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Donald PepeKlu Klux Klan, Nazis, and other American White Supremacists

Here we track white supremacist groups in the US, with particular emphasis on their infiltration of law enforcement and the military. To what extent does this infiltration impact the numerous police murders that affect people of color out of proportion to their presence in the population? 

<== Donald Pepe from Anti Fascist News. Pepe the Frog is the latest incarnation of American traditions. This is a country that disguised its rebellion against abolitionist England as a blow for freedom while it was really defending slavery.


Reclaiming Stone Mountain From the Alt-Right  2/14/2018 Pacific Standard: "Last fall, a state legislator floated a proposal that would make Stone Mountain a graveyard for all of Georgia's displaced Confederate monuments—and, Byrne fears, a potential mecca for zealots who still worship the Southern banner of white supremacy. In response, Byrne has sharpened her tone. Where the site once offered only whimsical musings about foreign culture, it now publicly shames the alt-right pilgrims who've come to revel in the park's nefarious heritage."

California Police Caught Helping Out Neo-Nazis, Continuing a Longstanding American Tradition  2/10/2018 Alternet: "“They got one of ours, but we got six of them,” Matthew Heimbach proudly announced, according to the SPLC. “Six antifa on the way to the hospital.” A year and a half after what is now grimly called the 2016 Sacramento riots, lawyers for anti-fascist activists involved in the protest say they’ve turned up documents proving investigating officers are working on behalf of the racist attackers. A report from the Guardian finds that court papers document “officers expressing sympathy with white supremacists and trying to protect a neo-Nazi organizer’s identity” while also seeking “the prosecution of activists with ‘anti-racist’ beliefs.”"

A Scholar Is Fired For Telling the Truth About White Supremacy and Gun Violence  2/8/2018 Alternet: "An associate professor of politics and global studies at Drexel University was effectively forced out of his position after describing the Las Vegas massacre as a product of a "white supremacist patriarchy" that must be dismantled."

Young Fascists on Campus: Turning Point USA and Its Far-Right Connections  2/7/2018 Alternet: "Amanda Gailey, an English professor at the University of Nebraska, is one of now hundreds of professors across the country who were targeted by the group, receiving threats in her inbox after they launched a campaign against her and UN graduate student Courtney Lawton. These campaigns nearly all roll out the same way: TPUSA self publishes a story on their site, Campus Reform, of alleged "abuse" or bias from the left; the victim of the story starts getting threats; and universities find themselves dealing with outside pressure to get rid of the professor or student in question."

Holocaust-Denying Former American Nazi Party Leader Running Unopposed in Illinois GOP Primary  2/4/2018 Alternet: "This is not hyperbole. Arthur Jones is, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, “an outspoken Holocaust denier, activist anti-Semite and white supremacist.” “Well first of all, I’m running for Congress not the chancellor of Germany. All right. To me the Holocaust is what I said it is: It’s an international extortion racket,” Jones said to the publication. The hateful candidate told press that his current America First Committee group's membership "is open to any white American citizen of European, non-Jewish descent.”"

Trump Just Removed White Supremacist Groups From Terror Watch Program  2/2/2018 Occupy Democrats: "Reuters reports that the Trump regime is implementing a new change to America’s domestic terrorism programs that will officially install religious profiling against Muslims and remove the dangerous white supremacist extremist groups who are responsible for much violence across the United States from the watch lists."

Julian Assange Duped by Fake Sean Hannity Account, Tried to Send 'News' About Senate Democrat  1/29/2018 Alternet: [What is Assange doing working with the "disturbingly angry" nazi Hannity?] - "For her part, Gilliam said the time she used posing as Hannity gave her a window into "paranoia I’d never seen before" from Hannity's followers, who are "disturbingly angry."

White supremacy group to hold rally in Tallahassee  1/26/2018 Tallahassee Democrat: "A white nationalist group that was among the far-right groups behind last year’s violent Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., is planning its first major demonstration of the new year in Tallahassee. The League of the South plans to hold a rally at the Old Capitol Saturday, its president, Michael Hill, announced on its website early this month."

A Conservative Nonprofit That Seeks to Transform College Campuses Faces Allegations of Racial Bias and Illegal Campaign Activity  12/21/2017 New Yorker: "Former Turning Point employees say that the organization was a difficult workplace and rife with tension, some of it racial. Gabrielle Fequiere, a former Turning Point employee, told me that she was the only African-American hired as a field director when she worked with the group, three years ago. “In looking back, I think it was racist,” she said. “At the time, I was blaming myself, and I thought I did something wrong.” Fequiere, who now works as a model, recalled that the young black recruits that she brought into the organization suddenly found themselves disinvited from the group’s annual student summit, and that when she herself attended, she watched speakers there who “spoke badly about black women having all these babies out of wedlock. It was really offensive.”"

Are White Supremacists Infiltrating Law Enforcement?  12/18/2017 The Root: "You know 30 years ago, we were skinheads. We wore swastikas and shaved heads, and you could identify us pretty easily. So we decided at that time to grow our hair out, to trade in our boots for suits, and we encouraged people to get jobs in law enforcement, to go to the military and get training and to recruit there."

The Making of an American Nazi  12/1/2017 Atlantic: "But whether Anglin knew it or not, his site appears to have gotten a boost from someone in Russia. A collective of data scientists called Susan Bourbaki Anthony conducted an analysis of The Daily Stormer’s reach on Twitter from February 2 to March 2, 2017, and found that Anglin’s content was being spread by a mysterious network of accounts. This network, which is still active, has amplified divisiveness in American political discourse on Twitter since at least early in the year. It includes bots and “sock puppets” (accounts operated by actual people under false identities), and essentially shuts down each night from 5 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on the East Coast—midnight to 6:30 a.m. local time in Moscow and St. Petersburg."

Gen. Kelly's Civil War Story Derives From 19th-Century Pro-Slavery Evangelicalism  11/9/2017 Alternet: "This framework asserts that the Civil War was not primarily about slavery, that slavery itself was not nearly as bad as we are led to believe (in fact it was a “positive good” in that it exposed Africans to the Gospel and to a “biblical family”). The war was framed as a theological conflict in which Southern culture was an expression of a Godly civilization battling against a materialistic “humanistic” one."

From Mexico With Love: How to Identify and Effectively Deal with Troll Farms Paid by Oligarchs and Drug Cartels  11/6/2017 Alternet: "It strikes me as an unbelievable coincidence that Julian Assange, after equaling Nazis with Black Lives Matter activists in one of his tweets, suddenly cares so much about fascism in Spain, and gets so actively involved - even savvy about the Spanish press, when he didn’t speak Spanish just a few months ago."

White Nationalist who Fantasized, Plotted Murder of Minorities Discovered to be Law Enforcement Leader  10/24/2017 DC Weekly: "A top law-enforcement official in Palm Beach County, Florida is coming under fire for allegedly being a white nationalist, fantasizing and plotting the death of black citizens or Jews. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Michael Gauger was exposed for his correspondence with other members of the now-defunct White Nationalist website Stormfront, whose members were linked to as many one hundred hate-crime deaths."

The Military Has a Serious White Nationalist Problem  10/24/2017 Splinter: "The Times found that nearly one in four survey respondents had witnessed concrete instances of white nationalism among fellow troops. Unsurprisingly, the number of “non-white” troops who witnessed such behavior was much higher, at around 42%. Among active-duty troops at large, however, homegrown white nationalism was ranked as a more pressing national security threat than Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, “U.S. protest movements,” and “civil disobedience.” "

Racist, Violent, Unpunished: A White Hate Group's Campaign of Menace  10/19/2017 Alternet: "Michael German is a former FBI agent who during his career infiltrated a Nazi skinhead gang and militia organizations. German, now a fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law, said he is worried that law enforcement doesn’t comprehend the threat posed by this latest iteration of the white supremacist movement. Police and federal agents, in his view, are “looking at this whole thing so narrowly, as two groups clashing at a protest.” In reality, German said, “it is organized criminal activity.”"

How a Growing Christian Movement Is Seeking to Transform America With Supernatural Miracles and Divine Interventions  10/12/2017 Alternet: "INC Christianity is led by a network of popular independent religious entrepreneurs, often referred to as “apostles.” They have close ties, we found, to conservative U.S. politicians, including Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and more recently President Donald Trump.INC Christianity is led by a network of popular independent religious entrepreneurs, often referred to as “apostles.” They have close ties, we found, to conservative U.S. politicians, including Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and more recently President Donald Trump."

Why A Cop With A Tattoo That Looks Like A Nazi Symbol Is Still On The Job  9/22/2017 Buzzfeed: "A year after the investigation was sparked, the department hasn’t addressed other evidence of the officer’s links to white supremacists. And by ignoring that, several of his colleagues in uniform said, their department leaders reaffirmed the suspicion, long held by both black residents and some black cops, that they had no interest in confronting the strain of white supremacy coursing through America."

The Religious Right Moves to Cement Political Power Under President Trump  9/2/2017 Alternet: "During his campaign, Trump offered conservative evangelicals a deal: help him take the White House and he would make them more politically powerful than ever before. They took the deal, urged voters to overlook his glaring character flaws, and helped put him in office. Trump’s conservative Christian cheerleaders have told him repeatedly that he is on a divine mission and that God intervened in the election. Religious right leaders upheld their end of the deal and delivered an overwhelming majority of white evangelical votes to Trump. Now he’s upholding his end by giving them more than they might have expected even from a President Pence."

