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Curriculum Vitae

Summary of Films Made

He can present all of the Imágenes del Caribe films including The Jazz in Us, not yet commercially released.

Gilberto Martinez Gomez

Gilberto Martinez Gomez worked at the Cuban Institute for Cinematographic Arts and Industries–ICAIC (el Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográfica) for twenty years (1985–2005). During his tenure there he was a visual effects and special effects specialist for many feature films and shorts. Since 1986 he has worked freelance as a cameraman, cinematographer, and director of photography. He has co-produced many documentary films for the independent film company Images of the Caribbean (Imagenes del Caribe) and other projects in conjunction with noted writer and director, Gloria Rolando

Gilberto has moved to Maryland and has copies of  Gloria Rolando's films with him, including the yet to be commercially released The Jazz in Us. He can give presentations on these and discuss in detail how they were made and what Gloria Rolando and Imágenes del Caribe are now planning.

For additional information, Gilberto Martinez Gomez’s curriculum vitae, and details on videos by Imágenes del Caribe please email: [replace _AT_ with @]. 

Having recently moved to the US from Havana, Gilberto offers the following:

"I am simultaneously beginning my new life here, while continuing to pursue work on several projects that I began in conjunction with Gloria Rolando in Havana under the umbrella of the video group Imágenes del Caribe.

As I search for work here in the United States, I look forward to working with you to create opportunities to present videos, workshops and lectures as a part of my ongoing commitment to Imágenes del Caribe and sharing the many videos on Afro-Cuban culture that I have co-produced with the company. As always, you can count on me as a presenter for the Imágenes del Caribe documentaries that I brought with me for screening with the authorization of their director, Gloria Rolando. In my capacity as a special effects specialist, I am also able to conduct workshops for students at the high school or college level, or for emerging filmmakers who are interested in learning special effects techniques for their in-class or professional productions.

With this in mind, please let me know if you would like to discuss any collaborations that you may have like to work on with me, or if you know of any job opportunities, panels, conferences or other projects with which I may be of assistance. In addition to video screenings, lectures, and workshops, I am interested in and well-qualified for work as a cameraman, cinematographer or director of photography for film productions." -- 2/06

Curriculum Vitae

Email: [replace _AT_ with @]

Born: Havana, Cuba 1966
Lives: Richmond, Virginia USA


To work with cultural institutions, film companies and individuals as a cameraman, visual effects and special effects specialist, and producer of feature films, short films, music videos and documentaries. 


1986 – Present   Member of Images of the Caribbean (Imágenes del Caribe)

1985–2005   Cuban Institute for Cinematographic Arts and Industries–ICAIC
(El Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográfica)

Credits as a Special Effects Specialist, Cameraman or Producer for the following movies made in Cuba:

Summary of Films Made



Production Company

2005 Rumbambeo: Cajón, Batá, y Rumba (Musical Documentary)  Boogalu Productions (USA)  Philip Ross
  Robinson Crusoe (Fiction)  ICAIC (Cuba/France)   
2004 Nosotros y el Jazz (Documentary) Imágenes del Caribe (Cuba) Gloria Rolando
2003 Los Marqueses de Atarés (Documentary) Imágenes del Caribe (Cuba) Gloria Rolando
2001 The Roots of My Heart Imágenes del Caribe (Cuba) Gloria Rolando


Paco Chevrolet 57 (Feature)

La Bola Production LTD. Italia

Guido Giansoldati (Italy)


The Constantinople’s Nights (Feature)


Orlando Rojas


Raices de Mi Corazon (Feature)

Imágenes del Caribe

Gloria Rolando

  The Scorpion (Documentary) (El Alacrán) Mundo Latino e Imágenes del Caribe (Cuba) Gloria Rolando


Better Late than Never

Sidecar Films, Italia

Lucas Manfredi


The Shooting Star (Feature)

Les Films Alan Sarde, France

Philippe de Broca


Tanya Saint-Val (Music Video)

Yankée Production, France

Thierry Vergnes


Alan Theo (Music Video)

Yankée Production, France

Thierry Vergnes



Zafiros. Blue Madness (Feature)

RTV Commercial

Manuel Herrera


Where is my Son (Feature)

Together Productions, International, Roma, Italia

Lucio Gaudino

  The Charanga Cubaila  Prodeo Productions (France) Thierry Vergnes


Kleines Tropicana (Feature)


Daniel DíazTorres


The King of the Desperates (Feature)

Le Sabre, France

Gerard Marx

  Eyes of the Rainbow (Documentary) Independent Gloria Rolando


Latin Flavor (Feature)


Pedro Carvajal


Belonging to the Third World (Feature)


Erick Civanian

  My Footsteps in Baraguá (Documentary) Imágenes del Caribe Gloria Rolando

Vertical Love (Feature)


Arturo Sotto

Violet (Feature)

Tabasco Films, Mexico

Alberto Cortés



Guantanamera (Feature)


Tomás Gutierrez Alea
Juan Carlos Tabío

Black Island (Feature)

ICAIC -Spain




Right of Asylum (Feature)


Octavio Cortazar



Strawberry and Chocolate (Feature)


Alea Tabío



Think of Me (Feature)


Arturo Sotto

1991 Oggun (Documentary) ICAIC Gloria Rolando


Tropical Dream (Feature)


Miguel Torres



The Elephant and the Bicycle (Feature)


Juan Carlos Tabío





A Very Old Man (Feature)


Fernando Birri



Clandestines (Feature)


Fernando Pérez



Special training to handle animals for films, Paris, France (March 2003)

Instituto de Arte e Industria Cinematográfica - ICAIC 
Received post-graduate training as special effects specialist with Russian and Italian professors (1985 – 1988) 

Instituto Tecnológico José Martí (1981-1983)
Construction and building techniques for roads, bridges, and other urban features

References available upon request 


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