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Luis Cancino Morales

Luisito is one of Afrocuba de Matanzas' stellar all around performers: dancer, singer, percussionist. From the age of 14 on, he played in Sandy Perez's group, Yumurino.  He joined Afrocuba in 1989.   Luisito also plays with Los Tambores de Chacha on ceremonial occacions.

Like many Matanceros in the folkloric tradition, Luisito is a member of an Abakwa potencia, Efik Yumane, which is also Chachá's potencia . This tradition comes from the Efik nation of the Cross River delta in Nigeria.  Unlike Congo and Lukumi traditions, which tend to be more centered around the family, the Abakwa potencias are men's groups.   Luisito joined that potencia in 1990.

Luisito very recently became initiated in the Yoruba religion as an Omo Yemaya.

Luisito traveled with Mendibe and Danilito to Padua and Milano in Italy some years back.  He has toured extensively with Afrocuba, most recently on their 1998 tour of the US.  During these, he has given many classes in percussion, dance, and singing.


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