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Gloria Rolando

1997 Schedule

New 1998 Tour

New film: "Eyes of the Rainbow" - Assata Shakur and Oya

Speech at Black Women Writers and the Future

Interview in "Women," Havana

Biography, list of films

Contacting Gloria Rolando

AfroCuban film director Gloria Rolando on US Tour,
Aug - Oct '97

Film maker Gloria Rolando landed August 6th in San Francisco to attend the Fifth World Congress on Orisha Traditions, organized by Dr. Wande Abimbola and Professor Nontsizi Cayou . Here she first showed Eyes of the Rainbow, her new film on Assata Shakur and Oya. The film was requested 4 times and the audience was moved to tears.

"Eyes of the Rainbow" deals with the life of Assata Shakur, the Black Panther and Black Liberation Army leader who escaped from prison and was given political asylum in Cuba, where she has lived for close to 20 years. This film is also about her AfroCuban context, including the Yoruba Orisha Oya, goddess of the ancestors, of war, of the cemetary. Oya is a queen in her own right, not from marriage.

On August 11th, Gloria left for Tampa, where she worked as guest director on a project documenting the century old Cuban community there.

At the end of August, she left for New York, where she will be in residence through the end of October. She will be making a presentation at Black Women Writers and the Future, organized by Jane Cortez.

The Tampa project involves the story of, among others, the Afrocuban Pedroso family, the dueña of which gave critical support to Jose Marti when he came there to raise funds for the struggle against Spain.

New York's Black Women Writers and the Future will feature an exciting new presentation by Gloria.

For the period from September 1 to October 30, while Gloria is based in New York, she will be availabe for presentations and showings of her films. For more information, contact the AfroCubaWeb Site by email at [replace _AT_ with @]

97 Tour Schedule

Gloria Rolando tours with her new film on Assata Shakur: "Eyes of the Rainbow"

Gloria plans on showing her film at the locations below. Each showing is dedicated to a strong woman in the struggle.

Sep 17th, Wed: 6PM Lang Recital Hall, Hunter College
Sep 19th Harriet Tubman School, 6:30PM, 127th St, between Adam Clayton Powell & St Nicolas
Sep 23 Ithica College, NY
Sep 24 Cortland, NY, afternoon
Sep 24 Cornell University, evening

Sep 26 - 30th Boston area

Sep 26 - Roxbury Community College, evening, 7PM
Sep 27 - Roxbury Community College, eve, 7PM
Sept 30 - Wellesley College

Oct 3 through 13: a tour through the south, starting in Washington, DC. This is being organized by Ahmed Obafemi, of the Malcom X Grass Roots Mouvement, reachable at
and by phone at 205 323-5444.

Oct 3 - Washington DC., Howard University 6:30 PM sponsored by the Malcolm X
Grassroots Movement: Howard University, School of Law Moot Court Room, 2900 Van Ness Street, NW.

Oct.4 - Atlanta Georgia, Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination. Time tba.

Oct.5 - University of North Carolina, and local bookstore

Oct 6 - Atlanta Georgia, Georgia State 7 PM

Oct 7 - Selma Alabama. location tba. sponsored by 21st Century leadership

Oct 8 - Jackson Mississippi, Malcolm X center for Self-Determination. 7 PM

Oct 9 - Austin Texas, University of Texas 11 AM

Oct 10 - Houston Texas, University of Houston 12 AM ?

Oct 11 - Huntsville Alabama, Alabama A&M tb confirm

Oct 12 - Birmingham Alabama, Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination 4 PM

Oct 15-18: African American Women Writers and the Future, a conference in NY

Oct 19 - Delaware, kick off event for Million Women March, Marpessa Kupendua

Oct 20-22 Pittsburg, Carnegie Mellon

Oct 24th: Hospital in NYC

Oct 27th: Colgate, Hamilton, NY

More information:

  1. A write up of "My Footsteps in Baragua." This video on the West Indians in Cuba is available in English (the original production language) and Spanish.
  2. An interview with Gloria in "Mujeres" ("Women"), 1996, published in Havana. This describes the Oggun video, available with English subtitles, and a proposed film on Sara Gomez, noted AfroCuban movie maker.
  3. An introduction to the West Indian Welfare Center and its programs. This independent institution is located in the city of Guantanamo (not the US base!) and is charted to provide social and medical services among other activities. The Center recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and today includes many professional members.
  4. Gloria's write up on Eyes of the Rainbow, with Assata Shakur
  5. A Biographical Notice of Gloria Rolando with an extensive portfolio listing and a statement of purpose.

Contacting Gloria Rolando

Gloria Rolando can be reached when in Cuba by phone at tel: 011 53 7 62.79.04 and by mail at:

Obispo #356, 3ra piso, apto 3
Entre Habana y Compostela
Habana, Cuba 10100

Contacting AfroCubaWeb

Electronic mail [replace _AT_ with @]

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