The Missing Black History At Some Civil War Memorials  8/31/2017 Black Agenda Report: "Though I haven’t been to the site of Chicago’s Camp Douglas monument since the 1980s I’m willing to bet the memorial exhibit says nothing about the reason those four or five thousand white boys in Chicago and fifty thousand more white boys in the other camps north and south died. They died because by 1863 the federal armies began fielding regiments of black troops. By war’s end there were more than 200,000 black soldiers in the Union Army, most of them former slaves. The Confederates refused to treat captured black soldiers as prisoners of war. Captured black soldiers were murdered on the spot, or sold into slavery. White officers and noncoms leading black troops were supposed to be tried and summarily executed for leading slave insurrection, a capital offense, so they also took pains not to be captured alive."

'God Will Wipe Them Out': White Supremacist Preacher Promises 'Bloodshed' at Future Rallies  8/31/2017 Alternet: "In a video, Puckett also said that “God’s going to wipe them out one day anyway,” referring to anti-racist and anti-fascist counter-protesters who have marched against white supremacist groups in recent months. He also professed a belief that those who organize such rallies shouldn’t cancel them for fear of violent retaliation, but should be “patriots” willing to “fight” in the streets for their white supremacist beliefs."

White Supremacist Arrested for Charging Crowd at Hollywood Confederate Street-Name Protest  8/30/2017 Miami New Times: "At the July protest, the website Rise News interviewed Monzon and called him the "Cuban-American 'Clayton Bigsby,'" referencing an old Chappelle's Show skit in which a prominent Klansman turns out to be a blind black guy."

Televangelist Jim Bakker: Christians will start a civil war if Trump is impeached  8/29/2017 The Hill: ""If it happens, there will be a civil war in the United States of America. The Christians will finally come out of the shadows, because we are going to be shut up permanently if we're not careful," he said on "The Jim Bakker Show" in a clip highlighted by Right Wing Watch."

I'm a black daughter of the Confederacy, and this is how we should deal with all those General Lees  8/27/2017 LA Times: "Yet the monuments debate isn’t really about the past. It’s about a present-day assertion of white supremacy and whether our nation is going to stop making excuses and stare it down. Most of the statues, as has been widely discussed, were erected long after Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox. They were hoisted into view to assert white dominance at specific points in time when African Americans gained a measure of political influence — during Reconstruction and the civil rights era. With the bronzes came domestic terrorism, lynchings, bombings and cross burnings."

After Boston’s huge protest, neo-Nazis cancel rallies in 36 states  8/22/2017 Revere Press: "After thousands of counter-protesters showed up to oppose the Boston Free Speech Rally — the first major right-wing event since the deadly Charlottesville, VA “Unite the Right” rally — the pro-Trump and anti-Muslim group ACT For America has called off 67 rallies in 36 states. The neo-Nazis and white nationalists in Boston numbered only around 100, while some estimate as many as 40,000 turned out against bigotry."

After Charlottesville: 7 Key Nazis and Their Links to Putin and Trump  8/21/2017 Alternet: "But there’s something deeper here, something worth getting surprised about — and like so many things with Donald Trump, that deeper thing is Russia: several of the key figures who organized, appeared at, or promoted the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” Rally have strong ties to Moscow."

Trump and the Nazis: Our Troll-In-Chief Has a Deep Affinity with the Alt-Right — and with Their Ancestors  8/20/2017 Alternet: "Now, however, after a period of time in which he has shown his true colors, I have no doubt about his ideological provenance. And this is my goal here, to identify those who explicitly articulate Nazi ideology in America today, and then to ask you to start listening to Trump with those views in mind."

A Convicted Domestic Terrorist Was at the Charlottesville Nazi March  8/15/2017 War is Boring: "At least one man who attended the Aug. 11, 2017 white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia, is a convicted domestic terrorist. Michael Tubbs, currently the chairman of the Florida League of the South, spent four years in prison after stealing military equipment and plotting to bomb black- and Jewish-owned businesses in Jacksonville, Florida."

Trump Walks Away From Reporters After Being Asked To Denounce White Supremacists  8/12/2017 Politicus USA: "Condemning violence of any kind and issuing a blanket statement that people “on many sides” are to blame, which Trump did today, is a coward’s way out. It does nothing to calm the chaos in Virginia, and it may actually make things worse by creating a false equivalency between the counter-protesters and the alt-right Nazis."

The Struggle For Venezuela and Its Afro-historical Component  7/8/2017 Black Star News: "It is no different in Venezuela today. How do we account for the burning by anti-government demonstrators of a 21 year old Afro Venezuelan, Oscar Figuera, simply for identifying as a Chavez supporter? The anti-Bolivarian opposition is also anti-Black. These are the stories you don?t hear about during these ?peaceful? opposition protests; just as few knew about the lynching of Black Libyans and ethnic cleansing of Tawergha and other abuses due to the media blackout except for a few outlets. This opposition is really no different than the Right-wing that supports President Donald Trump and here in America they include Neo-Nazis and the KKK."

How White Christians Used The Bible — And Confederate Flag — To Oppress Black People  6/22/2017 Huff Post: "White Christians in the South didn’t just support slavery — the Southern church was the backbone of the Confederacy and its attempts to keep African Americans in bondage, according to Harry Stout, Jonathan Edwards Professor of American Religious History at Yale University."

Georgia lawmaker: Talk of ditching Confederate statues could cause Democrat to ‘go missing’  5/29/2017 Atlanta Journal: "“Too many necks they are red around here,” he wrote. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you about ’em.”"

Georgia GOPer warns black attorney she ‘may go missing’ if she tries to remove Confederate monument  5/29/2017 Raw Story: “Continue your quixotic journey into South Georgia and it will not be pleasant,” Spencer replied. “The truth. Not a warning. Those folks won’t put up with it like they do in Atlanta.”

The KKK are in Police Departments Across the Country.  4/23/2017 Truth and Edutainment: "This video exposes even more proof of what is being allowed in the Police Forces across the nation. I've included MULTIPLE Links below that you should see as well! They all unravel the racist policing system used in this country!!"

Donald Trump and the Triumph of White Identity Politics  3/24/2017 Counterpunch: "Are our analysts and historians equally lazy? Will they mask the stench of racism, xenophobia and white supremacy behind wave after wave of sweet-smelling, but ultimately inauthentic, narratives of anti-neoliberal reaction and working class resurgence? Or will they instead write the real history of this moment, in all its complexity?"

Trump supporters protest The Man In The High Castle’s anti-Nazi radio station  3/10/2017 AV Club: "As part of an ad campaign for its original series The Man In The High Castle, Amazon recently launched Resistance Radio, a streaming station set, like the Philip K. Dick adaptation itself, in an alternate 1962 America run by fascists. The pre-recorded program features “bootleg songs” alongside interstitials where underground DJs talk about standing up to Nazis, urging listeners to keep the fight alive in a nation that’s been overrun by fear, oppression, and authoritarian rule. For whatever reason, some conservatives have interpreted this as being about Donald Trump."

Fighting Cops and the Klan: The History and Future of Black Antifascism  2/21/2017 Truth Out 

Donald Trump’s white nationalist “genius bar”: Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Michael “Decius” Anton and beyond  2/14/2017 Salon: "Donald Trump’s administration is built around a brain trust of white nationalists. To deny that fact is to ignore a crucial element of this national crisis: America’s “greatest generation” defeated Nazism during World War II, and 70 or so years later one of the country’s two leading political parties has injected a more polite version of that poison into its veins and rode to power in Washington on a wave of bigotry and racism."

The FBI Has Quietly Investigated White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement  1/31/2017 The Intercept 

The Long History of "Nazi Punching"  1/26/2017 Mother Jones: "Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau tweeted, "I don't care how many songs you set Richard Spencer being punched to, I'll laugh at every one.""

Former Mayor of "Nazi City USA" Pushes Legislation to Defund Sanctuary Cities  1/12/2017 Truth Out: "Donald Trump offered Congressman Lou Barletta the post of secretary of labor in his new administration. Surprisingly, Barletta declined. The reason is now clear: Barletta will champion the cause of slashing funding to sanctuary cities in his next term, a cause that is near and dear to Trump's heart."

Fighting back against Donald Trump’s angry white voters  12/9/2016 Salon: by Bill Fletcher Jr. and Bob Wing - "That same left populism must challenge the racial differential that permeates all facets of society. Unity against neoliberal globalization will not come from ignoring race and gender disparities, but instead by working together to overcome them. This was the weakness of the Sanders campaign and many other populist and semi-populist initiatives."

The Right-Wing Movement That Swept Trump into Power Isn’t Just Breitbart and White Nationalists—It’s Way Worse  11/29/2016 Alternet: "The alt-right, on the other hand, is more concerned about concepts such as nation, race, civilization and culture. Spencer has worked hard to rebrand white nationalism as a legitimate political movement. Explicitly rejecting the notion of racial supremacy, Spencer calls for the creation of separate, racially exclusive homelands for white people."

Who Is Jeff Sessions? 12 Things You Need to Know About the Alabama Senator.  11/18/2016 Cosmopolitan: "He supported Trump when he claimed that voter fraud was the only way that Hillary Clinton could win in Pennsylvania. "Well, there's cheating in every election," Sessions said. According to Zachary Roth in his book The Great Suppression, "studies have found that people are more likely to be struck by lightning than to commit voter impersonation fraud.""

More Democrats Should Be Talking Like Harry Reid Right Now  11/11/2016 Slate: "Reports CNN, “Fears of heightened bigotry and hate crimes have turned into reality for some Americans after Donald Trump’s presidential win.” Fliers at Texas State University said that in the wake of Trump’s victory, it’s time “to organize tar and feather vigilante squads and go arrest and torture those deviant university leaders spouting off all this diversity garbage.” Social media is full of people describing Trump-inspired threats and attacks."

Blight Supremacists  9/27/2016 Snopes: "The warning was issued a decade ago, and its current applicability is questionable." [A conclusion without any supporting materials.]

