Israel. No one can say Israel's posture does not contribute to anti-Semitism, yet charges of anti-Semitism are used to justify that policy.'"

Why are Jews so powerful?  4/2/2006 The News, Pakistan: "William James Sidis, with an IQ of 250-300, is the brightest human who ever existed. Guess what faith did he belong to? So, why are Jews so powerful? Answer: Education."

The Lobby Strikes Back - Harvard study of Israeli lobby's influence costs the dean of the Kennedy School his job  3/31/2006 AntiWar 

US professors accused of being liars and bigots over essay on pro-Israeli lobby  3/31/2006 Guardian: ""The University of Chicago and Harvard University have behaved admirably in difficult circumstances. We have had the full support of our respective institutions," Prof Mearsheimer said."

Exposé on Jewish role in US policy is disowned  3/30/2006 Times, London 

The Israel Lobby?  3/28/2006 Znet: "Another problem that M-W do not address is the role of the energy corporations. They are hardly marginal in US political life -- transparently in the Bush administration, but in fact always. How can they be so impotent in the face of the Lobby? As ME scholar Stephen Zunes has rightly pointed out, "there are far more powerful interests that have a stake in what happens in the Persian Gulf region than does AIPAC [or the Lobby generally], such as the oil companies, the arms industry and other special interests whose lobbying influence and campaign contributions far surpass that of the much-vaunted Zionist lobby and its allied donors to congressional races.""

Will Lawrence Summers Take Action? Alan Dershowitz, Plagiarist?  3/27/2006 Counterpunch: [published 9/03, describes the sins that Dershowitz is now blaming on Walt/Mearsheimer and their Israel Lobby paper.]

Who's afraid of the 'Israel Lobby'?  3/26/2006 LA Times: "It seems silly to deny that a powerful lobby on behalf of Israel exists. The real question is how pernicious it is. Does it, in fact, persuade us to act counter to our national interest — or is it a positive thing, as publisher Mortimer Zuckerman suggests? "The allegations of this disproportionate influence of the Jewish community reminds me of the 92-year-old man sued in a paternity suit," Zuckerman told the New York Sun. "He said he was so proud, he pleaded guilty." My advice is to judge for yourself. The full article is available at . "

Neocons as a "foreign import"  3/24/2006 Alternet: "So Iraq is a "failure." Everyone on the right from conservative godfather Bill Buckley Jr. to Reagan's National Security Agency chief William Odom have said it. But who do we blame? That's the question that a lot of political figures on the right's margins and traditional center have answered with increasingly transparent references: Jewish "neocons," or at least ones with a "passionate attachment to Israel," as Patrick Buchanan put it."

Israeli media condemn, discuss report on US-Israel ties  3/24/2006 Christian Science Monitor 

Scholars' Attack on Pro-Israel Lobby Met With Silence  3/24/2006 Forward: "Despite their anger, Jewish organizations are avoiding a frontal debate with the two scholars, while at the same time seeking indirect ways to rebut and discredit the scholars' arguments. Officials with pro-Israel organizations say that given the limited public attention generated by the new study — as of Tuesday most major print outlets had ignored it — they prefer not to draw attention to the paper by taking issue with it head on. As of Wednesday morning, none of the largest Jewish organizations had issued a press release on the report. "The key here is to not do what they probably want, which is to have this become a battle between us and them, or for them to say that they are being silenced," said Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. "It's much better to let others respond.""

AIPAC study is ignorant propaganda  3/24/2006 Jerusalem Post: "Dershowitz, who is now working on a paper which will refute the claims in the Walt-Mearsheimer article, argues that there is no original material in it and that "the challenge is to find a single idea in the piece that does not already appear in hate websites. There is no scholarship here what so ever". "

Harvard's Paper on Israel Drew From Neo-Nazi Sites  3/24/2006 NY Sun: "A prominent Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz, is alleging that the authors of a Harvard Kennedy School paper about the "Israel lobby," one of which is the Kennedy School's academic dean, culled sections of the paper from neo-Nazi and other anti-Israel hate Web sites. "What we're discovering first of all is that the quotes that they use are not only wrenched out of context, but they are the common quotes that appear on hate sites," Mr. Dershowitz, who is identified in the paper as part of the "lobby," told The New York Sun yesterday. "The wrenching out of context is done by the hate sites,and then [the authors] cite them to the original sources, in order to disguise the fact that they've gotten them from hate sites.""

