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Rafael Fermoselle

Politica y color en Cuba: La Guerrita de 1912 (Black Politics in Cuba: The Race War of 1912) Rafael Fermoselle, Editorial Colibri, 1st edition 1973, 2nd edition 1998, paperback, 213 pages. Fermoselle reprints some telegrams and memos from Embassy Havana and Washington which reveal as much about the U.S. government's volatile internal dynamics as about the turmoil in Cuba. 
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Rafael Fermoselle worked for the US State Department and in 2000 returned from four years as commercial counselor in Embassy Madrid to serve as a special assistant to the director general of the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service with the office of planning. 

Now retired from the State Department, he is the author of various books:  'The Evolution of the Cuban Military, 1492-1986' (Ediciones Universal) and  'Cuban Leadership After Castro: Biographies of Cuba's Top Military Commanders ( University of Miami: North South Institute, 1992).




US Actions in 1912

Negro Uprising in Cuba, Department of State, Division of Information, July 9, 1912 PDF, 3.5MB, 41 pages

Papers Relating to the Foreign Affairs of the United States, Government Printing Office, 12/3/1912. Cuba: Negro Uprising - Attitude of the United States - Protection of Foreign Colonies. PDF 1.4 MB, 34 pages

1912 Cuban Pacification Campaign, MARINE CORPS HISTORICAL REFERENCE PAMPHLET, A Brief History of the 2d Marines, 1970

The 1st Marines in Cuba: 1906-1913

Spanish American War 1898-1899



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