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US Venezuela War - La guerra EEUU Venezuela

The US beating of the war drums may just be a psychological operation, it may not. It is providing cover for terrorist ("allied") attacks on Venezuela. Of late, Trump has ratcheted up the threat level, using his Attorney General, William Barr, to accuse Maduro of drug trafficking. Barr was a genuine trafficker who was general counsel for Southern Air Transport, the Air America of the Caribbean, Central and South America.

The May, 2020, invasion by a rag tag group of US mercs, a DEA agent, Colombian traffickers and Venezuelan army deserters was foiled in part by members of the Juan Ramón Lugo Afrorevolutionary Movement: CHUAO CIMARRONES OF THE XXIst CENTURY DEFEAT NORTH AMERICAN MERCENARIES  5/7/2020  Jesús Chucho García:

On 3/25/2019, two Russian planes landed in Venezuela with 99 servicemen, including a senior general, and 35 tons of equipment. Shortly afterwards, Russian S300 anti aircraft systems went live, having been field tested in February. On March 18-19, Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov met with war criminal and country takedown specialist Eliot Abrams in a hastily arranged meeting in Rome, apparently to deliver stern warnings from Russia about any US plans to invade Venezuela,  See our Articles section.

La guerra EEUU Venezuela

La golpiza de los tambores de guerra por parte de los Estados Unidos puede ser solo una operación psicológica, puede que no. Está proporcionando cobertura para los ataques terroristas ("aliados") en Venezuela. Últimamente, Trump ha aumentado el nivel de amenaza, utilizando a su Fiscal General, William Barr, para acusar a Maduro de narcotráfico. Barr era un traficante genuino que era abogado de Southern Air Transport, la Air America del Caribe asi que de America Central y Sur.

La invasión de mayo de 2020 por un grupo compuesto de mercenarios estadounidenses, un agente de la DEA, traficantes colombianos y desertores del ejército venezolano fue frustrada en parte por miembros del Movimiento Afrorevolucionario Juan Ramón Lugo: CHUAO CIMARRONES DEL SIGLO XXI - DERROTAN MERCENARIOS NORTEAMERICANOS, 5/5/2020 Chucho Garcia

El 25 de marzo de 2019, 2 aviones rusos aterrizaron con 99 militares, incluido un general de alto rango, y 35 toneladas de equipo. Poco después, los sistemas antiaéreos rusos S300 se pusieron en funcionamiento despues de ser probado en febrero. El 18 y 19 de marzo, el viceministro de Relaciones Exteriores de Rusia, Sergei Ryabkov, se reunió con el especialista en crímenes de guerra y derribos del país, Eliot Abrams, en una reunión organizada apresuradamente en Roma, aparentemente para emitir severas advertencias de Rusia sobre cualquier plan de Estados Unidos para invadir Venezuela. Para mas, ver los Artículos.

News of the Racial Conflict in Venezuela     Debunking Western Governments & Media on Venezuela   AfroVenezuela News   Venezuela in the News    


Venezuela leader calls for extradition of US security contractor after failed raid  5/7/2020 Guardian: "President Nicolás Maduro has called for the extradition of a US security contractor after an alleged incursion into the country to abduct him failed."

Silvercorp co-founder speaks with The Grayzone: What did State Department know about failed Venezuela invasion?  5/7/2020 GreyZone: "The Grayzone speaks to Drew White – a close friend and business partner of Silvercorp mercenary firm founder and failed Venezuela coup leader Jordan Goudreau – about the botched invasion and potential involvement of the Trump administration."

CHUAO CIMARRONES OF THE XXIst CENTURY DEFEAT NORTH AMERICAN MERCENARIES  5/7/2020 Jesús Chucho García: "DECLARATION OF THE JUAN RAMON LUGO AFROREVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT - Recently, Chuao, a town on the coast of Aragua State, Venezuela, was put on the geopolitical world map, given the incursion of some mercenaries from the Venezuelan radical opposition and some green berets from the Donald Trump government, who were captured by maroon-militiamen, members of the Juan Ramón Lugo Afrorevolutionary Movement."

The Hybrid War on Venezuela Moves to a New Stage of Aggression  5/7/2020 Orinoco Tribune: "Not only was Guaidó absent from any consideration for involvement in the raid or in the future Venezuela envisioned by the coup plotters, but Guaidó was directly targeted by a disgruntled foreign mercenary claiming that he was not paid for his “work”. This widely distributed information was timely released by a Venezuelan journalist who is not a supporter of Maduro but a supporter of a more radical right-wing opposition. This can only be construed as intentionally meant to harm Juan Guaidó in the eyes of all Venezuelans, and any claim he might have to leading Venezuela."

La relación entre "Pépero, la DEA, Richard Camarano y Wilexys de Petare con la operación Gedeón  5/7/2020 Aporrea: " José Socorro, alias "Pépero" un presunto narcotraficante, capo que maneja el tráfico de droga colombiana en el centro del país y uno de los capturados durante el operativo "Negro Primero" confiesa que el agente de la DEA, Orlando Laufer, le instruyó ejecutar acciones violentas en barrios de Caracas. A través de un video declara que los enfrentamientos registrados en Petare a principios de mayo, eran una táctica para mantener distraídos a los cuerpos de seguridad y así poder cumplir con los planes de incursión dirigidos por Jordan Goudreau y Antonio José Sequea."

President Maduro: 4 New Mercenaries Captured – US Led Military Incursion  5/6/2020 Orinoco Tribune: "In a press conference with international media conducted via videoconference, the head of state thanked the fighting spirit of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) and the Bolivarian people, who demonstrated that the Bolivarian shield has worked. In particular, he thanked the inhabitants of Cepe, Puerto Maya and Chuao (Aragua state) and Carayaca (La Guaira state) for their recent work in coordination with security agencies."

