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Noibis Licea

Noibis Licea is a native of Bayamo, Cuba, and a graduate of the National School of Arts in Havana. He has a degree in modern dance and is trained in Afro-Cuban Dance, Modern Dance, and Classical Ballet, Jazz, Acrobatics and Latin Rhythms. After graduating, Mr. Licea danced professionally with various companies throughout the country in Cuba, and he had the opportunity to bring his knowledge to the students at the Vocational School of Arts, teaching them the basic principals of Modern Dance. In 1998 he went to Mexico to perform and choreograph musical shows. In Miami, some of his work included: “Salome,” with the Florida Grand Opera, and “Persona,” with the Florida Dance Festival.

In 2001, Noibis Licea was named, “BEST LOCAL DANCER,” by The Miami Herald and “BEST MALE DANCER,” by The SunPost in 2002. In Canada he had the honor to work with: The Royal City Ballet of Canada, Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal, and Danny Grossman in Toronto. Since moving to New York City in 2003, Mr. Licea has danced for: Jamie Bishton, Lydia Johnson, and the Ballet Builders.

This season was Mr Licea’s second season with Nai Ni Chen Dance Company ( As a part of three residency programs with neighborhood public schools in Englewood, Hillside, and Elizabeth, New Jersey, he taught Afro-Cuban, the Art of Chinese Dance, and Elements of Modern Dance to a select group of students. The company’s latest piece, “Isles of Dunes” based on Landscapes of America was a key subject in the execution of a work called “Desert Passage” by students of the George Washington Academy in Elizabeth, NJ. As a member of the company, he was invited to teach African Dance and Afro Cuban Dance at the XIII Annual International Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival with the Silesian Dance Theatre in Bytom, Poland. While in Poland, he also performed in the company’s newest work, “Landscape Over Zero” and “Isles of Dunes”.

He is a guest faculty member at DNA ( and has taught at the Alvin Ailey Dance Center

Noibis is available for workshops, residencies and special events. Feel free to contact him by email (see Contact Information).


Noibis is looking forward to adding weekly Afro-Cuban classes in New York City to his schedule by fall of 2008. At present, he is a guest faculty member at Dance New Amsterdam for their Fusion Master Class series. Please check their website,, for future dates and times.

Workshops and other classes will be scheduled periodically throughout the year and will be posted on this site. Any questions can be directed to Noibis via email (see Contact Information).

Full Class Description

This class is intended to create a movement environment that explores the various forms of Afro-Cuban dance tradition, while using modern techniques as a basis for strengthening and warm-up. The class will include discussion of the form’s history, and practice of different movements representing the Orishas (deities from the African traditions brought to Cuba) and allow discussion of the symbolism and importance of each movement and its application in dance expression. Each Orisha has its own unique identity and rhythm, and the steps and movement characteristics represent this through stories and interactions portrayed by the dancer. The class will develop an understanding of each Orisha’s specific steps and language in place, and as the course progresses, students will be able to use these combinations in traveling movements and be able to discern the different rhythms and calls to explore an even greater interpretation of the essence of each deity.

Based on each dancer’s skill, knowledge, and experience, the class allows participants to embrace an accessible path to understanding dance through the quality of movement, and cultural context.My methods use the entire body as the initial focus, thus giving the student a wider understanding of full body movement. Joyfully, the class is divided into different working groups creating confidence in one’s inner ability to discover personal style, abilities and enhancing one’s awareness. Each class has a clear focus and logical progression that together create an entertaining and educational experience.

Note: On occasion, in keeping with the traditions of Afro-Cuban dance, a long full skirt should be worn.

Contact Information

Questions about any of the above information can be directed to Noibis at: [replace _AT_ with @]




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