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Contacting Rumba y Son

Rumba y Son

This hot, young new Matanzas based group features no less than 4 members of the far flung and talented Villamil family. They do pure Rumba in the street corner Matanzas style, percussion & vocals, right there in Barrio Marina. Really cool. They got their stuff together by themselves, rehearsed in secret, and are ready to go.


Eduardo Fernandez Gomez - Director

Orlando Carrillo Fernandez - Singer
Leonardo Garcia Arsuaga - Singer
Maria R. Rodriguez Villamil - Singer

Luis E. Garcia Perez - Percussion
Luis A. Rodriguez Villamil - Percussion
Dionisio Berriel Gonzalez - Percussion
Pablo Fernandez Gomez - Percussion

Alex Alfonso Terjera - Dancer
Yaineris Junco Rodriguez - Dancer
Yudelmis Yadira Valcarel Carrillo - Dancer

Contacting Rumba y Son

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