A Harvard School Distances Itself from Dean's Paper  3/23/2006 NY Sun: [Reports further developments in the backlash from a pro-Likud point of view, without ever mentioning any specific false statement by the authors, as has been the case for most of these articles.]

A warning from America By Haaretz Editorial  3/22/2006 Haaretz: "Even if the article involved an attempt to blame the Jews for developments that are unconnected to them, and even if the comments are rooted in increasing opposition to the war in Iraq and an attempt to search for hidden motives for what the writers see as an American foreign policy failure, it would be irresponsible to ignore the article's serious and disturbing message. The conclusion that Israel can draw from the anti-Israel feeling expressed in the article is that it will not be immune for eternity. America's unhesitating support for Israel and its willingness to restrain itself over all of Israel's mistakes can be interpreted as conflicting with America's essential interests and are liable to prove burdensome. The fact that Israelis view the United States' support for and tremendous assistance to Israel as natural causes excess complacence, and it fails to take into account currents in public opinion that run deep and are liable to completely change American policy."

Dean Attacks ‘Israel Lobby’  3/21/2006 Harvard Crimson 

Kalb Upbraids Harvard Dean Over Israel  3/21/2006 NY Sun 

Stephen Walt's War with Israel  3/20/2006 American Thinker: [One of the few articles to tackle the substance of the Walt - Mearsheimer paper] From About American Thinker: "The right to exist, and the survival of the State of Israel are of great importance to us." -- "Harvard Professor Stephen Walt and University of Chicago Professor John Mearsheimer have just published a lengthy diatribe against what they call the “Israel lobby.” Their article appeared in the London Review of Books, and a longer version has been released as a Harvard Kennedy School working paper. The two professors are employed by prestigious universities. But their new paper, a collection of innuendo, half truths, and outright misrepresentations, fails the test of academic integrity and honest research."

Study Decrying “Israel Lobby” Marred by Numerous Errors  3/20/2006 Camera: [One of the very few articles to tackle the substance of the Walt - Mearsheimer paper, this one begins with an interesting logic: ] "Though the authors do cite Organski’s book once, on the strategic importance of Israel during the cold war, they entirely ignore his main point, which is that the primary reason for U.S. support of Israel can’t possibly be the Jewish vote, or Jewish political contributions, or the activities of any pro-Israel lobby, for the simple reason that, as polls indicate, Jews were just as pro-Israel before 1970, when U.S. support for Israel was minimal, as they were after 1970, when U.S. support for Israel grew rapidly. As Organski put it in his preface: In 1983 I ran across a Congressional Research Service series on assistance to Israel from 1948 to 1983, and I was surprised by what I saw. The numbers told an important story. Assistance to Israel before 1970 had been very low. After 1972 levels shot up. The data fairly screamed that American Jews could not have been responsible for U.S. policy, for it is elementary that one cannot explain a variable with a constant, and American Jews had been in favor of assistance all along…"

The Israel Lobby by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt  3/20/2006 London Review of Books: shortened version w/o footnotes of article at Harvard site.

Pro-Israel lobby in U.S. under attack.  3/20/2006 UPI: UPI is owned by the the Rev Moon's Washington Times and is generally supportive of Israel.

Study: U.S. Mideast policy motivated by pro-Israel lobby  3/18/2006 Haaretz: "The U.S. Middle East policy is not in America's national interest and is motivated primarily by the country's pro-Israel lobby, according to a study published yesterday by researchers from Harvard University and the University of Chicago. Observers in Washington said yesterday that the study was liable to stir up a tempest and spur renewed debate about the function of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobby. The Fatah office in Washington distributed the article to an extensive mailing list… The study also documents accusations that American supporters of Israel pushed the United States into war with Iraq. It lists senior Bush administration officials who supported the war and are also known to support Israel, such as Paul Wolfowitz, Doug Feith and David Wurmser. The authors say the influence of the pro-Israel lobby is a source of serious concern and write that it has even caused damage to Israel by preventing it from reaching a compromise with its neighbors."

