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Gulf Oil Spill

Evidence Refutes BP's and Fed's Deceptions  10/5/2010 Global Research: "In August, Truthout conducted soil and water sampling in Pass Christian Harbor, Mississippi; on Grand Isle, Louisiana; and around barrier islands off the coast of Louisiana, in order to test for the presence of oil from BP's Macondo Well. Laboratory test results from the samples taken in these areas show extremely high concentrations of oil in both the soil and water. These results contradict consistent claims made by the federal government and BP since early August that much of the Gulf of Mexico is now free of oil and safe for fishing and recreational use. The samples taken were tested in a private laboratory via gas chromatography."

BP and the Government Are Underplaying the Difficulty of Stopping the Oil Leak  8/20/2010 Global Research 

Gulf of Mexico `Dead Zone' Grows as Spill Impact Is Studied  8/12/2010 Bloomberg 

BP Gets Louisiana Inmates to Do Their Dirty Work Cleaning Up Oil Spill  7/27/2010 Black Voices 

BP Using Prison Labor in Oil Spill Cleanup  7/27/2010 The Roots 

BP Oil Spill Threatens Bayou Tribes  7/25/2010 Consortium News 

Dengue Fever Outbreak Leads Back to CIA & Army Experiments  7/17/2010 VoltaireNet: "In the spring and summer of 1981, Cuba experienced a severe hemorrhagic dengue fever epidemic. Between May and October 1981, the island nation had 158 dengue-related deaths with about 75,000 reported infection cases. Prior to this outbreak, Cuba had reported only a very small number of cases in 1944 and 1977. At the same time as the 1981 outbreak, covert biological warfare attacks on Cuba’s residents and crops were believed to have been conducted against the island by CIA contractors and military airplane flyovers. Particularly harmful to the nation was a severe outbreak of swine flu that Fidel Castro attributed to the CIA. ...The timing of this outbreak of Dengue fever presents two additional problems; the symptoms of Dengue fever are very similar to that of exposures to chemicals such as those contained in crude oil and the dispersants currently being used in the contaminated areas of the Gulf of Mexico, potentially making it difficult to diagnose the source of a sufferer’s symptoms. Worse yet, there looms the possibility that Corexit and other toxins present in the Gulf area may weaken the immune system, thus setting the stage for more severe forms of the disease in people who are, or have previously been, exposed to the virus."

BP buys up Gulf scientists for legal defense, roiling academic community  7/16/2010 Press Register, Alabama: "For the last few weeks, BP has been offering signing bonuses and lucrative pay to prominent scientists from public universities around the Gulf Coast to aid its defense against spill litigation. BP PLC attempted to hire the entire marine sciences department at one Alabama university, according to scientists involved in discussions with the company's lawyers. The university declined because of confidentiality restrictions that the company sought on any research."

New Satellite Images of Gulf: Oil reaches Mexico’s Yucutan, near Cancun  7/14/2010 Florida Oil Spill Law 

Red Alert Gulf news: Military road blocks. S La people leaving  7/14/2010 Human Rights Examiner: "A rapid military build-up and road-block maneuver is being conducted, along with a visible exodus of residents in the Barataria Bay area of Jefferson Parish in South Louisiana. This news from Intel Hub coincides with the new military rule gently broken to the public, of having to obtain from the military and carry papers in the region, starting with reporters and photographers, a psyop squarely focusing on "public victory" rather than covert military take-over in the Gulf and martial law in the region."

Gulf Roadblocks – Misquoted Reports  7/14/2010 Intel Hub: "Matt Smith is clearly on record saying that these are unconfirmed reports, yet people throughout the internet continue to pretend otherwise. Instead of attacking someones credibility, people need to listen to the reports more closely. Project Gulf Impact has released some extremely vital information regarding Corexit9500 and from all accounts have proven to be a credible and valuable source of information. Having to spend the time to address this clear disinformation is absolutely ridiculous."