Activists point fingers at police over suspicious death of Ferguson protester Darren Seals  9/8/2016 Russia Today: "yea 10 detectives pulled me and my 14 year old brother over, pointed guns on us, and told me "choose your enemies wisely""

Ferguson protest leader Darren Seals shot and found dead in a burning car  9/8/2016 Guardian: "Several activists said that some of Seals’ criticisms of the national movement resonated with them. “We all kind of felt like we were kind of getting other people rich and getting other people fame for our oppression,” Masri said. “We were left here to suffer from the systemic abuse from the police. And, like, I don’t care about credit, as long as the job gets done. But the thing is, the job hasn’t got done.” The national movement’s current demands “are in a language that I don’t speak”, his friend and fellow activist Tory Russell said. “This movement jargon, this terminology, are not for working people. The movement is not geared towards working-class black people, and D Seals could always call that out.”

Who killed Ferguson activist Darren Seals?  9/7/2016 WaPo: "Heather De Mian, an activist and livestreamer who remains a mainstay at St. Louis-area demonstrations about policing and who on Tuesday night livestreamed from the vigil, said she was dismayed that, when she arrived on the scene various pieces of debris from the vehicle and what appeared to be shell casings had been left behind by police investigators. “The memorial is constructed on top of his car door, which the police just left there,” De Mian said. “You would think the car door would be important evidence, that there might be fingerprints, you know. The police just left it there.”

A Guide to the Alt-Right, Modern White Supremacists Bolstering Trump  8/28/2016 Alternet: “Immigration is a kind a proxy war—and maybe a last stand—for White Americans, who are undergoing a painful recognition that, unless dramatic action is taken, their grandchildren will live in a country that is alien and hostile.”

Blue Lives Matter: Police Exceptionalism Leading America Toward Second Civil War  7/22/2016 Anti Media: "“The overarching message is that hate crimes will not be tolerated in Louisiana,” Gov. Bel Edwards proclaimed as he signed the nation’s first such bill into law. Perhaps Edwards should re-examine the definition of hate crimes and take a look at the blatant racism spewed by fans and administrators of the Blue Lives Matter Facebook page — consisting of officers past and present, as well as their ardent, unapologetic subservients — who stumble over one another in disturbingly graphic calls for violence against members of the peaceful Black Lives Matter movement."

Is Blue Lives Matter a Racist Hate Group?  7/20/2016 Alternet: "The pro-cop, Trump-linked movement’s main Facebook community is a cesspool of racist rants and violent threats."

Chants Encounter  7/18/2016 Snopes: "A perpetually recirculating video of Black Lives Matter protesters chanting for "dead cops" dates to December 2014 and is unrelated to BLM protest events occurring in July 2016."

A Sheriff Who Called Black Lives Matter ‘Black Slime’ Is Speaking at the Republican Convention  7/18/2016 Mother Jones: "He's referred to Black Lives Matter as "black slime" and "garbage," and he's called Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, and Trayvon Martin "goons," "criminal creep(s)," "criminals" and "co-conspirators in their own demise.""

Sorry Conservatives, New Research from Harvard Shows a Profound Amount of Racism by Police…Not Less of It  7/16/2016 Alternet: "Freyer’s research on police use of lethal force is not a definitive rebuttal or wholesale rejection of the racial disparities that exist in how America’s cops treat black people as compared to whites. For example, it does not disprove that the recent video recorded killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were driven by anti-black racism. Freyer’s conclusions, like other research of this type, speak to macro-level societal phenomenon and not every individual case. While many conservatives are crowing about Freyer’s finding that police may not, in fact, be more likely to use lethal force against black people, they are conveniently refusing to acknowledge how his work providesfurther evidence of anti-black bias (and casual, day-to-day brutality) by the country’s cops."

This Missouri Police Chief Completely Steals The Show at CNN’s Town Hall With a Blistering Reminder of KKK’s Role in Law Enforcement  7/14/2016 Atlanta Black Star: "Kinloch, Missouri police chief Col. K.L. Williams does not shy away from accusations claiming that the KKK has been infiltrating police departments around the country. “When you graduate from that police academy, I guarantee, that you will be indoctrinated in a philosophy that if you don’t tow the line you are going to have some problems,” says Williams. “If you think that racism and white supremacy is not involved in police departments, you better check yourself.”"

Actual white supremacist cops are hiding in plain sight  7/11/2016 Timeline: "Troublingly, the chief concern of the FBI report is that white supremacist infiltration may contribute to “investigative breaches and can jeopardize the safety of law enforcement sources and personnel.” In other words, the priorities are tactical, regarding how the agencies may be affected, rather than what the presence of white supremacist staff might mean for those being policed."

Ku Klux Klan Dreams of Rising Again 150 Years After Founding  6/30/2016 NBC Chicago: "In a series of interviews with The Associated Press, Klan leaders said they feel that U.S. politics are going their way, as a nationalist, us-against-them mentality deepens across the nation. Stopping or limiting immigration — a desire of the Klan dating back to the 1920s — is more of a cause than ever. And leaders say membership has gone up at the twilight of President Barack Obama's second term in office, though few would provide numbers."

Integrante de partido neonazi, actual Presidente del Comité de las Ciudades Modelo en Honduras.  6/24/2016 OFRANEH: "La candidata por el FPO (Partido de la Libertad) para el puesto de Auditora en Austria, la Sra. Barbara Kolm, aparece en varias publicaciones austriacas como la actual presidente de la Comisión para la Adopción de Mejores Practicas (CAMP), de las Ciudades Modelo (ZEDE) en Honduras."

Execution Of Nazi Collaborators In France - 1945  5/25/2016 LiveLeak: "Here we see the execution of three men who disgraced their country and took up arms with the Nazi army after their invasion, they are tried and convicted of inhumane torture of enemy prisoners and executed by firing squad."

Vernell Charles Bing Jr, 22  5/23/2016 EBWiki: "Neighborhood residents said gunfire erupted about 5:50 p.m. after a red Camaro convertible fleeing police collided with a squad car. The Camaro then crashed into the side of a building at East Ninth and Liberty streets. The Camaro driver was shot after he bailed out of the car and fled while limping, residents said."

What Is the Contemporary KKK?  3/3/2016 Slate: "What I learned is that “the KKK” no longer really exists, at least not as the monolithic group of vigilantes it once was. Today, it’s a collection of 30 or so independent groups made up of small local chapters that embrace the KKK “brand” and some of its traditions as a means of appearing more formidable than they are."

Neo-Nazis at Trump rally caught on video roughing up black woman: ‘You’re scum, your time will come!’  3/2/2016 Raw Story: "She said the feeling was eerie and reminded her of historical photos from the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, and she said the white supremacists led a chant that chilled her. “You’re scum, your time will come, you’re scum, your time will come,” Helm said the white nationalists chanted at the demonstrators."

Black and White Race in American Denominations  3/1/2016 NAE: "The statement by Martin Luther King, Jr., that “It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o’clock on Sunday morning” still rings true."

The Koch family’s Nazi ties are more entrenched than you think  1/19/2016 Timeline: "But Fred’s experience in Nazi Germany did not result in a corresponding devotion to anti-fascist activism on the home front. Instead, after building an oil refinery for Hitler, Fred hired a dogmatic Third Reich sympathizer to nanny his sons at home. Which means the Koch brothers were toilet trained by a Nazi."

The KKK Has Infiltrated U.S. Police Departments for Decades  12/19/2015 Alternet: "The injustice of the drug war also falls most heavily on minorities. “More than 60% of the people in prison are now racial and ethnic minorities” and “two-thirds of all persons in prison for drug offenses are people of color.” Clearly, the KKK has had success in establishing a culture within not only police departments but the entire “criminal justice system.” With departments like the LAPD continuing to pretend that racism does not motivate any of its officers, it will be difficult to know just how far the disease of white supremacy has spread into law enforcement."

It's time to admit police have a history of connections with the KKK  12/16/2015 Splinter News: "Larrissa Moore focused her research on police officers with ties to the KKK and found one of the group’s first orders was to infiltrate the police department—“because the laws don’t apply to them if they are the law,” she said. “If you think about the history with the police department, they were pretty much set up to continue white supremacy,” said Moore, who noted the first black law enforcement officials in Georgia were hired in the mid 1940s."

Cold case justice: Inside the hunt for civil rights era killers  12/16/2015 Splinter News: "The urgency of their work, which they called the Cold Case Justice Initiative, has grown more acute as witnesses, relatives and suspects grow old and die, and as the church massacre in Charleston drew grim parallels to the worst atrocities committed decades ago by the Ku Klux Klan. In their telling, the police killings in Ferguson, North Charleston, Chicago and beyond have laid bare not only a continuum of violence that African-Americans have faced for generations, but a culture of impunity that has made justice so elusive."

Police officer fired after photo of him at KKK rally in North Carolina surfaces  9/5/2015 Fox: "“The picture speaks for itself,” Mott said. “I’m standing at a rally against illegal immigration. There’s not much to be said about the picture. I’ve never denied it was me.” The photo was apparently taken at a Klan rally at an undisclosed location in North Carolina last summer. It was said to have been an anti-immigration rally."

Did Religion Make the American Civil War Worse?  8/23/2015 Atlantic: "Above all, it was a time when Christianity allied itself, in the most unambiguous and unconditional fashion, to the actual waging of a war. In 1775, American soldiers sang Yankee Doodle; in 1861, it was Glory, glory, hallelujah! As Stout argues, the Civil War “would require not only a war of troops and armaments … it would have to be augmented by moral and spiritual arguments that could steel millions of men to the bloody business of killing one another...” Stout concentrates on describing how Northerners, in particular, were bloated with this certainty."

