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BUENA VIDA DANCE CLUB Cuban Salsa Dance Workshop: February 18– May 27, 2000

Contacting Sovereign Arts Society

The Sovereign Arts Society, Inc.

Based in Tucson, periodically bring in Cuban dance professionals and musicians from the island and from elsewhere.

The Buena Vida Dance Club mentionned below features Rueda and the related Casino.  Rueda dates from the 40's, and older folks remember Casino in Oriente in the 30's.  Cool stuff and quite the craze of the moment.

BUENA VIDA DANCE CLUB Cuban Salsa Dance Workshop: February 18– May 27, 2000

Tucson, AZ / February, 2000

The Sovereign Arts Society, Inc., the foremost in expansive cultural arts, proudly presents:

BUENA VIDA DANCE CLUB Cuban Salsa Dance Workshop

February 18– May 27, 2000

Featuring SAS artist in residence- Ernesto Cárdenas, direct from Cuba.  Fridays and Saturdays at the University of Arizona Dance Department Ina Gittings Building, Room 16

Intermediate/Advanced classes will be held Fridays from 7pm to 9pm and will focus on polishing and perfecting the highly specialized Casino movements and learning the newest exciting Rueda steps. Advanced students will be invited to participate in Rueda de Casino presentations in the community.

Beginning classes will be held Saturdays from 3pm to 5pm, focusing on basic rhythm, movement and partnering techniques.

English translation will be provided for all classes. Tuition is $15.00 per class. For every five classes purchased students receive one free class. Private individual and group classes are also available by reservation, $30.00 for individuals, $45.00 per couple and $20.00 per person for groups of three or more.

ERNESTO CÁRDENAS - Ernesto Cárdenas is a native of Cuba from the historic barrio of Centro Habana. He was educated at the Escuela Nacional de Artes in dance and music. Ernesto’s well rounded knowledge comes not only from his formal education but from his upbringing, which at a very young age involved constant exposure and participation in folkloric and popular music and dance. He participated in several musical and rueda groups and was annually awarded best dancer in local competitions. Ernesto currently resides in Oakland, California where he teaches Cuban dance at the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco. For four consecutive years he has acted as choreographer for San Francisco’s Annual Carnaval. Ernesto also performs with a San Francisco Cuban ensemble, "Ritmo y Harmonia," as guiro player and choreographer. During previous engagements in Tucson, Ernesto acted as artist in residence for the Sovereign Art’s Society’s many outreach programs as an instructor, choreographer and performer. Ernesto’s highly energetic, creative teaching style is motivating and infectious, causing students to dance freely and joyfully. Those who have experienced his classes understand why it is said of him that he can "raise the dead."

ErnestoCardenaswidex.jpg (15647 bytes)

Ernesto Cardenas at work!

Experience the intensity of this passionate and moving dance style from the exotic Caribbean island with the richest music on the planet!  Margo at or (520) 327-3663

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(520) 327-3663

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