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Los Aldeanos

"Los Aldeanos began as one of many underground Rap Cubano groups based in Havana, Cuba. Dubbed as "underground rappers", Los Aldeanos became a group in 2003, composed of El Aldeano and El B, both of whom are MC's. Los Aldeanos describe themselves as not being the pioneer of Rap Cubano, but credit themselves with producing "real" Rap Cubano, giving to the followers of "real" Rap Cubano and "real" Hip Hop lyrics that not only instill a sense of understanding of the social, political, and economical problems that aggravate Cuban society today, but also with a sense of urgency.[1] The lyrics of Los Aldeanos are largely anti-status quo and as a result express sentiments that are critical of the government of Cuba. Such an example can be found in their song "Libertad de Expresión".

With such claims to authenticity and explicit discontent with the status quo, Los Aldeanos are just one among many underground rap bands that oppose the rising popularity of Reggaeton in Cuba. Groups like Los Aldeanos have come to openly disagree with and condemn Reggaeton, calling it unconscious and negative music that detracts Cuban society from the ailments that continue to afflict society and instead focuses attention on the pleasurable acts of self-indulgence and dance." -- translated from their website for Wikipedia 

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Revolution. Director, Mayckell Pedrero Mariol. 2010. - descarga, en español, English subtitles
"The Cuban hip-hoppers Los Aldeanos have a name for their country's leader: "Pinocchio." They are afraid of nothing. "Rap is war," they sing, but what they really want is to be known as revolutionaries. Aldo and El B produce albums at a lighting speed that are immensely popular among Cuban youth. This music documentary is the debut film of Cuban director Mayckell Pedrero Mariol, and features a second generation of hip-hoppers in the socialist country. Its collage-like style is reminiscent of a music video, and we hear lots of Los Aldeanos's music along the way. Relaxing in the middle of a field, the men offer their vision of the country that is deprived of freedom. "I just want to say what I feel," says El B, but he can't even go to Venezuela for a rap-battle. And when the duo makes an appearance on a radio show, the host occasionally gives them a kick under the table. "Watch out, you're crossing the line here." According to experts, their underground music is a new movement in hip-hop that developed from the more American style of the first generation of Cuban hip-hoppers. At an awards ceremony, Aldo sticks his fist in the air. Could the revolution start in the hip-hop scene?"
Entrevista - Interview with subtitles - English - Español




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