America’s Dark History of Supporting Ukrainian Fascists and War Criminals  8/10/2015 SLAVYANGRAD: "The American support of contemporary Ukrainian fascism albeit shocking is in fact not a new political phenomenon. Documents declassified by the CIA under a FOIA request entitled The NAZI War Crimes Declassification Act show that not only was the CIA monitoring Ukrainian fascist groups during and after WWII, it was also actively aiding them and protecting them from prosecution. These and other documents can be found in the CIA’s Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room. The following documents are but a few of the many that pertain to America’s protection of war criminals the world over."

“The Confederate flag still flies overseas”: Endless war, domestic racism and the forgotten history of the stars and bars  7/11/2015 Salon: "With Reconstruction over and Jim Crow segregation installed in every southern State, the Spanish-American War of 1898, in which the U.S. took Cuba and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and the Philippines and Guam in the Pacific, was a key moment in the rehabilitation of the Confederacy. Earlier, when slavery was still a going concern, southerners had yearned to separate Cuba from Spain and turn it into a slave state. Now, conquering the island served a different purpose: a chance to prove their patriotism and reconcile with the North. Southern ports like New Orleans, Charleston, and Tampa were used as staging areas for the invasions of Cuba and Puerto Rico. Northern soldiers passing through New Orleans were glad to see that “grizzled old Confederates” were cheering them on, saluting the Union flag, and happy to send their sons “to fight and die under it.” "

City of Anniston Fires Police Officer For Membership In Hate Group  6/18/2015 SPLC: "The City of Anniston, Alabama, announced this afternoon that it will fire a city police officer following revelations about his membership with the white nationalist hate group League of the South (LOS) first published here at Hatewatch."

Once L.A. County Sheriff's Department star, Paul Tanaka now defined by scandal  5/14/2015 LA Times: "Tanaka rose quickly in the department, but not without controversy. As a sergeant, he was assigned in the 1980s to the Lynwood station, which was shadowed by allegations of excessive force. There, he was tattooed as a member of the Vikings, an unsanctioned group of hard-charging deputies. In 1988, Tanaka was named in a wrongful-death lawsuit after he and four deputies fatally shot an unarmed motorist -- a shooting that sparked angry protests. The county paid the dead man’s family almost $1 million to settle." [The Viking were KKK/Nazis.]

FBI's warning of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement nearly forgotten  5/12/2015 The Griot: by Samuel V. Jones, a former military police captain and currently a professor of law focusing on criminal law at The John Marshall Law School.

Burge Victims Tell of Torture at Hands of 'New-Wave Klan'  4/14/2015 DNA Info: "Cannon compared his treatment to lynchings of African-Americans in the South at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan, saying, "The new-wave Klan wore badges instead of sheets."

Ukraine’s ‘Romantic’ Nazi Storm Troopers  9/15/2014 Consortium News: "This curious description of these symbols for unspeakable evil – the human devastation of the Holocaust and World War II — can be found in the last three paragraphs of the lead story in the Post’s Saturday editions, an article about Ukraine’s Azov battalion which has become best known for waging brutal warfare under Nazi and neo-Nazi insignia."

Leaders talk peace, some Ukrainians contemplate guerrilla war  9/12/2014 WaPo: "In one room, a recruit had emblazoned a swastika above his bed. But Kirt, a former hospitality worker, dismissed questions of ideology, saying that the volunteers — many of them still teenagers — embrace symbols and espouse extremist notions as part of some kind of “romantic” idea."

Amnesty International report confirms major crimes committed by Aidar battalion in Luhansk  9/10/2014 Itar Tass: "The Aidar special unit was formed in May of activists of the radical nationalistic political forces of Ukraine for the participation in the punitive operation in the southeast of Ukraine. According to some information, Aidar is controlled by the leader of the Radical Party of Ukraine, Oleg Lyashko."

Media says Ukraine’s Rada report on probe to Odessa massacre fabricated  9/9/2014 Itar Tass 

Sidestepping Ukraine’s ‘N-Word’ for Nazi  9/6/2014 Consortium News: "The mainstream U.S. media is hazing German Chancellor Merkel and President Obama for sidestepping the “I-word” – invasion – in reference to Russia and Ukraine. But the MSM goes mute on Ukraine’s “N-word” for “Nazi” so as not to disrupt the pro-Kiev “group think,” says Robert Parry."

Ukrainian Government's Neo-Nazi Links  8/26/2014 Telesur: "The key leaders of the Euromaidan movement were former professional boxer Vitaly Klitschko, now mayor of Kiev; Arseniy Yatsenyuk current Prime Minister and member of the Fatherland party and Oleg Tyahnybok, leader of the far-right Svoboda party. Svoboda, Klitschko's Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR) and the Fatherland party have been the greatest political winners from the ousting of Yanukovich, taking over 36 percent of seats in the Rada – Ukraine´s parliament - and becoming the major political alliance backing President Poroshenko."

Ferguson Police Chief Turns To Hannity To Handle His PR  8/14/2014 Crooks and Liars: [Hannity is known to be a Nazi sympathizer.] "Police Chief Thomas Jackson took a breather from all of his responsibilities in Ferguson to make a brief appearance on Hannity. In the few short minutes he spent, he managed to tell the whitebread Fox audience that it was basically just black people being black. He didn't say that in so many words, but it was the message just the same."

Ignoring Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Storm Troopers  8/13/2014 Consortium News: "The U.S.-backed Ukrainian government is knowingly sending neo-Nazi paramilitaries into eastern Ukrainian neighborhoods to attack ethnic Russians who are regarded by some of these storm troopers as “Untermenschen” or subhuman, according to Western press reports."

NYT Discovers Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis at War  8/10/2014 Consortium News: "The New York Times reported almost in passing on Sunday that the Ukrainian government’s offensive against ethnic Russian rebels in the east has unleashed far-right paramilitary militias that have even raised a neo-Nazi banner over the conquered town of Marinka, just west of the rebel stronghold of Donetsk. That might seem like a big story – a U.S.-backed military operation, which has inflicted thousands of mostly civilian casualties, is being spearheaded by neo-Nazis. But the consistent pattern of the mainstream U.S. news media has been – since the start of the Ukraine crisis – to white-out the role of Ukraine’s brown-shirts."

KKK membership sinks 2 Florida cops  7/14/2014 USA Today: "It the second time in five years that Klansmen have been found in the Fruitland Park Police Department. In 2009, Officer James Elkins resigned after photographs showed him in a white robe and pointy hood, and he later admitted he was a leader of the local KKK."

South Carolina approves Confederate flag at Citadel military college in Charleston  6/10/2014 Raw Story: "In an opinion on Tuesday, Solicitor General Robert D. Cook said South Carolina’s 2000 “Heritage Act” protects “monuments and memorials honoring the gallantry and sacrifice in this state’s various wars.”

Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine  5/11/2014 Christopher Bollyn: "Added recent video of U.S. Asst. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (wife of Neo-Con Robert Kagan, founder of the PNAC group that called for a U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2000) being grilled by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) about the role of Neo-Nazis in the violent putsch in Kiev in which the elected Ukrainian government was ousted on February 21-22, 2014. Nuland tries to avoid answering Rohrabacher by saying the majority of the people in the Maidan were "peaceful protestors" - but it was certainly not peaceful protestors who overthrew the elected government in Kiev using fire-bombs and trained snipers.'

Neo-Nazis march in Lvov 'in honor' of Ukrainian Waffen SS division (PHOTOS)  4/28/2014 RT: "Around five hundred neo-Nazi supporters took to the streets in the center of the city on Sunday to celebrate the creation of the 14th SS-Volunteer Division ‘Galician’ on April 28, 1943. Many of the participants wore embroidered national Ukrainian shirts and held SS Galician divisional insignias (a yellow lion and three crowns on a blue background) in their hands."

Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Imperative  4/20/2014 Consortium News: "Although real-time reports from the scene in February chronicled armed and organized militias associated with the neo-Nazi Svoboda party and the Right Sektor attacking police with firebombs and light weapons, that information soon became a threat to the Western propaganda theme that Yanukovych fled simply because peaceful protesters occupied the Maidan square. So, the more troubling history soon disappeared into the memory hole, dismissed as “Russian propaganda.” The focus of the biased U.S. news media is now on the anti-Kiev militants in the Russian-ethnic areas of eastern Ukraine who have rejected the authority of the coup regime and are insisting on regional autonomy."

SPLC Report: Nearly 100 Murdered by Stormfront Users  4/17/2014 Southern Poverty: "Almost 100 people were murdered over the last five years by registered users of Stormfront, the largest racist Web forum in the world, according to a report released today by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The forum in effect acts to nurture budding killers and give them moral support, the report says."

Behind Russia's 'Neo-Nazi' Propaganda Campaign in Ukraine  4/1/2014 US News: "The Russian government’s assertions that Ukraine is falling into the hands of violent and widespread neo-Nazi thugs is not just an exaggeration, but entirely baseless, according to observers in Kiev."

Ukraine’s Inconvenient Neo-Nazis  3/30/2014 Consortium News: "When Ukrainian neo-Nazis – infuriated over the killing of an ultranationalist leader – surrounded the Parliament in Kiev, the incident presented a problem for the U.S. news media which has been trying to airbrush the neo-Nazis out of the Ukraine narrative, Robert Parry reports."