The Unexpected: There was a Coup Within the US Led Mercenaries (Bay of Piglets)  5/6/2020 Orinoco Tribune: "On May 1, Jorge Rodriguez stressed, two boats left from the Doble Rueda farm in Colombia. One led by Pantera with 12 people destined for the state of La Guaira to attack institutions and government figures. In another boat, were Antonio Sequea, Adolfo Baduel and US mercenaries, but it changed its route to Chuao upon learning of the arrest of the first boat. On the coasts of Aragua they were apprehended in a civic-military operation led by militia fishermen." [The fishermen were members of the Juan Ramón Lugo Afrorevolutionary Movement.]

¡Chuao Yeto Lukango!  5/6/2020 AfroIdeologia: "Hoy nuevamente el pueblo Afrovenezolano de Chuao se hace famoso, no por la producción su prestigioso cacao, el cual la narrativa colonial y neocolonial nos acostumbro a darnos a conocer, con el cliché de “Chuao el pueblo del cacao más famoso del mundo”, deshumanizando e ignorando el gran trabajo de hombres y mujeres dentro de la hacienda, cuando lo más correcto en decir es “el pueblo de Chuao es quien produce el cacao más famoso del mundo” sino por la captura de un grupo de mercenarios terroristas fuertemente armados, quienes venían a crear caos, terror, muertes y zozobra al pueblo venezolano."

CHUAO CIMARRONES DEL SIGLO XXI - DERROTAN MERCENARIOS NORTEAMERICANOS - DECLARACION DEL MOVIMIENTO AFROREVOLUCIONARIO JUAN RAMON LUGO  5/5/2020 Chucho Garcia: "Así comenzamos el mes de la Afrovenezolanidad decretado el 10 de mayo por la Asamblea Nacional presidida en mayo del 2005, por el actual presidente legitimo de la Republica Bolivariana, Nicolas Maduro Moros con motivo del levantamiento el día 10 de mayo de 1795, del cimarrón Jose Leonardo Chrino en la sierra de Falcon. Inciamos dignamente el mes de la afrovenezolanidad con la gesta antiimperialista de los cimarrones de Chuao."

Defeat of a Dirty Military Incursion into Venezuela on a Sunday Morning  5/5/2020 Counterpunch: "The plot for a small invasion in 2019 that unraveled is now well-documented by Joshua Goodman of the Associated Press. That plot was led by Jordan Goudreau, who served in the U.S. Army as a medic in Iraq and Afghanistan and then became a private security contractor; he worked with Cliver Alcalá, a former Venezuelan military officer, who brought together a few hundred Venezuelan military deserters to conduct the raid. Alcalá is now in prison in the United States for his involvement in the drug trade. Goudreau and Alcalá were backed by Trump’s bodyguard Keith Schiller and Roen Kraft of Kraft Foods. The entire operation sniffs of a madcap CIA adventure, akin to the 1961 CIA failed invasion of Cuba at Playa Girón. It is likely that the more recent invasion in May 2020 emerged out of the military deserter camp set up by Alcalá in Colombia. One of the men involved in the raid was Captain Robert Levid Colina, also known as Pantera. Colina had been involved in the attempted coup on behalf of Juan Guaidó on April 30, 2019, and is a close associate of Alcalá’s."

Pescadores fueron los que detuvieron a ocho mercenarios de la operación "Gedeón" en Chuao, Aragua  5/4/2020 Aporrea: "Un helicóptero de la policía que vigilaba y sobrevolaba el área hacia las montañas de la cordillera de la Costa y pescadores de Chuao alertaron a las Fuerzas Armadas de la incursión. La detención fue hecha por pescadores y PoliAragua." [Los pescadores eran miembros del Movimiento Afrorevolucionario Juan Ramón Lugo.]

Ex-Green Beret claims he led foiled raid into Venezuela  5/4/2020 AP: "A former Green Beret has claimed responsibility for a failed attack Sunday aimed at overthrowing Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro that the socialist government said ended with eight people dead. Jordan Goudreau’s comments in an interview with an exiled Venezuelan journalist capped a bizarre day that started with reports of a pre-dawn amphibious raid near the South American country’s heavily guarded capital. An AP investigation published Friday found that Goudreau had been working with a retired army general now facing U.S. narcotics charges to train dozens of deserting Venezuelan soldiers at secret camps inside neighboring Colombia."

How an ex-Green Beret organized a 'private coup' funded by US billionaires to remove Venezuela's Maduro and trained 300 soldiers in Colombia before it spectacularly fell apart  5/1/2020 Daily Mail: "What could go wrong? As it turns out, pretty much everything. The ringleader of the plot is now jailed in the US on narcotics charges. Authorities in the US and Colombia are asking questions about the role of his muscular American adviser, former Green Beret Jordan Goudreau. And dozens of desperate combatants who flocked to secret training camps in Colombia said they have been left to fend for themselves amid the coronavirus pandemic."

US to Mobilize Military Reservists in ‘Anti-Drug’ Operation Against Venezuela  4/30/2020 Venezuela Analysis: "US President Donald Trump issued an executive order on Thursday activating armed forces reservists for an “anti-narcotics” mission in the Caribbean. “The Secretary of Defense is directed to order to active duty for not more than 365 consecutive days, any units, and any individual members not assigned to a unit organized to serve as a unit, of the Selected Reserve under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Defense, not to exceed 200 Selected Reservists at any one time, as he considers necessary,” the decree reads. A Pentagon spokesperson told the Daily Caller that the defense secretary will use the order to mobilize a unit of the Air National Guard to aid in Washington’s “Enhanced Department of Defense Counternarcotic Operation in the Western Hemisphere.”"

