Visit to Nasako Homeland: Ekama-Ngolo, 2011                    back to Nasako page
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1a-Mundemba sign
Mundemba sign
1b-Group Foto
Group Photo
1c-Nasako Libreta
Nasako Libreta
2a-Rumpi Hills
Rumpi Hills
2b-Village juju
Village 'juju'
2c-Ekpe house
Ekpe house
4-Book presentation
Book presentation
5-Duo dance
Duo dance
7b-Elephant mask
Elephant mask
7a-Ladies dance
Ladies dance
7c-Palm leave masks
Palm leaf masks
8a-Elders divination
Elders' divination
Divination results
8c-Interview w Elder
Interview with Elder
9a-Local Swinning Hole
Local Swimming Hole
9b-village path
village path
9c-Efamba sign
Efamba sign
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Ivor Miller 2011
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