Seven Decades of Nazi Collaboration: America’s Dirty Little Ukraine Secret  3/28/2014 The Nation: Interview with Russ Bellant - "As the Ukrainian crisis has unfolded over the past few weeks, it’s hard for Americans not to see Vladimir Putin as the big villain. But the history of the region is a history of competing villains vying against one another; and one school of villains—the Nazis—have a long history of engagement with the United States, mostly below the radar, but occasionally exposed, as they were by Russ Bellant in his book Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party (South End Press, 1991). Bellant's exposure of émigré Nazi leaders from Germany's World War II allies in the 1988 Bush presidential campaign was the driving force in the announced resignation of nine individuals, two of them from Ukraine, which is why he was the logical choice to illuminate the scattered mentions of Nazi and fascist elements among the Ukrainian nationalists, which somehow never seems to warrant further comment or explanation."

Ukraine's Phantom Neo-Nazi Menace  3/26/2014 Atlantic: “When was the last time you personally experienced anti-Semitism?” I asked the executive director of the organized Jewish community for the city of Kiev. He gave me a puzzled look. “You mean, called me a Zhid or something like that?” “Anything.” He thought for a moment. “Back in Soviet times.”

EU's acceptance of Ukraine's radical Svoboda party is shameful  3/24/2014 Euractiv: "Dieter Spöri is a former member of the SPD-group in the German Bundestag. From 1992 to 1996 Spöri served as minister of economic affairs and deputy prime minister of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. He is honorary president of the European Movement Germany."

Is the U.S. Backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?  3/24/2014 Alternet: "“There are lots of Nationalists here, including Nazis,” the anti-fascist continued. “They came from all over Ukraine, and they make up about 30% of protesters.” One of the “Big Three” political parties behind the protests is the ultra-nationalist Svoboda, whose leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, has called for the liberation of his country from the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.” After the 2010 conviction of the Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk for his supporting role in the death of nearly 30,000 people at the Sobibor camp, Tyahnybok rushed to Germany to declare him a hero who was “fighting for truth.” In the Ukrainian parliament, where Svoboda holds an unprecedented 37 seats, Tyahnybok’s deputy Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn is fond of quoting Joseph Goebbels – he has even founded a think tank originally called “the Joseph Goebbels Political Research Center.” According to Per Anders Rudling, a leading academic expert on European neo-fascism, the self-described “socialist nationalist” Mykhalchyshyn is the main link between Svoboda’s official wing and neo-Nazi militias like Right Sector."

Financial Terrorist George Soros Totally Fingered in Nazi Paperclip Ukrainian Coup  3/16/2014 Tom Henegan: "Billionaire investor/activist George Soros has a giant footprint in Ukraine. Similar to his operations in dozens of other nations, he has, over the past couple of decades, poured tens of millions of dollars into Ukrainian non-governmental organizations (NGOs), ostensibly to assist them in transforming their country into a more “open” and “democratic” society."

University of Chicago Neo-Nazi Neo-Cons: Obama, Nuland And Ukraine  3/15/2014 Countercurrents 

Neo-Nazis Pour Into Kiev  2/28/2014 Daily Beast: "Amongst the fascists, ultra-nationalists, and racists in Europe, there has been much griping that the revolt in Ukraine has been overtaken, if not controlled from the outset, by “CIA/ZOG [Zionist Occupied Government]/Soros-sponsored” forces. The Euroscepticism of the continent’s far-right movements has produced a skepticism of the uprising’s much-discussed Europhile mainstream. But Pro-Yanukovych forces and the former president’s Kremlin allies have heavily promoted an alternative narrative—one that Hagberg and his allies happily embrace—suggesting that the protest movement is in fact honeycombed with dangerous neo-Nazis affiliated with the extremist Ukrainian political parties Svoboda and Right Sector. Therefore, Western supporters of the protests, like John Mccain, are agitating on behalf of violent Ukrainian fascism."

Is the US backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine?  2/25/2014 Salon: "As the Euromaidan protests in the Ukrainian capitol of Kiev culminated this week, displays of open fascism and neo-Nazi extremism became too glaring to ignore. Since demonstrators filled the downtown square to battle Ukrainian riot police and demand the ouster of the corruption-stained, pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovich, it has been filled with far-right streetfighting men pledging to defend their country’s ethnic purity. White supremacist banners and Confederate flags were draped inside Kiev’s occupied City Hall, and demonstrators have hoisted Nazi SS and white power symbols over a toppled memorial to V.I. Lenin. After Yanukovich fled his palatial estate by helicopter, EuroMaidan protesters destroyed a memorial to Ukrainians who died battling German occupation during World War II. Sieg heil salutes and the Nazi Wolfsangel symbol have become an increasingly common site in Maidan Square, and neo-Nazi forces have established “autonomous zones” in and around Kiev."

Why Non-Slaveholding Southerners Fought  1/25/2011 Civil War Trust: "Southern clergy defended the morality of slavery through an elaborate scriptural defense built on the infallibility of the Bible, which they held up as the universal and objective standard for moral issues. Religious messages from pulpit and from a growing religious press accounted in large part for the extreme, uncompromising, ideological atmosphere of the time."

Cold Case: Rayville man implicated in Frank Morris case  1/12/2011 Concordia Sentinel, LA: "My dad said they could hear a stirring in the place, then a man came out," said Boo Spencer, 41. Boo Spencer said his father told him the man in the shoe shop -- Morris -- "was doused with gasoline and started to run." Then one of the Klansmen shouted, "Run, nigger, run."

Joe Wilson's Strange Friends  9/14/2009 Max Blumenthal: "The controversial congressman has been a member of Sons of Confederate Veterans. Max Blumenthal, author of the just-published Republican Gomorrah, asks: Did he remain so even after it became a hate group?"

Race and Class in Civil War Mississippi  7/31/2009 John Spritzler: "On March 8, 1864 Captain A.F. Ramsey of the Confederacy's 3rd Mississippi Regiment wrote to Major J.C. Denis, the regional provost marshal about an attack on a Confederate installation in New Augusta, Mississippi. Of the attackers, Ramsey wrote, "They stated they were in regular communication with the Yankees, were fighting for the Union, and would have peace or hell by August. They told the negros they were free." The attackers were natives of Mississippi, not Yankees. They were whites--the sort of whites that were called "poor white trash" by the "better" folk of the Confederacy. They came from Jones County and nearby counties of rural Mississippi, where they were small "yeoman" farmers who owned no slaves and were proud of that fact. They farmed small plots of land, and as fugitives who had been conscripted into and then deserted from the Confederate Army, they hid in the swamps around their farms."

Jeff Sessions's chequered past  5/5/2009 The Guardian: "As Lani Guinier lays out in her book Lift Every Voice, before 1965 there were "virtually no blacks registered to vote in the 10 western Black Belt counties of Albama". But by the 1980s that had started to change. Through the massive get-out-the-vote efforts of three leaders – including a former aid to Martin Luther King – black voter turnout began to creep toward 80%, and a handful of black legislators were elected. That's where Sessions stepped in, charging three voting rights organisers with voter fraud. All three were quickly acquitted. Sessions's choice to focus on their efforts looked a lot less like good governance and a lot more like voter intimidation."

Southerners looking to share their Confederate holiday  3/22/2009 Chicago Tribune: "With the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States in 2011, efforts are under way in statehouses, small towns and counties across the South to push for proclamations or legislation promoting Confederate history. Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana and Florida traditionally observe Confederate History Month in April. Georgia, which has recognized it by proclamation since 1995, recently passed a bill in the state Senate making it official. Most Southern states recognize Confederate Memorial Day as a legal holiday. Some celebrate it on the June birthday of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, but Texas and Arkansas observe it on Jan. 19, the federal holiday for slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. More than 1,000 municipalities celebrate the holiday with parades and festivals, said Charles McMichael, commander in chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and efforts are under way to spread it nationwide, state by state."

“Souvenirs” from Savannah, Georgia  2/9/2009 The Society Pages: "But, newly made, currently produced reproductions of Black women slaves, as salt shakers and magnets? How is that alright? To me this is almost as creepy as if they were selling Klu Klux Klan robe magnets. Is it that as a Northerner I’m more uncomfortable around issues of slavery, than, say, a Southerner would be? I feel a similiar way when I see confederate flags outside of their historical context– and there were plenty those for sale in tourist stores as well."

Moscow seeks UN help to root out racism  11/19/2008 Russia Today: "In our view, it is totally inadmissible to glorify those who were involved in Nazi crimes, including whitewashing former SS members, such as the Waffen-SS unit that has been recognised as criminal by the Nuremberg Tribunal," said the Russian diplomat. Russia has repeatedly criticized some of the Baltic States and Ukraine for honouring its war veterans who served on the side of the Nazis."

Lithuanian Nazis become partisans?  10/3/2008 Ria Novosty: "Today, there are 2,800 Jews left in Lithuania. Still, the country's government is unable to ensure their security. In recent years, many friends turned into enemies. Since last September, Lithuania's Prosecutor's Office has been demanding extradition of a former member of Lithuanian NKVD (former Commissariat for Internal Affairs), Yitzhak Arad, from Israel, to sue him for killing Nazi collaborationists, who are now proudly called "partisans." The government is making every effort to put together the crimes committed by the Soviets and the Nazis, and have eventually made "Soviet" a synonym for "Nazi."

Project Hammer Reloaded  8/6/2007 Nexus: "Riches looted by the Nazis and Japanese during WWII and recovered by the United States OSS and CIA have been used to finance secret government projects over the decades and save major banks from insolvency."

