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Susan Hurlich
Freelance Journalist, Havana

Susan Hurlich is a Canadian free-lance journalist based in Havana. She brings the unique perspective of a journalist who has worked many years in Africa and was an active participant in the early days of the liberation movements in southern Africa, especially Angola and Namibia.

Susan has written prolifically on issues of Cuban culture. 

Personal testimony on Michelle's impact, 10/12

Preparing for Hurricane Ivan, Cuban Style 9/9/2004 Canadian Network on Cuba

Recuperating from Hurricane Charley: A Small Human Touch 9/3/2004 Canadian Network on Cuba

Inside Cuba's Prisons: Health Care and Vocational Training 3/31/2004 People's Voice: "This theme, that there are no statistical differences between health indices inside or outside of Cuba's prisons, was also strongly underscored during the Congress on Prison Medicine, which included parallel meetings on nursing, dentistry and natural and traditional medicine in Cuban prisons. In his presentation on the history of the Cuban penal system, Lt.-Col. Dr. Terencio Batista Sanchez, head of Interior Ministry Health Services in the province of Holguin, referred to recent Internet data showing that the incidence of HIV- AIDS is ten times higher in US prisons than in the general US population, hepatitis is nine times higher and TB is as much as fourteen times higher. In comparison, in Cuba - which just last month was ranked the first among six countries which received an award from the World Health Organization in recognition of its TB control program - the same indices for TB, HIV-AIDS and other diseases, as well as the same programs of vigilance, testing and epidemiology, exist among prisoners as among the population as a whole."

From foragers to fighters: South Africa's militarization of the Namibian San 9/30/1982 Politics and History in Band Societies

Creole Language and Culture: Part of Cuba's Cultural Patrimony, 5/21/98

Keith Ellis: on 'Americanismo' and the Unity of Literature and Society, 5/6/98

Women in Zambia, 1986  Click here for pricing & to order  ==>

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