Realiza EEUU acto de piratería contra pesquero venezolano en el Pacífico  4/30/2020 RHC: "Guardacostas estadounidenses abordan un pesquero venezolano en aguas internacionales del océano Pacífico patrulladas por la Armada de EEUU. La Guardia Costera de EEUU señaló que la operación se realizó como parte de las medidas de apoyo a las gestiones del Comando Sur, que adelanta acciones en el mar Caribe y el Pacífico para “detener el flujo de estupefacientes desde América del Sur y Central al territorio estadounidense”."

La OTAN despliega aviones y barcos ?de guerra “contra el coronavirus”  4/9/2020 Voltaire Net: "En efecto, el navío francés de asalto anfibio Dixmude (L9015) de la clase Mistral zarpó el 3 de ?abril de Tolón –en el sur de Francia– hacia la Guayana Francesa en lo que el presidente francés ?Emmanuel Macron definió como «una operación militar sin precedente» bautizada ??“Resilience”, supuestamente vinculada a la «guerra contra el coronavirus» [2]. El Dixmude puede ?desempeñar un papel secundario como punto de atención médica con 69 camas, 7 de ellas ?equipadas para cuidados intensivos. Pero el papel esencial de ese gran navío de guerra francés de ?la clase Mistral es el de portahelicópteros –con casi 200 metros de eslora (o sea, de largo) dispone de una ?pista de despegue y aterrizaje de 5 000 metros cuadrados [puede transportar 16 helicópteros pesados o ??35 helicópteros ligeros]– y unidad naval de asalto anfibio."

Venezuela navy vessel sinks after 'ramming cruise ship'  4/3/2020 BBC: "Venezuela accused the Resolute of an act of "aggression and piracy". It also said it "did not rule out" that the cruise ship "was transporting mercenaries to attack military bases in Venezuela"."

Así es el despliegue militar de EE.UU. frente a Venezuela  4/3/2020 Notiar: "Bajo la supervisión del Comando Sur, y el almirante responsable, Craig Faller, se encuentran ya soldados de infantería, marinos, y miembros del Marine Corps, la Fuerza Aérea y la Guarda Costera en un complejo dispositivo para interrumpir tres rutas de la droga: de Venezuela a las islas del Caribe y a Centroamérica, y de Colombia a Centroamérica. El objetivo es reducir la llegada de cocaína, las metanfetaminas, el fentanilo y otros estupefacientes a Estados Unidos. Para ello hay ya buques de guerra desplegados ante las costas de Venezuela y en el Pacífico, según un mapa exhibido por Trump al efectuar su anuncio."

Trump: US to deploy anti-drug Navy ships near Venezuela  4/1/2020 AP: "The enhanced mission has been months in the making but has taken on greater urgency following last week's indictment of Maduro, Venezuela's embattled socialist leader, and members of his inner circle and military. They are accused of leading a narcoterrorist conspiracy responsible for smuggling up to 250 metric tons of cocaine a year into the U.S., about half of it by sea. “If I was just indicted for drug trafficking by the United States, with a $15 million reward for my capture, having the U.S. Navy conducting anti-drug operations off my coast would be something I would worry about," said Sen. Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican who has been among those calling for a tougher stance against Maduro."

La FANB: "Más de 54 aviones de EE.UU. realizaron exploración radioelectrónica del territorio de Venezuela en septiembre  9/29/2019 RT: "La FANB también detectó incursiones de aviones de EE.UU. durante los meses de verano, pero últimamente su número ha crecido considerablemente. Así, en julio, el ministro venezolano para la Comunicación e Información, Jorge Rodríguez, denunció que hasta la fecha el espacio aéreo venezolano y sus regiones de información de vuelo fue violado en 78 ocasiones."

The CIA “hybrid war” against Venezuela  4/7/2019 Workers World: "Trump and Pompeo, having no knowledge of military technology, have never understood that given the creation by the Venezuelan CODAI of an efficient area of aerial exclusion (NOTAM A0 160/19), it would be extremely risky to carry out aerial bombing missions. All Venezuelan air space is protected by S-300VM missiles, including maritime air space extending to the islands of Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire."

Guaido’s Inner Circle Conspires in Silence Against Military Intervention  4/4/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "The report, logically, revived the existential conflicts within the antichavismo, repolarizing the climate of opinion between those who opt for direct military intervention and those who seek to manage the regime change by mixing sanctions and negotiation. The accusations against Guaidó, and the strong pressures that simultaneously seek to lead him to opt for one of the two ways, have become public and notorious, resurrecting the fractures that led to the collapse of the MUD in 2017."

China refutes reports of sending troops to Venezuela to help Maduro  4/3/2019 RT: " Beijing has dismissed reports that it sent a cohort of soldiers to Venezuela along with a shipment of humanitarian aid. A shipment of 65 tons of Chinese medicine reached Caracas on Friday. Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami welcomed the aid flight, and praised the “important and strategic level” of the partnership between Beijing and Caracas."

Militares Chinos ya están en VENEZUELA ante las amenazas de EEUU  3/30/2019 Topete GLZ: "¿Saben cual es la diferencia entre China/Rusia y los EEUU? Pues que tanto China como Rusia respetan a los países, llegan a acuerdos comerciales de igual a igual donde todo el mundo gana! Mientras tanto EEUU llega sin respeto, insultando, pisoteando, amenazando,dando golpes de estado e invadiendo los países que no se dejan ROBAR por las buenas!"

Rusia instalará escudo antiaéreo en el centro de Venezuela.  3/28/2019 El Caminante: "Rusia instalaría un escudo antiaéreo en la base de El Sombrero, localizada en el estado Guárico, centro de Venezuela, según informó el medio español ABC, luego de que el sábado llegaran dos aviones de la Fuerza Aérea rusa con 99 militares a bordo y 35 toneladas de cargamento militar. Es la tercera vez en cuatro meses que llegan aeronaves rusas, luego de que en diciembre del año pasado aterrizaron dos aviones marca Tupolev, reseñó además el diario ABC."