PRINCES OF PLUNDER  8/6/2007 Nexus: published 2/05 - "A furious Colonel Tucker, the regimental commander of the American 504th – that had secured the bridge, vehemently argued there was no time to waste before the Germans reinforced and that the British must grab the chance to reinforce Frost at Arnhem. Immune to these arguments, the English Major repeated “Well, we can’t move our tanks at night,” and then added “We will move them in the morning.” 33 The next morning, as expected, the whole area was heavy with German armoured reinforcements. Cornelius Ryan does not name the Grenadier Guards Major in his book, which is unusual… The Grenadier Guards officer he was referring to was Major Peter Alexander Rupert Smith, of the extremely powerful and influential Smith family - an almost publicly unknown dynasty of bankers that dates back 350 years. It was in the 1650’s when Thomas Smith founded Samuel Smith & Co, Bankers in Nottingham, which is believed to have been the first English bank headquartered outside of London. Successive generations of Smiths ensured that the family business flourished and by 1902 a total of ten branches were operating. Not only did a leading member of the family befriended Lord Rothschild, but a family member later married a Rothschild. A further dynastic marriage was to the well-known Baring family of bankers. Their influence kept on expanding and expanding. Frances Dora Smith married Sir Claude Lyon-Bowes, who were the grandparents of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon who would marry Prince Albert (Bertie) in 1923. Prince Albert became King George V1 in 1936 and Elizabeth become Queen Elizabeth 1 - later known as the Queen Mother. Frances Dora Smith married Sir Claude Lyon-Bowes, who were the grandparents of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon who married Prince Albert (Bertie) in 1923. Prince Albert became King George V1 in 1936 and Elizabeth become Queen Elizabeth 1 - later known as the Queen Mother. In recent years, newspaper article concerning the Queen Mothers favourable attitude to the “pro-peace movement” spoke of her “desire to avert war with Germany and for closer ties to be established between the two countries.” 36 One newspaper went so far as to state that the Queen would have willingly accepted a German occupation providing that the monarchy and her place in it remained intact.37 Her brother, David Bowes-Lyon, to whom she was exceptionally close was, before the war, a director of Lazard Brothers bankers and who also held an “important but vaguely defined role in SOE.”38 The Lazard’s connection is significant inasmuch as this bank was a link to pro-Nazi Sir Henri Deterding of Royal Dutch Shell and Viscount Bearsted of Hill Samuel, both of whom connect to Baron Kurt von Schroder – a hard core Nazi, a financier of SS chief Heinrich Himmler and a leading member of the “circle of friends of the Reichsfuhrer.” Von Schroder coincidentally employed Allen Dulles as his American attorney. 39 He was also a director of Lazard Brothers and a member of the Anglo-German Fellowship, which was founded in 1935 by German banker Ernest Tennant - a close friend of Hitler’s Foreign Minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop - and had numerous members who admired Hitler. Some, went even further. For example, Sir Oswald Mosley founded the fascist British Black shirts, which was funded by Berlin. Another was nazi enthusiast, Admiral Sir Barry Domville, who would later become a Shickshinny Knight 40. Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe Coburg & Gotha was sent by Hitler to England to be the President of the Fellowship with instructions to improve Anglo-German relations and to push for an alliance between both countries. Another member was the Duke of Hamilton, who as we have seen, was the British point of contact sought by Rudolf Hess in his flight to Scotland. Saxe Coburg Gotha is, of course, the real family name of the British royal family, who changed to Windsor during the First World War to dilute any expressions of animosity by the British public."

Ghost Skins: the Fascist Path of Stealth  10/17/2006 FBI 

White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement  10/17/2006 FBI 

The Bush administration is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act  7/27/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: last entry for July 27, 2006 - "The Bush administration is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by authorizing the Defense Department to pay $1 million to a former Special Forces legal adviser to find ways to limit FOIA and rein in state freedom of information acts to comply with a much more restrictive Federal access to information policy. The Pentagon is paying Dr. Jeffrey Addicott's St. Mary's University School of Law in San Antonio, Texas the million dollars to find out new ways for the federal government to classify previously open government information in the name of protecting it from access by "terrorists." Pentagon funding for the FOIA scale-back program is being laundered through the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, New York. Addicott's mission is to create a model designed to prevent the public and the media from having access to currently public federal and state government information, including information on environmental hazards and homeland security information. Addicott, as previously reported by WMR, has been associated with neo-confederate causes, including the Sons of Confederate Veterans.''

A few bad apples?  6/2/2006 Socialist Worker: "The chapter "Cops and Klan, Hand in Hand" describes the historic role police have played in upholding segregation and racism. The KKK generally operated with the full support of police, who were often members. In some instances, whole Klaverns were deputized to terrorize communities and thwart organizing, particularly attempts at Black-white unity and labor organization."

The Cartoons and the Neocon - Daniel Pipes and the Danish Editor  2/15/2006 CounterPunch: "So, let’s look at the guy who started this whole cartoon escapade. He’s Flemming Rose, the cultural editor of the Danish newspaper. In all of the Lexis-Nexis database of stories from the American media on the Mohammed cartoons, there is absolutely no mention of the fact that Rose is a close confederate of arch-Islamophobe Daniel Pipes. Indeed, there is almost no context at all about Rose’s newspaper. On a brief mention in the Washington Post gave a hint at a fact desperately needed to understand the situation. The Post described the affair as “a calculated insult … by a right-wing newspaper in a country where bigotry toward the minority Muslim population is a major, if frequently unacknowledged, problem.” How bad is Pipes? He wants the utter military obliteration of the Palestinians; indeed, from the Muslim world, his racism is about as blatant as that of the Holocaust denying Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Pipes’ frequent outbursts of racism -- designed to toss gasoline on the neo-cons’ lust for a wholesale conflict of cultures -- earned him a Bush nomination to the U.S. Institute of Peace, a congressionally funded think tank. Rose came to America to commune with Pipes in 2004, and it was after that meeting the cartoon gambit materialized."

Jack Abramoff's past as a South African spy  1/21/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: [scroll down to Jan 21, 2006] "rding to South African intelligence sources, convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff was a long-time intelligence asset for South Africa's apartheid era security services. The revelations from South Africa help to explain Abramoff's connections to white supremacists who use Confederate heritage organizations to mask their true agendas (see article directly below). In 1985, Abramoff launched the International Freedom Foundation (IFF) in Washington. In fact, IFF was a front for South African military intelligence, code named Pacman, and a major front for South Africa's international propaganda efforts. The IFF was a joint project of Russel Crystal, currently a Democratic Alliance official in South Africa, and a former apartheid South Africa top spy, Craig Williamson. According to South African intelligence sources, Abramoff was first recruited by Crystal and Williamson during 1979 and 1980. Crystal and Williamson were both paid agents of the Apartheid Security Police (SAP (V)). Money paid to Abramoff initially came from SAP(V) accounts."

Attempt to use the Confederate Memorial Museum in Washington, DC to hold a honorary reception for "Freedom Fighter Groups" tied to the International Freedom Foundation led by Jack Abramoff and funded by South Africa's apartheid government.  12/19/2005 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll down to December 19, 2005: "According to those familiar with the Conservative Network, it was the template for the future "K Street Project," an attempt to purge the Federal government, including Federal regulatory agencies, as well as lobbying firms, law firms, and media of liberals and replace them with right-wing functionaries. This has resulted in the infiltration of the Federal government by individuals associated with white supremacist and neo-Nazi organizations. The Conservative Network was headed by retired Rear Admiral James Carey, who, at the same time he was a member of the Federal Maritime Commission, was asked by the Reagan White House Office of Presidential Personnel to "establish a professional forum for the Senate Confirmed Presidential Appointees to regularly meet, socialize, network and communicate with one another." Carey became Vice Chairman of the FMC in 1985 and was appointed by George H. W. Bush as chairman in 1989. Carey's appointment was handled by J. Michael Farrell, the Deputy Director of the Office of Presidential Personnel for Boards and Commissions. One of Farrell's other nominations was that of Kenneth Tomlinson as chairman of the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science, which Farrell also chaired under George H. W. Bush. Tomlinson recently resigned as the chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting after it was discovered he hired outside right-wing consultants to develop a black list of suspected "liberals," including Bill Moyers, Diane Rehm, and Tavis Smiley."

An Interview with Elaine Brown - A Former Panther's Georgia Campaign  10/15/2005 CounterPunch: "More than half of the residents of Brunswick, with a population of 16,000, are Black. Yet if Brown wins, she will be the first Black mayor of Brunswick. She's running against Republican Mayor Bradford Brown, who takes pride in being a lieutenant colonel in the Sons of Confederate Veterans."

Proof of white supremacist and extreme right-wing penetration of Federal regulatory agencies emerges  8/19/2005 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll down, this will eventually go to archive - "WMR has obtained a copy of a July 1986 newsletter from the Conservative Network, which shows that there was attempt to use the Confederate Memorial Museum in Washington, DC to hold a honorary reception for "Freedom Fighter Groups" tied to the International Freedom Forum led by Jack Abramoff and funded by South Africa's apartheid government. ...According to those familiar with the Conservative Network, it was the template for the future "K Street Project," an attempt to purge the Federal government, including Federal regulatory agencies, as well as lobbying firms, law firms, and media of liberals and replace them with right-wing functionaries. This has resulted in the infiltration of the Federal government by individuals associated with white supremacist and neo-Nazi organizations."

Spreading the virus  2/15/2005 Orcinus: "I think, thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center, it is now clearer to everyone that the Washington Times not only dallies with racists, it is, at its core (as Atrios suggests), a racist propaganda organ, being led from the top by neo-Confederates and similar kinds of right-wing extremists, its staff similarly riddled with the like-minded. As if to erase any doubts remaining in the wake of the SPLC's devastating report, the Times recently ran a "special report" warning that immigrants were also bringing with them a fresh tide of "imported diseases""

Nazi commander 'was CIA agent'  6/13/2004 News 24, South Africa: "Niznansky is accused over the massacre of 146 people in two villages in modern-day Slovakia and later of ordering the execution of 18 Jews. He was arrested in January after a probe by Czech and Slovak officials. In its edition on sale on Monday, Focus said he collaborated with the CIA just after he recruited by the Czech secret service in 1947 to keep tabs on the communist opposition in Austria. He supplied the Americans with codenames, the addresses of safe houses and helped turn in enemy agents, according to the documents. Niznansky lived unnoticed for years in Munich where he used to work for Radio Free Europe until he obtained German citizenship in 1996. In early 1945, Niznansky was the commander of the Slovakian section of a Nazi unit codenamed Edelweiss that was tasked with hunting resistance fighters after an attempted uprising."