Madsen: Ecocide Turns GOM into Gulf of Death  7/13/2010 Fellowship of the Minds: "Madsen says BP has been conducting night aerial spraying of bleaching agents over sensitive barrier islands near Grand Isle and Port Fourchon, Louisiana, to give the impression that the oil has been removed. Around 2:30 to 3:00 am (local time), BP aircraft flying without lights — a clear violation of Federal Aviation Administration regulations and a threat to other aircraft in the region — would spray a compound of hydrochloric (muriatic) acid."

Censored Gulf chemical rape news: Night spraying acid on beaches confirmed  7/13/2010 Human Rights Examiner 

Coast Guard promises greater media access to Gulf exclusion zone, but there’s a catch  7/13/2010 Raw Story 

From a Fishing Village, to an "'Oil Town": Hell Has Come to South Louisiana  7/12/2010 Global Research: '“There has been a BP cover-up from day one,” he says, as I write furiously in my notepad, trying to keep up, “The US Government, OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration], the Coast Guard, NIOSH [National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health], all of them are in on it.”

How the ultimate BP Gulf disaster could kill millions  7/10/2010 Helium: "The burgeoning methane gas cloud will surface, killing everything it touches, and set off a supersonic tsunami with the wave traveling somewhere between 400 to 600 miles per hour. While the entire Gulf coastline is vulnerable, the state most exposed to the fury of a supersonic wave towering 150 to 200 feet or more is Florida. The Sunshine State only averages about 100 feet above sea level with much of the coastline and lowlands and swamps near zero elevation."

Fending For Themselves: Devastating Social and Environmental Impacts of BP Oil Spill  7/5/2010 Global Research: "“About two weeks ago a BP spokesman held a town hall meeting,” she explains, “He said, it’s not if but when the oil comes here again. There was not one state or parish official at the meeting. BP is running things here now.”"

Protecting Oil Companies? BP Investigation Blocked  7/5/2010 Global Research 

Censored Gulf oil news: Fake sand brought to beaches  7/5/2010 Human Rights Examiner 

Why Is the Gulf Cleanup So Slow? There are obvious actions to speed things up, but the government oddly resists taking them.  7/2/2010 WSJ: "The combination of these two regulations is delaying and may even prevent the world's largest skimmer, the Taiwanese owned "A Whale," from deploying. This 10-story high ship can remove almost as much oil in a day as has been removed in total—roughly 500,000 barrels of oily water per day. The tanker is steaming towards the Gulf, hoping it will receive Coast Guard and EPA approval before it arrives."

Methane Release From the Gulf Oil Spill: What Does It Mean? How Bad Could It Get?  6/30/2010 Global Research: "Although methane from surface-vessel spills or shallow-water blowouts escapes into the air, I expect that the vast majority of methane making the long trip to the sea surface from a deep water spill would dissolve," Valentine wrote. "Unlike oil, methane dissolves uniformly in seawater. And the tools are available to measure it accurately and sensitively."

Is BP lobbying to increase the amount of oil allowed in Gulf seafood?  6/29/2010 Florida Oil Spill Law 

No oil in South Florida? New color-corrected aerial photos released  6/28/2010 Florida Oil Spill Law: "Brownish-red ribbons/streamers are photographed north of the Florida Keys, just off the state’s southern tip on May 26"

The BP "Gulf Syndrome": Benzene and Corexit Poisoning - The Government is Silent on the Human Health Risks  6/26/2010 Global Research: "Out of work shrimper, oil clean-up work Clint Guidry reported, “The closest I got [to the Gulf water] was Venice, Louisiana, and you could smell it from Venice... they were actually spraying Corexit 9527A on the oil spill on top of the water and spraying all around - Venice sits on a peninsula, the Mississippi River, right at the - right above the Head of the Passes. "And they were actually spraying this Corexit in the air all around where people were living, with kids and children, and continuously saying how safe it was."