Sniper Rifle Took Out Venezuela's Hydroelectric Plant: Maduro  3/27/2019 teleSUR: "However, this time, as Venezuela’s officials stated, all the countermeasure mechanisms implemented by President Nicolas Maduro performed flawlessly. These worked for the insurance, maintenance, and communication between the different stations, which allowed that in record time almost all the service throughout the country to be restored."

Trump tells Russia to get its troops out of Venezuela  3/27/2019 AL Jazeera: "Russia has bilateral relations and agreements with Venezuela, which it plans to honour, Russian Deputy UN Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy said, in response to Trump's comments. "It's not up to US to decide actions and fate of other countries. It's only up to the people of Venezuela and its only legitimate president Nicolas Maduro," Polyanskiy said on Twitter."

Russian Cybersecurity Team Deployed in Venezuela As China and Cuba Amp up Support: Report  3/27/2019 Newsweek: "Reuters suggested the cybersecurity team could be tasked with surveillance of anti-Maduro elements and protection of the government’s cyber security infrastructure. Venezuela is currently wracked by mass power outages, which Maduro has claimed is being caused by American cyber attacks."

Venezuelan Gov’t Presents Evidence of Alleged Opposition Paramilitary Plot  3/25/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "Venezuelan Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez presented what he claimed to be evidence of “ultra-right plans to promote regime change.” According to Rodriguez, Venezuelan intelligence services uncovered plans to contract mercenaries from Colombia and Central America and bring them into Venezuela to execute targeted killings and acts of sabotage, adding that “at least half” of the armed groups managed to make their way into Venezuelan territory and are currently being sought." [These are likely narcotics hitmen or sicarios.]

Venezuela Military Deploys S-300 Missiles Following Russian Planes Arrival (Reports)  3/25/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "The professional monitoring service Image Satellite International (or Image Sat) has published satellite imagery it analyzed, showing additional S-300 missiles that have been deployed to the Captain Manuel Rios Airbase in the Guarico state of Venezuela. No doubt, the timing of the S-300 redeployment is purposeful, meant to send a strong message to Washington, though it remains unclear just how active the Russian military will be in Venezuela."

Venezuela has put the S300 into operational readiness  3/24/2019 Image Sat Intl: after conducting drills in February 2019 (as reported previously by #ISI). [S300 is a Russian air defense system, superceded by the S400 and S500, which is capable of shooting down a B2.]

Russian air force planes land in Venezuela carrying troops: reports  3/24/2019 Reuters: "Reporter Javier Mayorca wrote on Twitter on Saturday that the first plane carried Vasily Tonkoshkurov, chief of staff of the ground forces, adding the second was a cargo plane carrying 35 tonnes of material. An Ilyushin IL-62 passenger jet and an Antonov AN-124 military cargo plane left for Caracas on Friday from Russian military airport Chkalovsky, stopping along the way in Syria, according to flight-tracking website Flightradar24."

Russia Gives US Red Line on Venezuela  3/22/2019 Strategic Culture: "The meeting in the Italian capital between US “special envoy” on Venezuelan affairs Elliot Abrams and Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov had an air of urgency in its arrangement. The US State Department announced the tête-à-tête only three days beforehand. The two officials also reportedly held their two-hour discussions in a Rome hotel, a venue indicating ad hoc arrangement."

What a Military Intervention in Venezuela Would Look Like  3/19/2019 Foreign Affairs: "In the worst-case scenario, a precision strike operation would last for months, killing possibly thousands of civilians, destroying much of what remains of Venezuela’s economy, and wiping out the state security forces. The result would be anarchy. Militias and other armed criminal groups would roam the streets of major cities unchecked, wreaking havoc. More than eight million Venezuelans would likely flee. The chaos would likely lead the United States to send in ground troops in order either to finally dislodge the regime and its security forces or to provide security once the dictatorship had collapsed. Such a scenario is not improbable. Indeed, the most likely outcome of a campaign of air strikes is that the Venezuelan armed forces would disintegrate. The United States, perhaps with international partners, would then have no option but to send troops to neutralize Venezuela’s irregular armed groups and restore order while a new government and security apparatus established themselves."

US Invasion Coming Through Brazil  3/18/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "According to Jorge Martín, “some people from the Pemón ethnic group in this village (which is 80 km from the border with Brazil) tried to stop a convoy of buses (not tanks) of the GNB on the way to the border.” According to Glorimar Fernandez the mayor of the Gran Sabana, Emilio González (opposition), declared that “they have told us that here there is an order not to pass humanitarian aid, but I gave the green light to enter the country. We have deployed the Pemón Territorial Guard.” According to the portal “Version Final”, the mayor “confirms this balance on the situation at the border with Brazil: 1 indigenous woman dead, 17 injured, 27 military detained by ‘Territorial Guardia Pemona'”. There Jorge L. Perez Valery reports that “at this time, the Pemones keep the GNB commander, José Miguel Montoya Rodríguez, kidnapped."

Veterans Call on U.S. Troops to Resist Illegal Orders to Invade Venezuela  3/16/2019 Veterans for Peace: "It is illegal under both U.S. and international law to launch a military attack against another nation unless it is clearly in self-defense, and is approved by the United Nations. There are a number of options for GI's who do not wish to follow illegal orders. Veterans For Peace wants service-members to be fully informed as they make profound choices with possibly serious consequences. We urge GI's facing possible deployment to contact the National Lawyers Guild Military Law Task Force at (619) 463-2369 and/or for referral to a civilian attorney to discuss your options. Many of their member lawyers are willing to do an initial pro-bono (free) consultation."

There are mounting signs of military planning for Venezuela  3/15/2019 Military Times: "Currently, the United States has dedicated training and advising partnerships through the Pentagon with Panama, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Mexico. Last year saw the fourth consecutive Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force deploy during hurricane season while also assisting in military training and humanitarian missions in Honduras."