North Utah Faces Influx of Racists  4/4/2003 NYT: "Law enforcement officials here and in other towns in northern Utah say they are grappling with a marked increase in crimes committed by men who joined white supremacist gangs while in prison and who, once released and bound by ideology and kinship, have settled in the area to pursue lives of crime. "They're connecting with people of like mind," said Greg Whinham, the police chief here in Roy, an Ogden suburb of about 35,000 residents between the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. "The mentality of white supremacy is rampant in the prison system, and now we're seeing it in the streets." …Kirk Egan, the intelligence chief for the Utah Department of Corrections, tracks gang members among the system's approximately 6,000 inmates. "White supremacy has absolutely exploded within our prison system since the mid-1990's," he said. "And it's growing all over the nation." Gangs on the rise include the Aryan Circle and the White Aryan Resistance, in Arkansas; the Southern Brotherhood, in Alabama; the Nazi Low Riders, in California and Nevada; and Soldiers of the Aryan Culture, in Utah. One of the largest white prison gangs, World Church of the Creator, founded in Illinois and active here and in other states, has been tough to control, the authorities say, because of its religious underpinnings, which allow its members to gather for meetings in prison."

A Chicano Looks at the Trent Lott Affair  1/16/2003 Black Commentary: "It is a little known fact that during the Reagan-Bush retrenchment a Neo-Confederate movement emerged across the Deep South. Lott was a key player and often boasted that Republican Party programs were reviving "the spirit of Jefferson Davis," the former president of the Confederacy. The Council of Conservative Citizens, known as the "uptown Klan," was a direct descendant of the radical segregationist White Citizens' Councils of the 1950s. What does all this have to do with Mexicans and other Spanish-speaking groups? Over the last decade, Mexican and Latino immigrants have moved in large numbers into the old Confederacy. According to the most recent census, the increase in Latinos between 1990 and 2000 in North Carolina was 393.9%, in Arkansas 323.3%, in Georgia 299.6%, and in Tennessee 278.2%. In Lott's home state, the number of Latinos more than doubled. Whereas in 1990 only 19 of the state's 82 counties had 200 or more Latino residents, by 2000 more than half or 48 counties had 200 or more. And these numbers are probably too low given the census bureau's track record of undercounting Latinos."

Trent Lott: Repeat Offender  12/12/2002 CounterPunch: "The Jefferson Davis reference was telling. Lott has something of an obsession with the former President of the breakaway Confederate States of America. In the late 1970s, Lott spearheaded a successful campaign to have Davis' citizenship retroactively restored. More recently, Lott fought to gain custody of the desk Davis used during his Confederate reign, so that it could furnish Lott's Senate offices in Washington."

Neo-Nazi leader 'was MI6 agent'  8/13/2002 Guardian: "Germany's most notorious postwar neo-Nazi party was led by an intelligence agent working for the British, according to both published and unpublished German sources. The alleged agent - the late Adolf von Thadden - came closer than anyone to giving the far-right real influence over postwar German politics."

Enquête sur le néonazi qui a voulu tuer Chirac  7/15/2002 Le Monde: French police check up on would-be assassins nazi connections - "Membre d'un groupuscule de l'extrême droite radicale, l'homme qui a tenté de tirer sur Jacques Chirac pendant le défilé du 14-Juillet avait acheté une carabine et loué une voiture pour commettre son attentat. La brigade criminelle cherche à savoir si son acte a été préparé avec des complices."

Roosevelt ordered surveillance of Windsors  6/29/2002 Guardian, UK: "President Roosevelt personally ordered covert surveillance on the Duke and Duchess of Windsor during the second world war after receiving intelligence that the duchess had been passing secrets to a top Nazi with whom she was alleged to have had a tempestous affair, according to documents released to the Guardian by the FBI."

Heir to the Holocaust  5/1/2002 Clamor Magazine, US: "Prescott Bush, 1.5 Million Dollars, and Auschwitz: How the Bush Family Wealth is Linked to the Jewish Holocaust… According to classified documents from Dutch intelligence and US government archives, President George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush made considerable profits off Auschwitz slave labor. In fact, President Bush himself is an heir to these profits from the holocaust which were placed in a blind trust in 1980 by his father, former president George Herbert Walker Bush. Throughout the Bush family's decades of public life, the American press has gone out of its way to overlook one historical fact – that through Union Banking Corporation (UBC), Prescott Bush, and his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker, along with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen, financed Adolf Hitler before and during World War II. It was first reported in 1994 by John Loftus and Mark Aarons in The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People."

Unlikely Allies Bound by a Common Hatred  4/29/2002 Washington Post: "By his account, a group of aging SS officers and members of Hitler's personal guard who meet every few weeks in the German state of Bavaria for beer and conversation recently bestowed the title "honorary Prussian" on bin Laden. They praised his "valiant fight" against the United States, Huber said. One of the members called Huber after the meeting to tell him that henceforth they had decided to call the al Qaeda leader "Herr von Laden," Huber said."

Missourian played key role in old-time eugenics movement  4/27/2002 Kansas City Star: the Eugenics laws were used to sterilize many people of color, such as Abnaki in Vermont. "With the passage of its law came similar laws in 35 other states, sterilizing 40,000 to 60,000 Americans…. And in 1933, Nazi Germany used Laughlin's sterilization law as the blueprint for the Nuremberg Laws under which 350,000 "unfit" German citizens were sterilized." Just as Hitler was a great admirer of the American Indian policy, which the Israeli are attempting to implement in Palestine, with the backing of an America still nostalgic for its colonial past. Not just the so-called feebleminded, but alcoholics and paupers, prostitutes and hobos, common criminals, hemophiliacs, diabetics, epileptics, the mentally ill, the physically deformed, the blind, the deaf, orphans -- people who, it was determined, should be sterilized, lest their children inherit their "degenerate weaknesses" and further drain society."

Anti-Nazi veteran not allowed to enter Ramallah  4/6/2002 Irish Times: "Mr Manolis Glezos, the Greek resistance fighter who in 1941 pulled down the Nazi flag flying from the Parthenon, strode confidently at the head of the Greek delegation in spite of his 82 years. "His presence is meant to send a message to an indifferent world about what is happening in Palestine," a member of the Greek delegation said."

Vatican Still Has Much To Answer For On The Holocaust  2/24/2002 Black World Today: "In 1998, the church made a mild stab at public atonement for past injustices when it formally apologized for centuries of Catholic anti-Semitism and the failure to combat Nazi persecution of the Jews. But the Vatican made no mention of Pius XII's stone silence on Nazi atrocities. And it's this continuing blind spot that riles many Jewish and church scholars." Silence on nazi links, silence on pederast priests.

Ratlines:The CIA &The Nazis  2/10/2002 Ratlines: "In 1945 the navy captured documents from the Nazi oil cartel, Kontinentale Ol A. G. Konti headed by former Reichsbank officer Karl Blessing. A young naval officer was assigned to review those Konti documents. Allen Dulles had personally vouched for Blessing's as an anti-Nazi. If Blessing would have went down as a war criminal and a Nazi, Dulles and his clients would go down as traitors. Dulles personally asked the young naval officer to keep quiet about those documents in exchange for financing the young man's first congressional race, thus was launched the political career of Richard Nixon. (The Secret War Against The Jews, John Loftus, Mark Aarons, St Martin's Griffin, 1994,, p221)."

The Blond Beast Returns  2/8/2002 Gamla, Israel: For Israelis, all criticism is Nazi propaganda? And Sharon is a patient man of peace???

Documents Show Nazis Planned to Eliminate Christianity  1/10/2002 Fox News 

Author links Bush family to Nazis  12/30/2001 Sarasota Herald Tribune: This story came out 11/11/00 and was completely ignored. And Loftus knows what he is talking about: "The president of the Florida Holocaust Museum said Saturday that George W. Bush's grandfather derived a portion of his personal fortune through his affiliation with a Nazi-controlled bank. John Loftus, a former prosecutor in the Justice Department's Nazi War Crimes Unit, said his research found that Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a principal in the Union Banking Corp. in Manhattan in the late 1930s and the 1940s. Leading Nazi industrialists secretly owned the bank at that time, Loftus said, and were moving money into it through a second bank in Holland even after the United States declared war on Germany. The bank was liquidated in 1951, Loftus said, and Bush's grandfather and great-grandfather received $1.5 million from the bank as part of that dissolution."

The Ties That Bind  12/2/2001 Southern Poverty 

The king of Greater Afghanistan  11/30/2001 Guardian, UK: "What is interesting in the German dispatch is not so much the evidence of the Afghan king's sympathy for the Nazi regime. It is the desire for a Greater Afghanistan via the incorporation of what is now Pakistan's North West Frontier province and its capital Peshawar. Zahir Shah's return is being strongly resisted by Pakistan. They know that the king never accepted the Durand Line, dividing Afghanistan and Pakistan, not even as a temporary border. They are concerned that he might encourage Pashtun nationalism."