Rachel's story needs to be told, now  3/16/2006 Seattle Post Intelligencer: columnist is African American - "Rachel was in the Middle East, trying to protect the home of a Palestinian from immoral demolition, when an Israeli soldier driving a Caterpillar bulldozer killed her. He ran her over. Maybe the young student from The Evergreen State College was a tad naive, a puppet of left-leaning loonies with the International Solidarity Movement. Some people think this. Maybe she was prescient beyond her 23 years, recognizing that her white skin and U.S. passport could bring vital attention to ignored people in subhuman and desperate conditions. Some think that. Whichever the case, too many people are reflexively afraid of Rachel's message, of what her short life and brutal death means. The issue has gotten to the point that what passes for dialogue is either polemical shouting -- or, worse, a campaign to silence the legacy of the young woman who addressed human suffering with fiery grace. Rachel cared about ordinary people outside of her comfort zone -- enough to get off the couch and do something."

Too Hot for New York  3/16/2006 The Nation: "The book is the play My Name Is Rachel Corrie. Composed from the journal entries and e-mails of the 23-year-old from Washington State who was crushed to death in Gaza three years ago under a bulldozer operated by the Israeli army, the play had two successful runs in London last year and then became a cause celebre after a progressive New York theater company decided to postpone its American premiere indefinitely out of concern for the sensitivities of (unnamed) Jewish groups unsettled by Hamas's victory in the Palestinian elections. When the English producers denounced the decision by the New York Theatre Workshop as "censorship" and withdrew the show, even the mainstream media could not ignore the implications. Why is it that the eloquent words of an American radical could not be heard in this country--not, that is, without what the Workshop had called "contextualizing," framing the play with political discussions, maybe even mounting a companion piece that would somehow "mollify" the Jewish community?"

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy  3/13/2006 Harvard University: 83 pages, sources to Israeli scholars and human rights organizations.

Israeli in US court on Ecstasy charges  3/7/2006 Reuters: "An alleged Israeli drug lord suspected of smuggling more than 1 million Ecstasy pills into the United States appeared in a U.S. court on Tuesday after his extradition from Israel. Zeev Rosenstein, 51, faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted on two drug charges, conspiracy to distribute and conspiracy to import Ecstasy, a party drug often taken in nightclubs… "In a two-year period, Rosenstein's criminal cartel was involved in the shipment of at least one million pills of Ecstasy to the United States," Miami U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta told a news conference. "That's a lot of pills."

Carl Cameron Investigates (Fox News) Monday, December 17, 2001  3/5/2006 Fox News: partial transcript of the famed Cameron show on Israeli activities against the US government - "art students" and the role of Israeli owned companies servicing CIA and phone companies, possibly protecting Israeli organized crime. The transcript has been repeatedly deleted from a number of places on the web, starting with Fox news a few days after it went up.

Transparent Hatchet Jobs - The Attacks on Beyond Chutzpah - By NORMAN FINKELSTEIN  3/2/2006 Counterpunch: "The Winter 2006 issue of Middle East Journal ran a scathing review by Professor Marc Saperstein of my book Beyond Chutzpah: On the misuse of anti-Semitism and the abuse of history. Saperstein alleged that my book was a "prolonged diatribe," replete with "outrageous ad hominem attacks" and written in the "rhetorical style of the arrogant academic pit bull." Before directly addressing these criticisms, it merits setting the broader context of Saperstein's review. Readers of MEJ are undoubtedly aware that my publisher, University of California Press, was subject to an unprecedented and highly public campaign by Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard University, reaching up to Governor Schwarzenegger's office, to block publication of my book. UCPress was accordingly at great pains to ensure that my book met the most stringent scholarly (and legal) standards. Numerous editors, libel lawyers and leading scholars in the field from Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States were called upon to render judgment. Having concluded after this extraordinary peer review process that Beyond Chutzpah did indeed make a significant scholarly contribution, and notwithstanding brutal external threats and pressures, UCPress courageously went ahead and published it. The Middle East Studies Association (MESA) subsequently commended UCPress for its principled stand."