Jorge Rodríguez: Saboteo al Guri es "la agresión más brutal a la que ha sido sometido el pueblo Venezuela en 200 años"  3/8/2019 Aporrea: "Según Rodríguez, los atacantes "agredieron el control automatizado de regulación del sistema de la hidroléctrica Guri que abastece el 80 por ciento de la energía eléctrica al país." El ataque consistió en alterar el software que regula los generadores de la central, los cuales automáticamente se apagan como medida de seguridad, afirmó. El ministro acusó al senador estadounidense por el estado Florida, Marco Rubio, de estar involucrado en lo que calificó de "saboteo cibernético" que dejó sin energía eléctrica al país."

Este es el ejército cubano que autoridades de la Isla dicen que no existe en Venezuela  3/6/2019 Miami Diario: Desde Miami…

The risks of military intervention in Venezuela  2/28/2019 The Economist, UK: "Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro, fearing the history of invasion and U.S. supported coups, consciously armed and trained tens of thousands of their supporters into militias precisely to prepare for armed attacks against their governments. We should understand that the traditions of “going into the mountains” hold a fascination and moral example in Latin America. Better armed and trained than ever the FARC was in Colombia, would we wish a 50-year civil war on our southern neighbor?" [ As is typical of Western media, this is filled with inaccuracies. There are 2 million militia.]

US military intervention in Venezuela may begin very soon: Gen. Tata  2/27/2019 Fox: "“I think in the next two weeks we are going to see this thing bubble up and foment,” he told FOX Business’ Trish Regan on Tuesday. “The aid has to get in there and importantly President Trump has made this sort of a line in the sand so he needs to do something that will effect or he needs to set the conditions that will effect the transition to [Juan] Guaido for power.”"

Venezuela neutraliza ataque de opositores a cuarteles del Ejército  2/26/2019 HispanTV: "Las fuerzas venezolanas neutralizan un intento de asalto de los opositores a dos cuarteles del Ejército del país, según los responsables del oficialista PSUV."

US flying more reconnaissance flights off Venezuela, military sources say  2/26/2019 CNN: "The US military has flown an increased number of reconnaissance flights in international airspace off the coast of Venezuela during the last several days to gather classified intelligence about the embattled government of President Nicholas Maduro, according to two US defense officials. The officials would not detail which US military aircraft are being used, but the Navy and Air Force maintain several large fixed-wing aircraft capable of intercepting communications and monitoring the status of weaponry."

Muestran el ataque a la GNB en La Mulata, Ureña, estado Táchira (Venezuela)  2/25/2019 teleSUR: "Reporte de Telesur transmitido el 25 de febrero de 2019, sobre el ataque realizado por unos 60 paramilitares contra el puesto de la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana #GNB en La Mulata, Ureña, estado Táchira, #Venezuela el pasado 24 de febrero de 2019. Reporte realizado por la periodista de Telesur, Madelein García."

Fuerza Armada venezolana denuncia ataque a puesto fronterizo La Mulata en estado Táchira  2/25/2019 El Pais: "“Hemos sido objeto de forma reiterada de ataques del lado colombiano de parte de bandas criminales que han atacado a nuestra Guardia Nacional Bolivariana, en el Puente Simón Bolívar y el Puente Santander; en este momento, debajo de ambos puentes hay un número de criminales y paramilitares que están preparando bombas molotov bajo la mirada complaciente de la policía y el ejército colombiano”, indicó."

CNN: Fuerza aérea de EEUU realiza vuelos de reconocimiento frente a las costas de Venezuela  2/25/2019 Aporrea: "“PASANDO AHORA: Avance militar a 10 km de la frontera de Brasil-Venezuela, ahora ocupada por una pandilla armada pro-régimen (colectivo). Miembros de la Asamblea Nacional están dentro de la avanzada. Sabemos los nombres y tenemos comunicaciones de esa pandilla monitoreadas. Se enfrentarán a la justicia si hay cualquier violencia “."

With U.S. military action, Venezuela could become the Libya of the Caribbean  2/25/2019 WaPo: "The best solution now, then, is a strategy designed to convince Venezuela’s generals that, unless they topple Maduro in short order, they’ll be bombed out of existence — a message that should be delivered by people who understand actually bombing them out of existence would be a disaster. What the United States needs to do, in other words, is bluff, by taking further steps that raise Venezuelan generals’ perception of a threat. But it also needs to exercise restraint to prevent the unmitigated disaster an actual war would bring."

Venezuela: US increasingly isolated as allies warn against use of military force  2/25/2019 Guardian: "European powers and some of Donald Trump’s key Latin American allies – all of whom have recognised the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, as Venezuela’s legitimate leader – warned that they would oppose sending troops into the country."

India buys oil from US amid sanctions on Iran and Venezuela  2/23/2019 Nikkei Asian Review: ""Nations and firms that support Maduro's theft of Venezuelan resources will not be forgotten," U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton tweeted on Feb. 12, along with a news report about Quevedo's India visit a day earlier. India, however, maintains that "commercial considerations and related factors" will determine the value of its trade with any country, including Venezuela which currently holds the rotating chair of OPEC."

Amid chaos and defiance, Venezuelan opposition faces off against security forces as Maduro digs in  2/23/2019 WaPo: "Then a warning cry went up: “Colectivos! Colectivos!” — the name for pro-Maduro vigilantes. Suddenly, a group of 20 large men on motorbikes, their faces partially covered by black masks, roared into the road. They were members of the feared pro-government militias, frequently deployed by Maduro’s loyalists, and who were widely blamed by the opposition for unleashing a torrent of fear at multiple border points on Saturday. Protesters, aid workers, volunteers and journalists began running for shelter, dashing into buildings and cars and boarding motorcycles in an attempt to escape, as the militia members opened fire."

