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Assata Shakur

Registration and Travel Information, 1/21

Tear Down the Walls
was March 26-30, 2002, postponed

An international human rights conference on winning amnesty for U.S. political prisoners and pows. Regrettably, this has been postponed.

On March 26-30, 2002 an unprecedented international convocation on behalf of U.S. political prisoners and prisoners of war (ppows) will take place in Havana, Cuba. Sponsored by a broad coalition of U.S.-based groups and hosted by the Organization in Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAAL) which is headquartered in Havana, the Tear Down the Walls conference will focus an international spotlight on the United States' record of persecution of those who struggle for social change. Participants from around the world will come together to learn, strategize and join the fight to win amnesty for the nearly 100 women and men who are some of the longest-held political prisoners in the world.

For more information about the conference check out 

To receive a brochure and a registration packet (available in July) send your mailing address to or Tear Down The Walls, PO Box 3585, Oakland, CA 94609 or call 510-539-0050.


The recent failure of the United States to win re-election to its seat on
the United Nations Human Rights Commission, and the June 2001 conviction in
Miami of five Cubans on trumped-up charges of espionage against the United
States have heightened the political significance of a conference on
U.S.-held political prisoners. The large and highly positive response to an
initial internet announcement indicates wide interest in the conference, and
we anticipate strong participation from people all over the world. Because
of the growing importance of the issue and the need for more organizing time
and broad involvement in this critical work, the conference is being
rescheduled to March 2002 in order to insure its maximum success.

We hope that the change has not seriously inconvenienced anyone and that the
additional time will give people a chance to save the new dates. We plan to
mail out registration packets in the fall of 2001. For more information or
to request a registration packet please contact us at:

Tear Down the Walls
PO Box 3585
Oakland, CA 94609

See for more information
on the conference.

Registration and Travel Information, 1/21

Tear Down The Walls
P.O. Box 3585
Oakland,ca 94609

(510) 539-0050


January 2002

Dear friends,

Enclosed please find a registration and travel information packet for the Tear Down the Walls conference to be held in Havana, Cuba on March 27, 28 & 29th, 2002.* We believe that in the current political climate this conference on winning amnesty for U.S.-held political prisoners has more political significance than ever and we hope you will decide to participate in this historic event.

We apologize that the complexities of travel to Cuba have delayed our ability to get this packet out sooner. We also ask you to understand that because the conference is in March we need to have a quick turn around time on registrations. The deadline for registration payment, February 21st, is coming up quickly. We encourage you to register as soon as possible to assure your participation and the success of the conference overall.

Please note that this packet is specifically for U.S. residents. The packet contains the following: 

A brochure describing the conference.

A registration form which must be completed by everyone who attends along with the $260 payment for the registration package.

Registration and travel information

Payment schedule 

Please review all of the information carefully in order to make a decision about your specific travel plans. In addition to the information included in this packet, you can find valuable travel information on the web at and

We are looking forward to an exciting, groundbreaking conference! 

Moving forward,

The Tear Down the Walls National Coordinating Committee 

* The dates of the conference have been changed by one day from those listed on the conference brochure. The current correct dates are March 27, 28 & 29, 2002. 

Tear Down The Walls

P.O. Box 3585

Oakland,ca 94609

(510) 539-0050

Conference Registration Form

(Must be submitted with payment by February 21st, 2002)


Legal Name_____________________________________________________________

(Last) (First) (Middle)

Permanent Street Address_________________________________________________

(Street number and name)

_______________________ ________________________ ____________

(City) (State) (Zip Code)

Country_______________________ Date of Birth________/________/_________

(Month) (Day) (Year)

Phone Number: Day ( ) ___________________ Eve ( )___________________

Mailing Address_________________________________________________________

(Street number and name)

_______________________ _________________________ ____________

(City) (State) (Zip Code)

Country ___________________________ E-mail Address _____________________

Nationality__________________________ Native Language_____________________

Mother’s Maiden Name ___________________ Place of Birth __________________

Social Security # ________________ Current Employer_______________________

Passport #________________ Expiration Date_________Place of Issue ___________

Prior Trips to Cuba (list years) _____________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name_________________________________________________

(Last) (First) Relationship

Phone Number: Day ( ) _________________________ Eve ( )_______________

Occupation: ____________________________________________________________

If you are a student, name of school and area of study _______________________________________________________________________

Organizational Affiliation(s)_______________________________________________


Why are you interested in this conference? ___________________________________


Have you ever worked with political prisoners and if so who?



Will you be traveling with a group or organization that already has a travel license? (If, yes please provide the travel license number) ______________________________


$260 for the registration packet ( which includes day tour on March 26th) must be paid either by contacting Marazul Tours with credit card information or by enclosing a certified check or money order (no personal checks) payable to Marazul Tours with this form by February 21st, 2002.

Note: last date for credit card payments is February 11, 2002.

I will be paying for the registration packet by:

_____ Credit card _____ Certified Check _____ Money Order


Registration forms and payments should be mailed to:

Marazul Tours
Attn: Bob Guild/TDW
725 River Road
Edgewater, NJ 07020





MARCH 27-29, 2002

Registration and Travel Information

All travel arrangements can be made through Marazul Tours, Inc. The contact person for travel is Bob Guild at Marazul Tours , 800 223-5334. All travel arrangements with Marazul will be made in accordance with U.S. Treasury regulations.

Registration Package for all conference participants costs $260 USD and includes:

Conference registration for all plenaries and workshops

Day tour on March 26, 2002 with lunch


Cultural activities

Cuban visa costs $50


Accommodations have been arranged at the Hotel Palco which is adjacent to the Convention Center where the conference will take place. The Palco is the most convenient hotel for the conference. The rates for the Palco are as follows:

$50/night/pp double w/o dinner† X's 5 nights ='s $250

†††††††††††††††† $65/night/pp double w/dinner†††† X's 5 nights ='s $325

†††††††††††††††† $65/night single w/o dinner†††X's 5 nights ='s $325

††††††††††† †††† $80/night single w/dinner††††† X's 5 nights ='s†$400

Breakfast, ground transportation and airport transfers are included in these rates.

Please note that accommodations for other hotels can be arranged through Marazul.

Note: Hotel reservations may be paid by credit card.

Air travel

Roundtrip from Nassau†$225 + $15 departure tax paid in Nassau

†††††Roundtrip from Montego Bay $297

†††† Roundtrip from Cancun†$180 on Cubana (requires an overnight stay in Cancun)

Roundtrip from Cancun†$290 on Mexicana (no overnight stay required)

Prices include flight confirmation services. Note: Airfare may be paid by credit card.

Departure tax of $20 to be paid in Havana upon departure.

Additional information on the conference can be found at




MARCH 27-29, 2002 


 We would appreciate it if full payment for registration, hotel and travel is made as soon as possible. All payments must be by credit card, money order or certified check. Personal checks will not be accepted. Please note the following non-negotiable payment deadlines:

February 11th, 2002 Full payment due for those paying by credit card.

February 11th , 2002 Deposit of $350 due for all those paying by certified check or money order for travel or hotel arrangements.

February 21st, 2002 Full payment due for travel and hotel arrangements.

February 21st , 2002 Last date to pay for conference registration (without travel or hotel arrangements). Last date for refunds.

Please note that $250 is non-refundable.

Payments should be made out to Marazul Tours and mailed to:

Marazul Tours

Attn: Bob Guild/TDW
725 River Road
Edgewater, NJ 07020

800 223-5334

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