Double Standards on Foreign Owners - Amdocs vs. DP World  2/27/2006 Counterpunch: "Forget the Israeli art student espionage story which Cameron unearthed and which has never been seriously investigated. Forget any of the other highly credible accounts of Israeli espionage before and during 9-11 which have been conveniently reclassified without investigation as urban legends. Focus only on what Cameron reported on Amdocs, a company which has contracts with the twenty-five largest telephone companies in the US to handle all their directory assistance, calling records, and billing work. This gives Amdocs access to data on nearly every telephone call dialed in the country. According to Cameron, Amdocs has been investigated on several occasions for suspected ties to the Israeli mafia and for espionage."

THE FRANKLIN CASE AND THE FIVE - "Don't forget to tip!”  2/24/2006 Granma: "Franklin has already enjoyed an incredible sentence reduction despite his treason. After negotiations between the spy’s lawyers and the Attorney General, Federal Judge T.S. Ellis III, of the Alexandria district of Virginia, gave him a 12-year sentence… and then freed him on bail pending the trial of two Israeli agents, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, with whom he actively collaborated. Franklin handed over an enormous volume of information from the Pentagon on Iran, to those two individuals and another Israeli spy, Naor Gilon, then political advisor at the Israeli embassy in Washington, an action evidently behind Israel’s escalating threats of war on Iran."

The Tyranny Of Israel Over America  1/27/2006 UrukNet: "What was particularly galling to the FBI was that they had at least 5 witnesses willing to testify against Wolfowitz and Feith in an earlier spying incident but, who, because of their high positions and presidential backing (especially after 9/11), could not be touched. The FBI was certainly aware of the deep penetration of the US state and the key role which Israel played in advising, directing and passing propaganda and directives to their agents, collaborators and the major Zionist organizations in the run-up to the US invasion of Iraq… Most likely, however the disastrous political, economic and military consequences of the war in Iran – added to the losses in Iraq and Afghanistan - will arouse even greater animosity to the Bush Administration and to the pro-Israel apparatus. A big public backlash may provide a greater impetus for more extensive arrests and prosecutions of public officials in higher places and among the pro-war millionaires and operatives in the Israeli networks. Disastrous wars in the service of Israel may cause American citizens to reflect on and react to the tyranny of Israel over US foreign policy. Eventually we may even see the re-founding of an American Republic "free from foreign entanglements" to quote George Washington and from "Benedicts Arnolds" parading as US Senators."

Was Affair Linked To Investigation Of Global Trafficking Controlled By Israelis?  12/4/2005 Daily Star: "Israel has a long history of involvement with the Colombian and other cartels in Latin America. Former Israeli Army and intelligence officers supplied the drug barons with weapons and trained their private armies, including special assassination squads, throughout the 1980s. One of the more notorious of these Israelis, a lieutenant colonel in the army reserve named Yair Klein, was convicted by an Israeli court in 1991 for illegally exporting arms to the Colombian cartels. He was fined $40,000. In 1998, Klein, a balding ex-paratrooper, was indicted in Bogotá on charges of training Colombian paramilitaries in terrorist tactics in the 1987-89. He was allegedly one of four Israelis hired by Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, one of the Medellin cartel's most violent bosses, who was later assassinated. Klein turned up in war-torn Sierra Leone running guns to rebels. He was arrested there in January 1999 and freed 16 months later. His current whereabouts are unknown, but Israeli arms dealers are still working with Colombian paramilitaries. On May 7, Nicaraguan and Panamanian authorities launched an investigation into how 3,000 AK-47 assault rifles and 5 million rounds of ammunition shipped from Nicaragua by two Israeli-owned arms companies to Colombia on Nov. 10, 2001, and wound up in the hands of the United Defense Forces of Colombia, a group the US government has branded as terrorist. "

Israeli Mossad establishing Trinidad & Tobago base against Venezuela  11/14/2005 Vheadlines 

