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Fiesta del Mamoncillo, 6/29/13, North Bergen, NJ. Four live bands, tribute to Benny Moré

Valentine’s Dinner Dance Gala with SonSublime, Los Soneros De Oriente, and DJ Broadway "Mike Mitjans" El Cubano del Sabor, 2/11/12

The Club Cubano Interamericano warns against imitation Mamoncillo Festival, announces re-organization for new festival in 2012, 6/6/11 PDF

History of the Club

Background on the Dance

Contacting the Club Cubano InterAmericano

clubcubanointeram.jpg (7025 bytes)El Club Cubano Inter-Americano
New York, NY

This AfroCuban social club founded in 1945 still exists in New York and is the second oldest such social club in the US after the Tampa Union Martí-Maceo society. It played a role similar to the sociedades de color in Cuba who were the mainstay supporters of son music.

See their web site at 



Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 12pm to 9pm
El Club Cubano Inter-Americano presents:

The Original Traditional
Fiesta del Mamoncillo
(Recordando el Mamoncillo)

Special Tribute to "Benny Moré"

4 Live Bands!

La Charanga 76
David Oquendo y Havana 3
Gerardo Contino y sus Habaneros
(Former lead singer from NG La Banda)

DJ Broadway

Once again, El Club Cubano Inter-Americano is proud to present the event that made them legendary ---La Fiesta del Mamoncillo. This year featuring 4 live bands: SonSublime, La Charanga 76, David Oquendo y Havana 3, Gerardo Contino y sus Habaneros (Former lead singer from NG La Banda) plus DJ Broadway in-between sets. This traditional Cuban event that dates back to 1920s Havana, and which was started here in the NYC Metro area 44 years ago in 1969 by El Club Cubano Inter-Americano, has throughout the years, attracted Cuban music lovers and dancers from the tri-state, as well as states as far away as Florida, and has become the leading event that maintains Cuban culture and history in the North Eastern United States. This event is open to the public - all are welcome.

Please join us on Saturday, June 29th, 2013 for an outdoor music and dance festival like no other ---A true original!

See for more info.


Festival de La Guayabera: 10/1/11 

The Mamoncillo, 7/14/02

In 2002, their line up was:

Orquestra Broadway, Cuban typical Charanga
Chico Alvarez y su Son Montuno
Son Sublime Orquesta, Charanga ALL stars

El Baile de Mamoncillo, 7/9/00: a dance party open to the public

Valentine’s Dinner Dance Gala, 2/11/12top

Tickets going fast, order yours today!
Buy tickets online at:
or call:

Saturday, February 11, 2012
Doors open 6:30pm, event starts 7pm, till 12am
Club Cubano Inter-Americano, The Originators of La Fiesta del Mamoncillo, presents:

Valentine’s Dinner Dance Gala

2 Live Bands!
Los Soneros De Oriente
plus DJ Broadway

Once again we are proud to present a most elegant and sophisticated event for your enjoyment!

Check out our new event trailer, click here .

The legendary Club Cubano Inter-Americano, founders of La Fiesta del Mamoncillo, cordially invite you to their first ever Valentine’s Dinner Dance Gala at the beautiful Polonaise Ballroom. Together for the very first time on the same stage, two of New York’s finest Cuban orchestras for your listening and dancing pleasure SonSublime and Los Soneros De Oriente, with DJ Broadway "Mike Mitjans" El Cubano del Sabor spinning in-between sets.

Please join us on Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 7pm for a festive, exciting and memorable evening filled with wonderful food, drink, music and dancing - A Special Valentine’s Celebration Havana Style!

Come with your sweetheart or meet some special --
It’s no secret that many a couple have met for the first time at one of our events throughout the years!

Dress to impress. Order your tickets today, seats are limited.

see for more info.


Festival de La Guayabera: A truly special event! - Sat. Oct. 1st top

We finally are getting the Club Cubano Interamericano inc. since 1945 back on it's feet, but we need help so we are having a fundraiser....

Festival de La Guayabera: A truly special event! - Sat. Oct. 1st - Tickets on sale now!  for the flyer - this is to purchase with credit cards

For more info on Club Cubano Inter-Americano go to:  We finally have a website for the club.

Mamoncillo 7/14/2002

Sunday July 14th @ the Bohemian Hall.

29-19 24th avenue, Astoria Queens

Tickets at the door $35.00
Advanced $30

For advanced tickets via e-mail send request

to Jo-ana@pfimarketing &

Tickets to be picked up will be held at the door for the $30 price.

Broadway, Cuban typical Charanga
Chico Alvarez y su Son Montuno
Son Sublime Orquesta
Charanga ALL stars

Phone: 718 585-9726

For information on bus from Boston, contact Steve Quintana, 617 436-9842

History of the Club Cubano InterAmericanotop
by Jo-Ana Rene Moreno

The Club Cubano Inter Americano was established in 1945. I am the child of parents that attended the club weekly and were extremely involved in volunteering and keeping this together. I've been literally going since I was about 3 months old. But my mother passed and my father is still alive at 83. Almost all original Cuban Club Members are 6O and over including my sister. So I don't want the institution to die. And I would like to do my best to keep it going.  I wish all the children of these people who are much older than me would participate more and some of them do but many have moved. So the only way I know is to get young Cubans Americans and recently arrived Cubans involved to keep this going, especially AfroCubans.

So this is where we are now, briefly, the Club Closed down its physical space which was in the Bronx because of rent increases. We still exist as an institution and the meetings are held in my house monthly. These people that come are all between the ages of 58-95.

We donated all the pictures and historical references to the Schomburg Museum here in Harlem and our Piano is in Cuba donated to El ICAP.

The older part of the organization was responsible for giving a lot of the of bands there first break back in the old days. They even managed to bring El Bene [Benny More] for a performance.

El Baile Del Mamoncillo, 7/9/00top

Date: Sunday July 9, 2000
Time: 2:00 to 9:30
Place: Bohemian Hall in New York
Address: 29-19 24th Avenue
Astoria, Long Island City NY

Tickets in Advance order $25.00 at the door $30.00

4 orquestas playing: Johnny Pacheco Y su Nuevo Tumbao cantando Hector Casanova, Orquesta Broadway, Charanga " All Stars" and Manny Oquendo Orquesta Libre.

All this information including how to get there is in the Mamoncillo website address:


Short Historical reference of the Dance: In Cuba in 30's 40's 50's

On Sundays Cubans would gather together en Los Jardines de la Tropical to dance -- I think now it is the place where they now make La Polar beer in Cuba. It was in a Park that had alot of Mamoncillo Trees in it. Some other cultures call them Quenepas or limoncillos or just mamon. Anyways, this dance was open to everyone but was mostly attended by Afro Cubans - because from my understanding in Cuba there was a club for the white Cubans and the Cubans that could pass as mulattos and another club for the black Cubans. So El Club Cubano Interamericano which was started by mainly Afro Cubans that got here a long time ago continued that gathering here and 32 years later we still are.

The place that the dance is held is great because its a great simulation of the park itself. It's kind of an enclosed park. You walk into this place and you find yourself surrounded by trees, benches and gravel is thrown on the floor to cover dirt which doesn't stop any of these Cubans from wearing there white shoes, pants and quayaberas. And there is a huge cement paved dancing floor and an enclosed stage for the bands to play rain or shine. I've actually been there when it's pouring rain and those Cubans are true to form they even have more fun and keep dancing. We also hang Mamoncillos from the trees to give it a little authenticity. Many people from all cultures come and have a great time as well.

Contacting the Club Cubano InterAmericanotop

Contacting AfroCubaWeb

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