Venezuela denuncia falso positivo en puente fronterizo Simón Bolívar  2/23/2019 teleSUR: "Este ataque se da luego de que el Gobierno de Iván Duque anunciara el cierre de sus fronteras previo a la entrega de la "ayuda humanitaria" que pretende ingresar a Estados Unidos y sus Gobiernos aliados sin la autorización del Estado venezolano. Tras el cierre de la frontera por parte de Colombia, circularon imágenes en las redes sociales de militares colombianos acompañados por militares estadounidenses quienes se encontraban en la línea fronteriza de Colombia bajo el puente Las Tienditas recorriendo la frontera."

Venezuela navy threatened to "open fire" on U.S.-financed aid ship, Puerto Rico's governor says  2/23/2019 CBS: "A Venezuelan Navy vessel threatened to "open fire" on a ship carrying humanitarian aid that was dispatched and financed by Puerto Rico's government, according to the island's governor. In a statement Saturday night, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said he instructed the ship, which departed the island Wednesday and had six American citizens on board, to leave the area where it was reportedly threatened by embattled President Nicolás Maduro's navy to ensure the crew's safety. "This is a direct threat against a humanitarian mission being carried out by American citizens," he said. "This is unacceptable and shameful."" [But Trump throwing paper towels at his consituents was ok.]

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó arrives in Colombia, defying travel ban and risking arrest upon return  2/22/2019 WaPo: "Arreaza, the Venezuelan foreign minister, insisted that the bullets recovered in the wounded did not match the rounds used by the armed forces. “How easy it is to say that it was the soldiers,” he said. “Many of [the indigenous victims] were wounded by arrows.”"

Diosdado Cabello denuncia "falso positivo" en incidente violento ocurrido en estado fronterizo con Brasil  2/22/2019 Aporrea: ""Se está demostrando que el evento ocurrido en Kumarakapay no involucra a la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana (GNB) por el tipo de cartuchos que se usaron ahí", señaló Cabello. En declaraciones a la prensa brindadas, en el marco del Concierto por la Paz, en la frontera con Colombia, el funcionario venezolano sostuvo que, de acuerdo a las investigaciones preliminares sobre lo ocurrido, "bandas armadas del diputado Américo De Grazia y del partido Voluntad Popular" estarían involucradas en el incidente, en el que una persona murió y 14 resultaron heridas."

China Praises Venezuela's Response to Crisis, Backs Russia Against U.S. 'Military Intervention' There  2/22/2019 Newsweek: "China blamed foreign meddling. "We have noticed that in recent times, the Venezuelan government has maintained calmness and restraint and has spared no effort to maintain domestic peace and stability and to effectively avoid large-scale bloody conflicts," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang told reporters."

Ministerio de Exteriores de Rusia: EEUU planea entregar armas a la oposición venezolana  2/22/2019 Sputnik: "EEUU está trasladando fuerzas especiales y equipamiento a la frontera de Venezuela y busca junto con sus aliados en la OTAN entregar armas y municiones a la oposición en el país sudamericano, declaró la portavoz del Ministerio de Exteriores de Rusia, María Zajárova."

Andrew McCabe claims Trump wanted war in Venezuela because “they have all that oil”  2/20/2019 Vox: "In a July 2017 private briefing with intelligence officials, President Donald Trump apparently asked why the US wasn’t at war with Venezuela, noting that “they have all that oil and they’re right on our back door.” If true, it calls into question why the president has focused so intently on overthrowing the country’s dictator, Nicolás Maduro, and if he plans to send troops in the future."

A Visit to Mysterious US Air Firm Accused of Arming Right-Wing Insurgency in Venezuela  2/20/2019 Gray Zone: "As McClatchy’s DC Bureau reported, the plane was the property of 21Air LLC, an air charter firm based out of Greensboro, North Carolina. We paid a visit to its office, which no one has yet done. According to an Amnesty International report, the chairman and majority owner of 21Air, Adolfo Moreno, and the director of quality control, Michael Steinke, have had ties to Gemini Air Cargo – a company that was involved in more than 30 air charter services used for CIA rendition."

"Sé de lo que hablo": Zapatero advierte que eventual uso de la fuerza en Venezuela será "dramático"  2/19/2019 RT: "Sobre el tema, Zapatero alertó que Venezuela tiene una capacidad de "resistencia muy superior" de la que se imagina la comunidad internacional: "sé de lo que hablo, y lo que están dispuestos a hacer", manifestó en referencia a la organización y la capacidad de respuesta del chavismo. El pasado 31 de enero, el presidente de la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente en Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, adelantó sobre la preparación de 2.000.000 de miembros de la Milicia Nacional Bolivariana, ante cualquier amenaza de intervención militar. El dato fue una repuesta a la polémica nota que mostró el asesor de seguridad de la Casa Blanca, John Bolton, que decía: "5.000 tropas a Colombia"."

Confirmado: Estados Unidos cerca militarmente a Venezuela (+ Infografía, Mapas y Videos)  2/18/2019 Cubadebate: "En los últimos días se reportó que el grupo había ensayado un cruce de estrechos, maniobra necesaria para ingresar al Mar Caribe, del cual lo separan escasos días de navegación. Ragan apunta en su artículo otro dato interesante. Estados Unidos podrían tener no uno, sino dos portaaviones en el rango operacional de Venezuela en una semana. "

Venezuela, A “Black Swan” Hot Spot  1/15/2019 Military Review: "Although U.S. forces have matured significantly since OJC, their actions in Bosnia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Rwanda, and Haiti provide glimpses into some of the operational challenges that will likely surface during a conflict with Venezuela. The U.S. military can (and should) draw practical lessons from these operations; their application in this scenario will almost assuredly improve their performance during any potential operation in or against Venezuela. Considerations that could help military forces incorporate some of the lessons learned from previous U.S. incursions include the topics outlined in the following subsections."