VIDEO: Is it "Raining Oil" in Metro New Orleans?  6/26/2010 Global Research: "It's in 5,000 feet of water and is reputed to be close to 30,000 into the earth. In Russia, where such super deep wells were pioneered, they are only drilled on land and far from human habitations. At least one prominent oil industry safety specialist warned in writing against the drilling of this well."

Oil Spill Might Be Making Natural Seeps Larger  6/25/2010 Global Research 

Corexit/oil eats through boat hulls, kidneys  6/24/2010 Florida Oil Spill Law: "I’ve seen guys who that have volunteered to clean up birds that were working for BP. The hulls of their boats, whether its from the oil or from the Corexit, are being eaten through. And they are saying that ‘I volunteered this ship to help with this effort, there is no way BP is gonna pay me back for that.’ BP Spokesperson: Yes they will. The claims process is not perfect yet, we are working on it, but yes they’ll be paid. …"

Methane and Martial Law in the Gulf of Mexico  6/24/2010 My Auburn 

Coverup: BP Has the Technology to Accurately Measure the Amount of Leaking Oil  6/23/2010 Global Research 

BP-Style Extreme Energy Nightmares to Come - Four Scenarios for the Next Energy Mega-Disaster  6/22/2010 Common Dreams: "Without warning, a gigantic, storm-propelled iceberg strikes the Hibernia, rupturing the GBS and spilling more than one million barrels of oil into rough waters. The topside facility is severed from the base structure and plunges into the ocean, killing all 185 crew members. Every connection to the undersea wells is ruptured, and 135,000 barrels of oil start flowing into the Atlantic every day (approximately twice the amount now coming from the BP leak in the Gulf of Mexico). The area is impossible to reach by plane or ship in the constant bad weather, meaning emergency repairs can't be undertaken for weeks -- not until at least five million additional barrels of oil have poured into the ocean. As a result, one of the world's most prolific fishing grounds -- the Grand Banks off Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Cape Cod -- is thoroughly poisoned."

Louisiana Police Pull Over Activist at Behest of BP  6/22/2010 Mother Jones: "And though as of June 16 the federal government was saying helicopters could fly reporters as low as 1,500 feet around spill sites, on June 17 I was on a helicopter that was prohibited from flying below 3,000 feet (and whose pilot flipped silent birds at the "military guys" coming over the radio and hassling him about being in the area at all). But Louisiana state police pulling over a video camera-wielding private citizen because the head of BP security wanted to ask him some questions is a whole other level of alarming."

BP Tells Cleanup Workers They'll Be Fired If They Wear Respirators  6/18/2010 Global Research: "For example, BP has been keeping reporters out of areas hardest hit by the oil (and see this, this, this and this) and threatening to arrest them if they try to take pictures, hiding dead birds and other sealife, and using dispersants to break up the thick plumes of oil. Indeed, attorney and environmental advocate Monique Harden says that BP is "running the Gulf region like a prison warden". "

Deepwater Oil Spill - A Longer Term Problem, Personnel -  6/12/2010 Oil Drum: "We need to prepare for the possibility of this blow out sending more oil into the gulf per week then what we already have now, because that is what a collapse of the system will cause. All the collection efforts that have captured oil will be erased in short order. The magnitude of this disaster will increase exponentially by the time we can do anything to halt it and our odds of actually even being able to halt it will go down."

BP Well Bore And Casing Integrity May Be Blown, Says Florida’s Sen. Nelson  6/7/2010 EmptyWheel: "If Nelson is correct in that assertion, and he is smart enough to not make such assertions lightly, so I think they must be taken at face value, it means the well casing and well bore are compromised and the gig is up on containment pending a completely effective attempt to seal the well from the bottom via successful “relief wells”. In fact, I have confirmed with Senator Nelson’s office that they are fully aware of the breaking news and significance of what the Senator said to Andrea Mitchell."



National Geographic: Gulf Oil Spill


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