Israeli national arrested in Trinidad threatens to go on a hunger strike  11/9/2005 Caribbean Net News 

Israel and 9/11: New Report Connects the Dots  8/31/2005 

MEMORANDUM TO THE NATIONAL COMMISSION ON TERRORIST ATTACKS UPON THE UNITED STATES THE SENATE SELECT COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE THE HOUSE PERMANENT SELECT COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE  8/31/2005 "Israeli Surveillance of the Future Hijackers and FBI Suspects in the September 11 Attacks and Their Failure to Give Us Adequate Warning: The Need for a Public Inquiry"

Pentagon analyst charged with taking classified documents  5/24/2005 AP: "A Pentagon analyst previously accused of leaking top-secret information to a pro-Israel group was charged Tuesday with illegally taking classified government documents out of the Washington area to his West Virginia residence. Lawrence Anthony Franklin, 58, was not authorized to take such documents to his home in Kearneysville, according to the federal charge issued along with an arrest warrant by U.S. Attorney Thomas E. Johnston in Martinsburg. ...Tuesday’s charge of unlawfully possessing classified federal defense documents focuses on six of the documents, which were written between October 2003 and June 2004. Four were CIA documents, including three about al-Qaida and one involving Osama bin Laden. Two of those documents were classified top secret, the rest as secret."

Pentagon Analyst Charged With Disclosing Military Secrets  5/5/2005 NYT: "Federal agents arrested a Pentagon analyst on Wednesday, accusing him of illegally disclosing highly classified information about possible attacks on American forces in Iraq to two employees of a pro-Israel lobbying group."

Defense Analyst Charged With Sharing Secrets  5/5/2005 Washington Post: "A Defense Department policy analyst has been charged with disclosing classified information two years ago related to potential attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq, the Justice Department announced yesterday. Lawrence Franklin, 58, made the unauthorized disclosure to two pro-Israeli lobbyists while having lunch at a restaurant in Arlington in 2003, according to court documents and law enforcement sources. Franklin also gave classified information to a foreign official and unidentified members of the media, and 83 classified documents dating back three decades were found in a search of his West Virginia home, the documents stated. Court documents did not identify to whom Franklin gave information at the lunch, but law enforcement sources said it was two top officials with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, one of Washington's most influential lobbying organizations. The officials, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, recently left their jobs amid what sources have said is a long-running FBI probe into whether they passed classified U.S. data to the government of Israel. It remains unclear whether any classified information reached Israel."

Shaking Up Israel's Spy Nest - AIPAC scandal resurfaces  4/22/2005 AntiWar 

Note: NewsMax is owned by Christopher Ruddy, who achieved initial media notice through a tape on the alleged murder of Vincent Foster, an aide to Clinton. See and scroll down.

FoxNews is owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch, an Australian conservative.

This story has several interesting ramifactions:

1) links between the Israeli government and Israeli gangsters, who maintain ties to New York and South Florida, where many gangsters outed by the Israeli media relocated. See Who killed Broward hotel owner?  7/7/97 Miami Herald: They must have felt at home with the Miami Mafia, with whom they likely continued the Meyer Lansky - Santo Trafficante relationship - "...a famous list of 11 top Israeli organized crime figures. The list, leaked to newspapers in 1977 by the Israeli national police, became a news event of Watergate proportions in Israel. Many of those with ties to the list, all proclaiming their innocence, left the country and settled here. [South Florida]"

2) previous instances of Israeli spying, through agents such as Jonathan Pollard, who is alleged by CIA director William Casey to have passed on US war fighting plans, and surrogate organizations such as ADL. The plans were said to have been used by Israel to bargain for the release of Russian Jewish professionals to help stem the tide of Arab demographics in Eretz Israel. See Justice for Jonathan Pollard and


American Council on Middle Eastern Policy

The 'Israeli Art Student' Files -

Israel Files
Information on the Vast Israeli Spy Ring in the United States  -

DEA report on Israeli spying - original text

What Really Happened - full list of references - Ukrainian Archives, for Russian Jewish organized crime  - compendium from Jewish sources
see CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: 'Russian' Mafia (and General Drugs) Department

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