A U.S. Military Intervention in Venezuela Would Be a Disaster  9/18/2018 CFR: "So far, the Trump administration has offered less than $70 million in humanitarian aid, and it has denied nearly half of Venezuelan asylum applicants. If the U.S. government feels compelled to act, it should start here. It should push the UN High Commissioner on Refugees to designate the Venezuelan tragedy a refugee crisis, giving legal protections to those escaping. It should then aid those in such desperation. If Syria is a benchmark, then supporting 1 million refugees will cost between $3 and $5 billion a year. A staggering amount, that is still far less than what the U.S. has invested in military interventions in Iraq or Afghanistan."

La historia secreta de Leopoldo López, la CIA y lo que quieren para Venezuela  2/18/2014 Regeneracion: "Personajes como López Mendoza, en América Latina y en el mundo entero, donde el imperio lucha por sus intereses, son raramente de generación espontánea. Nada se debe a la casualidad. Washington tiene sus fábricas de “líderes” que provee a sus mecanismos de inteligencia el material necesario para sus planes maquiavélicos. “Líderes” formados en sus academias de futuros desestabilizadores de todas procediencias, a la imagen de su amo imperial."

Mexico and AMLO, the call for politics to avoid war, 3/1/2019top

INTERESTING ANALYSIS: *Mexico and AMLO, the call for politics to avoid war.*  

They sent me this: you judge carefully.

1.-USA has strangled Venezuela.

2.-Russia and China announce that they will intervene in PDVSA to reorganize it and recover oil production.

3.-The direct interference of Russia and China proved too much for the USA.

4.-The US immediately responds by saying that it does not know Maduro and recognizes Juan Guaidó as the new president of Venezuela, forcing many countries to do the same.

5.-Mexico declares itself neutral.

6.-The US imposes sanctions on Venezuela and prohibits the entire world from buying Venezuelan crude.

7.-Here's the interesting thing: The US threatens to attack Venezuela militarily to force Maduro out and starts military mobilizations in the Caribbean and Colombia. Immediately, Putin threatens the US with mounting missile bases in Cuba or Venezuela warning that Russia is ready for another "Missile Crisis like 1962".  [See related articles]

8.-The Russian TV shows maps of the USA with the sites where the Russian missiles would impact and do exercises with the new hypersonic nuclear missile "Zircon" that can travel to Mach 9 or 10, or 3 km / sec, warning that fired from Russian submarines * they can reach their targets in US territory in less than 5 minutes. *

9.-Due to the sanctions, US refineries suspend the purchase of 500,000 barrels per day of oil from Venezuela itself, which is absorbed by China and mainly by India, which is warned by the US not to buy Venezuelan crude but continues to do so.

10. Mysteriously, an Islamic guerrilla group from Pakistan that was calm, revives, crosses the border to India and attacks a patrol of the military police killing 41 troops and so that there is no doubt, vindicates the authorship of the attack. In retaliation, the Hindu Air Force dispatches Mig jets to carry out land attacks on the camps of that Islamic terrorist group. Today, Pakistan's air defenses downed two Mig-21s from India, one of them falling on Pakistan territory and the other on Hindu territory. India is being punished for buying crude from Venezuela.

11.-Serious US error. The sanctions against Russia brought Russia closer to China, with whom it now forms a powerful alliance that surpasses the US in the economic, technological and military fields. India had remained neutral between the US and Russia-China. This act of terrorism by groups controlled by the CIA against Indian troops provokes a confrontation with Pakistan, will trigger India to distance itself from the United States and get close to Russia-China, which will soon form a Russia-China-India alliance that will dwarf the USA.

12.-On the other hand, the US begins to attack Mexico, announcing that it is about to punish the Monterrey-born David Martínez for doing business with Venezuela, while the US-Colombia duo is left alone in the Venezuelan issue after *the AMLO doctrine receives followers and wins converts in Europe and America.* Both the European Union and the bellicose Group of Lima retract and announce their rejection of the use of force and call for a negotiated solution. Mike Pence desperately calls directly and publicly for Mexico to recognize Guaidó. AMLO stands firm. When the doctrine of AMLO imposes itself in the world, he offers the Mexican territory for Maduro's talks with the opposition.

13.-A last option of the US to avoid that the talks on Venezuela begin is a false flag operation to assassinate Juan Guaidó and all the world press concertedly blames Maduro. Just as they did 2 or 3 times with the false flag chemical attacks in Syria to blame Assad and justify an attack with cruise missiles.*

14.-Mexico is regaining its influence in the world. If the talks begin, it will have an important meaning in Latin America and even in the European Union. It will mean that Mexico, a country that the supremacists of Washington call: "A nation of degraded and ragged mobs where half the population lives in a semi-wild state", that nation of "Indian pricks" as they call us, will have been able to raise a retaining wall to the US military invasions in the American continent. It will be AMLO who erects the wall against the US and not vice versa. *

15.-Do not get up from your seat as this will be interesting. Stay tuned and judge for yourself if everything is coincidence or not.

[See related articles]


México y AMLO, el llamado a la política para evitar la

INTERESANTE ANALISIS: *México y AMLO, el llamado a la política para evitar la guerra.*

Me mandan esto: Uds juzguen rigurosamente.

1.-EUA tiene estrangulada a Venezuela.

2.-Rusia y China anuncian que intervendrán en PDVSA para reorganizarla y recuperar la producción petrolera.

3.-La injerencia directa de Rusia y China resultó demasiado para EUA.

4.-EUA inmediatamente responde diciendo que desconoce a Maduro y reconoce a Juan Guaidó como nuevo presidente de Venezuela, obligando a muchos países a hacer lo mismo.
5.-México se declara neutral.

6.-EUA impone sanciones a Venezuela y le prohíbe al mundo entero comprar crudo venezolano.