The far-right fallout  11/30/2001 McLean's, Canada: "The planes that toppled the World Trade Center have helped Andrews and other self-described "racial nationalists" to advance their anti-immigrant domestic agenda. The fact that Canadian troops are serving in the war on terror in Afghanistan helps even more, he maintains. "We can bask in glory because once they lose some men over there, they'll have to come back and close the borders and look at what kind of society they want to build," says Andrews, who immigrated to Canada from Yugoslavia in 1952. "Overall, for the country's culture and preservation of the European heritage, it is a good thing."

Neo-Nazis to March in DC  11/30/2001 Youth Leadership Support Net 

Abortion Clinics on New Net Alert  11/29/2001 Wired, US 

Anthrax Hoaxer On Most-wanted List  11/29/2001 AP: Ashcroft had to target this violent anti-abortionist after he claimed responsibility. It wasn't on the radar screen prior to this. 11/30

Far-Right Recruiting Drive  11/26/2001 Mother Jones 

Fugitive abortion foe: I sent anthrax threats  11/25/2001 Pittsburgh Post Gaazette 

Wrong Time For Police Agencies To Ignore Hate Crimes  11/21/2001 Black World Today 

Hate groups try to capitalize on Sept. 11  11/21/2001 Christian Science Monitor 

Germans fear neo-Nazi link with Islamists  11/17/2001 Guardian, UK: October article, but still topical: "Neo-Nazi groups applauded the 11 September suicide attacks on the United States, and thanked the terrorists for 'knocking out' the 'common enemy': Americans and global capitalism. A message on the website of Horst Mahler, the former extreme-left Red Army Faction guerrilla who recently emerged as the leading ideologue of extreme-right academics, congratulated the terrorists and expressed solidarity with Islamic militants."

Following the money  11/17/2001 US News & World Report: "Huber said in an interview that by targeting Al Taqwa and Al Barakaat, Washington is doing the bidding of "Jew Zionists" who now "rule America." A 74-year-old Holocaust denier and convert to Islam, Huber says Swiss authorities searched his house near Bern and questioned him last week. He told U.S. News that he was introduced to bin Laden activists during Islamic conferences in London, Beirut, and Brussels, the last time in either 1997 or 1998."

Al Qaeda Reaching Out To Non-Islamic Militant Groups  11/16/2001 Pacific News Service: "Interpol investigators suspect that the point of contact between Al Qaeda and the European neo-Nazis is Ahmed Huber, a flamboyant former Swiss journalist, now a businessman, who converted to Islam in the 1960s. Huber, according to Rome's La Repubblica, is a member of the board of directors of Nada Management, Al Qaeda's financial arm in continental Europe. According to the Financial Times, Huber has also worked to forge ties between Islamic fundamentalists and neo-Nazi movements in Switzerland and Germany. In Germany, representatives from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, a sort of Homeland Security Office, believe that Huber is part of a revisionist movement that maintains the Holocaust never happened. Huber considers himself a mediator between Islam and right-wing groups. A spokesperson for National Democratic Party, Germany's leading far-right political party, said recently that Huber has often been a major attraction at NPD rallies. Huber himself confirmed that he had already had some contact with associates of Osama bin Laden at an Islamic conference in Beirut, according to European media."

NAZI GROUP SEES EXPLOSIVE GROWTH IN WAKE OF SEPTEMBER 11 ATTACKS.NATIONAL ALLIANCE SEES NUMBERS TRIPLE AS PROTESTS SHOW STRENGTH  11/15/2001 Pravda: "Since Muslims blew up the New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon in protest of America’s support for Israel, it’s support of “moderate” Muslim regimes so they won’t attack Israel, and it’s blockade of Iraq to keep it from becoming a regional competitor to Israel, the National Alliance has been the only voice on the American political landscape to both protest America’s foreign policy, protest the new anti-civil liberties measures, and to connect those issues with America’s Jewish minority – the group that all political observers know have foisted these policies on America, but which no political observers will speak about. Its honesty has brought it profit. A group that beforehand had, according to a recent public statement, had 170,000 people a week downloading its radio broadcasts, now reports that traffic has doubled – presumably to more than 340,000 downloads per week – and that its membership, which had already begun to pick up after decades of slump, is skyrocketing – tripling in new applications since the attacks."

Possible Link Between Al Qaeda and Far-Right Racists  11/15/2001 Village Voice: "A spokesman for Germany's office for the protection of the constitution, the internal intelligence agency, told FT yesterday that Huber "sees himself as a mediator between Islam and right-wing groups." The police claim he has ties to the revisionist movement, which claims the holocaust doesn’t exist. A spokesman for NPD, a big far-right party in Germany, said Huber often addressed NPD events."

New Jersey Trooper Billboards Ask for Praise, Not Profiling Complaints  11/13/2001 AP: We have documented the role of Nazi cells in the New Jersey State Police.

The Arab/Muslim Nazi Connection  11/11/2001 Middle East Digest, Christian Action for Israel: "To show gratitude towards his hosts, in 1943 the Mufti travelled several times to Bosnia, where on orders of the SS he recruited the notorious "Hanjar troopers," a special Bosnian Waffen SS company which slaugh-tered 90% of Bosnia’s Jews and burned countless Serbian churches and villages. These Bosnian Muslim recruits rapidly found favor with SS chief H\einrich Himmler, who established a special Mullah Military school in Dresden."

The Role of the SS Handschar division in Yugoslavia's Holocaust  11/11/2001 Flame, Ireland 

Postwar Arab links to the ODESSA network  11/11/2001 Flame, Ireland 

New Direction in Search for Anthrax Culprit  11/10/2001 Debka: Debka's usual mix of fact and fiction, focusing on Iraqui and Hizbollah links to South American Nazis.

ADL Says U.S. -Based Anti-Semites Are Feeding Sept. 11 Rumor Mill  11/9/2001 NewsWire 

High Priority To Anti-Abortion Anthrax Mail  11/9/2001 Women's e-News 

White Pride World Wide - The white power music industry is helping to drive the internationalization of neo-Nazism  10/27/2001 Southern Poverty Law Center: "Today, racist compact discs might be recorded in Poland, presed in the United States and sold via the Net in Sweden. A German neo-Nazi might see his favorite American band at a concert in Switzerland. In many ways, this remarkably violent music is accomplishing for the radical right what decades of racist theorizing didn’t: It has given Skinheads and many other extremists around the world a common language and a unifying ideology — an ideology that replaces old-fashioned, state-based nativism with the concept of "pan-Aryanism."..."You kill all the niggers and you gas all the Jews," George Burdi sang with his band Rahowa, short for Racial Holy War. "Kill a gypsy and a commie too. You just killed a kike, don’t it feel right? "Goodness gracious, Third Reich."

White Power Bands  10/27/2001 Southern Povery Law Center: It is said that US based Nazi groups have allied themselves with Islamic Fundamentalists against the Israelis and Jews worldwide.

COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story  9/1/2001 Third World Traveler: "In May, 1961, as civil rights activists turned up the heat, the FBI passed information to the Klan about Freedom Rider buses on their way to Birmingham, Alabama. A police sergeant, Thomas Cook, attached to the Birmingham police intelligence branch was plied with reports by Bureau informants. A Klan member himself, Cook furnished this information to Robert Shelton's Alabama Knights and arranged several meetings to discuss "matters of interest." Cook supplied Klan leaders with the names of "inter-racial organizations," the location of meetings, and the membership lists of civil rights groups for circulation in Klan publications. FBI informant Gary Thomas Rowe wrote a confidential memo to the Birmingham Special Agent in Charge (SAC) stating that Cook had handed over inter-office intelligence memos on civil rights activists during a Klan meeting. Rowe insisted that Cook not only gave him relevant information that police had in their files, but urged Rowe to "help himself to any material he thought he would need for the Klan."

Boys in the Hoods  9/26/1996 Chicago Reader: "The Chicago-area Klan attracted highly motivated, professionally successful men, according to historian Kenneth T. Jackson. His seminal 1967 book, The Ku Klux Klan in the City 1915-1930, showed that nearly 61 percent of the membership held white-collar jobs. Using rare membership rolls, Jackson learned that businessmen accounted for 20 percent of the members. Salesmen came in second at 12 percent, and clerks placed third at 9 percent. The numbers were slightly different in outlying areas. In the Aurora area the most common occupations were dentists and salesmen, each at 9.6 percent, and businessmen and railroad workers, each at 8.2 percent."

Deputies in 'Neo-Nazi' Gang, Judge Found : Sheriff's Department: Many at Lynwood office have engaged in racially motivated violence against blacks and Latinos, jurist wrote.  10/12/1991 LA Times: "A federal judge has concluded that many Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies at the Lynwood station routinely violate civil rights, are motivated by "racial hostility" and use "terrorist-type tactics" with the knowledge of their superiors. U. S. District Judge Terry J. Hatter Jr. issued the written finding this week in support of his Sept. 23 order that the Sheriff's Department abide by its own use-of-force policies. The order was temporarily blocked by the U. S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which will decide whether Hatter has the power to supersede Sheriff Sherman Block's authority over the Lynwood station. In unusually strong language, Hatter found that a "neo-Nazi, white supremacist gang" of deputies--the Vikings--exists at the Lynwood station with the knowledge of department officials. "Policy makers" in the department, Hatter said, "tacitly authorize deputies' unconstitutional behavior.""

National Knights of the KKK  8/27/1965 FBI: "Through undercover police officer in KKK, Chicago Police Department learned that 8 policemen are reportedly KKK members."

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Prior to his position in the KKK, Roper was an Atlanta, Georgia police officer and the second Director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. After leaving law enforcement, in 1949, Roper succeeded Samuel Green as Imperial Wizard of the KKK, and held that position until 1950.

Police Killing Black people in Florida - not in Cuba since 1959.


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