7.-Aquí viene lo interesante: EUA amenaza atacar militarmente a Venezuela para forzar la salida de Maduro e inicia movilizaciones militares en el Caribe y Colombia. De inmediato Putín amenaza a EUA con montar bases de misiles en Cuba o Venezuela advirtiendo que Rusia está lista para otra "Crisis de los Misiles como la de 1962".  [Ver articulos relacionados]

8.-La TV rusa muestra mapas de EUA con los sitios donde impactarían los misiles rusos y hacen ejercicios con el nuevo misil nuclear hipersónico "Zircón" que puede viajar a Mach 9 ó 10, como 3 km/seg, advirtiendo que disparados desde submarinos rusos *alcanzarían sus blancos en territorio de EUA en menos de 5 minutos.*

9.-Por las sanciones, las refinerías de EUA suspenden la compra de 500,000 barriles diarios de petróleo de Venezuela misma que es absorbido por China y principalmente por India, la que es advertida por EUA de no comprar crudo de Venezuela pero sigue haciéndolo.

10.-Misteriosamente, un grupo guerrillero islámico de Paquistán que estaba tranquilo, revive, cruza la frontera hacia India y ataca una patrulla de la policía militar matando a 41 efectivos y para que no quedara duda, reivindica la autoría del atentado. En represalia, la Fuerza Aérea Hindú despacha jets Mig a realizar ataques terrestres sobre los campos de ese grupo terrorista islámico. El día de hoy las defensas aéreas de Paquistán derribaron dos Mig-21 de la India, cayendo uno de ellos sobre territorio de Paquistán y el otro sobre territorio Hindú. La India está siendo castigada por comprar crudo de Venezuela.

11.-Grave error de EUA. Las sanciones contra Rusia la acercaron a China con quien ahora conforma una poderosa alianza que rebasa a EUA en lo económico, tecnológico y militar. La India se había mantenido neutral entre EUA y Rusia-China. Este acto de terrorismo de grupos controlados por la CIA contra tropas de la India y provocar un enfrentamiento con Paquistán, va a desencadenar que la India se distancie de EUA y se acerque mucho a Rusia-China, que muy pronto conformará una alianza Rusia-China-India que empequeñecerá a EUA.

12.-Por otro lado EUA empieza a atacar a México anunciando que está por castigar al regiomontano David Martínez por hacer negocios con Venezuela, al tiempo que la dupla EUA-Colombia se va quedando sola en el asunto de Venezuela tras de que *la doctrina de AMLO cobra adeptos y gana conversos en Europa y América.* Tanto la Unión Europea como el belicoso Grupo de Lima, se retractan y anuncian su rechazo al uso de la fuerza y piden una solución negociada. Mike Pence desesperado pide directa y públicamente a México que reconozca a Guaidó. AMLO se mantiene firme. Al irse imponiendo en el mundo la doctrina de AMLO, este ya ofrece el territorio mexicano para las pláticas de Maduro con la oposición.

13.-Una última opción de EUA para evitar que se inicien las pláticas sobre Venezuela, es una operación de bandera falsa para asesinar a Juan Guaidó y que toda la prensa mundial concertadamente culpe a Maduro. Tal y como le hicieron 2 ó 3 veces con los ataques químicos de bandera falsa en Siria para culpar a Assad y justificar un ataque con misiles crucero.

*14.-México está recuperando su influencia en el mundo. Si se inician las pláticas tendrá un importante significado en América Latina y hasta en la Unión Europea. Significará que México, un país que los supremacistas de Washington llaman: "Una nación de turbas envilecidas y harapientas donde la mitad de la población vive en estado semi-salvaje", esa nación de "pinches indios" como nos llaman, habrá podido levantar un muro de contención a las invasiones militares de EUA en el continente americano. Será AMLO quien erija el muro contra EUA y no al revés.*

15.-No se levante de su asiento que esto se va poner interesante. Manténgase sintonizado y juzgue por usted mismo si todo es coincidencia o no.


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U.S. Studying Mysterious Bond Billionaire's Venezuela Deals, Sources Say  2/26/2019 Bloomberg: "An SDN label on Martinez, a Mexican national who also holds British citizenship and spends much of his time in New York, could restrict his travel and limit his access to U.S. bank accounts, among other repercussions. He’s the sole owner of Fintech, which has an office on Manhattan’s Park Avenue, regulatory filings last year showed."

Pakistan-India showdown: What you’re not being told  2/26/2019 RT: "Okay, so the US supported the Jundullah group in Pakistan against Iran, but what does that have to do with the current situation at hand? Well, it appears that JeM and other terrorist organisations in Pakistan receive direct support from key US allies, including and especially Saudi Arabia. For example, an action request cable archived by Wikileaks, documenting the illicit finance activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan, stated that “it has been an ongoing challenge to persuade Saudi officials to treat terrorist financing emanating from Saudi Arabia as a strategic priority.”"

India buys oil from US amid sanctions on Iran and Venezuela  2/23/2019 Nikkei Asian Review: ""Nations and firms that support Maduro's theft of Venezuelan resources will not be forgotten," U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton tweeted on Feb. 12, along with a news report about Quevedo's India visit a day earlier. India, however, maintains that "commercial considerations and related factors" will determine the value of its trade with any country, including Venezuela which currently holds the rotating chair of OPEC."

China Praises Venezuela's Response to Crisis, Backs Russia Against U.S. 'Military Intervention' There  2/22/2019 Newsweek: "China blamed foreign meddling. "We have noticed that in recent times, the Venezuelan government has maintained calmness and restraint and has spared no effort to maintain domestic peace and stability and to effectively avoid large-scale bloody conflicts," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang told reporters."

Putin to U.S. - I'm ready for another Cuban Missile-style crisis if you want one  2/21/2019 Reuters: "Putin’s comments, made to Russian media late on Wednesday, follow his warning that Moscow will match any U.S. move to deploy new missiles closer to Russia by stationing its own missiles closer to the United States or by deploying faster missiles or both."


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